TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

Haley’s Mom: The question is, “How long will it take for you to love yourself?”

What an incredibly emotional episode. Watching the final moments of Haley’s mother’s life was heartbreaking and yet equally heartwarming, especially with Taylor coming to say goodbye to her dying mother. Jamie has experienced quite a lot of death for his age, it would be interesting to really get inside his head to feel what he feels and think what he thinks. Though, within this episode…it was hard holding back tears as Taylor spoke with her mother about being a disappointment and if viewers haven’t shed a tear at this point, the family releasing the ashes will definitely bring you to that moment. Everything about this storyline was written and acted so well, so tastefully and carefully crafted. It was a very powerful episode but not only because of death but also love…Seeing Julian and Brooke back together after Brooke made a fool of herself (having assumed the worst with Julian and Alex) was a moment many fans have been waiting for, since it has been said before from various characters in various episodes that these two were going to work out. Brooke telling Julian that her doubt wasn’t so much about her trust with him but her jealousy because of her love for him…that was the sweetest line probably in the entire season between these two. The question now is, how soon until an engagement? Also, how soon until Alex finds someone (aside from Alex who is also with Brooke’s mom – which I am not a fan of) to be with so that she is not head over heels for Julian? Will Alex’s co-star release the sex tape and if so, how will it affect her career and personal life…and which one means more to Alex? Lastly, Mouth and Lauren kissing right before Skills walked into the apartment was a moment that began so high and immediately the spark came back down. What will Mouth and Lauren do about this new relationship of theirs? This was not only a very emotional episode but in the other story lines, so many questions arose from the scenes shown and these scenes have created great anticipation to see what happens next. I haven’t been this interested in what’s next in quite some time, so fabulous job writing this episode and looking forward to the last few episodes of the season.

Caprica – There Is Another Sky

Tamara: I’m awake.

What a thrilling episode this turned out to be. Tamara driven, she tries to get out of the virtual world and faces the reality that she has no body in the real world to get back to. Unfortunately, it takes playing a game with her new sidekick to come to face the truth. Though with Tamara now in New Cap City, and ultimately running the streets in the city since she found out about herself being invincible…how will that affect the choices she makes in the future and her father if he makes it into this virtual world (whether through Tamara’s sidekick or Daniel)? Speaking of Daniel, it seemed awfully hypocritical and along the lines of back stabbing when he presented the cylon which is Zoe 2.0 as a possible race of slaves and then went as far as forcing the cylon to rip off its/her arm. So Zoe 2.0 is without an arm? But we’ve seen Tamara heal so can Zoe heal even if her cylon form is still without an arm? Why did Zoe 2.0 obey Daniel’s request? Did she know that Daniel’s job was on the line in that meeting? This episode posed so many questions and that’s not all. Yes, it was much needed for Willie and Joseph to (traditionally) have closure with the deaths (even if it took Sam to do it), but will Joseph live for Tamara or will he live in the present reality with his son? What is more important to him? Will it come to that – Joseph immersed in virtual reality and Willie immersed in his culture through Sam? So many questions! Fabulous writing, incredibly astonishing virtual worlds, and this is only the beginning. My only concern is that the story lines are more loosely connected than tightly connected at this point and hopefully there is a middle ground found…because based on what has been seen in the first few episodes, there is an abundant amount of directions to take this show. If the writing continues to impress, which it seems it will, Season 1 in its entirety will be one frakking roller coaster.