TV Weeks in Review (Jan 3-15)

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Note: This post contains reviews for the past 2 weeks of TV and only the premiere episode of Chuck will be reviewed, not the entire season.

Desperate Housewives – If…

Carlos: So have you figured out what our 4 year old is going to do with her life?
Gabby: No. But I did figure out what she has to do to be special.
Carlos: What’s that?
Gabby: Absolutely nothing.

After watching this episode, I have decided that this will be the last episode that I will watch and review of the show. This episode did not cut it for me. Susan’s fat suit and makeup looked awful and everything about her storyline was just too dramatic and ridiculous…I didn’t care that Karl died nor did I care that Bree had a dream that she found Karl cheating on her. Duh. That’s Karl. Bree’s husband possibly being paralyzed immediately make me think, “are we going down that road again?” We’ve seen Carlos go blind, now another husband will find himself in a similar predicament? Is there no new material? Angie’s storyline is just boring. Her sob speech in court during her “what if” daydream had the soap opera vibe at its finest. Gabby’s storyline was somewhat bearable to watch but seeing her in all gray hair…that seems highly out of character for Gabby. Wouldn’t she be dying her hair black no matter what the price? Lynette’s storyline was the only one worth watching. It was very powerful watching Lynette care for a disabled child in her “what if” scenario as she didn’t even want a child at her age to begin with. What a challenge. It was even more powerful when in reality, she lost one of the twins, after having connected with the twins over the past few months. What a tragedy. Though this isn’t called “Desperate Lynette” and there just doesn’t seem to be enough originality anymore in the show and the spark just seems to be dying. So I’m done with Desperate Housewives…but you can bet I will be watching the series finale whenever that takes place.

Chuck – Chuck vs the Pink Slip

Chuck: I don’t want to sound demanding, but I could really use that chopper right about now!

What a great season premiere! Chuck being fired as a spy after failing his training was disheartening but only for a moment, as he seemed to jump back into the game in no time, without the General or his team’s consent at first but he got back into the swing of things nonetheless. Seeing his karate and guitar skills thanks to the intersect in his head only built anticipation of what we will see next this season. There was a balanced amount of action, comedy, and story development as usual although I noticed something different about the cinematography and I like it but I’m just hoping it doesn’t take away from the realness of the story, as in I hope nothing ever seems too staged because the tone of the show in every aspect definitely affects everything about the way viewers enjoy the show. Anyway, knowing that Sarah asked Chuck to run away with her and he didn’t really shows how the two are at completely different stages of their lives and yet they are always together on the job, so they should just make it work on the job. Sarah trying to get over Chuck and Chuck wallowing in his misery was not fun to see…though it was fun to see Chuck go to Buy More for cheese puffs and have Emmett tell him he was about to get beaten down (since he looked like a straggler). Emmett’s pride led to his death, didn’t see that coming! Chuck & Morgan back at Buy More will create some great comedy, though as the General told Sarah, they have to protect the world from Chuck. This episode had some great surprises and this is just the beginning!

Chuck – Chuck vs the Three Words

Chuck: I chose to be a spy because Sarah, I love you.

The team on a mission with Karina made for many hold your breath moments, as Chuck was clouded by his love for Sarah and talking about their relationship that he was somewhat distracted and Casey had to stall undercover for Chuck & Casey to finish the job. Afterwords, it was heartbreaking to see Sarah request to be transferred (so she could get over Chuck) and not just have the General deny her request but have Chuck hear the entire conversation. Yikes. When will Sarah accept her life as a spy and get back to furthering her relationship with Chuck? While the team saved their mission at Chuck & Morgan’s housewarming party, what really is important is…who was the General talking to about keeping what a secret? What’s in the case? Aside from Chuck & Sarah’s relationship, this scene was really the only one that furthered along the general storyline, so looking forward to seeing how much of an impact this makes in the overall season.

Heroes – Upon This Rock & Let It Bleed

Angela: I keep looking up too, hoping to see him.

