TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – The God-Why-Don’t-You-Love-Me Blues

Lynette: A man just gave me a credit card because of my boobs. That must make me feel less like a hooker.

This is an episode that reminds me why I love this show so much! What a revelation to find out from Andrew accidentally that Julie quit med school to become a waitress since she did not know what she wanted to do with her life and she was dating a married man! What a surprise it was to learn this and that the man she is dating is Dominic, Daniel’s dad. Pervert! I wonder if this piece of gossip will be spread by either in the relationship or Dominic’s son who put the pieces to the puzzle together. I have a feeling Dominic’s wife is not so innocent either and it is mutual. As for her bribing Porter to throw her son, Danny a party so that he could be more social in the midst of this Julie conflict…that was quite funny. I laughed so hard when Porter said, “Anything for my good friend, Danny.” There was such a great balance of drama and comedy in this episode. It was quite comedic to see Gabby all flustered about John and her niece, Anna together. I wasn’t expecting John to tell Gabby that he still wanted her, nor was I expecting Anna to be so understanding towards Gabby. Someone who is not understanding is Katherine. Bree trying to help Katherine come to her senses about Mike never being with her again almost worked until she saw the wedding cake that she made for her and Mike go to another couple. Thankfully, Bree let Katherine go so she could come to her senses in due time. Hopefully Katherine does not torture Bree or Susan. Someone who is doing the exact opposite is Lynette. She is spreading goodness everywhere she goes with her new twins. Lynette and Carlos talking about the twins, Lynette about her babies and Carlos about chest was hilarious! Lynette playing into it was entertaining however, she has to tell Carlos she is pregnant at some point. At this point, every story line is as interesting as the last and they all intertwine beautifully and I cannot wait to see what else happens and how certain things unfold. Great job writers, I am loving every moment.

Heroes – Tabula Rasa

Hiro: There are no bad powers, Emma. You just have to understand them. And when you do, you will learn to use your power to do good things in the world.

What a very captivating episode. I enjoyed every moment. Peter goes to HRG & Claire for help in saving Hiro which leads Peter & HRG to finding a boy who is a healer that HRG once studied with the company. Although once they get to the boy, Jeremy, they find out that his power progressed and he can not only heal but do the reverse. Although to prevent a less painful death, he carried a gun and ended up shooting Peter. Thankfully, Jeremy dug deep into his healing side and healed Peter as Peter gained his healing power and went off to save Hiro. However by the time Peter got back to the hospital, Hiro had already went off to right his wrong with Charlie at the Burn Toast Diner in Texas. What will it take for Hiro to understand that no matter how he spins certain things, those certain events are meant to happen? While it will feel great to see Charlie again, in the end this will only hurt him more. He should just stick with mentoring new heroes, like the deaf woman. Someone who is in need of serious guidance as Nathan and not as Sylar is Sylar although unfortunately Damien is brought in to show Sylar is true memories. Sylar sees that he is responsible for killing his mother and so many others making him incredibly overwhelmed with what he has seen. Shortly after, the detective in search of Sylar comes to the circus and is supposed to be killed by Sylar but it is done by the sword guy whose name escapes me. Once the detective is safe, according to the circus he is safe now and then becomes part of their family. The circus has no idea what they are about to create. I’d say the Nathan – Sylar days, the days where Sylar is in Matt’s head…I would say those days are pretty much over now. We missed a few characters in this episode but the only one I really cared about that was missing was Matt. So much happened in this episode and I am anticipating watching everything progress next week.

One Tree Hill – Deep Ocean Vast Sea

Nathan: Haley, if I’m guilty of this, not only am I the kind of guy that would cheat on you…I’m the kind of guy that would father a child and then turn his back. I’m Dan Scott. If you think I’m capable of that, you do what you have to do but I guarantee you, if you’ve lost faith in me…all the money in the world isn’t going to fix it.

Alex being serious about her screenplay was great to see but she still needs to learn how to think before she talks because Millie is not a plus size model. Even though Brooke has fired her (took long enough), I want Julian to still work on Alex’s screenplay because she was starting to take things seriously and only more good can come out of that for her. Julian will help make Alex a more respectable person at least business wise. As for Brooke…all I have to say is that my heart broke when I saw the picture of Brooke & Peyton from their high school days. I miss Peyton & Lucas! Ugh. Moving on so as not to dwell on it so much, Dan coming to the woman who is pregnant with Nathan’s child to spread the news on his show is ridiculous. Rachel is no better. In fact, if it weren’t for her, I’m sure Dan wouldn’t have done many things he did since they have been together. Please let there be an alternative positive motive for Dan doing what he is doing because this is so unnecessary otherwise. Also unnecessary was Haley paying the woman, Renee so thankfully she didn’t. As for Mouth & Millie while I am rooting for them, it seems as though their relationship is coming to an end…they are just so distant, so hopefully we can see their relationship come back together and work or hurry up and end. Also, no diet pills Millie! No! Last and least, Clay is such a great guy, respecting Nathan’s wishes and not talking to Quinn but Clay can do better than Quinn when you really think about it. She doesn’t know what she wants or at least doesn’t appreciate what she has when she has it.

