TV Weeks in Review Jan 24 – Feb 5

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – Family Affair

Brooke: I was just feeling a little lost so I thought I’d come see the most stable couple that I know.

What a fabulous episode! Where to start, hmmm…Even though Taylor & David being together is so morally wrong, I’m on David’s side in the sense that Quinn’s reasoning for breaking up with him was selfish and stupid and at least Taylor is upfront with him. Hmm. Though I do wonder just how long that relationship will last. Quinn lying and telling David that she slept with Clay to get rid of David, that was wrong. I was never a fan of Quinn and lying just so she could move on and help David move on, that was a punk move. Haley not holding in her feelings at the table brought for quite the entertaining scene! I loved it when Clay, uncomfortable as he was said, “Yes Nate, I would love a beer” to get away from the hysteria. The sisters fighting in the pool brought the laughs. I was wondering when the big fight would happen. It was funny. What wasn’t funny was Clay trying to be polite to David and David dismissing it. Really? David has no reason to dislike Clay. David should be more angry with himself and/or Quinn than Clay. Anyway, as for the other story lines which seemed so minor that I wondered why they bothered with screen time in this episode… The director being so cruel to Alex on the set of Alex & Julian’s movie because she wouldn’t sleep with him was ridiculous so I was thrilled that Julian fired him. I must admit, though the conflicts with the movie being made are realistic, I want to see this moving get on its ground and get made already. Stop teasing us with movies being made (First Lucas’ movie, now this) if nothing is going to happen! Lastly, is Mouth going to create a relationship with Skills’ girlfriend, will he go back to Millie, or will there be someone else that has been introduced yet? I could go for any of the above though Mouth hasn’t seemed to hang out with Naley and the rest of the gang, so let’s see some more interaction already. This was a fabulous episode. The writing was fantastic, so witty…the comedic timing was genius! This is definitely a favorite episode of mine in the season.

One Tree Hill – Don’t You Forget About Me

Clay: I get how hard it is for you. Being away from Haley so much.

Though this episode was not nearly as entertaining as the last, it was still quite decent. The 80s dance at the high school for charity was sweet. I was a bit confused as to why Julian brought Alex when he was going after Brooke. Brooke and Julian being friends…Brooke is right, it is better to be friends than not being in each others’ lives at all. At least in their situation it is, since it seems they are meant to be in the end. Let’s just hope since Alex is still in love with him nothing else happens between her and Julian. If she loves him, she will let him go. As for lovebirds, Nathan was such a sweetheart! I was thrilled to see him make her night since no one seemed to remember her birthday, well Jamie at the last moment. Someone who is quite forgettable…Quinn. That very short rival storyline was a waste of screen time. I wish she would leave Tree Hill. Lastly, Mouth being set up on the same dating site that was used in a previous season was great fun to watch though it seemed boring at the same time. Give Mouth a job already. There were many highs and lows, so hopefully the next episode will be as highly entertaining as the episode before this.

Heroes – The Art of Deception

Peter: What the hell did you do?
Matt: I went inside his head and trapped him in his worst nightmare.

I actually really enjoyed this episode and I don’t think that I have felt this way for awhile (though last week’s was fabulous). There were a few things that I loved and some things that I didn’t. Sylar lying to Janice and telling her he was Matt’s old partner on the force was a smart and unexpected move on Sylar’s part but wouldn’t Janice know all of Matt’s partners? That didn’t seem to add up at all. Sylar threatening Janice’s life (whether that was willingly or not is up in the air) if Matt could not purge his powers brought fear to my mind and seeing Matt go absolutely crazy and trying to box Sylar in was crazy. Wow. It seemed so right and yet so wrong. With Peter stuck in the wall with Sylar, what will become of Peter? Can he prevent Emma from luring in thousands to the circus only to be killed? Can he save Sylar like he wants to and help him become good? As for the circus, Samuel’s speech was not genuine and having his buddy shoot everyone during his speech so that HRG did not have control was a punk move. This led to Lydia’s death and Claire seeing through Samuel’s shell, as HRG would never shoot Claire. Speaking of Claire, it seems like her and Gretchen are together? I don’t know though…every time it seems things are going well, Claire’s life gets in the way (intentionally or not). Lastly, what is Tracy going to do now that all has gone wrong? What a fantastic episode, looking forward to the last two of the season!

Heroes – The Wall

Claire: You actually thought that I would turn on him? You just don’t understand do you?

The past two episodes have been fantastic build up to the season finale. Flashbacks on this show are always great so it was quite a thrill to see some in this episode. It was eye opening to say the least. To find out that HRG had a first wife who was pregnant was one thing but to find out what happened to her and the baby…a “special” killed them. That’s what led to his new life and his marriage with Sandra was pretty much arranged by PrimaTech! Wow. I can’t say I was surprised with HRG threatening Gretchen to get information. People will do anything to find their child and protect their child so Claire should understand that. No matter what Claire thinks of HRG at this point, Claire will get her and her father out of the ground, I’m sure. I wonder if they will talk about the flashbacks while underground or later, depending on how fast it takes to get above ground. Will they get out before Samuel takes the carnival family to NY? Next, I initially thought that Peter and Sylar trying to knock down the wall was hopeless. So imagine my surprise when the two reconciled, therefore breaking down the wall (metaphorically and physically speaking). So if Peter was never with Sylar, that wall would still be up. How long will this peace between the two survive? Now with the wall down, will they survive? The special sent to kill the two, stopping them from saving Emma could lead to any number of results. Sylar could die. Peter could die. Are we ready for another major character dying? It seems the show just might after another season, so it might be fitting for a major character to die in this season and have a few die off in the next. Am I getting ahead of myself? Ah. Well, good episode. Looking forward to the finale.

