TV Weeks in Review April 12 – April 23

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Gossip Girl – The Unblairable Lightness of Being

Elliot: I love Dorota. We’re tight now. We talked about The Vampire Diaries in the elevator on Friday.

Well, it seems my expectations for this episode were set too high. I thought that with Dorota’s wedding as the backdrop, things would have been much more interesting. The drama tends to be quite high for certain events but this wasn’t one of them. The only “bombshell” if you can even call it that was when Blair told Nate that Chuck used her for his hotel. I did not see that coming. I thought Blair’s pride would keep her from telling anyone. As for where Blair and Chuck stand, well that is still quite a struggle to understand for the time being. Are the two even friends at this point? They will both need some time to mourn their break up and understandably so. Are Chuck & Blair meant to be together forever or is this the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Then there’s Serena who has been meeting with Carter for information on finding her father. This seems a bit out of the blue since last time I remember, Serena was fine not finding him. Regardless, it will be interesting to watch the reunion. Lastly, at this point, Rufus should be quite tired of Lily lying to him. It amazes me that he is still with the woman. If he finds out that she has been seeing her ex, will that be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Only time will tell. Though hopefully these last few episodes of the season aren’t as lackluster as this episode.

90210 – Another, Another Chance

Adrianna: Can’t I just play with the band in my spare time?

Laurel: Spare time? I don’t think you grasp where your life is heading.

Adrianna talking to Navid for advice about Laurel’s business proposition was harmless and understandable since Navid does in fact know her more than Gia. I believe Gia knows that so she should not feel angry on that front. In regards to Ad going to the part with the temptation of drinking, that is really the only thing that Gia should be concerned about. Especially since Navid is taken, Gia should not feel that threatened…unless she knows that Ad & Navid are meant to be together, why try? Why try? That’s probably the question Ad asked herself when she caught Gia cheating on her so quickly. This just shows how insecure Gia is in a relationship, so thankfully Ad called it off. Ad will find the right one for her…don’t think it is Gia. Lila seems to be taking Navid talking to Ad much better than, but then again, Navid is the best boyfriend in the world so she doesn’t need convincing. Now I am so incredibly proud of Naomi for not taking her lie any further! The question is though, did it take Liam’s confession of his love for her to encourage her to get to the truth? Had not that happened, would Naomi have taken her lie further? Will Naomi & Annie come clean to each other about all that has happened? It would be refreshing to see the two have a heart to heart. As far as Annie goes…Annie & Silver up to no good joy riding was not a smart move, regardless of Annie’s deja vu. Honestly, Annie is such dead weight. She was somewhat interesting in the first season, but this season she is just a distraction and waste of screen time. As for her brother…kudos to Dixon for stepping up to the plate and asking Ivy out on a real date! I have really gotten used to the idea of a real relationship between the two, so looking forward to seeing their relationship blossom. Lastly, how fun was it to see Scott Peterson guest star as Liam’s dad? It was quite cool and really good for Liam because Liam is at a point where he really needs his dad there. This was such a fabulous episode! Everyone got great screen time and everyone’s story lines seem to have depth (except for Silver right now as I assume the writers don’t want to put anything too heavy on her since her mother’s death). I love the direction the show is going and am definitely looking forward to more.

Melrose Place – Wilshire

Lauren: Well, look at you. You’ve come along way since breaking and entering was your butter.

Amanda firing Ella just infuriates me and makes me root for Ella all the more. No matter how many rounds in this war, team Ella all the way. Things may be looking up for Ella on the business side of things but what about her break up with Jonah? Is there anything more to Jonah & Riley’s kiss now that Jonah is single and even though Riley says there can’t be? As for a less complicated love story, now that things are equally open among David & Lauren, David needs to find a way to cut loose Morgan. Will Lauren help in plotting this or will Morgan’s plans to take David down come first? Why can’t Morgan move on from this silly game? I’m not quite sure how old she is but regardless, she is immature, has no direction, and has too much time on her hands. How long will it take David to stand up to Morgan’s father while protecting Lauren? As for Lauren…thankfully she went ahead with Drew’s plea…too bad it took Drew to be taken away for her to smell the coffee and save her patient’s life. Unfortunately with Drew more attached to this conflict than originally thought, will we be seeing Drew’s funeral take place before the season is over? Let’s hope not. The bar has been raised in this episode…looking forward to see how much higher the stakes will get and what everyone is willing to do for the sake of their well being. Great season finale. Honestly though, while this has been a great season, if the show were canceled, I believe The CW would be making room for many original shows so either way is a win-win for TV enjoyment.

