TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Dollhouse – Stop Loss

Echo: If I get everyone out, you’ll have to look me up.

What a fantastic episode! Adelle using Victor as a doll for herself (once again?) was not surprising but she needs to get a grip and work on keeping the dolls at this dollhouse so no one is split up…that among other things she needs to worry about. Although if using Victor or any other doll will keep her from being the biotch that she was in this episode…anyway, it was a terrible thought realizing that Victor’s contract would be up but thankfully, things went array as Echo and Boyd had to help him out after he was released though. Victor asking if anyone had seen Sierra instead of, “Did I fall asleep?” was quite something! If only he could have gone off with Sierra after everything went down in this episode and helped Echo from the outside! Echo telling Sierra that Victor would not be coming back from his treatment was sad, just as sad as it was seeing Victor alone, trying to make sense of his life post soldier, post dollhouse. Victor sleeping in his bathtub because he is used to his bed in the dollhouse, love the detail. Didn’t love Victor being kidnapped and forced into joining an army that thinks as one, but as I mentioned, Echo helped out in the end. The twist of the army imprinting Echo was great since it barely worked for the better of the army but did for the better of Victor (Anthony I should say), Sierra, and herself. All would have been well in the end if Adele hadn’t tried to put Sierra, Victor, and Echo in the attic. The attic…we have heard so much about the attic and finally here it is! And the drama continues!

Dollhouse – The Attic

Adelle: I don’t want to die.
Paul: Then only one of us is going to be disappointed.

This is definitely one of my favorite, if not my favorite episode this season. Turns out, Echo was working with Adelle to bring the dollhouse down…but how long has she been working with Adele? Echo in the attic and finding out that she could travel from mind to mind helped her try to find Sierra and Victor but that was only the beginning! Next, Echo finding the other guy who was helping her try to stay alive in their nightmares was step one as step two was saving Sierra and Victor from their nightmares. Once they were all joined together and safe from the worldwide dollhouse murderer on the loose in the attic, viewers got to see their first glimpse of what many have already seen in the thirteenth episode of Season One which did not air on TV. The murderer in the attic was Clyde who has been seeing the shape of things to come in his nightmare…hello Epitaph One! Finding out out how the attic was created and what Clyde 2.0 was up to was just what Echo needed to really get the ball rolling on taking down the dollhouse. Echo’s flat lining plan at first did not seem to be the best idea…but it worked for Echo, Sierra, and Victor, who together with Topher, Paul, Boyd, and Adelle will take down the dollhouse. What an incredible ending to the episode to find out that these guys are all working (undercover) together! Paul saved, as an imprint of himself is great but if the dollhouse is taken down and Paul is technically brain dead…once the dollhouse is taken down, won’t he just be back to square one at dead? Hmmm…well there are only 3 episodes left to find out and I have a feeling the last 3 are going to be incredible!