TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Don’t Walk on the Grass

Katherine: Don’t shoot. It’s me!

This show is amazing and here is another episode to show why. Starting off with Bree…Bree breaking up with Karl was the best decision she could have made to start turning her life in the right direction. If there was any reason alone to continue with the break up, it would have been for the family heirloom which was obviously way to early to give to Bree. Bree did the right thing in giving it to Susan (creatively anyway). As for Susan, Katherine, and Mike…Katherine apologizing to Susan was not genuine from the start since she was clearly planning to blackmail Susan in to being her “friend.” Katherine has everything planned out…when will the plans end? Susan was smart for going with Mike when Katherine called him over for “help.” Not sure if it was her intelligence or patience being pushed when she told Katherine to just sue her so that hold wouldn’t be over her. What Susan needs to do is tell Mike the entire story of what is going on with her and Katherine, from the very beginning. Especially with this new thought that the new housewife is putting into her head that Katherine could have been the one to hurt Julie. On a more comedic note…Gabby encouraging Lynette to exercise was quite comedic since Lynette hasn’t seemed to find the right time to tell her housewife buddies (and Carlos). Tom cheating in school was actually not expected and felt odd. Although Tom telling Lynette off was great because Lynette really needed to hear that and think about how and when (hopefully soon) she will tell Carlos and everyone else. Lastly, Gabby & Carlos at Juanita’s play was quite funny since Gabby knew they wouldn’t want to watch the video recording of the play for one reason but Juanita gave another reason for it! I am still unsure why Juanita can’t go to public school but seeing her being home schooled by Gabby is much more entertaining anyway. Thanks for another amazing episode of Desperate!

Heroes – Once Upon a Time in Texas

Hiro: I’m here to save Charlie.
Samuel: And why would you be doing something like that?

This episode was good but it wasn’t fascinating. Having Jayma Mays back this episode was a joy but even that does not make this episode very memorable. It was heartbreaking to see Hiro go back in time to try to save Charlie who was clearly destined to be without Hiro and it was equally unsettling to see HRG in close quarters with a co-worker almost to the point of an affair. Although back to Hiro for a moment, it was very interesting to see Sylar help Hiro and save Charlie because it says an awful lot about Sylar’s character then and now. I, as were many others I am sure were less than thrilled to see Samuel take Charlie away after all that Hiro had done to save her…and while it is unclear if she is safe, Samuel’s threat about her to Hiro will definitely get Hiro to help Samuel in saving Mohinder. It looks like Mohinder needs saving. Honestly though, I was fine without Mohinder. Ever since Mohinder first gained powers, it all went downhill from there with this character. Speaking of downhill, it just seems wrong when episodes don’t have much or any Claire, HRG, or Peter. Please let next week’s episode include them at the forefront!

One Tree Hill – (I Just) Died in Your Arms

Nathan: Alright Spielberg, why don’t you produce us some marshmallows.

Even though this was a filler episode, it was so enjoyable! Seeing the guys go camping and back at the house have a girls’ night…it was so entertaining. I laughed right away when the girls ate brownies with weed in them! The psychic who came to their house was creepy but Brooke & Haley were being all creepy and paranoid after she left which I could have done without. As far as the guys go, I wasn’t expecting Julian to say that he doesn’t know if he wants kids. Wow. Didn’t he tell Brooke that he would have her kids someday? Julian reacted rather calmly towards the news of Nathan & Brooke’s high school sex tape, which I almost forgot about! That scene was way more interesting than the scene where Julian told his scary story around the campfire. As for those not at the house or camping…I’m glad Clay told Quinn about his wife and I’m startled that Rachel paid a family who had their boy on life support for his heart so Dan would have one. Hmmm…what do you think? Overall, this was a great filler episode but hopefully there won’t be too many fillers in the season.

Gossip Girl – The Grandfather: Part II

Blair: This night is finally over…and as far as I’m concerned, so are we.

This is not the best of GG but it was still a good episode. Once Vanessa was on the trail to help out Tripp, Nate should have been truthful with her because he should know by now that Vanessa can outsmart him. Thankfully in the end he realized that he needed to do the right thing.Speaking of being right…no one is really right in the Blair & Serena face off. Blair & Serena going out for the second half of the episode was irritating because Blair is in her own world too, her own world of popularity and power not so much of being successful for any positive reason. Someone who knows how to balance her worlds is Olivia although before the Jimmy Fallon interview was shown, it was made out to be a big deal when the interview was really not a big deal at all. Not sure if that was a good thing or a let down. Anyway, there was nothing going on with Chuck or Jenny in this episode. It felt odd not really having Chuck in the episode as much as usual. Hopefully next week there will be more Chuck! Although we have all been getting some great eye candy watching Aaron Tveit (Next to Normal Musical) play Tripp. Anyway…overall, this was an incredibly busy episode which was good but I didn’t see anything that could be deeply developed and played with over a long period of time.

