TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Careful the Things You Say

Julie: He doesn’t care. He says he loves me.

Lynette: Oh honey, you’re smart enough to know that that’s a lie, right?

This was a fairly enjoyable episode. When Lynette stopped by Susan’s house and found out who Julie had been having an affair with, she should not have promised to not tell Susan. Although when the neighbor threatened Lynette if she told anyone about the relationship, and Lynette went to her husband and together Julie then the police, that was intelligent. Although she should bring Susan into the mix so she knows what is going on before enough time passes where Susan would be angry at her for not telling her. It’s hard to say whether I believe it was the neighbor or Katherine who hurt Julie. As for Susan at the police station trying to get the cops on Katherine’s tail…that was discouraging since the cops wouldn’t help except for someone who knew Susan in the past, played by Kathy Najimy (King of the Hill) which happened to be the one person who hated her in high school. How long will it take for Mike to find out that Susan is in jail and how soon after that will she get out? I’m really over Katherine being a psycho so I hope this storyline wraps up soon. As for the other housewives…Gabby having tutoring troubles and trying to look good and take credit for the housekeeper’s tutoring skills was not entertaining to see, it was more frustrating since Gabby told Carlos she could not home school and Carlos dismissed her. Thankfully in the end, Carlos listened to her. What Gabby really needs to work on is having more control over her unruly, disrespectful daughter. As for Bree, she was actually the most boring in this episode. Watching her use Angie’s recipe without her consent made me upset because Bree is successful and could have skipped that one job. Lucky for her, she got to hire Angie to help her out with the business so it was a win-win. Although this episode was a win-lose since Bree and Gabby’s story lines dragged while the others soared. Looking forward to a better episode next week.

Heroes – Shadow Boxing

Claire: That was fast.

HRG: When my daughter calls, I drop everything.

This was a good episode. Everything flowed along and there was just enough of each storyline. Matt trying to put Sylar in his place was fun until Sylar created an incredible conflict for Matt by killing a man…seeing Matt accept his consequences in the end and getting shot by the police was the hardest thing I have had to watch in awhile on this show. It was bad enough when Matt told Sylar everything and then Sylar said he would go to Nathan to get his body back and then kill everyone who was remotely involved in this effort of getting rid of Sylar. What’s in store for Matt and Sylar with an ending like that? As for the other heroes…Finding out the Haitian’s name, which is Renee, was very exciting although I have a strong feeling many, including me will still call him, “The Haitian.” Anyway, him staying near so that Becky could be seen when she came around was a smart move. It wasn’t surprising to find out that Becky was after HRG because the trailer for this week that aired last week gave it away. Although I was hoping that the reason why she was after HRG would be more creative. Revenge is so overplayed. Yawn. As for the Petrellis…nothing happened with Peter and Emma although will Emma go back to medical school? Nathan flying to Peter and telling him that he thought he was in trouble was probably the best moment of this episode. Even though Nathan is dead, seeing Nathan in that moment, you could feel his worry in his voice going to his brother so I wonder how he will tell Peter what is going on. Lastly, there was no Sendhil Ramamurthy in this episode and while I was fine with his character’s storyline not furthering along just yet, I’m sure many other fans maybe wondering when this will happen since we saw him appear. Hopefully his storyline will end just as fast as it starts because Mohinder is not at all intriguing. That’s all there is to say for this episode, looking forward to next week.

One Tree Hill – Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun

Brooke: Stay away from me bitch.

This was one of my favorite episodes in the season. It’s a classic in the sense that it has all of the main ingredients of a superb Tree Hill episode. Brooke hesitant about telling Julian that she might be pregnant was definitely understandable given that Julian doesn’t want to rush things. Thankfully she didn’t tell him since she wasn’t pregnant. Although it looks like she wasn’t taking her birth control, so if she doesn’t buy anymore anytime soon, she could have herself a baby. Although she does need to tell Julian to cut off all contact with what’s her name because she keeps reeling Julian in whether on purpose. Julian asking his father to produce with him was quite heartwarming although he need not focus so much on producing with his dad and caring for what’s her name, but he needs to focus on Brooke. I’m glad Mouth found Millie’s pills and I hope that he along with Julian and Brooke find out about her doing the coke. Anyway, I was wondering when Rachel would interact with the Tree Hill gang so the first scene when she came to Nathan’s house was hilarious! What a hello that was on both ends! Even more tense was the hello between Rachel and Brooke. Brooke has nothing to apologize for and I was thrilled when Brooke told Rachel off and slapped her. It was well deserved. It looks like Dan has a better grasp at how to gain redemption than Rachel does. Will Nathan & Haley welcome back Dan into their lives? Lastly, seeing Haley perform was refreshing to see. The song was fabulous and umm, when is the next One Tree Hill soundtrack coming out?

