TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – The Coffee Cup

Mike: Don’t you get it, there was nothing else to the relationship. You and I have everything.

This episode started off not as comedic as the usual openers. It was still quite funny when Angie told Julie that she knew she slept with her husband. I wasn’t thrilled with Angie for helping Bree sneak Karl out but once she explained that she was really helping shield Orson from that pain of finding out like that, I understood her completely. Angie comes plain as day and yet she is so complex and hard to read. That is more than I can say for newer characters in past seasons. As for a housewife down the street…Lynette wearing her husband’s clothes to hide her pregnancy was quite desperate. Thankfully she gave up holding in the secret and told Carlos she was pregnant. He reacted just as calmly as I thought he would. While the promotion was expected, it wasn’t still expected after finding out that she was pregnant so that was a pleasant surprise. Although based on the promo for next week, it looks like Lynette could be heading to Florida or getting a new job. Anyway, what was not at all a surprise was Gabby disrupting Carlos at work about Juanita’s school. That conversation could have surely waited until he got home. Yes, Gabby has nothing better to do apparently, but that does not mean she needs to harass her husband at work. Ugh. Anyway, last but certainly not the least…Susan trying to make herself equal with Katherine’s sex record was definitely understandable but once Mike explained the type of relationship those two had, Susan felt more at ease, which was good. Based on the promo for next week, it looks like Mike has finally had enough with Katherine and I think that will be one of the most exciting moments of the season!

Heroes – Brother’s Keeper

Matt: Oh uh…when you came in the room, I was already dead. You don’t remember seeing anyone else in that room. You took me to the morgue and that’s all you remember. Oh and uh do me a favor, take off all your clothes.

This episode was somewhat disappointing. The story lines did not further along much at all. Really, it was slow and boring. Come on, yall can do so much better. “Nathan” finding his body with Peter was a good and bad thing since it was getting Nathan/Sylar closer to figuring everything out. With Sylar now in Nathan’s body (possibly, it seems so though) and Peter following him…where will Sylar lead Peter? How will Matt catch up to them? What will Matt do if he does catch up to them? It was quite funny when Tracy froze Claire on accident. It wasn’t funny when her foot came off, I thought that wasn’t so easy to put together…notice it wasn’t shown how Claire put that back together. Tracy and Claire bonding was nice to see for a moment but not as an entire storyline for an episode. Mohinder’s story line is a waste of my time. Is Samuel trying to recruit Tracy? That would be fine because really, where else does she have to go?

One Tree Hill – You Are a Runner, and I Am My Father’s Son

Julian: I love you, that’s all that matters.

Nathan firing Clay was a smart move because Clay was distracted by Quinn. Even though Quinn is right in saying that Clay held Nathan at such a high degree, Clay was more distracted than he was dedicated at the time. Not sure what I think about Clay being fired from his job altogether. Yikes. Not the best time to be fired in this economy. Although Dan attacking Clay was completely unnecessary. Agents come and go, Dan should make himself involved in Nathan’s career. What a douche. Thankfully, Clay put Dan in his place at the bar. Anyway…I was hoping that somebody would figure out that Millie took Alex’s coke. It was perfect that it was Alex who figured it out first and confronted her. Next up, Mouth caught her in the act and it’s hard to say if I want him to break up with her or not. Brooke’s mom calling the cops on Millie being a drunk driver was very much needed, so I am so glad this happened. Brooke not helping Millie when Millie got locked up was right because Millie needs to think about what she has done and feel the consequence. It will be interesting to see how everything comes together. Will Nathan take Clay back? Will Clay and Quinn last? What will it take for Millie to come to her senses? Will Brooke & Julian find out that Brooke can indeed have children? There are so many more questions and I cannot wait to see everything play out. This just might be one of my favorite episodes of the season.

Gossip Girl – The Last Days of Disco Stick

Serena: You loved me.
Nate: Of course I did.

Tonight wasn’t the best night of Monday night television. While this episode moved along steadily, it wasn’t exciting. The entire episode revolved around the aftermath of the threesome and Nathan distracting Serena so she wouldn’t hook up with Tripp. Since Tripp and Serena hooked up in the end anyway…well, let’s just say Serena better get what she deserves for messing with a married man. Tripp better too. Is it bad to want Serena and Nate back together after all of this time? I wouldn’t want it to feel like high school again but, I believe Nate could put her in her place so she’s not so wild and grows up. Anyway, it seems as though Olivia, Dan, and Vanessa made up in the end, but will Olivia still go film the witch movie? Chuck looking after Little J was sweet, smart, and responsible. Go Chuck. Lady Gaga’s appearance would have been better if her lip syncing had been better. There isn’t much to say since this episode lacked body. It fell flat for me and I’m just tired of so many characteristics of all of the characters and choices they make…not sure what to think.