90210 – Women’s Intuition

Debbie: Let me give you a hint. It starts with your not pregnant and it ends with stay away from my son. Enjoy your coffee Sasha.

I didn’t expect Dixon to be a chump and ask his girl to get an abortion. Wow. He needs to man up. You know what the consequences are when you have sex so he should have been prepared. It was funny when he said he was “almost” safe every time when he was talking with his parents about the pregnancy. I was highly upset when his girl said that what she decides to do with the baby was none of the parents’ business. It is their business if they would be babysitting (if the pregnancy was actually real)! Debbie put the pieces together and was right for going to confront his girlfriend about the first time they met unaware to her that the girl was secretly with Dixon the fact that the girlfriend lied. When it comes to Dixon, I’m not sure if I think it is okay or not to tell Dixon that instead she had a miscarriage. Either way, it seems that is the last we will see of the girlfriend, so that is good… Adrianna playing acoustic guitar and singing to Navid to try to get him back didn’t work but it was sweet. I didn’t know that Jessica could play the acoustic guitar, that is fabulous. On another note, Navid going to tell Annie about her boyfriend being a drug dealer was a good move and her boyfriend was wrong for overreacting when Annie approached him about it (while they were at Pink’s Hot Dogs which is delicious). Everyone has their issues, that could be his. Even though Annie went back to him and said that she believed he wasn’t a drug dealer, what will be the icebreaker in this relationship (other than that little fact of Annie killing his uncle)? Anyway, Jen going to Ryan’s friend, Ramona and talking down to her was so disrespectful. Is she really that jealous and insecure? Was Jen introducing Ryan to Pharrell to impress him? Samantha Ronson was another special guest in this episode for those counting. Anyway, Jen telling Ryan that Liam propositioned him made me incredibly angry. She is messing with people’s lives and relationships. Mr. Matthews is the only great influence in this kid’s life and is could ruin that relationship. That is the last straw, Liam needs to tell Naomi what really happened once and for all.

Melrose Place – Gower

Lauren: What are you doing?
Riley: I was just about to ask you the same thing, pretty woman.

This episode was not as entertaining as I had hoped it to be. Riley & Jonah at a wedding and talking about their wedding was quite comedic but outside of their relationship and Jonah’s job, what else is there to their storyline? Anyway, I truly believed Ella when she said she was busy with a client the night of the murder so to find out that she wasn’t and to find out that David believes he could have killed Syd since he was drunk…yikes. It is such a toss up as to who killed Syd, I don’t even try guessing anymore. I’ll still be as excited to find out who the killer is when the moment is revealed, but I am done playing the guessing game. In this episode, we found something out about Ella and Ella found something out about Lauren. Now that Ella knows Lauren’s secret, will she find another way to help her get out of prostitution, even if it doesn’t benefit Ella herself? Last and least, there is absolutely nothing interesting about Auggie and Violet in this episode and even though both of these actors are apparently being written out of the show, at least give them somewhat of an interesting storyline before their exits. Overall, this was definitely not a stand out episode so hopefully next week will be more entertaining.

V – Liberation Day

Erica: The sleeper cell are visitors.

What an introduction! I loved finding out right away that there were 29 ships all over the world because I just assumed that it was a few ships over the major cities in America. The main visitor, Anna seemed so friendly but why do they need our supplies? Erica is on the same page, believing the only reason to take what they want from us is to use it against us. Although their investigations don’t seem to be going well…I knew that none of the main characters would die during the raid but it was still nerve wrecking to see. The choreography of the raid was phenomenal. I will be rooting for Erica and her friend trying to bring down the visitors and helping (or sorry but killing) Ryan. As for those in the sleeper cells being visitors…I wonder how many visitors were sent beforehand! What are the real forms, appearances of the visitors anyway? We have seen a glimpse of what’s under their human form but what about the whole thing? Anyway, it was discouraging to see the pastor killed…but the visitors can’t kill everyone who gets in their way. Can they? The main visitor telling Chad not to paint them in a negative light and to just go on with the interview since it will elevate his career was awkward. He is obviously the first target of doom if he says anything negative about them. It would be perfect if he joined Erica’s team in taking them down. Could that happen? As for the kids going on the space ship…not only would I never do that but my mother wouldn’t allow it. Although as of right now it seems Erica is more interested in her job than what her son is up to. Hopefully her son won’t get in too deep in lust/love with a visitor he has his eye on. This Pilot could not have been any more perfect. This is no doubt one of my favorite new shows of the 09-10 season. Looking forward to next week.


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Flash Forward – The Gift

Al: It doesn’t have to play out that way.
Demetri: Al, what are you talking about?
Al: I found a way to change the game.