This episode was written well for what it was presenting but when it comes to story development, it did not go anywhere. As I am not a fan of Samuel, it bore me to death having the majority of this episode center around him as he was trying to get close to Emma (how can he speak sign language?) and trying to act like he isn’t hiding anything from Claire. It seemed he was a villain from the start and just now we are finding out that he killed his own brother, the real leader of the circus. It seems like 13 episodes in, we should know plenty more about his motives. Anyway, Doyle trying to stop Claire because he thought that Claire wanted to destroy the circus was not very smart, he should know her by now. He should know that she has a reason for doing everything that she does, even if she was trying to destroy the circus. So, thankfully, that wasn’t dragged on for too long. When all is revealed about Samuel, where will Doyle stand? It seems Claire and Lydia are the only ones at the circus ready to face and fight Samuel. The set up of Nathan’s plane crash and the burial…ah so sad. It was heartbreaking to see but it was done beautifully and it will be interesting to see how Peter, Claire, and Angela mourn. Last mentions…Hiro’s storyline is a drag and I hope he is the next hero to hit the road because he just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Sylar returning to the Carnival unable to kill was unexpected…not unexpected was Samuel giving him his powers. Hmmm. It’s only a matter of time until we see how Sylar uses this power to his advantage…with Claire?

Heroes – Close to You

Ando: Hiro, you’re back!
Hiro: Yes and now we must get going.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before this season but I’m really just watching Heroes out of habit and after these past 3 episodes have aired, I’ve decided this will be the last season of the show that I will be watching. So getting into this episode…based on the opening…I highly doubt Peter would lead the circus so Lydia trying to reach out to him would only help to end the circus, not continue it under his lead. Is it easier to destroy Samuel and lead the circus or destroy everything the circus will lead to (including Emma’s cello since she apparently kills thousands of people once she’s in the circus)? Anyway, Matt & HRG working together was interesting but this particularly felt like a storyline that should have been in its own episode entirely. Lastly, Hiro and Ando busting Mohinder out of the crazy house was quite comedic though I haven’t been a fan of Mohinder since he gave himself powers…so…hopefully the last few episodes of the season end with a bang because my Heroes watching ends soon.

Ugly Betty – The Passion of the Betty

Claire: Now I want you out of my company and out of my life.

This episode started out quite well but it didn’t seem to have quite the same punch as the previous episodes this season. Jesse Tyler Ferguson reprising his role as Betty’s dentist for an episode was quite fun to open up the episode! (Watch Modern Family if you aren’t). Anyway, getting into the episode… Betty & Matt living together seemed sweet until Matt became overbearingly sweet at home, at work, and everywhere else. After all was said and done, it was quite a relief to see Matt tell Betty that he was quitting Mode to find his passion. It’s about time! It’s also about time we see some conflict arise with Matt & Betty because it was only a matter of time. Thankfully, it was not a multi-episode conflict and Betty learned her lesson about helping Matt out…bet she won’t go to the lengths that she went again, unless she wants to be a muse. I don’t know anything about art but those pictures were not beautiful. Yikes. What was beautiful was the knowledge that Betty wrote a sonnet about Matt. How sweet is that? With the ups come the downs…I was hoping Hilda would tell Bobby that she was pregnant sooner rather than later but I hadn’t imagined he would find out the way that he did, along with Ignacio. Hmmm… it will be interesting to see the family dynamic from this point on and what Bobby will do…be part of the family or not. It would be quite a shame if he didn’t step up and be in the baby’s life. Speaking of…Claire telling off her ex after he found out about Tyler and then him saying, “You couldn’t have just had the abortion” was so terrible to say! I wanted to give Claire a hug at that moment. People can be so selfish and harsh, cruel. Claire will come out on top. Watch. Last but certainly not the least…Marc’s random hook up turning the hook up into a relationship made for fun TV since viewers got to see Marc squirm more than ever! His sidekick, Amanda instigating made everything even more funnier. Marc & Amanda…can never get enough of those two! Looking forward to more story development with Claire the most in future episodes and of course as much comedy as possible from Marc and Amanda!

Ugly Betty – Back in Her Place

Betty: Though we’ll never forget what we’ve given up, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward.

