TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – At the Bottom of Everything

Brooke: Wouldn’t it be weird if they ended up together?

Julian: Yeah, to tell you the truth I’m kind of envious of them…they’re going for it.

After this episode, I was definitely put in not only a somber mood, but “I can’t wait until this season is over” mood so that I can move on from One Tree Hill. Haley trying to get multiple opinions about the state of her mother’s health and Haley’s mom telling Jamie that she was going to be with Grandpa was so heartbreaking. The early Christmas was sweet and very much needed for the family. Overall though, unfortunately there wasn’t the usual balance of drama and comedy. Brooke & Julian’s parents dating is disturbing, not comedic. Alex standing up for herself once again was inspiring but hooking up with Julian was definitely not comedic or desiring. When Millie was at an AA meeting and saw Owen, surely fans were thrilled to see Owen trying to pick himself back up and also giving Millie advice on getting Mouth back. Though it looks like she will have trouble with that. I can honestly say the the storyline I am most interested in right now is Mouth & Lauren’s friendship turning into a serious relationship. Lastly, Haley’s ex boss being toyed with by the Tric bartender/musician was not comedic, moreso a waste of time. Overall for this episode, there was nothing entertaining and the drama was too emotionally draining. Better luck next week?

Leverage – The Three Strikes Job & The Maltese Falcon Job

Eliot & Hardison: Sophie?

Sophie: Took you long enough. Come on.

In Part 1, the team take downs a crooked Mayor and uses baseball to do it, though that was not the original plan. As always, Nate has much bigger plans along the way which leads to the baseball. Though before the plans slightly change…Parker gets caught in the Mayor’s office and Tara helps her make up a story to the Mayor’s assistant about her presence. This was quite comedic as Tara had to do Sophie’s job in helping out Parker. There was only a mention of Sophie, no Sophie in sight as of yet – so not as exciting as this season finale could be. Though speaking of exciting, viewers find out a little bit about 2 of the team members…Eliot hates baseball and Parker speaks Spanish. Interesting revelations and looking forward to the second being used in the third season. Though back to the job at hand, unfortunately the team should have continued on with their original plan as the FBI comes crashing down on the team right before the big win. Luckily, they get away but as they are getting away, Sterling is offering his help to the FBI. Fabulous way to end the episode and what a perfect build to part two.

In Part 2, Sterling offers to give the FBI everything he knows about Nate and the team if they cooperate with him. The team kidnaps the Mayor successfully but Nate’s personal ties back at the office get him caught by Sterling and the FBI but luckily, they leave after Nate claims to back off the case. Nate then has the team come back home to figure out how to solve this mess. Though things become chaotic leading Tara to get Sophie to come to the rescue. Hooray! When she arrived, the episode became complete. I wonder if Nate will ever find out that Sophie didn’t hear all that he said to her in the phone call and I wonder if he will ever say it again. I also wonder what the state of Nate’s health is. Will he be in good condition when the team eventually gets back together or will he have to stay in the office and consult from there on the jobs? How long will it be until Nate is freed from the FBI…because he’s got to get out of this predicament, right? Sterling let the team walk away for all Nate’s got, so what is the state of Nate? That is the question. Brilliant episodes. There is a lot to ponder and it will be very interesting to see where the team stands come Season 3. Is Tara gone for good? Is Sophie back from her break for good? On a side note, I especially enjoyed watching Eliot count down the 13 people he needed to take down as he took them down. This was very well written and very well executed and with a season finale like that…the way is going to be an excruciating one.

Caprica – Gravedancing

Joseph: Is it done?

Sam: Yeah it’s done. Why do you think I’m washing up?

What another fantastic episodes the writers have brought of Caprica this week! In this episode, Daniel is given a script to discuss about his daughter’s participation in the bombing on a national talk show at which Patton Oswalt guest stars once again as the host of the talk show. Unfortunately, Amanda does not agree with how Daniel is portraying the situation, so she unexpectedly steps in…which ultimately leads Daniel to opening up about the fact that he made an avatar of Zoe after she died. Honestly, I was expecting more of a response from Amanda after this news was revealed to her, but talk seemed to immediately switch to righting the wrong and starting a charity to help guide troubled children. At this point, where does Amanda and Daniel’s marriage stand? Will Amanda’s inability to be quiet at the most important times and Daniel’s secrets continue to work against them not only in public but in private? Amanda was right to freak out when her house was ransacked and searched but she was completely wrong in accepting a ride from a stranger who claims to be someone without getting the facts straight first. The episode was quite thrilling from the beginning though the suspense grew as Amanda accepted Sam’s offer to take her home, which terrified her. Is her guard up more now than before and for the right reasons? Now that she knows about the avatar, will she make Daniel create an avatar for her so that she can see Zoe? Lastly, there wasn’t too much going on with Lacy in this episode. It will be interesting to see if, when, and how she makes it to Gemenon. What a very well written episode. Next week looks like a frakking thrill ride, so looking forward to it.