TV Weeks in Review March 29 – April 9

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Gossip Girl – The Empire Strikes Jack

Blair: Prostitutes are people too. And they have a lot of disposable income.

Maybe it was the music that opened this episode which set the exciting tone or I just really enjoyed this episode! Jenny working for Eleanor again was something I had always wanted to see because she works well in that environment and it is less time for her to spend trying to be Queen B. When Agnes (Willa Holland) reunited with Jenny, what a shock that was! “Let the drama ensue” were my first thoughts that came to mind. Then Agnes mentioned how she was sober and immediately I took those thoughts back. Well, we all know that your first choice is usually right and boy did Agnes bring the drama! Nate came to the rescue as usual and thanks to his caring and Jenny really trying to keep her head on straight, things look somewhat promising for this girl’s future again. As for the real Queen B…Blair…
It’s quite sad that Blair had to pay a prostitute to have friends show up at her mother’s fashion show. Thankfully, Blair had a heart to heart with her mom and confessed that she had no friends. Though their relationship is much better than Chuck and his mother’s. Chuck’s mom playing him by taking over the company AND kicking him out…great writing! What makes it not so typical for this story line is that she believed she was in love with Jack when she signed the hotel to him as opposed to her just being plain evil to her son. Still heartbreaking for Chuck to see all that he has worked on get signed over to his enemy uncle. Hopefully Jack will get what’s coming to him because he does not deserve any part in Bass industries. Getting back to Chuck’s mom for a moment, It was incredibly stupid and uncalled for to tell Chuck that she was not his real mother. She could have just left town without a goodbye. Enough about them…I was actually interested in Vanessa & Dan this week! The past few weeks, seeing how they are trying to make their friendship a healthy relationship and not just a healthy best friendship…those two are so adorable. Serena’s storyline was not at all furthered along which wasn’t a disappointment and did you catch pregnant Dorota at the show? How far along is she? Overall, this was a great episode, though disheartening for Chuck, others had serious heart to hearts and the writing was just so balanced, so great.

Gossip Girl – Inglorious Bassterds

Gossip Girl: Every war has its weapons. But on the Upper East Side, the rules of battles are simple. There are no rules.

What another fabulous episode! Serena planning a surprise birthday party for Nate was quite fun, especially since Jenny didn’t get to sabotage Serena’s plans as much as she would have liked. Why she would try to sabotage the plans instead of just seeing Nate happy is beyond me. Although it is better than trying to fix someone’s life when didn’t ask for help…just ask Blair. Chuck and Blair both trying to get back Chuck’s hotel…what a powerful moment this turned out to be in the end for the two. For Blair to work with Jack to get back what was Chuck’s while Chuck knew what was going on all along…I just wish for Blair that she could turn back time and just fall back. It cost her their relationship, at least for the time being. The break up scene has to be one of my favorite dramatic scenes on the show in quite some time! As for Dan and Vanessa, those two are so adorable together, I can hardly stand it. I wonder what will happen for their relationship if Vanessa does get accepted to the program she applied for and transfers. Hmm. Lastly, it was good to see Eric for a bit in this episode and congratulations are in order to Dorota for becoming engaged! That was nice to see, as she would say…so that her child doesn’t grow up to become a bastard! Quite funny. Fabulous episode. I loved it, did you?

90210 – Clark Raving Mad

Mr. Cannon: I’m warning you, I have very high standards.

Naomi: They couldn’t be too high or you’d be working in news and not bossing a bunch of wanna be kids around for what, twenty grand a year?

