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Desperate Housewives – Boom Crunch

Bree: Karl, when we began this affair, we agreed to be discreet. Do you know what discreet means? No skywriting!

This episode was an incredible disappointment. What a bore. Lynette and Gabby argued the entire episode and resolved absolutely nothing. The ladies could have taken this day off from squabbling to enjoy the holiday with their families. Will Lynette saving Gabby’s kid from the plane brush everything out of the door? While understandable, that is way too predictable and easy. We’ll see how it goes. Bree and Karl finally let their relationship out on the open to Orson and Orson reacted like any husband would upon hearing the news. The circumstances were grave but it was good that Karl did not end up proposing to Bree because they need to take things slow. By the looks of it, Bree will be taking it slow anyway taking care of both injured men, unless one has died which is what it seems like given the dramatic limp bloody arm/hand shown at the end of the episode. Anyway, Susan calling Katherine’s daughter for reinforcement in getting Katherine help was a good move. It looks like Katherine is headed to the psych ward soon and hopefully that will get Mike out of jail as soon as she goes into her psych ward. As far as Katherine goes, I’d like her to be like she was before Mike but I’d also like to see just how much she has grown up since Mike once she recovers from her craziness. Hopefully that can happen. Lastly, Tyler telling his nurse Mona everything was a relief for him since he could get all of that baggage off his chest. Mona did what many would do after finding out about the murder the family walked away from “Scott Free”…blackmail the family in a situation where they all win in the end and are even. However, it looks like Mona has been killed in the plane crash and we are back at square one with that family…unless Mona told someone or wrote it out before she went to confront the family which is highly doubtful. Overall though, these story lines lacked punch and at times this seemed like a soap opera which is not my cup of tea. So, better luck in the next episode.

One Tree Hill – Some Roads Lead Nowhere

Julian: I need you to understand something. If you ever try this again, I’ll never forgive you. I won’t miss you, I won’t think of you at all.

She’s alive! Alex is alive! I had it in my mind that she had died…that was a lot of blood loss. Not sure how I feel about her staying in Tree Hill after a suicide attempt. Wouldn’t the sane thing to do be going back to where she calls home and being around family? Julian announcing to her that they got financing for their movie just put the wheels in motion again for this odd love triangle. Will Brooke stick by him through this or will she fall in love with the new designer that her mom hired for the new men’s line? As for Millie, going into rehab would have been the best decision she has made in awhile if she had stayed. As for good decisions…Dan ending his show in the halls that he killed his brother in…poetic? Dan giving everything away and filing for divorce, yes Dan! He is really getting his life together. Go ahead! Lastly, Quinn helping Clay get in to a school where his old boss was to try an get his job back was a great move. Now that Clay is back as Nathan’s agent after getting him a million dollar contract in the double digits and in the clear for having a relationship with Quinn, how well will this group of buddies be? Great episode. I’ll tune in for an episode more or so.

Gossip Girl – The Debarted

Gossip Girl: Spotted, the fall of a politician and the rise of a hero. Poor congressman, you’ve just been vetoed.

This was quite the drama filled episode…all about Serena. Serena calling her mom for help with her relationship issue pushed Lily into the right direction of being responsible and considering telling Rufus what she is hiding but aside from that, if I were Lily, I would not have helped Serena in any way in that situation. Thankfully she didn’t have the chance to help Serena since she got the call about the accident but unfortunately she didn’t tell Rufus on the way to the hospital what she was hiding! Back to Serena, it was unfortunate that Serena got in a car accident but even that didn’t knock any sense into her. Maybe Tripp’s wife helping him get out of being the blame from the accident will show Serena just how much he is willing to put on the line for her. Nate fighting for Serena, there just couldn’t be a better hero. But I’ve said this before, he deserved so much better than Serena. Dan going to a writer’s retreat and making out with one of V’s acquaintances was not a move that I saw coming. Go ahead Dan for moving on with the unhealthy relationships in his life, Nathan should follow his lead. Not sure what Jenny is up to and frankly, I don’t care. Team Eric! Lastly, Chuck mourning the loss of his father on the one year anniversary was hard to watch because in his conscious he has has father talking down to him. Yikes. Let’s hope he doesn’t let that get the best of him. Let’s hope it brings out even more good in him. Good episode! Let’s hope the next few episode are less Serena centered, she’s a bit too irritating to be the central focus.

90210 – Winter Wonderland

Annie: What is this? Some kind of miss guided intervention?

Liam asking his girlfriend to the dance was quite cute since we haven’t seen him be genuinely showing how much he cares for a girl. Although his feelings for Naomi have not dwindled so it seems those two will definitely get together now that the air is clear. It’s only a matter of time. Naomi teaming up with Navid to take down Annie’s boyfriend was the perfect match! Naomi can take down anyone, so it was only natural for her to come into the mix and help! Navid approaching Annie’s bf about him pushing him down the stairs was what I had been waiting for but the intervention with the whole gang was even better! Annie confronting her boyfriend about the lies was one thing but what was even better was that he knew Annie killed his uncle! Wild! When and how did he find out? Depending on when he found out, why did he do the things that he did and continue with the relationship with Annie? What a fabulous way to end the episode and what a perfect cliffhanger to think about until new episodes return in January. As for the rest of the gang…Dixon and Debbie having a heart to heart was probably the most emotional scene in the episode and afterwords I did not see it coming that Dixon would tell Debbie that he wants to see his birth mother. Will it happen? How soon will it happen? What will he talk to his mother about? Ah, so many questions! Lastly, Dixon and Silver kissing was something I was thrilled to see and yet just as cautious to see. Silver has been through a lot since the two were last together, hence she has matured a lot but is she mature enough and stable enough to handle a relationship with Dixon? Teddy is different because he’ll put up with Silver but Dixon does not put up with bull so Dixon would be a more stable boyfriend, but who will she choose? I must say Teddy was not too bright for asking Silver out to the winter dance so publicly. He set himself for failure with that move. Again, this was a fantastic episode and I cannot wait until the show returns in the new year because so many questions were raised in this episode and it’s going to unfold so insanely, as somewhat seen in the promo for what’s ahead! Looking forward to it!

