DVD Review: Kyle XY The Complete Third & Final Season

One month ago, Kyle XY The Complete Third & Final Season released on DVD and today I present you with my review of the DVD to coincide with the series premiere of Caprica tomorrow night on Syfy that Kyle XY star, Magda Apanowicz can be seen on!

Release Date: December 22, 2009
Rating: TV-14
Running Time: 436 Minutes

Action, mystery and suspense reach an all-new level in ten stunning original episodes of Kyle XY. Go to the next stage as Kyle (Matt Dallas) and Jessi (Jaimie Alexander) begin to work as a team and uncover the secrets of their origin. Kyle’s world is turned upside-down when his powers suddenly disappear, and he’s in for another surprise when Amanda (Kirsten Prout) comes home with an unexpected question. As one woman in Kyle’s life arrives, another must say goodbye – though Jessi assures him they will always be connected. Meanwhile, the prom is fast approaching, and Kyle wants his night with Amanda to be perfect. After a dance neither of them will ever forget, Kyle comes face-to-face with the ultimate mystery. Experience every twist and turn on three discs, including never-before-seen bonus features. You don’t know the whole story until you’ve seen Kyle XY: The Complete Third and Final Season.

What an incredible season packed with so much to offer for the series…it boggles my mind how this can be the final season of the show. The first episode of the season starts off exactly where the season 2 finale ended, which is just the way I like it! Kyle must rescue Amanda though once he does, Amanda has no recollection of the kidnapping so Kyle, Jessi, and the Tragers lie to her to protect her. Lying to protect people usually never works. So as the season goes on, time and time again it is proven that Amanda cannot trust Kyle. I have to admit though, I did not expect the situations that took place to occur regarding the love triangle between Kyle, Amanda, and Jessi. There are some interesting surprises! The ending will make you crazy as it is incredibly open ended!

Seeing Kyle drunk was a highlight but seeing Amanda hurt was a low. Team Amanda all the way. The writers did a fabulous job writing this complicated love triangle…things were taken to a new level after Jessi moved into the Trager house. As far as the Tragers go…the loss of virginity, a car accident, and financial woes are conflicts that the family faces and Kyle goes to Latnok for help. Latnok seems like the biggest question mark for the series as at first it seems bad, then good, then bad again…then a family relation? Wow. So many questions that will never be answered. Something that also seems a bit off putting is the somewhat sudden death of someone close to Kyle and letting Jessi’s mom go but bringing her back in a sense only for her to die.

Lastly, back to the Tragers, viewers might find themselves upset over Andy moving away but deep down we all know that Andy and Josh are lifetime friends. It is a shame viewers never got to meet Andy’s parents. Lori’s storyline wasn’t open ended perhaps because it just seems that no matter what guy she dates, her soul mate is Declan. Long story short, the season finale, the series finale is definitely not the season series finale that anyone would have wanted for a series finale but with the show canceled so suddenly, the ending makes for a great round table discussion as to what could have come next.

Bonus Features:

Kyle XY: Future Revealed (12:35) – Executive Producers, Eric Tuchman and David Himelfarb, co-executive producer, Julie Plec, actor, Matt Dallas all appear in this feature. There is discussion on creating the villain, Cassidy and that the show planned on exploring Latnock more, Cassidy much more and Cassidy and Kyle’s dynamic as brothers. Also revealed is what would have been written for the storyline of Grace Kingsley, the egg donor for Kyle and the love triangle storyline…which might really put viewers on Team Amanda or Team Jessi. Lastly, the best piece of information in this feature was the moment the producers said that Kyle was going to go out into the world and be an inspiring leader. That would have been amazing to see.

Deleted Scenes – There are 12 deleted scenes that come with optional commentary conducted by executive producers, David Himelfarb and Eric Tuchman. Himelfarb and Tuchman do a fabulous job explaining why each scene was cut, most of them for time and so, overall it is easy to understand and accept why these scenes were cut. Some of the scenes hint at more exploration in their plot points, but in the end, it is much better that all of these deleted scenes were cut. The titles of the scenes are below.

“Nicole/Jessi Discuss Kyle”
“The Boys Rap Onstage”
“Kyle Knocks Car Over”
“Hillary Talks Being Single And Boys Toast”
“Jessi Tells Nate Off”
“Kyle Cannot Be With Amanda Until It’s Safe”
“Kyle And Jessi Fantasy Kiss”
“Kyle Gets Ice At The Rack”
“Kyle Explains Plan To Nicole”
“Andy Leave Josh A Note”
“Josh Burns Mementos of Andy”
“Kyle And Declan In Cassidy’s Apartment”

The commentary for the episode, “Life Support” is conducted by executive producer, David Himelfarb and Eric Tuchman who believe this episode is one of best in the entire series. This is much more entertaining than the finale commentary, as the guys are in much higher spirits and they discuss everything from filming the car accident scene to the switching of the exterior of the Trager house. An interesting fun fact learned is that this episode was originally intended to be a two part episode! There’s lot to learn in this commentary and you won’t be disappointed after listening.

The commentary for the episode, “Bringing Down The House” is conducted by executive producer, David Himelfarb and co-executive producer, Julie Plec. This is very informational as Himelfarb and Plec, but mainly Plec discuss everything about the series as a whole and where the show was headed. Regarding where the show was headed, there is more clarity regarding the love triangle that was developed and Kyle entering manhood, the bromance between Declan and Kyle, and Kyle battling with the thought about is he good because he was made that way or because he was under the Tragers’ watch. Plec gives a shout out to the composer of the Kyle and Amanda love theme and the two discuss working with the actors, giving a shout out to Magda’s new show, Caprica. Overall, this commentary really is more about what this finale built up for the future as opposed to what it was like working on this specific episode. Emotions are not hidden about the disappointment of the show’s untimely cancellation. It makes watching this episode even harder because to find out where the cast and crew was going to take this show and to see the ending that it had…incredible.

Kyle XY The Complete Third & Final Season is available on DVD now.