V – John May

Georgie: It’s bigger than me now Father.

What a thrill ride this was! In this episode, Ryan, Erica and Jack try to find John May, the first V to turn against Anna…the one who started the resistance and the one they need on their side. Well, things played out differently then I thought they would, as I assumed John’s son would know all about his father. Turns out he was quite shocked to find out about who is father really was and finds out about his alien girlfriend. Thankfully, they took care of the girlfriend and seeing them on the run afterwords was quite thrilling! Though finding out that Ryan killed John May 10 years ago was upsetting since he wasted precious time the resistance could have used doing something else. For instance, Ryan needs to come clean to his wife, who is finding out the answers to the secret slowly anyway. It seems he is ready to tell, so it will be interesting to see where their relationship goes from here. So after Anna’s John May message, the visitors on board were told about searching for those in the resistance but it is so nice to see the fifth column a step ahead…at least for the time being before Anna’s army is born. What is not so uplifting is Anna’s torture of Georgie to get information about the resistance. It was unfortunate that Georgie became a martyr for the cause but as Erica said, his death will not be in vain. Now as for Tyler, I was very upset when will Lisa told Tyler about his & Erica’s secret to pit Tyler against his family. I tolerated Lisa in the beginning but now she is playing dirty so watching her evil plan play out is not fun! Now based on what Erica told Ryan and what we know about the visitors being on earth for quite some time…I’m putting the pieces together that Tyler’s father was a visitor. Lastly, Chad saying that he wasn’t buying Anna’s lies but he would help her if she helped him…what? That was confusing. Did he mean that or is he just saying that so he can get more information and run his story anyway? Great episode, the story lines really furthered along so it was quite exciting to watch. I am looking forward to next week!

V – We Can’t Win

Chad: They think you are a God.

Anna: Who does that make you?

Chad: A believer. Can I tell you what I believe? You are not just visitors, you are here to stay. But, are you here for our benefit or for yours?

This episode did not grab my interest very much. Sure, Anna scared Chad into continuing to follow her and help support her in presenting “a gift of technology” to the world. Though t would be more interesting if Chad joined the resistance and worked from the inside instead of just being Anna’s puppy dog for the sake of his own safety. Sure, Lisa failed the test on board the visitor ship and Joshua told Anna she passed for blackmail. But it would be more interesting if Lisa genuinely joined the resistance or at least fell in love with Tyler and was killed because of her actions. Sure, Ryan killed the doctor who was about to kill pregnant Valerie. But Valerie slows him down and I’d like to see Ryan do more with the resistance. There’s much more story there to be told there than at home. Sure John May lives (literally?) but even still there are humans who betray the resistance because of disbelief in winning the war, so how many sides are there now? Will those humans who are surrendering in a sense be a huge problem for the resistance? There’s much more conflict that can occur. So let’s bring on the heavy drama. We can handle it. This episode was far too slow for me. Looking forward to more of a pick up next week.

Ugly Betty – Hello Goodbye

Marc: Whatever it is, any drama that you have, I don’t need it! So what’s up?

What a touching finale. I can’t believe it has come. Everything was wrapped up just as expected in a sense and yet there was still a bit of shock factor. Betty is so fortunate to be heading off to London for her new job though it was unfortunate that Daniel found out before Betty could tell him and that Betty didn’t allow enough time for Daniel to process this. It was hard watching Daniel sign Betty out of her contract. They have been through so much, for it to end so abruptly from Daniel’s point of view…that hurts. So it was good to know that the two were amicable after Betty’s departure. Daniel stepping down, putting Wilhelmina in charge and Daniel starting anew was a dream come true for the both of them and the best decisions in the end. Mode is in fabulous hands and Daniel does not need to be in the same environment that has provided him with more negativity recently than positivity. He hasn’t been the same since Molly’s death, so to start fresh completely this time around was a joy to see. As for Willie, announcing at the press conference that she accidentally shot herself while cleaning her gun was quite unexpected but a great move. Willie has a heart and it wouldn’t be a fitting ending without seeing some of that! Speaking of heart…Amanda finding out who her dad is was quite a moment, not as anticipated as others but still just as significant. Being in touch with her family will definitely help her be more grounded in regards to her next career steps for sure. This was such a fabulous end to such a beautiful show. This show has made me laugh, cry, make my jaw drop, and more over the years…and to see everyone moving on to the point in their lives that will make them the most happy makes me very happy so great finale and thanks for all of the dramedy!