This was a great episode! Starting off with Liam…Liam finding out his stepfather is cheating on his mother and that she would be staying with him…there’s something to make him and Naomi bond just a little bit more. But the bonding stops there once Liam finds out that Naomi framed The Blaze teacher for sexual harassment, something he didn’t do! Naomi’s bad behavior knows no bounds. That was incredibly wrong. Hopefully Liam, Adrianna, and Silver find out and get Naomi some help for her attention problem. Naomi needs to grow up. She is too smart to be playing these immature games. As for Ad and Silver…so proud that Adrianna told Naomi & Silver about Gia’s crush on her and her feelings about it. It will be interesting to see not only Adrianna & Gia’s friendship/relationship grow but Adrianna grow as an individual. As for Silver…well just want to mention first that Navid seems to be moving on quite well with his new buddy. That is all I will say about that. Silver seemed to be getting off on a good foot but then it happened…she got jealous. Silver getting quite jealous was understandable to an extent but just after Teddy & Silver talked things out and he gave her another chance, she got right back on the crazy train. Thankfully for her he took her back yet again! How many chances can one person get? For attempted suicide…unfortunately many succeed the first time and let’s hope it doesn’t come to that for Jasper. Jasper needs a psychiatrist. I’m unsure if Jasper was threatening suicide as part of his game and to make Annie feel guilty, or if he is genuinely feeling suicidal. Either way, it’s quite disgusting to watch. As for the rest of the family…Dixon seems to be doing a lot better than Annie. Let’s hope he doesn’t spend the cash his mother gave him on frivolous things and quickly at that. Dixon’s mom confronting Debbie about her kissing another man before she left was smart. Now hopefully Debbie will either think about her actions and stop or even better do that on top of confessing to her husband about what she has been doing and try to work things out. There is so much in store for every character, I cannot wait to see what happens in these last few episodes of the season because the build up to the finale has been incredible.

90210 – Sweaty Palms & Weak Knees

Adrianna: I’m still trying to figure this thing out.

Gia: Step one: stop calling it “this thing.”

Great episode! When Dixon & Ivy walked in on the double date at the restaurant and announced that they were on a date…Naomi saying, “Dixon, you can do better” brought the hysterics! I could not stop laughing. Though Dixon & Ivy make an odd couple, I think this lie could actually turn into a real relationship and I think that would be refreshing to see since they don’t seem all that compatible from first glance. Although none of this can happen if Ivy continues to be hung up on Liam. Though for the record, I’d rather see Liam with Ivy. Naomi plays too many games in and out of relationships and Liam deserves better. As for games…Jasper going into a psychiatric ward was a smart decision for the parents to make, though when his dad said Jasper wanted to see Annie before leaving…I was a bit worried he would threaten to tell the truth once in the ward. He claims his love for Annie will keep him from telling anybody but he is crazy, so who knows. Who knows what is best in this situation. Annie deserves to be punished for what she did but was Jasper’s craziness punishment enough or no? Hmm…speaking of crazy…crazy in love…Teddy trying to impress Silver and getting to know her as much as she knows him was fun to see since Teddy is really putting forth the effort to know her and please her. I can say the same for Ad & Gia, especially getting after this rough patch of Ad deciding whether to go public or not. Gia getting angry at Adrianna for not wanting to be public about their relationship was understandable but at the same time, Gia needed to be patient since Ad is still trying to find her true sexuality/identity. Though now public, how will their relationship fair? Hopefully they won’t face discrimination. They are near West Hollywood so I’d say not. But you never know. As for Adrianna’s professional life, will Ad choose to be signed to Ivy’s mom’s record label or will she stay with her band? Saving the worst for last…just when Naomi was about to tell Liam the truth, she had to bring Jen into the conversation and with that, found out that Liam would not be with her if she was like Jen. And just like that, her lie continued on and made it to Harry. As principal, he has to take action…how far will this go? Naomi is messing with the career/life of a man so I will be very upset if the teacher goes down for Naomi’s lie. Lastly, there seemed to be an absence of Navid in this episode so hopefully he will be in next week’s episode. This was a great episode and I am looking forward to more great writing.

Melrose Place – Santa Fe

Amanda: Steal any paintings lately?

David: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I own a restaurant.

After rooting for Ella for so long, it was good to see Ella putting together the pieces to the puzzle in regards to the loss of money from WPK. Now that Ella has found out that Amanda is embezzling from her own company, how will it affect her career with Amanda trying to place the blame on her? Ella cannot go down for this! Team Ella all the way. She does not deserve this and Amanda must be taken down so I am anticipating what comes next for this storyline the most. As for righting wrongs, congratulations Lauren for getting that horrible secret off her chest! It will be interesting to see how everyone treats her in the aftermath of this confession and what her relationship with David will be from hereon out, if there even is one. Lastly, Jonah & Drew fighting over Riley was kind of pathetic. Drew doesn’t know her well enough to fight for her and Jonah needs to be fighting for Ella not Riley. I can understand the alcohol made Jonah more prone to arguments, but he needs to be dedicated to Ella now and let Riley live her life. So the main questions…what will Ella do to take down Amanda? Is Lauren’s career as a doctor still at stake even though Michael saw her confess to her friends? What will David do about his leech of a friend with benefits? Why was Drew cutting open a dead body in secret? Will Riley & Jonah ever get back together?