The death club that was formed by those who had no flash forward was wild! Even more insane was seeing Al’s flash forward, which was very disturbing and led to his death by his own choice. When he was on top of the building, I was hoping with everything in me that he wouldn’t jump. If Demetri had told Al that he didn’t have a flash forward would Al have thought more and not committed suicide? If Celia did not have a flash forward, then she could still die. Right? As for Al’s agent buddy, Demetri finally told his fiancee that he didn’t have a flash forward and she reacted in a completely different way than I thought she would have and that is a good thing. It would be terrible to be so invested in Demetri only to have him die. At the same time, his death would be a major point in the series at that point so it’s hard to say what I want to see happen. On a side note, Lloyd told Olivia that he would never do anything to hurt Olivia’s marriage but is he sincere? Knowing that he is involved in the cause of the flash forward makes me wary of him as a person. Is he a good guy just involved in an “experiment” go bad or is he a bad guy? Lastly, Aaron receiving the knife he saw himself giving his daughter in his flash forward gave even more hope that he would find his daughter but he didn’t have to hope much longer since his daughter was waiting for him at home! Wow. If there is any storyline I am looking forward to seeing next week it is this one! This episode was very well written and I cannot wait for more.

Vampire Diaries – 162 Candles

Stefan: I have to kill him.

Arielle Kebbel guest starring as Lexi, Stefan’s friend was a treat since I am a fan of Arielle and this could not have been a better show to guest on. It was great that Lexi touched on the fact that Elena could be related to Katherine after she found out about her and I wonder if she is. Maybe Stefan will change his mind and look into Elena’s family history. So the kids going to the police station and telling the sheriff that they “truly” believe that Vicki left town was a necessity but is Vicky’s death behind them? Why is Elena’s brother so calm about the situation…I agree with Elena that Damon did something more and Damon didn’t seem to deny it as he said he took away all of his suffering. Hmm, is that good or bad? Damon has made friendly with the sheriff so as for now, Damon and Stefan are not on the list of vampire suspects. Lexi seemed to be a sacrifice but Lexi could have gotten away so I am angry at Damon for killing her. That is true betrayal. With the sheriff off Damon and Stefan’s trail, since Bonnie is a witch, will her secret be found out and will she be targeted? What is coming? Anyway, Damon making Caroline throw a party (on Stefan’s birthday) to get Bonnie’s necklace was smart but he didn’t get it. Plus, I thought Damon was over using Caroline but I guess not. This was a great episode filled just enough story development and lots of emotions running high. Looking forward to next week.

The Office – Double Date

Michael: I am not robbing the cradle. If anything I’m robbing the grave.

The cold open was hilarious. Dwight is crazy and umm it looked like Rainn wanted to bust out laughing, did it not? I loved that this cold open storyline lasted throughout the entire episode. Andy took after Dwight’s generosity for the right reasons while Dwight tried to be number one in generosity for the wrong reasons and ended up accomplishing nothing in the entire day. Comedy gold! Outside of the office…Michael, Pam’s mom, Pam, and Jim going out for her mom’s birthday lunch was not as awkward as I had envisioned it to be. Thankfully Michael found the icebreaker in the relationship and called it off and thankfully for us, Michael allowed Pam to hit him in front of everyone in the parking lot. Michael limping and saying that he saw his life flash before his eyes was so incredibly dramatic and made me laugh so much. This is one of the most well written episodes of the season.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Paddy’s Pub: Home of Original Kitten Mittens

Charlie: Think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid!

Charlie’s Kitten Mittens idea was a “shake my head” idea since the thought is there but the execution of that thought is not helpful to the kitten at all. Mac, Dennis, and Frank coming up with their own inventions was quite hilarious, especially since Frank’s stress ball idea has already been created! Those 3 against Sweet Dee and Charlie was not as entertaining as their usual competitive story lines. The most comedic scene with Sweet Dee and Charlie was when they were in the lawyer’s car. Their entire storyline was much more interesting than watching Mac, Dennis, and Frank. This episode didn’t do much for me overall but there were still some comedic moments although I am hoping next week is more entertaining.

Ugly Betty – Plus None

Amanda: Marc, when did I get so deep?

Daniel hiring Natalie as his assistant was a great decision! The decision he made to walk into his mother’s office whether she was in a meeting or not was not a good decision since he caught her kissing the big boss. Although what his mom, Claire did, calling the adoption agency to look for the son she gave up…that was a great choice! Looking forward to that story line furthering along. As for the newest editor…Betty needs to take the whole going after Matt thing a break. I didn’t expect Amanda to have a heart and think about Betty’s feelings regarding Mandy going as Matt’s plus one to the party. Throwing a party so that Betty could find a date, even though it didn’t end well was very thoughtful. Although at the real party of the night, Wilhelmina’s charity party..I don’t think Betty or Amanda expected Matt to bring the entire under staff as his plus one. Anyway, as for the party’s hostess…I was glad that Wilhelmina told Marc thr truth about why her daughter was staying with her in the city. Wilhelmina and her daughter going about resolving the blackmailer issue was disturbing in a sense that they both wanted to help but someone is bound to do damage, especially since the daughter tried to help behind Willie’s back…although she ended up saying that she would turn herself in. Hmm. All in all this was a great episode, very meaty in regards to storyline which I love so keep it up!