Vampire Diaries – Under Control

Damon: We are who we are Stef. Drinking doesn’t change that.

What an exciting episode! Maybe I was trying to deny that Stefan is like a monster, but even seeing it, I am not too worried. No matter what he does (whether he is in control of his vampire side or not, drunk or not), he does not seem like he could be as careless and shallow as Damon. Hopefully he will never physically hurt Elena. If he did, the two will need to re-evaluate their relationship. I do have to say though, I loved when Damon said, “Have I entered an alternate universe where Stefan is fun?” because this episode really displayed well a whole other side to Stefan that is both dangerous and yet still fun and exciting…from a distance. Speaking of exciting, Damon was cutting up all throughout the episode. Everything that came out of his mouth was a joke. He was quite the comedian in this episode…perhaps the funniest he has been all season. I guess that’s what a council party with booze will do to you. As for true danger…how does Elena and Jeremy’s Uncle John know everything about the town and the vampires? How can he be stopped from whatever his plan is? He worries me, so I am definitely looking forward to the vampires possibly joining together to take him down. Speaking of joining together…will Jeremy really join Anna in becoming a vampire? Or after reading more of Elena’s diary and putting the pieces together about Vicki’s death, will he back off…or worse speak up? Would he turn against Elena since she has accepted and moved on from Vicki’s death or would he stick by his sister? After finding out that Elena is adopted and is dating a vampire, that’s a lot of trust to maintain between the two. Only time will tell how things turn out in the trust department. Lastly, who has been taking blood from the hospital if Anna’s family isn’t doing it? Is Katherine in town? That might be far fetched but who knows what can happen. Looking forward to seeing more layers of Stefan first and foremost.

Vampire Diaries – Miss Mystic Falls

Great episode! Finding out that Stefan is the one stealing from the hospital while understandable now was quite shocking! What else will he do behind closed doors? I guess his breaking point has come with Amber so it’s not so much behind closed doors to those who know about the vampires. Though it is only a matter of time until he breaks in public. Hopefully I am wrong about that but then again, that would bring the drama to an entirely new level. On a lighter note, Damon being there for Elena at the Founders event was such a gentleman move. These two would be great in laws! Damon can play bad boy all he wants but he is a true gentleman when he needs to be and when push comes to shove, he has a heart and is smart with the choices that he makes. Let’s see if Stefan will learn a thing or two about that from Damon in his time of need. Speaking of need…or want, does Jeremy want to become a vampire knowing all that he knows now? Jeremy confronting Anna about her using him to get his blood for her mother was a smart move on his part. Showing that he is not intimidated might make him more likable to Pearl. Who knows. But now that he has read Elena’s journal, it will be very interesting to see how he reacts around her and the vampires. What I am really anticipating now is if Jeremy will tell Elena that he knows everything, if he will wait for her to say something, or if a certain situation makes things public so that everyone knows. Lastly, even though Bonnie doesn’t want Elena to choose sides, will her hatred ultimately be too strong and lead to the end of her friendship with Elena and/or lead to Bonnie uncovering the vampires to the town? Hopefully it doesn’t come to the latter. Elena does need to give Bonnie a breather and let her grieve and get her mindset straight. Knowing that she is a witch, I’d give her all the time that she needs. Overall, this was a very powerful episode because we really got to see how much of a monster Stefan has been holding back. This is only the beginning.

Flash Forward – Let No Man Put Asunder

Demetri: Do you remember that speech you gave my first day on the job? It was all about being the kind of person who could be counted on to do the right thing at the right time. And man, since October 6th when I didn’t see anything, I have had a lot of trouble being that person. And I need your help.