Gossip Girl – They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?

Blair: This is not like your wedding day. Cotillion only happens once.

The main focus being the cotillion was fine except Blair needs to get out of the high school crowd. She is not in high school and needs to stop worrying about mentoring who is Queen, etc…Eric’s nosy escort at first, Kira is someone we will see again since Blair’s mission is to make her Queen and Eric’s mission is to take Jenny down with her. Blair should see that her games won’t work…as Nate escorted Jenny in the end! Looks like J didn’t need Eric’s help after all…and that’s terrible that Jonathan broke up with Eric but Eric should not take his anger over Eric out on Jenny. Eric has no one to blame but himself. Anyway…Chuck forcing Blair and Serena to work things out in the elevator he stopped was more than clever. They have seemed to make up but will Serena do as Blair says and comes to her if she feels tempted to get to know Tripp better? Hopefully, because if not, that’s a much bigger mess. Back at college…Olivia’s family and professional co-workers forcing her to work a film she didn’t want to was frustrating to see. Thankfully the deal was cut off since the director backed out. She had fun regardless at the college, hanging out with Dan and Vanessa, threesoming it up! Good times?! As for the ending…will Lily tell Serena about the letter from her dad or not? Hmm. Looking forward to next week!

90210 – A Trip to the Moon

Liam: I’m going to destroy Jen before she destroys me. I just don’t know how I’m going to do it.

Teddy: It’s not how you’re going to do it. It’s how we’re going to do it.

Naomi and Adrianna trying to throw Silver a half birthday party was fun to see. Although Ad giving Silver the evil eye when Silver was talking to Ad’s ex was awkward. I laughed immediately because of Ad’s reaction and Teddy does not even seem like Silver’s type! So I was glad that later on, Ad needs to chill and Silver needed to not look guilty for laughing at a joke. Silver’s mom throwing her the birthday of a lifetime was fabulous. When she went to 7 years old when she wanted to be an astronaut, 12 years old when she was obsessed with the 80s, and camping was brilliant! Teddy was a good friend for helping out decorating. Hopefully he doesn’t want anything from Silver. Mom have plans to throw a barbecue with all Silver’s friends for her half birthday was the icing on the cake…if only. Hmm… So Ad using the birthday money to buy pills was low! I was hoping Navid would speak up about Ad buying pills and Annie’s bf, Jasper selling. Him calling Ad shows how much of a great friend he is. Ad’s a good actress though, making u the mugging lie to Naomi. To touch on Jasper for a moment, when he kissed Annie, he jerked her forward really hard. It makes me think that if he ever found out about Annie killing his uncle, he could become abusive. On a less dramatic note, possibly, it was somewhat surprising for Dixon to find out that Sasha lied since I hadn’t expected that to come out, so soon if at all. Dixon throwing the “you’re not my real mom” spew because he was angry was maddening to see. Lastly, Liam telling Dixon, Teddy, and Ivy all about Jen was perfect because that’s how you take someone down, in a group! I cannot wait to see what they have planned! This was a great episode and I look forward to seeing what has developed in this episode continue to develop in future seasons.

Melrose Place – Ocean

Ella: Oh Jonah, come on! You can’t tell me that you haven’t at least fantasized about the idea.

Jonah: Yeah Ella, I’m engaged. Remember that minor little detail?

Ella: What does engaged even mean?

