Advanced Review: White Collar “Hard Sell” This Tuesday on USA

White Collar moves to its brand-new night, this Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 10/9c with special guest star, Alexandra Daddario as the one and only…Kate. The show last left us with a major cliffhanger and you will be pleased to find out more clarity when the show returns this Tuesday with the episode, “Hard Sell.”

Neal must infiltrate a company of corrupt Wall Street brokers to preserve his deal with the FBI. When Peter is forced to go undercover alongside him, a discovery is made that could change their partnership forever.

Peter: Do we have a problem?
Neal: Why would there be a problem? No, I’m just excited to see you go undercover. It doesn’t happen very often.
Peter: It happens more than you think. I still have some active aliases.
Neal: You’re a man of many faces.

What a fantastic episode! Neal is led to believe that Peter is screwing him over so he tells Mozzie and has him get money to prepare for Neal to run. Unfortunately Neal doesn’t keep his cool until his case is over and he lets Peter know that he “knows” Peter “has” Kate. Thankfully, the two are able to work together to handle the case in the end, though when it comes down to life or death, you are forced to. Should it have made me upset that Elizabeth knows Peter met with Kate and stood by her husband, keeping this a secret when Neal went to her for answers?

Viewers will probably not expect Peter to sit Neal down and tell him that he met with Kate but sure enough, he does! Whether that is to cover his butt or he really is a good guy…it doesn’t seem like he was leaving anything out when he was telling Neal what happened during the meet, but who knows. Though it is easier to believe that Neal is on the good side and hmmm… Kate may not be on Neal’s side after all. What’s up with the music box? As for the case, Neal got “the man behind the curtain” quicker than Peter could have ever gotten him and then the game really began as Neal played everyone in the stock company. What I can’t wait to see is who he’ll play to get to Kate. It was quite fun watching Neal charm his way into everything and with everyone! Looking forward to more.

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