TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Everybody Ought to Have a Maids

Katherine: You shot me!

First off, it was so good to see Barbara Alyn Woods (One Tree Hill) appear in this episode! Gabby doing what she had to do to get people to come to Juanita’s birthday party was fun to see. After all, the neighbor played by Woods completely overreacted. Monkey and all. Anyway, one thing I am wondering is why Danny gave Julie his house gun. What is his motive? Katherine swooning over Mike at the patrol meeting and Susan ignoring her was fun to see on Susan’s part but plain depressing on Katherine’s part. Susan is smart, she knows that Katherine is plotting and is not hesitating to win this battle. If viewers thought the battle was over after Susan married Mike again, they were wrong. Katherine needs to change her mindset or move away for this battle to be over. Although Susan shooting Katherine has prolonged getting to that point. Anyway as for the others… Lynette helping out Karen for a bit was great but I do not want to hear about Karen’s sex life. And hopefully Bree having a hear to heart with the maid will change her mind about the affair soon enough.

Heroes – Strange Attractors

Matt: I think I finally found a leash for this dog.

HRG asking Tracy for help releasing Jeremy was creative. Tracy calling Dennis for help showed that she is dedicated to helping HRG and Jeremy. Although I was afraid that Samuel would recruit Tracy. If she joins the circus, I wouldn’t care too much so she needs to either be in or out come the next few episodes. Anyway, unfortunately, HRG nor Tracy could help him in the end and Tracy told HRG to never call again. I can understand that Tracy was angry about Jeremy’s death but she should not have been angry at HRG. HRG tried to save Jeremy. Now Matt has his own problems with Sylar and Sylar threatening Matt with his wife and child was horrible. However Matt and his wife seemed to find a solution to that, having Janice and the baby run and hide for now until Matt fixes the Sylar conflict for once and for all. For now, heat least knows how to keep Sylar down by drinking, which is pretty awesome. Unfortunately when Matt blacked out, Sylar took over his body and I can’t wait to see what damage will be done in the next episode. As for Claire…Claire & Gretchen talking about the kiss was needed because I was thinking that Gretchen needs to give Claire some space. However, after talking about relationships and going through hell week, which was much more than what hell week usually is, and being found out by the two other rush girls…will the Haitian come and erase the rush girl memories or will something else happen? How will Claire find Samuel’s niece? The search is on! Can’t wait until next week.

One Tree Hill – I and Love and You

Sarah: Well what do you know. Character changes everything.

What a very well written episode! I enjoyed the flashback of when Quinn & David were happy but in the next flashback, the conclusion is that it appears Quinn likes things better being young, naïve, and living just to get by. She can’t get that with Clay or David so what is she doing? What a revelation to find out that Clay had a wife, Sarah. It was unclear at first if they were still together but in an open relationship, but at the very end we saw their entire relationship from when they first met to the day that she died and it was done beautifully. She let him go and he’s still holding on but he seemed to be helping Quinn see that she needs to appreciate her husband while he is still there. Will Quinn & Clay get together? It seems like it but it also doesn’t since Clay has respected Nathan’s request so far. Only time will tell. As for the rest…I really enjoyed the flashbacks of when Renee met Nathan (and Clay) at the party! Dan having a plan all along for the show, being the good guy, showing that Renee is a liar was amazing! Fooling everyone with the lie detector test and getting Renee to admit that she did not sleep with Nathan was the best moment in the episode. Renee dropped the charges very quickly and since that is the last of her, I wonder what is in store for the rest of the season. Hopefully a proposal…I was glad that Brooke told Julian that she had planned to propose to him and Julian said that he wanted to marry her in the future but how far in the future? He said that they don’t have to rush but I’d at least like to see a proposal, engagement by the end of the season. Overall, this was an incredible episode and the music was great too. Looking forward to next week.

Gossip Girl – How to Succeed in Bassness

Jenny: He sat above me on the steps.

In this episode, Blair was incredibly annoying as she does not know how to mind her business and let people shine on their own. It’s not always about her and what she can contribute and she is getting older but is not really maturing. Come on Blair, you are smart there is no doubt about it just balance the intelligence out to all situations in your life including your love life. Chuck knows how to play games but he also knows that there is a time to play and a time to do business and he does an incredible job at both. It was entertaining to see Dan & Olivia go further in their relationship and face different obstacles. It is unfortunate that Olivia had to compromise her relationship with Dan for the cameras but thankfully it didn’t last long and the world soon saw who she was really dating. There was more Jenny in this episode than in past episodes this season but still waiting on a Jenny centered episode. Aside from work, there was nothing going on with Serena and there was no sign of Nate or Vanessa in this episode, which was fine since their story lines are lagging a bit anyway. Overall, it was a good episode!

Flash Forward – Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

Olivia: Trick or Treat…oh.