90210 – To Thine Own Self Be True

Annie: What’s your problem?
Dixon: Nothing, I just don’t want to have dinner with your weirdo boyfriend.
Annie: Yeah well at least he’s not some 40 year old psycho.
Dixon: At least Sasha wasn’t a drug dealer.
Annie: Jasper is not a drug dealer.
Dixon: Well that’s what Navid told me.

This was such a great episode! My favorite scene hands down was when Dixon dismissed himself from joining dinner with the family and Jasper. The delivery of the lines between the kids and the expressions on the parents’ faces, it was all so perfect! As if Annie having Jasper over for dinner wasn’t odd enough (we knowing the history the parents don’t). I was so glad that the parents told Annie that she shouldn’t see Jasper because he is “possibly” a dealer and now that the parents mention it, she definitely is not herself around him. Based on the conversation the love birds had afterwords, it seemed like setup for a Lifetime/Romeo & Juliet ending. Please don’t go that typical route. Jasper pushing Navid down the stairs was awful on so many levels and he better be okay! Ad was wrong for telling Navid that she never loved him when she went to defend herself about not doing drugs. Will Navid’s injury help her come to her sense? She is in deep now, not being honest with Naomi and not caring once Naomi caught her…she’s in deep. Hopefully what just happened to Navid can scare her straight. As for Silver & Kelly…Silver and Kelly at the hospital was hard to see since Kelly didn’t go in to say goodbye to her mother at first. Then when Kelly finally was ready to go in, she was given a scare when the nurse was cleaning out her room. Thankfully, Kelly got to say goodbye and told her mother she forgave her. There’s nothing like carrying around that unforgiveness for years, so Kelly is a much better person for doing what she did. Someone who in my eyes can never be the better person…Jen. she was right for coming clean to Mr. Matthews about certain things in her past relationships but still, that one note about her sleeping with Liam needs to come out. Dixon trying to give ideas to Liam about sharing the truth about Jen was funny since the idea was good but just a little too harsh. But then again, after what Jen did to Liam and after lying and using Naomi, harsh is needed. Speaking of Naomi…getting caught kissing another guy other than the Dean’s son by the Dean ruined her plans of wooing the Dean to get into the right college of her choice. She also got dumped too! That was definitely not in her plans. Can’t say I expected her to go and be honest about everything, so that was good! This episode packed so much and it was probably one of my favorite episodes of the season.

V – A Bright New Day

Lisa: I thought this would be better than your mom seeing me in my uniform.

It just hit me that the title card for V is in blood. Nothing positive can come from that. So clearly the visitors are like the Antichrist in a sense. They come in peace but have a completely selfish and negative agenda. That might be a strong judgment cal but it can be agreed upon to extent. Anyway, Erica trying to protect the visitors who were threatened with a bomb threat, that was interesting to say the least. I don’t like seeing her in the position of fighting for the visitors. It’s a catch 22 since her job is great to know what’s really going on but it’s not safe for her because she could be an easy target to find once she decides to make her dislike for the visitors known to the public. When the visitors took the guy who was a threat away from Erica after she caught him, I thought that she would just feel guilt, not snoop around. She found out something quite fascinating! All of the visitors have cameras in their outfits! Yikes! The main V practicing offering her condolences to the wife of the man that was caught…wow. Do the visitors have any real emotions? Dale’s mission to kill Erica is troubling so it will be interesting to see how Erica takes him down. On a humorous note, it was quite funny to see Tyler get caught by his mom at home with the visitor, Laura but Erica doesn’t know she’s the visitor since they stripped down out of the v uniforms. Funny stuff. Great scene. Now what’s up with Laura calling the main V, Anna “mother” – is that her real mom or do all the lower vs call Anna “mother”…this episode got better as the time passed and once it came to the end, I felt like I didn’t get enough! Looking forward to next week.

Melrose Place – Cahuenga

Ella: Okay look, Riley promised me that she wouldn’t say anything.
Amanda: And you trusted her. I guess your friend is not such a good friend after all.