Ugly Betty – Chica and the Man

Marc: Trust me, no good ever came from keeping someone in the closet.
Amanda: Wow. You just got really deep.
Marc: I know. Now I have a headache.

This was quite an entertaining episode. Betty being honored for her blog was great though she had a right to feel down when Daniel didn’t have many amazing things to say about Betty and then belittled her fan base leading Betty to call him out in front of people on assignment. Betty’s vent blog post was not the best decision to make. Though this is fiction so Betty wasn’t fired and Daniel apologized and admitted that he is intimidated by her! Sweet! I was surprised this storyline tied up in one episode and we heard about TMZ, etc… be interested in the story but did not see any scandalous covers. Speaking of scandalous…Willie working with her drag queen was exciting and much more fun to watch since the drag queen was Vanessa Williams’ real life brother! Hopefully this isn’t the last we will see of him. As this is the last season, it could be so it was nice while it lasted. Lastly, Becky being promoted to Daniel’s assistant seemed like a smart decision since she has been a receptionist for a very long time. Though it doesn’t even seem plausible for her to have the responsibility to hire someone. That is probably why I could have done without the entire Helen being re-hired as the receptionist story line. Less Helen and Amanda, more Marc and Amanda. Time is short now that the show is ending, so spend it wisely! The writing is genius, the acting is superb, everything about this show is incredible. I am looking forward to these last few episodes of the series, especially since this season has been fantastic from the get go.

Vampire Diaries – Unpleasantville

Stefan: He posed as a pizza delivery boy last night.
Damon: Well, he gets points for that.

When Jeremy invited “the pizza guy” in, we all knew he was the vampire that was about to harm Elena, so thankfully Stefan got to Elena’s house before the dance just in time to stop the vamp from biting Elena. The vamp’s threat against Jeremy to Elena at the dance was definitely the motion that raised the stakes so to speak and made every moment even more anticipating. Jeremy surprisingly played a huge part in this unbeknown to him. Jeremy giving his new history teacher the key to his family history was not a smart move since he told Anna the whereabouts of it, giving Anna a better head start for it. I thought that Jeremy’s girl, Anna was secretly out to kill vampires not that she was a vampire?! Finding out that she was working with 2 vampires for the journal was interesting. What does she want and why couldn’t she get it on her own? She wants Katherine’s things? What did Katherine leave behind and why are they so important to her? How is she familiar with Katherine? Also, it seems as though the history teacher, Alaric is Elena’s birth father since he had a relationship with Isabel, Elena’s birth mom. Alaric holding the necklace to protect him from Damon’s honesty power almost had me thinking Damon was fooled but thankfully Damon knew he was lying. What will become of all that we have learned from this episode? Looking forward to more!

Vampire Diaries – Children of the Damned

Damon: What happens to the bodies?
Katherine: I’ll take them into the woods and the other animals will finish them off.

This episode was good though last week seemed much more entertaining. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but Damon truly has the best comedic lines of this show. In all seriousness though, did Damon have a motive for killing Isabel or was she just one of his hopeless victims? It seems too easy to be the latter, so why did he kill her? Did he know she had just had a baby or did he find her after the fact? Damon also knows that Anna is back in town, so what will he do about her? Back in the day…Katherine sleeping with both brothers reminds viewers just how loose this girl is and it actually makes it Katherine’s fault that she was caught and gave the witch hunt a head start. If she wasn’t sleeping around, things may have been different. Stefan need not blame himself. Though with Bonnie in Anna’s buddy’s hands and Elena in Anna’s hands…what is going to happen? Is Damon on Anna’s side or his own again? What is going on? There are only a few episodes left of the first season and the build up to the last few episodes is incredible. So many questions have been brought up, so much has been revealed…it will be interesting to see what else happens in the next few episodes of the season.

The Office – Sabre

Michael: That’s not the David Wallace I remember. That is some sort of weird creature that lives in David Wallace’s house. Oh my God.

This was a fantastic episode. The cold open was quite funny. The office welcoming Gabe was a good move though I don’t understand why Michael felt the need to belittle Jim. Andy & Erin creating their own song for Sabre with the music of Miley Cyrus’ “7 Things” song was i-Tunes worthy until they messed up the pronunciation of Sabre! Speaking of the two, I wonder who will make the first official move! As for Sabre, the guest stars in this episode for the company was quite impressive. Even better though, as Gabe was explaining the new policies, Michael’s commentary of his thoughts was the most hilarious part about this episode. Great writing, great acting.
If you want to know why Michael is my favorite character on this show, this is the episode to watch. Michael visiting David Wallace, that was sad. It was not fun at all watching David at home wallowing so to speak. Neither was watching Pam & Jim do their thing. It was all about Michael in this episode. He delivered, that is for sure. Fabulous episode.