This was a fairly decent episode. Demetri and Al trying to put more pieces to the puzzle about the flash forward would have been more entertaining if they got further in their blue hand investigation. Demetri is very intelligent but there isn’t a good balance of drama and comedy. The comedy seeps in but not enough. Speaking of comedy…what’s up with the kangaroo? Will it be explained this season or will this be a series long mystery? Anyway, watching Janis in surgery throughout the episode was nerve wrecking to see. It seemed obvious that Janis would not die in last week’s episode but I honestly expected the episode to be set a few days after the shoot out, when she is really healing. So, hopefully in the next few episodes she will be more active. As for the most interesting bit of the episode…Dylan calling Olivia & Mark’s home his house now says an awful lot about whatever he saw in his flash forward. I wonder if he knows that his dad is involved in the flash forward. More interesting than the bit of Dylan’s flash forward was when Olivia, Mark, and the man Olivia has the affair with in the flash forward met. Mark dismissed the man as kindly as he could and Olivia and Mark had a serious talk about their relationship that actually led somewhere. It looks like the two are breaking up and Olivia’s flash forward was not at all an affair but a new healthy relationship…healthy if/until she finds out his involvement in the experiment, err, flash forward. Pretty good episode…but anticipating more.

Vampire Diaries – Haunted

Elena: If you wanted me dead, I’d be dead.
Damon: Yes you would.
Elena: But I’m not.
Damon: Yet.

What a fabulous episode! When Damon overheard the adults talking about catching the vampires, I was glad that one of the brothers was catching up to what was going on. So it is safe to say more will start to happen as Damon & Stefan find out more about the plans the adults have. As for the students…Vicki threatening Elena about her brother, Jeremy was frightening to say the least. The drama really hit the fan at the high school Halloween party. Elena & Stefan had to try to keep Vicki away from everyone and keep Jeremy safe while Damon found out there was something going on with Bonnie! When Stefan staked Vicki, I was unsure what else we would see in the last 15 minutes of the show! Damon resisted his urge to bite Elena and Elena talked to Jeremy about Vicki dying…not so much about the vampireness. Although since Elena allowed Damon to work his hypnosis over Jeremy to help him move on from Vicki, I guess everything was happening so quickly, Jeremy didn’t have time to process that completely. Regardless, I loved the way this episode ended. Also, it was great to see Jasmine Guy (A Different World) in this episode again and looking forward to seeing much more of her in future episodes. Looking forward to Arielle Kebbel (John Tucker Must Die) next week!

The Office – Koi Pond

Dwight: Judas!

The haunted house cold open was hilarious! Pam & Andy on a sales mission was exciting to see since they were put in an odd position by the ones they were selling to but soon embraced it. It was quite funny when Andy knew the street a breathing coach, or whatever the title of the lady that taught was talking about. This storyline was much funnier than what was going on back at the office. Michael falling into a a koi pond – err being tripped by Jim and being the butt of the joke was still comedic though. You can always depend on the office to get their hands on what is causing everyone to talk and seeing Jim trip Michael was the most hilarious moment of the episode! What else has Jim done that has been caught on tape that we haven’t seen? Dwight talking about Jim being his enemy brought quite a bit of laughs as well. What a standout quote that line was. Great episode and looking forward to the next one!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Wrestles for the Troops

Sweet Dee: Artemis, I’m warning you. if you don’t get out of my way right now, I’m gonna bring out the big guns.
Artemis: Oh, hit me with your best shot you stupid biotch.

More often than not, the logic behind what these characters do is completely skewed and this episode was no exception. As if the troops haven’t seen enough fighting overseas…and worse, Sweet Dee deciding to meet up with a soldier coming home from Iraq and then literally running away from him when she saw that he was in a wheelchair was funny and sad. Although it was much more funny come to find out his being in a wheelchair was temporary – after she had given him up to Artemis! It was quite comedic when the guys tried to make eagle outfits and they turned out to look more like chickens. Their routine was more tragic than the outfits, especially with Cricket beating them up. It was expected for Frank to come out on top and even still, it was fun to watch. This was an enjoyable episode full of actually more physical comedy than comedy in the dialogue. Either way, still fun to watch!

Ugly Betty – The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob

Betty: Were you just about to hug me?
Marc: Shut up, no.

Daniel’s new assistant, Lexi did not look like she would last long from the moment she walked in but her rudeness towards her boss (so quickly) was not expected. Thankfully, Daniel took the high road and told his assistant to become a model so he could take the high road and get out of a ridiculous situation. Speaking of assistants, I was wondering when Marc was going to have to be an assistant for Betty, even if it is just temporary. The two finding out that Daniel and Wilhelmina tossed a coin to decide who would be an editor was somewhat surprising since I didn’t expect them to ever find out. The two working on an article together which had the two dress up as a hot dog and bun in the end was just hysterical. Marc helping her save that article (and Daniel’s assistant modeling in the article) was full circle success on all ends which was very promising. On a side note, Hilda trying to do sext her boyfriend but emailing everyone was comedic and terrifying but it all worked out? So there’s not much to say on that. On another side note, Wilhelmina and Nico helping each other out in this episode was comforting to see but things are going to get messy soon so they had better be prepared to really help each other out. Overall, what a very entertaining and well written episode. This show has always been about entertaining characters but this season it seems like the writing is going another level in character development and I love it. Keep it coming!