TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – Every Picture Tells a Story

Julian: So our lead actors are sleeping together. Here’s my surprised face.

Unfortunately One Tree Hill just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. It hasn’t for awhile but I found myself watching it out of loyalty and habit. But enough is enough. All it took was that soap opera music again when stalker, Katie started going after Clay hard. I thought that was over after Nanny Carrie but apparently not. What will Quinn & Clay do to get rid of her? Also, Alex getting in trouble unintentionally was very unfortunate since she is trying to become a better person. But regardless of how she got into this conflict, she’s in it and it’s just tiring seeing her in these situations. If she wants to be responsible she has to think about how other people’s decisions affect her as well in any scenario before associating with anyone. Especially since image is everything in her business. Speaking of business, it was so good to see the story line with the bartender recording in the studio come to an end. Though it would have been fabulous for him to record a record, it a waste of screen time. The screen time that I did enjoy the most was what was devoted to Mouth, Skills & Lauren. Mouth should have told Skills about him and Lauren when they were in the kitchen. Now that Skills found out without either of the two telling him, there is going to be some serious tension. These situations are always tricky so it will be interesting to see where everyone stands by the end of the season. People who are on the same page…Haley & Nathan want another baby…my only thing is the timing, as I don’t want Haley to want a baby right now to distract her from grieving. Lastly, it is a relief for Brooke & Julian to finally announce that they are back together just after the film wrapped but just as one big announcement falls from Brooke’s lips…another falls from he rmother’s. Will she giver her mother her blessing? Will it matter? There are only a few episodes left, so it will be very interesting to see how all of these story lines wrap up and what is left open ended.

Gossip Girl – Dr. Estrangeloved

William: I’ve got plenty of fresh towels Rufus but thanks for checking in.

Rufus: I’m actually here to make sure you check out.

This was quite a good episode. Chuck is moving on from Blair in his typical ways but seeing Blair asking Dan to help her be caught by Gossip Girl at a party with a man so she could move on was odd. It was odd at first because Blair seemed to be attempting to move on for the sake of her reputation and Gossip Girl instead of for herself. Thankfully she had a reality check in the end and kept her dignity. Now Dan went to the party too but for difference reasons. He should have never told his friend what he did about Vanessa’s piece. Sure he was quite angry about the situation at hand, but not having read V’s paper, he had no right to say anything. Vanessa should not feel bad about applying because this will help her with her career. Boys come and go but building up to your career, that’s important. And for those viewers who think that Dan is the one for Vanessa…these two will have to get used to healthy competition. Speaking of competition, Jenny looks mature but she is not very mature, so she needs someone her own age or someone older who will put her in her place…not Nate who is too nice to her and already has a girlfriend. He especially needs to be there for Serena now as Serena and the family believe that Lily has cancer. Hopefully Rufus will stand his ground throughout this because while it is unfortunate that Lily became so sick that she needed a doctor in the first place…William seems to have an underlying mission here. Team Rufus all the way. He doesn’t play games and that’s who needs to be by Lily’s side till death do them part. William should go back to where he came from if he is not sincere in his help for Lily and is trying to get back together with her and the family. The family is fine without him. I enjoyed this episode very much and am looking forward to seeing Jenny grow up…or take another fall down the ladder if that’s what it takes by the end of the season. Seeing Vanessa and Dan’s relationship blossom and see the good and the bad is wonderful. Blair being heartbroken is hard to see but that is life and she’ll make it. The writing was great this week. Looking forward to more drama next week.

90210 – Multiple Choices

Harry: I thought you were better than this.

This was an average episode. Naomi doing her community service was so exciting to see! It is justice for the time being. It really is just the start of the consequences she will experience if she doesn’t get her act together. Naomi standing up for the teacher she lied about was very mature of her but Naomi is Naomi so it is only a matter of time until she does something else stupid. Oh no wait, Jen is back. Stupid is covered. Jen is so immature for coming back just to enforce bad “karma” onto Naomi. Naomi is not in the wrong for the situation between the two. Only Jen is responsible. So if there is any scheming that needs to be done, it should be Naomi and the entire gang against Jen. Then there’s the one that Naomi loves. Liam. I feel bad for Liam being forced to spend time with his step father. While I want to see Liam move in with his father, does that mean that he would be living Beverly Hills for good? That wouldn’t be cool. Then there’s Silver & Teddy whose futures don’t seem so bright. In the long run, no I don’t see Silver with Teddy. They are quite ideal so I can see why this is upsetting for Silver right now but something tells me that Silver will be happy no matter where she ends up and with who. As far as happiness goes for another couple, well, things are on the rocks it seems. Debbie telling Harry about her brief affair was much needed now rather than later, because if she had waited until much longer…it could have affected Harry’s trust for Debbie much more even though it can still ultimately affect their marriage if marriage counseling does not bring them closer. I wonder how Harry feels right now…his wife kissed another man and his son has gambling problems! Yikes! How will his gambling bite him in the butt? We are seeing the beginning stages of this but where will it end? That is what worries me. It would be a shame to see Dixon pay for this when Annie is not in jail paying for her crime. Overall this was a decent episode but the worst part was having Jen back. I really don’t want to see her back. Hopefully there is nothing too off putting planned and hopefully she will not be in every epsode until the season is over. Only time will tell.