This was quite an intriguing and eye opening episode! Viewers get to see 2 years before the blackout when Marc was welcoming in Demetri, Janis, Al, Marcie, and others to the force as FBI agents. It was so good to see Al again! It was quite disturbing though to find out that those 4 mentioned above were a team back then and now only 2 remain loyal to the FBI since one is dead and Marcie became the mole. It is so heartbreaking to believe that Marcie felt the most important when she was in incarcerated in her flash forward. Since Zoey is doing all she can to help (missing) Mark…maybe, possibly she can help set Marci straight while also getting the answers she needs to help Demetri. Finding out how Demetri & Zoey first met was so adorable! My only concern switching back to present day was that Demetri deciding to run off to Hawaii and marry her and possibly not come back until April 29th if at all was Demetri trying to run away from death. Some moments he seems accepting of his March 15th death fate and others he really wants to fight to survive, so it s just hard to keep up with where his head is at. No one can knock him down for that but it will be quite interesting to see how he approaches life if he does survive after that date. Hopefully he won’t do anything reckless that will get him into any dangerous positions…leading him to death anyway! That would be horrible. Overall, this was quite an enjoyable episode. Viewers could sit back, relax, and get back stories and getting to know the characters better is what will help us understand the decisions they are making now for the present and future, so great writing!

Flash Forward – The Garden of Forking Paths

Frost: The point is, once we’ve glimpsed it, the future wants to happen. It gains weight. It’s like atmospheric pressure bearing down. And if we want to escape that pressure, we have to do something drastic.

This episode packed quite a punch as there was quite a lot of action and much was revealed. Who exactly is this stranger that warned Olivia and what does she have to worry about now? I am looking forward to more development with this story line very soon! Now while Olivia was not a main focus (yes, for some reason I am anticipating more from Olivia each and every week), Charlie played a big part tonight as more of her flash forward was shared. It was interesting to see Olivia and Mark debate about whether or not Olivia should see a professional for therapy because that is quite a tricky decision to make for someone so young. Hopefully her flash forward will not leave her too damaged. Speaking of damaged…as fate has it, Demetri was not meant to die on March 15th. This definitely was not a surprise, but the way that he was put in his close to death experience and got out of it sure was. Correct me if I’m wrong but before the show returned this Spring, a preview showed Mark saying to Demetri something along the lines of, “I should have killed you when I had the chance.” I don’t believe this line has been said yet in an aired episode, so it is only a matter of time until this happens…and with the finale in one month, a lot of drama is in store in so little time. Of course I am anticipating each moment! With the revelation of “the end” on December 12, 2016, will there be more than 2 flash forwards? Will there be flash forwards until the end so that people have opportunities to make things right in time? Is “the end” the real end of the world in this flash forward universe or is it not that complex? Can Frost’s “garden of forking paths” be put back together with just Mark & Demetri? What is significant that was in those flash forwards and what is now not significant? This was such a fabulous episode and much needed as I have a theory that Demetri’s life plays a vital part in the fate of the world. There are so many questions to be answered and it just keeps getting more and more compelling as the questions are answered, so I am definitely looking forward to what is next. Are you?

The Office – Secretary’s Day

Michael: Who doesn’t tell their girlfriend that they were engaged to someone who works 4 feet away from them? That’s like, that’s like Mr. & Mrs. Smith crap.

The cold open was hilarious! Everyone, even Dwight & Angela amused by Kevin as the cookie monster brought quite the laughs! Seeing Angela smile was a rare treat! Everyone except Kevin of course enjoyed the joke but Kevin’s imitation of the IT guy…oh wait, he’s not the IT guy anymore…was pretty funny as well. But getting to the real focus of the episode…Andy went all out in reminding everyone about Secretary’s Day and even went the extra step in telling Michael to go out to lunch with Erin on this special day. I bet he didn’t think the dinner would result in Erin finding out about his engagement with Angela. It was surprising to see the overwhelmed and angry side of Erin since up to this point we’ve only seen the jolly side. This is just a preview of what Andy can expect if he chooses to marry her eventually. Also, what’s up with Michael’s irritation over Erin? Since when has he found her weird? Because he certainly didn’t think that in previous episodes. This seems to come out of the blue, so it will be interesting to see if there is consistency with this new revelation. My favorite moments of the episode include when Michael talks with Andy about how he should have told Erin about the engagement and Andy’s talking head in his 5 stages of denial. Last but not least, Pam is back! Unfortunately for her that means dealing with twisted characters, Meredith and Dwight. Fortunately for us viewers that means lots more comedy will ensue. This was a great return to the show after a brief hiatus and I am looking forward to the last few episodes of the season.