Melrose Place – Sepulveda

Jonah: 2,000 big ones, that’s awfully generous of you.

Ella: Oh, well you know how passionate I am about the environment.

Jonah: This is a fundraiser for a school program.

Ella: Whatever.

Lauren lending David a hand at the restaurant was much needed for David since he had to fire his chef and much needed for Lauren to win back David’s trust/loyalty. Though this really is only the beginning for Lauren and I think David benefited more from Ella’s help when pleasing the food critic who arrived. I was hoping that David helping Ella break into WPK would be painless, so I was relieved when they were not caught in the act. I was also thrilled when Ella told Jonah all about it because she wants an honest and open relationship. Score one for Ella. If you weren’t a fan of hers before, this might persuade you to. So Riley’s fundraiser went well and helped her get a step ahead but Jonah getting fired over casting creative differences took him a step back for a moment. Thankfully it only lasted for a moment. This can’t be the only bump in the road while filming, so expecting more drama in that department. Lastly, Drew warning Lauren about what was going on at the hospital is another reason for Lauren to either get out of that hospital or spin things to take Michael down. While I don’t encourage the latter as she just needs to move on, who knows what we should expect. The past few episodes have been really good. Just when I thought I was about to become less interested in these characters or moreso the situations they put themselves in, I have been reeled back in and loving every moment.

V – Welcome to the War

Erica: Have you looked in the sky lately? They are here to annihilate us.

Good episode! After being attacked by a visitor in her home with her son on board a ship, things became much more personal for Erica. What was very creepy was Erica being told that as long as Tyler was a guest on the ship, she had nothing to fear. Will Erica’s actions serve as a consequence for both Erica and Tyler? What exactly is Lisa’s destiny? Will it affect just Tyler, Tyler & Erica, or will it affect people on an even bigger level? In the meantime, we do know that Erica wants Hobbs, a criminal to help him in the resistance and that is fine with me. Let’s see what good he will do. On board the ship…Anna weeding out those involved in the resistance, having sex with a V to build an army (and then eating the V after sex) and with Jack on board to get healed… well, it all makes me cringe and anticipate the next step and the lengths everyone will go for their mission. Hey, this is titled, “Welcome to the War” so there is lots to look forward to.

V – Pound of Flesh

Georgie: Long live the Fifth Column!

There was quite a lot going on in this episode…so much I feel like a lot went over my head so I will have to re-watch this episode. My main focus was on Ryan and Erica. Ryan going on board ship by himself knowing it was a suicide mission was incredibly brave and it actually worked for his benefit. Not only did Ryan get what he needed to save his pregnant wife but he met 2 visitors on board who were part of the resistance! While I’m glad too see more members of the resistance, the fifth column, I’m concerned about when Ryan will tell his wife that she is pregnant with an alien. I’m also concerned about Georgie’s well being after trying to save Ryan on board the ship. As for Erica, it was interesting to see her drop Tyler off at her ex’s because it was made out to seem like knowing why they split up was significant. is it significant or is that just family tension that they felt the need to add to the show? There’s enough tension between Erica and Tyler so I hope that’s not the reason. Anyway, as I said before, a lot occurred in this episode so it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

Ugly Betty – London Calling

Betty: I don;t generally do these things often, or ever.

