TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Heroes – Thanksgiving

Claire: I know that I should be thankful but I’m just not feeling it right now.

Who else enjoyed this episode? I know I did! HRG having Lauren over for Thanksgiving dinner was not cool at all. Although what I found to be more interesting was Claire’s announcement that was thinking about dropping out of college. It was not expected but it was also not surprising. I can say the same for HRG inviting Gretchen over. That is what really led the adventure, which we should see in the next episode as the girls search for what the compass is pointing to. Although I don’t see how this can lead to anything positive for Gretchen. Only time will tell. As for the Petrelli family…Angela trying to avoid telling what really happened to Nathan to “Nathan” and Peter on Thanksgiving was not cool either. Thankfully she gave in and told her sons the truth. It was scary when Sylar took full force and was in the process of killing Angela when “Nathan” fought back and escaped before Sylar could actually kill her. Yikes. Where is this headed? Will it be just Nathan or Sylar in the end? Lastly, Hiro’s storyline was ridiculous! He should have known that the tattoo hero who’s name escapes me was going to be all sneaky in the past! He’s so smart but has been acting recklessly all season long, it’s getting ridiculous. Samuel killing his brother was wrong on so many levels and I would not want to be involved with him in any way after seeing that. This episode was intriguing and humorous, so thanks writers for quite an entertaining episode!

V – It’s Only the Beginning

Anna: What you’ve seen today Tyler is only the beginning.

This episode started out with a bang that made me shout, “oh snap!” Ryan shooting what looked like Erica and then cutting to 14 hours earlier…wow. What an introduction! Then Ryan tried to cover himself in the actual set up by shooting the visitor that was behind Erica, it wasn’t actually Erica that he was aiming for in the first place. Although his little chit chat with the visitor led to Erica finding out that Ryan was a visitor which worried me very much! Although the two were both civil about continuing to work together since Ryan is a true traitor to the Vs, part of the fifth column. What’s up with the injections put in the flu vaccines? Can’t complain about not finding out enough because that was a lot to find out when the visitors were after them in the warehouse. As for Ryan and Erica’s personal lives… Did Ryan’s wife get pregnant before or after Ryan was turned into a V? If after, that makes for some interesting and sad conflict. As for Erica’s home life…she is incredibly disconnected from her son. Tyler telling his therapist all of his business was fine before the visitors came but now that they are here, you can’t trust anyone and it would be a shame if the therapist were a V. Although even worse, Ty brought his V uniform to therapy, enabling Anna and Lisa to eavesdrop on the conversation! Tyler meeting with Anna alone was not a good idea at all because even though this meeting was harmless, it is just setting up for more dangerous one on ones. Moving on, what’s up with the healing centers? Are they healing the sick and also importing V genes? Lastly, in the end we see that there are many more V ships than what we may have thought and honestly, with that many ships…would it be easier for earth to just all turn into Vs? Hmm…what a dilemma. Looking forward to V’s return in the new year!


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Ugly Betty – Level (7) With Me

Amanda: I’m not mad that you murdered her. I’m just mad that you murdered her before I had the chance to know her.

What an action packed, comedy filled, drama filled episode! I enjoyed every bit of it! Betty, Claire, Amanda and Matt joining forces to try to save Daniel from level 7 truly was heartbreaking because Daniel has gone so far deep into Bennett’s levels of mourning with Natalie and the rest of the group that it became unhealthy. It seems that Daniel finally saying goodbye to Molly in level 7 was his closure and hopefully it is the end of his friendship with Natalie who is still holding on. As for those who aren’t friends but decent towards each other…Amanda and Claire almost getting caught up by the level 7 crew was quite funny and it was hilarious when the two were in the therapy session to cover. Amanda and Claire are cordial and Amanda is taking the high road and keeping Claire’s secret a secret. It will be interesting to see what happens if, when Claire meets her son. Looking forward to that episode. Anyway, Marc digging deeper into the Nico mystery was quite fun to see even though Wilhelmina was not the least bit pleased. Does he have a right to “snoop” is the question….hmm…well, there was no murder and Wilhelmina doesn’t want to speak to her daughter again but is that the last of her daughter? Will Marc find out how everything played out or does it not matter now? On a side note, I love how the code to Wilhelmina’s safe are her measurements. These writers are brilliant. This episode was very entertaining and it just makes me anticipate what else there is to see this season.