TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – Learning to Fail

Nathan: Haley, what happened?

Haley: I’m going to go call my mom.

This was quite a moving and entertaining episode. I was blown away by Bethany’s performance, as Haley is in mourning over her mother’s passing. Every scene involving Haley was so heartbreaking and in a twisted way, seeing the piano on fire…it was beautiful. It was a beautiful disaster is what it was. I wonder if Nathan will sit Jamie down and talk to him about what Haley is going through because that has yet to really happen. As for a not so beautiful disaster…the psycho version of Sara is getting on my last nerve. Tree Hill has reached its quota for psychos so this story line needs to be wrapped up before the season is over and never be mentioned of again. Now what was initially quite a disaster turned out to be a situation that could be easily resolved once emotions weren’t running high. It was smart of Julian’s dad to sell the tape and it was smart of Alex to play boyfriend to her closeted co-star. It makes you think how many times the latter has happened (so we all can know who we are able to go after of course!) so I’m hoping this false relationship doesn’t bite them in the butt. Only time will tell. As far as relationships go…it was quite unfortunate and yet the complete right thing to do for Mouth to break up with Skills’ ex because that would just be awkward and friends shouldn’t allow themselves to be in those awkward situations. It seems the damage is done for Skills and his girl but is anybody still rooting for Mouth and Millie? That would be nice to see again. Well, overall this episode packed quite the punch, as it should since it is getting down to the wire for the season. Next week should be even better, so looking forward to it.

Gossip Girl – It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

Eric: False humility. Check.

What a fabulous episode! Serena moving back in and her dad moving in downstairs…drama! Since William has officially started a war between him and Rufus, the tension is on! Has Eric been won over that easily by bringing Eric together with his boyfriend? Let’s hope not. Eric made it very clear that he did not want a relationship with his father, so let’s see how well he holds up to his word. Jenny calling Chuck for help about Lily’s medicine will definitely bring William’s true mission to life and while Jenny gets on my nerves…I want her to win this fight because Serena is blind to what is really going on. Serena and Blair both have their share of issues…only thing is Blair has a solid reason for being the way she is right now…and interestingly enough it all paid off! Blair claiming to be from Columbia University actually worked in her favor since Chuck applied for her months ago! What a sweet boyfriend! Even after the two have broken up, he still makes her smile. Speaking of smiles…I’m not sure how many smiles there between Dan & Vanessa at this point. The two try to be professional about the professional side of their relationship but that meant V accepting a 3 month internship in Haiti and Dan being overwhelmed with the rules they just made…forcing him to consider friendship as an option. Friends? Really? It has been so refreshing and sweet seeing the two as more than friends. So however this story line ends up, these two better be happy! That’s all for now. This was such an entertaining episode and reminded me why I love this show so much. Great job!

90210 – Meet the Parent

Teddy: I am in love.

Good episode! Jen kicking Naomi out of her house by having her husband buy it out was so cruel. But Jen knows no bounds, so that wasn’t too shocking. The way she arrived was horrible if she truly was looking for another chance. Though it seems she wasn’t because if she was, she would not have retaliated after Naomi told her husband who Jen really is. Then from the bottom of the nice train to the top…seeing Adrianna and Navid together was adorable! They are such wonderful friends and seeing Navid stay with her all day and help her was so sweet. It was also sweet that he finally came to his senses and accepted his feelings for Ad. Let’s hope Ad feels the same way since Navid did end his relationship with his girlfriend. No doubt this relationship that is hinted at with the singer Ad is recording with won’t work. It is only a matter of time before Navid and Ad get back together, and hopefully it will happen before the season finale. There’s also another pair of people who still have a chance at working on their relationship. Deb & Harry coming clean to Annie and Dixon about their counseling was a tough moment for the two, no doubt about it. Thankfully neither of the kids acted out because of the news and are taking it well, considering everything else they have been through.
It would be interesting to see Deb & Harry separated but I think the dynamic would be more interesting if the two stayed together, happy or not. Lastly, there is Silver. Silver meeting Teddy’s father formally was nerve wrecking for a moment, then things came together well, and then the nerves were wrecked on Teddy’s side because of his father. I can completely understand where Teddy’s father is coming from, but the way Teddy goes about his passion is a personal decision. If he wants to teach tennis lessons, that could make him just as happy and fulfilled as something on more of a grand scale, so dad should try to understand more what his son wants. Though I am worried dad is not easily swayed so Teddy’s love for Silver could cause some friction and that’s never good. And honestly, it’s more uncomfortable than entertaining to watch. Bringing Jen back and bringing in this tension with Teddy, his dad, and Silver are decisions I am very wary of and worried about but aside from that, this episode was good and there is much to look forward to (Annie & Liam getting together?!)

V – Hearts and Minds

Anna: Your grasp of human emotion is impressive.

Lisa: Thank you mother.