What a fantastic episode! Wilhelmina giving Betty a variety of extremely odd beauty assignments made for quite an interesting episode, as it led Betty to creating a blog detailing walking a mile in different people’s shoes “to inspire at least one person.” Let’s see how much this is incorporated in future episodes. The consistency of this could be quite interesting as the blog grows. Something that won’t be growing is Matt & Betty’s relationship being as how Matt is moving to Africa for awhile to do some good. Didn’t see that coming but honestly, I also don’t see Matt as the one for Betty, so, I’m not complaining. Someone else not doing too well in the love department…Willie proposing to Connor was highly unexpected and even more unexpected was Connor having the guards help tell Willie that he was transferred. What a cop put and for what? Hmm. The only person doing well is Hilda & Bobby. “Hilda Week” was cute but Bobby will be spending his entire life with Hilda now that they are having a child, so he has a long time to treat her and form an even stronger relationship with Justin…possibly his soon to be step son. I could definitely see Bobby & Hilda getting married but is that too soon to think about? While on a positive note, Marc working to the fullest to get exposure for Daniel worked out so well for him. I am very proud of Marc and hopefully Daniel will not only appreciate his gestures and Marc more in this one moment but from this point on. We’ll see. Lastly, Marc’s partner in crime, Amanda needs to figure out what she will do to pay the 2 months back rent since Betty did not even know that Amanda moved out. How will she get the money?! Hmmm. This episode was much more entertaining than last week’s although there was a lack of further plot development with Claire’s storyline so that was a bit disappointing. Hopefully we’ll see some next week.

Dollhouse – Getting Closer

Topher: We can bring her back, we can map her brain.

Seeing Topher and Bennett open themselves up more to each other was sweet to see, but it only lasted for a moment as the surprise pair, Boyd and Dr. Saunders made their moves…Dr. Saunders killing Bennett right in front of Topher (and not Topher too) and Boyd giving Echo one very important memory. Did Dr. Saunders not kill Topher because she wanted to prove to him that he couldn’t love another person or because Bennett was after Caroline or…did I miss something…because either way it still doesn’t add up. Hmm… Anyway, Boyd recruiting Caroline into the Dollhouse undercover was something I had not expected to find out, though it makes so much sense when you think about it. Which somewhat brings me to mentioning that I appreciate the vast amount of back story shared for everything in this episode, yet while the jump between past and present was noticeable, the time line was a bit confusing. It was a bit all over the place but in the end, everything was raised to the next level of crazy! Finding out that Caroline befriended Bennett to get to Rossum was a revelation I was glad to see, as I was thrilled to finally find out how exactly they were connected. But what I really don’t understand is how Bennett immediately decided to join Rossum’s side when she felt betrayed as Caroline left her in the building (with a plan)…Bennett was just all over the place, I don’t think she knew what she wanted. One thing that I did understand was Topher telling his assistant, Ivy to leave which hurt him I’m sure but ultimately helps as her life was saved and Caroline telling Anthony & Priya to go away and spend time together before the war (and stay away if they don’t want to take part in the war). Hopefully that isn’t the last we see of the two. Although it would be a shame if they came back and one or both died fighting. Paul’s emotions for Caroline being erased and now having saved Mellie from the DC dollhouse, it is heartwarming to see the two together but what will become of them when all is said and done? Overall, I’m a bit confused as to how everything adds up…there was just so much packed into this episode! Looking forward to seeing how everything wraps up in the last 2 episodes of the series!

Dollhouse – The Hollow Men

Paul: Listen to me, you are not a killer. Mellie, remember us! Remember what we had!
Mellie: Paul? I can’t.
Paul: You can fight this. You can! You know who you are!
Mellie: When we were together, you made me feel like a real person
Paul: No!

Another fantastic episode from Whedon! This was in my opinion better than the previous episode…the war is on! Anthony & Priya going back to the dollhouse to join the war was a smart decision since there was a note from Topher and the two followed the instructions leading Anthony to be imprinted as Topher 2.0 and the two soon discover that Boyd was working for Rossum. Yes! I love seeing Enver Gjokaj play Topher 2.0. I’d take Anthony as Topher 2.0 over Anthony as anyone else anyway. Anyway, I was hoping that Boyd wouldn’t have too much time to prepare to fight Topher or theteam after Topher told him about Topher 2.0. While he held Adelle, Topher, and Caroline up for a moment, Topher kicked butt as he imprinted Boyd and the team had him blow up himself and part of the building! It was quite funny when Boyd’s poison had long wore off on Caroline and had a standoff with Boyd who had Paul at a tight grip. Paul was so confused! I can’t imagine how confused he must have been at that moment! First his love, Mellie kills herself (which was incredibly heartbreaking…first sacrifice/casualty on the good side) and moments later he finds out his friend is a traitor in the worst way possible…poor Paul, even if Paul is an imprint. It still hurts. Thankfully Paul got in the loop and Caroline found Boyd and Paul because it would have been terrible if Paul killed Adelle mistakenly. Though with an Epitaph One type ending still…this makes the anticipation for the final 2 episodes that much stronge!