Melrose Place – San Vicente

Violet: I don’t know how to thank you.
Amanda: Oh don’t worry sweetheart. Someday you’ll find a way.

What an incredible episode! I did not expect Jonah to ask Riley to elope instead of just waiting for the nice wedding ceremony, no matter how stressful the parents were about planning. Even though Ella’s motives were wrong for setting up Jonah with such a hot shot job, it was best that Riley and Jonah split up because Riley has no idea what she wants and stringing him along was not the right way to live her life. Now that Jonah is with Ella, will Ella work that much harder for him? What will Riley think and does her opinion matter since she was the one who broke it off? Anyway…I knew Michael did not kill Sydney but I did not suspect his wife, Vanessa. Michael asking David to pick up his little brother from school to keep him safe from Vanessa really brought the stakes up higher…Vanessa vs. the Mancinis. I didn’t see that coming. The scene shown when Vanessa kills Sydney was so “soap opera” ish it feels embarrassing to admit I watch this show. Thank goodness the soap opera effect only happens in the flashbacks. Anyway, Violet killing Vanessa…sweet irony. Based on what Amanda said to Violet after she witnessed the murder, it seems it would have been much better if Amanda hadn’t been there. I bet Amanda has a lot to do with Violet’s exit from Melrose Place! Anyway, as soon as Lauren fell to the ground, I immediately thought “she has an STD!” I have no idea if fainting is a symptom of an STD but it sure would scare her into stop being a prostitute! Too bad it was just an effect of the drugs that guy she slept with gave her. That’s not enough of a scare…or is it? Only time will tell!


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The Office – Secret Santa

Dwight: They don’t have a North Pole branch. Idiot.

The unveiling of the artificial undecorated tree made me laugh out loud tremendously. Phyllis crying in happiness over being Santa Claus was hilarious but Dwight dressed as an elf was even more hilarious. Andy giving Erin the 12 days of Christmas was incredibly thoughtful but the consequences weren’t thought through. He did redeem himself in the end. Good one Andy. When Kevin sat on Michael’s lap, Mindy Kaling looked like she was about to fall out laughing, which made the scene that much more comedic. Oscar having a crush on a warehouse guy was quite fun to see since we have only seen him have one love interest briefly. It was great to know that Michael didn’t ruin Christmas by having David Wallace announce that the office was fired. Thankfully (?) it was just those in higher positions. What a great episode! Everyone ended up getting the perfect gifts and there were so many laughs throughout. This definitely tops the list as one of my favorite holiday Office episodes.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Reignites the Rivalry

Dennis: Have some respect for Christ sake. I am a legend.

The gang reigniting a rivalry from 10 years ago was not all that interesting but Dennis thinking that he was a legend in his college fraternity was quite comedic. No matter how much proof showed that this belief was in fact false, he was in his own fantasy of being a legend which made for some hilarious dialogue. That was the most hilarious bit of the episode. The gang creating a new rivalry with the fraternity was much more interesting than the older rivalry since viewers actually got to see the gang poison the rivalry, only Dee was part of the poison and didn’t know it which was pretty rough on her. Yikes. Overall, this definitely does not rank high in one of the funniest episode of the season. It had its moments but for the most part, it lacked consistent laughter and the storyline was a bit weak. Not the best season finale. Looking forward to more though!

Ugly Betty – Be-Shure

Betty: I’m sorry, I’ve never hidden a pregnancy before!

Hilda: Well you need to get good at it and fast.

What a fantastic episode! Every scene brought so many laughs but what makes this season so fantastic is that the drama, the emotions really shine through in every single character and setting. The pregnancy doubt from Betty and Hilda was brilliant! Can’t say I saw that coming! The pharmacy scene really brought so much anticipation as to how everyone in the family would find out. The bathroom scene really brought the laughs and equal concern too as to who exactly was pregnant! If that wasn’t enough, Ignacio’s date was the pharmacy woman. Ha! Now that it is Hilda who is pregnant and her boyfriend has broken off their relationship due to other reasons, there are many questions that need to be answered. How ill her ex find out? How will Bobby find out? Will he be there for the baby? How will Ignacio and Justin find out and react? As for someone else with parental issues…Claire meeting her son trying to be anonymous and giving him a generous tip was sweet for her but since she left her letter on the table by mistake, her son just might go looking for her. That is a good thing and hopefully he will look for her sooner rather than later. Lastly, Marc moving into his new position at Mode and seeing Wilhelmina’s office being emptied really sealed the deal on Willie being gone, for Daniel and Willie’s cover at least on the latter. Let’s see how long the cover lasts and what happens afterwords. This was a fabulous episode and definitely is my favorite episode of the season so far.


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