V – Heretic’s Fork

Erica: I’m sorry Mrs. Evans.

Lisa: It’s not your fault.

Erica: It is.

There was a lot revealed amongst the characters, so it was a relief to see these secrets come out…though all pose for dangerous outcomes so the anticipation is on now more than ever as to what everyone will do with what they know now. For starters, Ryan has told Val that he is a visitor and she didn’t have a lot of time to process it since they were on the run and were taking out the tracking system in her body. Let’s hope after it really hits her she has the fight in her to run and/or face the visitors. Speaking of…once Chad his aneurysm removed, will he join the Fifth Column? Or will he be a mole for them and not tell Anna everything he knows about them if he indeed finds them? Does his contribution make a significant difference now that we’ve seen what Anna’s soldiers can do in their search for Val & Ryan? What will Tyler think when he finds out about the soldiers? It is so frustrating to see him so naive and distant with his mother when clearly all Erica is trying to do is keep him safe. Yes, I would be intrigued if an alien ship was above my city, but there is a fine line between being intrigued and wanting to live up on board the ship with them. Tyler is not the smartest kid, so hopefully Lisa will knock some more sense into him. She is trying, the poor girl, torn between her destiny and her love for Tyler and overall concern for humanity. Everyone is torn in one way or another and I love it! It brings for very intriguing conflict so the coming weeks should be very interesting!

Vampire Diaries – Blood Brothers

Review Coming Soon

Flash Forward – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Gabriel: Lloyd and Olivia sitting in a tree, k-i-

Olivia: Okay stop! Stop!

This was quite an intense episode! Gabriel warning Olivia about going the wrong way in her future was fantastic! Regardless of his crazy persona, telling Olivia that she is a piece of the puzzle and it can’t be solved without her blew me away! Perhaps that is why I have been so gung ho over her story line. Olivia is my favorite character to follow and this episode showed perfectly why. Now that she knows what she knows, what will she do? As for Gabriel, was he crazy before Frost’s experiments? Does it matter? Hmm. So moving on, apparently Janis reluctantly took on the role of mole for the good of the country, so she isn’t bad! The fact that Vogel gave her the okay to do this makes me want to watch the season all over again to see how the two interacted and reacted to everything that has happened since the flash forward. Although what is more intriguing is finding out what her decision will be as mole to kill Mark. That’s not all! There was more shared of Janice’s flash forward, she had a partial abruption. It seemed she was fine though since the doctor asked if she wanted to know the sex of the baby. Though something tells me there is more to her flash forward, something surprising that has yet to be revealed. So I will be keeping watch for that. This was such a fantastic episode! If you want suspense, adventure, and drama all wrapped into one, this is the show you need to be watching because it never seems to disappoint.

The Office – Body Language

Darryl: I’ve got my whole life to be a minority executive. I only have about a year left in these knees though.

What an incredibly entertaining episode! This is a non stop laugh out loud episode and there hasn’t been one of those in awhile. The cold open was hilarious! I wonder how long he will be in Cancun and if we will get to see Jim heading the office while he is gone or if time will pass and we just hear Michael talk about the trip. The latter would be more interesting to see. Anyway, Michael networking with Donna a few weeks ago came in handy since she came by the office! Watching him pursue Donna was so sweet and nerve wrecking but it seemed to work out so let’s see how long this lasts. As for the couple that is going strong, newlyweds… Pam & Jim being a sales team is quite hilarious since Pam is much more excited about work than he is. When Pam is on a roll, she is unstoppable and is aggressive in every way. Pam has been a loose cannon this past season and for the most part, it is quite fun to watch! Though the most entertaining person to watch aside from Michael has to be Dwight. It was quite comedic to see Dwight try to manipulate Kelly into applying to the executive minority training program just so Darryl couldn’t become an executive…but of course, nothing he does at the office ever really works in his favor. Though it’s always worth the try for the viewers since it is so much fun watching Dwight squirm. Wow, what a refreshingly funny episode this was. This definitely stands out among the season as one of my favorites. Looking forward to more hilarity to ensue.