The past few episodes have not had that punch and excitement that the first few episode have had. Although there was one moment that I was taken aback on. Ella has feelings and we see that clearly when she comes onto Jonah after they pretend to be a working couple to gain Ella a client. As for the real woman in Jonah’s life, at least who is supposed to be… Riley calling the detective about Auggie was smart to do since Auggie’s prints on the knife that was used to kill Sydney is out in the open. She has nothing to lose. Someone who seems to have nothing to lose literally is Violet, she seems like a free spirit whose sole mission is to destroy the lives of everyone in the complex. What was the point of her telling Lauren that she and Auggie were getting closer? Why did Lauren seemed surprised, seemed like she cared when she found this out? She was kissing David in the end, not Auggie. Speaking of, it was unfortunate Lauren felt she couldn’t handle furthering along her relationship with David because that would be a great couple right there. Getting back to Violet quickly…Violet blackmailing Michael into getting her a lawyer in exchange for not showing the sex video to his wife was a smart move but Michael is smarter so her plan did not work? Does she have something else up her sleeve? Back to David…While David has a right to hang out with his younger brother, if there are obvious restrictions the family has placed then he should respect that and at least tell his father that he would be taking his brother out for a few hours and worked with him by calling him and giving him updates throughout to build trust. Michael’s wife telling David that he isn’t to come near his brother again was ignorant since that is why the brother was hurt in the first place! David wasn’t by his side. Ah well. I did enjoy hearing Hawk Nelson’s “Live Life Loud” in this episode. Great choice! Hoping for a more entertaining episode next week though.

V – There Is No Normal Anymore

Erica: I think Dale is working with one of the terrorist groups we were investigating.

I loved that this episode started off right where it left off and the visitors intercepted Erica’s phone call to 911. Tyler not listening to his mother and going to the V ship was not a good idea. Hmm…is it possible that Tyler’s friend could be a V? I want to start guessing who is a V that was placed on earth before all of the visitors arrived. Anyway, Erica going to Dale’s wife to get more information about Dale being a V and trying to find out if the wife was a V was comforting to see because she is determined and the story is moving along. It also seemed obvious that Dale would still be alive since there was so much focus on Erica researching Dale in this episode. Getting to the news… Chad challenging the main V, attempting to put her in her place was a great stand for him…but was it? Speaking of what may or may not be good, Ryan staying with his wife when he could be turning into a V is not at all intelligent so hopefully he will come to understand and accept that if he really loves his wife, he won’t stay with her, endanger her. This was a great episode and I look forward to next week.


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Flash Forward – Playing Cards with Coyote

Olivia: You look like you had a perfectly ordinary day. Worse than ordinary? Mark?

Mark: I killed a man tonight.

Olivia: What happened?

Mark: I had a shot at changing my future. Of changing our future. And I took it.

The introductions to this show are put together perfectly. As for the story lines in this episode…not sure how long Olivia and Mark planned on vacationing but while I’m glad the investigation is furthering along…I’m sure Mark could have left in the morning and not right away to go back to his job. Anyway, it’s hard to say if I would tell Mark about the gift he gave her connecting to her flash forward, but it seems she handled it well. She seems to especially be good at helping Mark see that they can try to change the future, even if she is in denial about it herself. As for Aaaron…why am I not surprised that Aaron’s daughter’s story is about not trusting the government? It was reassuring to see Aaron’s flash forward, and much more of it this time. While it is marvelous that Aaron has his daughter back, it seems a bit sketchy as to why the two would be in Afghanistan 5 months from now. Hopefully them being there is not a set up for anything bad. Lastly, it seems as though Lloyd is a good guy caught up in a terrible experiment, so hopefully he will have the chance to tell the public the truth in next week’s episode (if no one kills him). This was a great episode, it wasn’t too fast or too slow and there was an even balance between the story lines. Looking forward to next week.

Vampire Diaries – History Repeating

Caroline: I have an idea. Let’s have a séance.