Good episode. The episode started out with Ryan and the gang attacking a shuttle full of dead humans (instead of trackers) that the visitors planned to frame the fifth column for…and then the episode really began, 12 hours earlier. Surprisingly, it was not all that fun waiting for Erica and the gang to realize that they were being set up. They should already know this with the visitors on their backs, so it was frustrating seeing them so behind. They should have been better prepared if any of the fifth column had gotten caught, because it was quite nerve wrecking seeing Father Jack being held and blamed for the shuttle attack. Then there’s Lisa who is also being attacked by Anna. Since Anna is now aware of Lisa’s human empathy, will the breaking of Lisa’s legs finally encourage her to join or at least help the fifth column? Chad is playing both sides, but really wouldn’t it be nice to see Chad & Lisa on the same team? Overall, this was a good episode but it was quite frustrating to see the fifth column not as ahead in the game! Hopefully they will all be on the same page, a better page next week.

Vampire Diaries – Isobel

Damon: If Katherine wants something from me, you tell that little bitch to come get it herself.

After anticipating this episode for so long, I believe I was a bit let down and I believe that really just has to do with how disconnected Isobel is and how much she is unwilling to genuinely connect (except for letting Rick go, which seemed quite hard for her). Bonnie really shed some light on what John & Isobel were working to get. What kind of weapon against vampires was invented and how did Damon obtain it? Why has Isobel changed for the worse? John cares for Elena and Katherine even though he is using them but Isobel does not care at all, so what is her story? What’s Bonnie’s story too? What did she lied about to Elena but is ready to tell Caroline about? Will Caroline always be in the dark or will she find out about this supernatural world eventually? As for someone just recently new to the world…if Jeremy didn’t know about vampires before, Isobel taking Jeremy hostage would be the moment. Now that Elena knows that Jeremy knows everything, I wonder how the dynamic will change between the two. I also wonder if now that Pearl is dead, will Anna respect her mother’s wishes and not turn Jeremy? Though what I am really wondering is how I didn’t see it before that John is Elena’s father. Damon put the pieces together very quickly so it will be interesting to see what he does with this newfound information. This episode was full of lots of surprises and just gets better every week. Though I was disappointed with Isobel’s negative attitude and agenda, everything else was quite a thrill to watch. So looking forward to next week.

Flash Forward – Course Correction

Lloyd: God, I hope it all works.

Simon: We’re simulating the Big Bang. What could go wrong?

This was quite an intense episode. There is one week until April 29th, so everyone is stressed out about what will happen…especially those who didn’t have flash forwards since a killer was on the loose! No matter how hard Demetri tried to save one like him, one without a flash forward, he couldn’t save her. So it’s kind of not a surprise finding out that Demetri is going to cause another blackout. Because whatever her tries to achieve, the opposite always seems to happen. So it will be very interesting to see more of what leads to the next flash forward, how involved Demetri actually is. Given the flashbacks, it seems Lloyd and Simon have had more involvement than Demetri. As for the first flash forward, the FBI has discovered the identity of Suspect Zero and what a shocker this may be for most viewers! Also somewhat shocking is Simon’s sister surviving her kidnapping. For some reason I had it in my head she wouldn’t make it through, but thankfully she did. Something else to be thankful for is Bryce being in remission. Though Bryce is doing better, that doesn’t leave much room for Nicole if Keiko is the one for him. Speaking of who is apparently right for who…if Gabriel has his way, Olivia will end up with Lloyd. It seems what futures were seen are inevitable, it seems fate hovers over free will. No matter if one reigns over the other, it’s all quite thrilling to see how everything gets to the end point. So I am looking forward to the last few episodes of the season, which should be incredibly entertaining.

The Office – The Cover Up

Donna: I’m married.

Michael: I’m the mistress?

The cold open was great! Ah, the things Pam & Jim will do for their own inside entertainment regarding Dwight. But this episode wasn’t about Dwight. Michael having trouble focusing on his job because of his relationship means that he is really doing absolutely no work. I don’t understand how Michael is still in charge. This makes Michael even more hilarious since he somehow seems to do enough. Though the idea of Donna cheating made his focus on work completely non existent. Too bad he found out that Donna was cheating, but not necessarily on him, but on her husband! Michael had somewhat of a reaction this week but I am looking forward to more of the aftermath next week. Michael’s story line was very entertaining, much more interesting than Andy and Darryl’s. Darryl getting Andy back from Andy’s mistake 3 years ago was quite funny since his prank went wrong. There were two laugh out loud moments, when Creed talked about his involvement in Darryl’s prank and when Darryl made Andy speak in a high voice while the two were creating a video. Aside from this, this, it would have been much more fun to see more from Michael. Though I may be biased since Michael is my favorite character. Fabulous episode overall. The second half of this season has been far more entertaining than the first, so looking forward to the last few episodes of the season.