This was quite an entertaining episode! Betty couldn’t have tied in work and her personal life any better by going to cover London Fashion Week and host Hilda’s bachelorette party in London as well. Having Ashley Jensen back as Christina was so much fun to see! It is so good to see Christina doing so well for herself since leaving Mode. As for Betty doing business, she was quite fortunate to get a job proposal while overseas. She was even more fortunate to come to terms with her success so far and decline the offer so that she doesn’t continue to be comfortable in fashion. As for the bachelorette party, Betty’s fun wasn’t so fun when she found herself flashing Gio and later that night found out that he was engaged. There’s nothing like bumping into an ex you could have had a great life with and finding out that he is engaged. From one ex to another…Betty’s drunk call to Henry asking him to be her date to Hilda’s wedding will no doubt bring Henry back to New York, so it will quite a thrill to catch up with him! Back at home…Justin trying to bond with Austin and Bobby trying to bond with Justin was quite exhausting and frustrating to watch until the very end since it all just seemed to be really bad timing for bonding on all fronts. Once the end of the episode came around, in Bobby’s last attempt to bond before not trying so hard, he ended up catching Justin kissing Austin. Will Bobby keep this secret? How will it affect his relationship with Justin? From one bonding experience to another, Wilhelmina crashing Tyler’s AA meeting to bond as part of her scheme to take over Meade was clever but cruel. Putting Tyler against Claire & Daniel and Daniel against Tyler was harsh but was definitely working in Willie’s favor. Well, that is until Tyler announced he would fight for his part of Meade. Will she truly support him, support him and then steal from him, or take him down before he has the chance to fight? Ah, the anticipation! Lastly, Amanda planning to quit Mode to become a real stylist was quite the shocker! Hopefully she is really prepared to take this step as it is incredibly exciting to know that she is moving on to bigger and better things.

Ugly Betty – The Past Presents the Future

Hilda: This is the happiest day of my life! Alright, let’s do this bitch.

It’s hard to believe this is the second to last episode of the series. I don’t want to believe it I should say. But what a heartwarming ending. How nice though not quite fitting for Betty to ask Daniel to go to Hilda’s wedding with her. Thankfully Henry showed up and was her date while Daniel took his dumb girlfriend. With Henry’s relocation to the city announcement, things definitely look good for him and Betty – at least as good friends. Like Daniel, I don’t want to see Betty hurt again. Though Daniel should have never gave Henry a bad job recommendation, so thankfully he called back and gave a good one. Otherwise, that would have been incredibly invasive in Betty’s personal life. It all seemed to work out though as Daniel and Betty did go together. They both dropped their baggage. As for little Suarez…Justin having a true heart to heart with Marc, well, it felt so right in a mission accomplished kind of way since the build up to this conversation had been going on for a bit. Unfortunately, Bobby is not good at keeping secretive about secrets and Hilda found out that Justin was dating Austin. Thankfully though and that is an understatement, Marc stopped the Suarez family from hosting a “coming out” party for him. His silent coming out at the wedding reception was just right. Now Amanda trying to fix Marc up with her new client was a nice move but as it seems he is actually Amanda’s father…I don’t think Amanda would want her best friend dating her father! I’m wondering how Marc will tell her about him. Hmm. Back to the Suarez family for a moment, Elena coming back for Hilda’s wedding was so fitting! I am so glad that many of the essential characters from past episodes were able to come back for the end. The wedding was gorgeous and it was such a touching moment to see Hilda & Bobby say their “I dos” as Hilda has come so far since the beginning. It feels so good to see her so happy. Going from such a high to quite a low…Tyler demanding shares of Meade while drunk was not a smart idea since he was just Willie’s pawn. Things turned serious when Tyler grabbed Willie’s gun! Willie knows when to play games and when to be serious, so thankfully she went straight to Claire to warn her. Willie can’t die in the series finale, that would be beyond cruel. I wonder how it will all end! The wait is killing me! This was such a wonderful episode. The writing was fantastic, the acting was superb as usual, everything was perfect and I have a feeling the ending will be to. Looking forward to it.

Vampire Diaries – There Goes the Neighborhood

Jeremy: I want you to turn me.

This show just keeps getting better and better. I was concerned that the return of Anna & Pearl would make things a bit lackluster and things would drag on but boy was I wrong! Pearl offering Katherine to Damon if he helps her take back what was theirs was a very bright bargain and would have worked had Pearl been more alive and kicking in the beginning of the season. What is so great about the situation is that while we are made to think Damon is completely over Katherine…surely anything can happen. So that explains why Pearl is still playing the nice girl. Although my only concern is that Pearl wants the vampires to take over the town. That definitely would not work. Of course it is understandable if she wants her home, her land back but the compromise ends there. And with that comes concern as to how they will survive…would they be willing to be vegetarians so to speak and not just use the blood for the hospital right now while they are keeping a low profile? Speaking of low profile…well, now that Jeremy knows Anna is a vampire, she sucked his blood, and he thought about all that has happened for a bit…I have to say he hasn’t thought through enough his decision to ask Anna to turn him. Regardless, it will be quite interesting to see how long it takes for Anna to turn him if she agrees. Although I don’t know how I feel about Jeremy possibly being turned before Elena. Anyway, there was not quite a lot going on with Elena and Stefan in this episode…as they spent more time on a double date with Caroline & Matt than alone together. Caroline definitely needs to move past Matt and Elena’s past relationship. Her being envious of what those two had is completely understandable but there comes a point where your self-confidence and trust in your boyfriend outweighs what happened in the past. Besides, her situation is much less disturbing than Matt’s being as how he caught his mother making out with Damon. Ahh Damon, can’t live with him, can’t live without him.