Dollhouse – Epitaph Two: Return

Anthony: We were born ready. Well, not technically.

Caroline (Adair Tishler), Zone, and Mag in 2020 meeting up with Echo, Paul, Topher, and the rest of the Dollhouse survivors to try to save humanity…this is definitely in my top 5 favorite episodes of Dollhouse. What a fabulous series finale, coming full circle from the season one finale. It was so heartwarming to see Pria as a mom though I did not expect to see that Anthony chose to be Victor for a cause and somewhat of a strain in their relationship. Pria didn’t seem to appreciate what Anthony was doing. Whether it’s right to feel that way or not brings quite the question mark…as both have solid reasons for feeling and doing what they have done. Thankfully that strain did not last long and the two of course lived happily ever after. Though before all of that, wow had Anthony changed. Of course an apocalypse will do that to you, but thankfully he wasn’t so wrapped up that he knew well enough to come home when Echo asked Anthony for help. Getting to their safe haven, the dollhouse…Paul being killed was quite a shock! Who expected that? Surely not me. Echo grieving, screaming “I’m all alone, I’m always alone” did not make it any easier to accept. Neither was another, but that comes later. Alpha friendly with Echo and those in the dollhouse was quite a shock. I never thought I’d see the day which makes it quite funny since the day came awfully quick. I still can’t wrap my head around it. There’s a lot to take in during his finale. Paul’s death. Topher’s death as he saves the world. Wow. There was really no way around that…setting off what he needed to without being inside at the same time? So sad. What a fabulous, tragic yet beautiful ending to Dollhouse.

Caprica – Rebirth

Lacy: I don’t know how to help you. What are you going to do?

What an incredible episode. Amanda going to public at the memorial event and saying that she believes Zoe may have caused the bombing was the worst decision Amanda has ever made. The backlash this will cause will be great. She basically hung herself. It took guts but why would she do that without discussing it with her husband? Not smart. As for Zoe…it was quite interesting to see Zoe 2.0 in both of her physical body and as the prototype. Lacy must have been amazed and was definitely intrigued to see Zoe’s avatar in the real world. Why does Zoe not talk to anyone except Lacy? What is she waiting for to talk to her father? Is she scared that once he finds out she is indeed in the real world, he will be able to continue with his plans? It is going to come to that eventually, so it seems she is either stalling or trying to find a way out. Hmmm…it will be interesting to see where this leads. As for Lacy trying to help…well, she said herself she couldn’t really do anything. So what is there left to do? Get friendly with Sister Clarice. At this point, I’m not sure is Sister Clarice is good or bad. Finding out that Sister Clarice lives in group marriages was interesting and I’m not sure if that is because it is ironic that she believes in one God but multiple partners. I wonder if Lacy considers that to be an option when she is an adult. Lastly, it was terrible seeing Joseph accidentally go to his daughter’s school when he went to pick up his son. Heartbreaking. I wonder what Daniel does and what Amanda does similar to that. Honestly, other than Lacy meeting Zoe 2.0 in person on earth and Amanda announcing to the world that she believes Zoe was a terrorist, there was not too much in this episode that was very thrilling. Next week is definitely going to be an exciting episode thanks to Amanda’s announcement.

Caprica – Reins of a Waterfall

This was quite an interesting episode. Patton Oswalt guest starred and he is always fabulous in anything that he does, so I enjoyed seeing him. As for those always in Caprica…Amanda quit her job and for good reason given what she did and the reputation she now carries as the mother of a terrorist. Too bad Amanda doesn’t know the truth. Will she and/or those on Caprica ever find out the truth? Amanda’s announcement caused not only turmoil in her life but in Lacy’s as well as Lacy has been tormented at school since. Will Lacy go to Amanda or Sister Clarice for someone to turn to? Zoe can’t be there for her, so who will Lacy turn to? Or can she stand on her own? Sister Clarice seems like an incredibly complex character and we have yet to find out her true intentions, so as of right now I am not a huge fan of Sister Clarice. Zoe confided in her and Sister Clarice wants to protect the Soldiers of The One it seems but at what cost and why does she feel the need to do this when she lives a double life? What exactly is she trying to accomplish by finding Zoe’s avatar? Back to Lacy, I was thrilled that Lacy and Zoe found Tamara but will Tamara come to their side or do her own thing? Speaking of doing their thing, how incredibly disturbing it must have been for Zoe to see her parents (even though it’s Zoe 2.0, her avatar) having make up sex. Also disturbing is Sam leading William to a life of crime which Sam suggests is the way of his culture. Will Joseph’s brother beating up Daniel and knocking out windows solve anything? No. He needs to be rational. Lastly, I am very confused as to what the 12 worlds means. Are there 12 worlds and 12 worlds within those 12 worlds or am I completely off with that assumption? Well, I feel like I have created more questions than come away knowing more in the episode, but that intrigues me and I am anticipating more.