TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good

Haley: I’m not the glue. My mom is and when she’s gone, everything is going to fall apart.

This was quite an emotional episode, mainly because of the appearance of Haley’s mom. Last time we saw her mom, Haley was asking permission to get married to Nathan. Though viewers found out that her husband passed away a few years ago and now she is sick. That was an unfortunate truth to find out. Suddenly Taylor with David seems so petty. Though I know Tree Hill fans were thrilled to find out that David left Taylor. That was a smart move. Not so smart…Taylor leaving at the exact moment that she needs to be with her mother the most. She can be angry but why leave your mother when the reason you are mad is because your time is limited with your mother? It seems that mom has set Quinn up for at least 6 months to get her career started, so that sweet. Hopefully Taylor will come around in time or their mother will miraculously get better. Moving on, Victoria putting herself out there, available to Millie if she ever felt troubled again was such a kind and meaningful gesture. So I wonder why Millie didn’t call her after she couldn’t reach Mouth. Thankfully though, she decided to go to her support group meeting instead of taking any more drugs. This is one step in the right direction. This episode really spoke loud and clear about doing the right thing. Alex apologizing to Brooke was thoughtful and though it doesn’t change anything that she has done in the past, it seems Brooke and Alex can be cordial. Brooke and Julian’s friendship seems so odd. How long will this friendship last? Looking forward to seeing how Haley and the family gets through this hard time, looking forward to seeing Millie push through and conquer her demons, and looking forward to Brooke and Julian finally being happy – whatever that may mean for each party.

Heroes – Brave New World (Season Finale)

Sylar: I’m a hero.

Is it just me or was this season finale much better than the last? Hiro seeing Charlie in her 80s it seemed, happy and fulfilled help his mission for her come to a close. Tracy coming to HRG & Claire’s rescue was the best move Tracy has made all season long! Claire, HRG, and those in Samuel’s “family” standing up to Samuel was incredible, especially since Peter used Samuel’s power against him and Hiro teleported everyone to safety. Emma was literally forced to play and lure those in by Doyle but Sylar of all people saved Emma and seems to be a pair with Peter of all people. Though with all the good that everyone has done, it still is not enough for Claire. What a bittersweet ending. I love how the show has really come full circle from Season 1 to now, as Claire’s “suicide” video has been seen live by the public. A brave new world it shall be now that she has exposed herself. Though it doesn’t seem Peter or Hiro were too happy with her decision, so it will be interesting to see where they stand in the new season. Great season finale!

Ugly Betty – Smokin’ Hot

Amanda: Rachel Zoe can suck it. There’s a new skinny bitch in town!

What a fantastic episode. While it was understandable why Betty was not chosen to cover fashion week, it was not fair to automatically not give her a chance at all. Betty is a hard worker and surprises people quite often so she should have been given a shot from the beginning. So anyway, once she got her shot and found a very talented designer, something just felt wrong so it was no surprise when Marc tried to take credit for something Betty did. It is unfortunate that it took a fire, damaged clothes, and Betty and Amanda pulling together the mess to get Marc to apologize to Betty. Marc needs to grow up and stop putting people down to try to get ahead. While his behavior is not surprising, I was surprised by Justin’s! He started the house fire and while I can completely understand why he did it, I am very curious as to if and how people will find out that he started the fire. Speaking of starting a fire, Wilhelmina hiring Claire’s son as a model was quite funny since Willie had no idea who she was working with. Claire and her son reconnecting was the moment I had been waiting for, for quite some time so it will be interesting to see how Claire tells those at Mode and if Willie will be human and let Claire live her life or she will try to use this “dirt” against her. Lastly, it seems Helen is out of the picture now that she has a man in her life, but let’s wait until next week to be sure! I wouldn’t mind if this was that last we saw of her. Since this is the last season of the show and there are only so many episodes left, the choice of guest stars and their screen time really needs to be evaluated so that Ugly Betty fans don’t feel short sided by the focus in these story lines that will soon come to an end. Looking forward to next week!

Vampire Diaries – Fool Me Once

Damon. I’m trusting you. Don’t make me forget it.

Vampire Diaries is so well written and acted and this is another episode that proves so. Anna wanted her mother out of the tomb and used Elena as leverage while Damon wanted Katherine out of the tomb. It was reassuring to know that the episode was building up to heavier moments and the majority of the episode was not about Elena and Bonnie being held captive by Anna. Thanks to Grams locating them, they were able to get out. Grams really played a bigger part tonight so hopefully the toll it took on her won’t lead to her death, hopefully she can be saved. It doesn’t look bright though. Another unfortunate piece of information…while Anna got her mother back, Damon didn’t get Katherine back. Is this the last we will see of Anna or will she be forced by Damn to help find Katherine? What a revelation to find out that Katherine was spared in the fire and was last seen by Anna in Chicago in 1983. Where is Katherine today and why did she leave Damon and Stefan? Does Damon even want to find her at this point? Who is the vampire that woke up in the tomb? Fantastic episode! Every episode of Vampire Diaries leaves fans with questions, answers, and surprising revelations so one can only anticipate what is in store for the final episodes of the season.

The Office – The Manager and Salesman

Michael: Have fun signing my commission checks boss.

This was an interesting episode. Kathy Bates guest starred as Jo Bennett, President of Sabre and as soon as she walked in, she found a problem with both Michael & Jim as co-managers. This opened the door to Michael and Jim going back and forth over who would be manager and who would go back to being a salesman. It was quite funny to see Michael try to throw Jim under the bus so that he could continue to stay manager and then try to praise him about his managing skills so that Michael could become a salesman and keep his commission. Thankfully, the job of the salesman went to the right person, Jim. I say this because Jim is supporting himself, his wife, and soon their baby while Michael is only supporting himself and therefore does not seem to need the commission as much as Jim. Michael just needs to better manage the money that he makes. Anyway, Andy giving everyone Valentine Day cards instead of just Erin was a punk move for Andy because he could have just put a card on her desk when she wasn’t there or in the break room or on the way out of work. Of course he did none of these things, so Kelly read into Andy’s card, thinking that he liked her. That was quite funny. Kelly is definitely the poster child for love and attention at Dunder Mifflin. Hopefully soon she will find the one for her. Thankfully, Andy sent a mass email about not looking into the email, which reaffirmed Erin’s thoughts about Andy. Go Andy & Erin! I can’t wait to see these two make it official. Overall, this was a good episode though Michael does not seem to have grown much since season 1. Character development has not been huge. I’d like to see Michael mature more, just a bit at least. Throwing people under the bus and having more toys than office supplies is so childish. Grow up Michael. That’s all for now. Looking forward to more!