Bonnie having communication with her past relative, Emily when she drifted to sleep in class, that was frightening since she ended up in the woods in her pajamas. She shouldn’t have tried to throw away something magical. She’s a witch, magic will always find her. Umm, but I wasn’t expecting Bonnie to go along with Caroline’s idea of having a séance. Elena was quite late catching onto Bonnie being possessed by Emily. Caroline I can understand but Elena seems smarter than that. Moving on for a moment…Stefan breaking up with Elena was heartbreaking to see but we all know the breakup won’t last. What we did get to enjoy in this episode, since it wasn’t those two together, it was seeing Stefan & Damon bond. This was heartwarming to see for the small moment that it was because no matter the level of enemies they are, they are still brothers. The character development really jumped when we found out that Stefan wrapped his head around what Katherine did but Damon is here in 2009 trying to bring her back from the “dead.” So getting getting full circle here, in the end Bonnie is almost turned into a vampire by Damon, which would have been crazy to have had a half witch, half vampire running around town! Damon told Stefan he would leave but Stefan is on the move out of town too…but for how long if he even makes it out of town? Stefan and Elena are meant to be together so it can’t last that long. This episode was full of anticipation for what would come next and it will be exciting to see how that anticipation continues in each episode after this one.

The Office – Murder

Jim: Alright guys, it’s a work day and you guys work here so let’s go do some work.

Kevin: Now, Jim telling us all to work. I think that is a very good sign.

It was quite entertaining watching Dwight beat himself up trying to teach self defense to the office. Although things turned serious when the office found out that Dunder Mifflin could declare bankruptcy. Jim did a good job trying to get the office to continue on their regular schedule until the rumors were confirmed. Michael did a good job getting everyone’s mind off the possible bad news as well by live role playing a game of Clue as it seems. Erin was extremely excited and chipper about Michael’s idea from the very start. Creed apparently was not which brought the laughs. Hearing everyone’s attempts at different accents was quite fun. Not sure if Dwight over analyzing the game was irritating or amusing. Although I’ll take that over seeing everyone stress over what to do if they lose their jobs. That’s not entertaining to see. How will Dunder Mifflin make it past the year? Jim’s monologue at the end of the episode was very well written and very well written. Michael saying that this day was the hardest he had ever worked in a long time, while extremly funny, it was so true and his words were full of so much emotion. It was perfect delivery. I love it. As for a subplot, it was really disappointing seeing Erin and Andy play Michael’s game after Andy asked her out on a date but they didn’t want to be rejected so they both blew it off. Ah man! I screamed at the television screen when that happened. Although this will make them getting together that much more special when it does happen. Could they be Pam & Jim 2? By the way, what a fabulous ending having Pam completely into the game at the end of the work day. Perfect! What an incredibly well written and well performed episode. This is a stand out episode!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Mac and Dennis Break Up

Dennis: Dee, Charlie’s coming over.

Dee: I don’t care!

Dennis: Gee, I don’t care either.

Dennis breaking up with Mac was so funny! Dennis trying to bond with his sister was equally funny, especially since Dee was preoccupied with her cat. Mac trying to bond with Charlie and Frank was a lost cause since Mac is so organized and proper while the others are not. When Charlie got to Dee’s and found out about Dee’s cat stuck in the wall…when he said, “Now you’re talking my language” I laughed so much I missed what was being said for a some time. Dee setting up Mac and Dennis was definitely understanding for her since the two were a burden on everyone apart but it was comedic since the two had a great conversation at dinner. The background music will really hit the spot too.

Ugly Betty – Backseat Betty

Betty: I got a tattoo!

Hilda: Hot Stu?

Betty: It’s supposed to say hot stuff.

This was quite a memorable episode! Betty getting a hot stuff tattoo is a decision she will regret and most likely will have removed in the next 5 years. Betty spending the day with her high school crush who was Hilda’s high school boyfriend was awkward yet cute. Adam Rodriguez guest starring was a superb guest choice. Talk about bringing the hotness. Speaking of…Marc helping Justin out at school yet again was heartwarming. He couldn’t quite help him with the Prom Queen award but Justin held his own and made the Suarez family proud! He also announced that he wasn’t gay, he was just going along with the image that is attached to him. Hmm..interesting on so many levels. Should labels be embraced? Tough call. As for Mode…Willie trying to get on the cover of a magazine to pay up the guy trying to blackmail her was a good idea, but the execution was not what she had planned. Her next plan to quit and go live with Connor would have been a successful plan but the news of Connor’s death was the big shock of the night. Poor Wilhelmina, giving up everything to (save her daughter and) be with Connor. What will she do now, having stepped down from Mode? What will she do for herself and for her daughter? There is so much worry attached to her situation. Unless he faked his death…hmm I don’t know. I want to see her make it out on too in the midst of all of this, whatever the situation, so looking forward to next week.