This was a monumental episode since Heather Locklear returned! Amanda’s back and she wasted no time being boss. Ella passed Amanda’s “test” which was a good thing, right? If Ella did decide to truly leave her job, it would be quite entertaining, rewarding, and challenging for Ella to start her own PR firm. Amanda calling Riley’s school and having the school fire her was ridiculously low. Why did Amanda need to do that? What will Riley do for a job? Will Ella tell Riley the truth and whether or not she does, what will she do to get past this? On a more uplifting note, David and Lauren together is the cutest thing ever. They seem to be doing well. If Michael really did kill Sydney, I want David to be able to help prove this and give Michael the punishment he deserves. David also deserves to have a relationship with his brother. Lastly, Violet and Auggie are not worth blogging about, since their story lines fall flat. Overall, this was a good episode but next week looks much better.


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Flash Forward – Believe

Demetri: Wow, it’s even worse hearing it a second time.

This episode really did not do anything for me. Bryce’s flash forward while thrilling and life saving for him was cute but seemed so simple for what I had imagined. Although learning a language isn’t simple and it seems like love which is very complex, so I guess my high hopes were still met. I don’t know, still figuring his story out but it’s really not all that attention grabbing. Anyway, I was highly upset when that woman was being dismissive and then hesitant to help Demetri make the call to figure out who the anonymous person was who tipped Demetri off about his murder. Eventually she gave in but by the end of the episode, we got no closer to figuring out who this person was. Nobody really got anywhere in this episode, therefore it was not very enjoyable. Hopefully next week will be different.

Vampire Diaries – The Turning Point

Liz: Broadcast journalism?
Caroline: Yes, why are you looking at me like that?
Liz: You don’t even read paper.

This episode opening up where last week led off was a good start although with Logan on the loose, that only meant trouble. Thankfully by the end of the episode he was staked. Damon asked him numerous times who turned him and Logan would not answer but whoever it is, I have a feeling it is who went after Elena in the last episode. What a terrible car wreck she got into! Hopefully Stefan will find her before whoever that person is after her hurts her in any way. At least the two of the got to show their love for each other if you catch my drift before this danger hit the fan. Between Logan and whoever turned him, we know who has been doing the bulk of the killing around town. How’s Caroline doing? Since Elena’s aunt knows about Logan turning, will she warn Elena and Elena’s brother about what is out there? There are so many questions this episode brings and it’s quite a wait to find out all of the answers so this episode was very well written and I cannot wait for more!

The Office – Shareholder Meeting

Pam: I forgot I have to support him no matter what….close one.

The office getting excited over the limo the company sent for Michael and a few employees to come to the convention was quite funny. Michael was joined by Dwight, Andy, and Oscar. Michael trying to get Oscar to help him blindly was a terrible idea, so thankfully they got out of the meeting quick. Back at the office, it’s unfortunate that everyone doesn’t respect Jim who probably does more work than Michael. Yeah, I said it. What’s up with Ryan spreading rumors about Jim’s authority anyway? If he wants to get back to how successful he was, bad mouthing Jim is not the way to do it. If he wants to leave Dunder Mifflin taking the high road even, that is not the way to do it. Yes, it is upsetting to know the company you work for will be folding but go out with a positive bang. Not a negative one! This episode was a train wreck and I wish I had laughed more but it was tough watching Michael try to help but do more damage and it was hard to watch Jim not be taken seriously when he deserved to be. Please let next week’s episode actually be entertaining because this was a fail.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

Dee: Okay, alright. I know what’s going on. I, I’m on to you guy. You bring me out here to some landfill in the middle of nowhere, you blindfold me so that I have no idea where I am…I’m gonna depend on you to get home!

Dennis explaining his system for winning over the heart of a girl while we saw it play out was hilarious. Sweet Dee on her date trying to avoid the Dennis system provided for the most entertaining (sub)storyline of this episode! Seeing Dee fall down a hill and tell the soldier boy toy that she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction was the biggest laugh out loud moment of the episode. No one handled the Dennis system the way that Dennis had in mind, so seeing him try to fix everyone’s issues was so he could have the satisfaction was quite entertaining. Overall though, this episode could have been much funnier had it gone other directions and it would have been hilarious to see how Artemis reacted to the Dennis system! Ah well. Looking forward to next week.