Vampire Diaries – Let the Right One In

Jeremy: You should turn me because I don’t have anything else.

Here’s another fantastic episode. With Stefan held captive by the vampires from the cave, Damon, Elena, and Alaric attempt to save him and what a thrilling watch this was. It was quite a powerful moment when Elena fed Stefan her blood. Since I haven’t read the books I have no idea if Elena is turned into a vampire…so to me this scene is somewhat pushing along that possibility. Would Elena be placed in a situation where she is near death and the only other option is to be turned or is that too cliché? Not so cliché is Jeremy possibly being turned by Anna before Elena is possibly turned by Stefan. Has Anna agreed to turn Jeremy just because her mother disapproves of the two being friends? She definitely needs to think more about her decision when her emotions aren’t running high. Both Anna and Jeremy need to think about the decision. Speaking of decisions…Matt & Kelly will have to make a lot of decision about the funeral they will be planning for Vicki since Caroline discovered her body while her car broke down. The vamps need to figure out how they can make sure Vicki’s case does not lead anybody to them. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made and the end of the season is nearing, so there’s only a matter of time to find out the positive and negative effects of everyone’s decisions. This was a very well written episode and I look forward to more.

Flash Forward – Better Angels

Simon: Going into Somalia without a gun is like scuba diving without an oxygen tank.

If there was one episode I had to choose to deem, “the most disturbing” it would be this episode. Demetri, Janis, Simon, and Vogel head to Somalia aka death land to search for clues but ended up in an incredibly dangerous predicament! Even though I knew none of the main characters would be shot and killed, my heart was still racing as the main leader of the area they visited was on a roll with his gun…that is until Janis shed some light on his flash forward and helped him see that he would bring the country to peace instead of to war. Hopefully more will be shared in regards to the video D Gibbons left for Demetri. Side note, will Janice become pregnant with Demetri’s child and if so, how will that affect things on the work force and personally? There was also more light shed on Charlie’s flash forward, which interestingly enough coincided with Vogel’s flash forward. Will Mark indeed die? Is Vogel on Mark’s side and was just numb to the news or was he on the other side in the flash forward? He didn’t seem too sympathetic about the call in the flash forward. What a heartbreaking flash forward for Charlie. Thankfully she didn’t actually see her father’s death. The little one would have needed a therapist for quite some time. Though if Olivia & Mark actually follow through with Olivia’s desire to move out of town…will Mark’s possible death still happen at the moment seen in the flash forwards? Will Mark go on the Mosaic website to try to find out more about his death? Lastly and speaking of death, since Bryce told Nicole that he might not be around in 12 years, where does their friendship stand? Will Nicole go the extra mile and try to help him survive? Or will her own flash forward prevent her from helping him since she will be consumed with helping herself?

Flash Forward – Queen Sacrifice

Vogel: Don’t forget who your friends are.

Mark: What’s unacceptable is that one of them is my enemy.

This was a good episode but I find myself in an Olivia withdrawal for some reason. There just isn’t as much screen time as there used to be for this character and there is quite an ensemble… so I can’t expect nor do I want her to be the major focus…but I miss her story line being furthered along. Anyway, getting into the episode…knowing that D Gibbons has had hundreds of flash forwards and dies on the 15th is quite astonishing. Who else has had numerous flash forwards since the early 90s? Who else is D Gibbons working with and why? Does D Gibbons have any relation to the mole at the FBI, Janice, & Simon? Speaking of the mole…who else are those moles spying on besides Mark? No wonder Mark dies, he already has so many people riding his case. Lastly, I am not very intrigued by the storyline of Keiko searching in Los Angeles for Bryce. I actually forgot about it, so I was not pleased when a majority of the episode followed up on the story line. If there is any story line to hurry up and get to its destination, I would like it to be this one so that the show can focus on more entertaining and thrilling flash forwards.