Gossip Girl – Enough About Eve

Chuck: Do you really think I’ve never kissed a guy before.

It was nice to see Vanessa reach out to her mother about the toast but it seemed like she did it too soon since Olivia was actually chosen for the freshman toast, which was a surprise. Although Vanessa lying to Dan saying that Olivia was freaking out about meeting his parents so that he could change the date with Olivia and she would make the speech was wrong. She also is wrong for lying to Olivia. Some friend she is. She was smart for how she got Blair out of the way but really, the speech is not that important and she could have called her mother to let her know that they chose a celebrity instead. As for Blair, it was cruel for Blair to try to speak at the freshman toast just for popularity while Vanessa would speak from the heart. Phases 1 & 2 of her plans worked well, phase 2 with the help of Chuck. However Blair playing Chuck out in Phase 3 was not only wrong in general but especially wrong to Chuck. In the end, they both lost and deservedly so. Speaking of Olivia earlier, it was nice to see her meet the family in the end. Speaking of the new family…Serena came home last, leaving behind the Nate-Carter conflict. She helped Carter in the end but she couldn’t help Nate from his boring, predictable storyline. This episode overall was very interesting as it showed everyone’s true colors but I have a feeling this is only the beginning of that. Gina Torres cast as Vanessa’s mom was a great choice and hopefully this isn’t the last we will see of her.

90210 – Unmasked

Deb: No, Listen to me. She likes you. That’s why she’s confiding in you. And you need to stop being so obtuse and face what’s going on. I’m going to yoga. I need to calm down.

Naomi trying to get into school by using that boy for college but crushing on his room mate was quite comedic. Great storyline in this episode. Naomi is always entertaining. Which I can’t say for Annie at all this season. There is absolutely no furthering along in Annie’s storyline. As far as her brother goes, I knew Dixon would break up with his girlfriend because of her making him choose her over his friends. Although I didn’t know she would pull the “I’m pregnant” line to stay in the relationship. On one hand, I highly doubt she is pregnant she just is hurt by the breakup but on the other hand, if she is pregnant, how long ago did she find out? Anyway, as for an even older crowd…Kelly never denied having feelings for Harry so it looks like this will cause more problems if she does (which it looks like) and tells the truth. Kelly just has issues with seeing other people happy and/or doing something with their lives. She needs not be jealous of Harry & Debbie’s relationship and she needs to let Silver be content caring for their sick mother. Everyone being sympathetic because of Silver’s mom is exactly what Silver needs at this time, support.

Melrose Place – Windsor

David: My dad’s not the miracle worker that you and your med school buddies put on a pedestal, I’m sorry.
Lauren: Well you know what David, no father’s perfect.
David: He never had an interest in being my father Laur.

David offering to loan Lauren the money for the program without letting their friendship become complicated was a great gesture but Lauren quickly became more invested in David and found out about his stealing. Will David continue to steal? I’m sure he will…Lauren doesn’t seem like she will stop being a prostitute. Somehow more interesting though was Daphne Zuniga who came back to her MP roots in this episode. She photographed Riley but wasn’t loving Riley as a model (even though Ella was) and Riley wasn’t enjoying it either – which was expected. Although Riley talking to Auggie when she got home was the real damper of Riley’s night as she will most likely find out about Jonah going to see the business woman that is offering to help make Jonah’s film a feature film. Violet was just an odd distraction in this episode, her story line quite forgettable in this episode. Overall, there was nothing fascinating about this episode, which was somewhat disappointing. However, seeing Daphne Zuniga made up for that.


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Flash Forward – Gimme Some Truth

Jana: This isn’t a me, you thing Maya. This is a me thing.

While this episode did not contain much action, except for the ending, it was still exciting to get more information about the President and Agent Janis. I am very interested to see what the President’s future holds, what exactly happened that the guard was going to tell him in his flash forward. The woman who saw herself as President obviously has to tie in with whatever the guard was telling the President. So seeing what is happening on a politics level really makes the viewers more connected to everyone having the flash forwards and how it effects everyone. As for Janis, it was quite revealing to find out that Janis is a lesbian and dating Maya (Navi Rawat, The OC) because it makes it even more of a mystery as to who the father is to the baby she is pregnant with in her flash forward. Hopefully it is safe to say that the one gunshot wound in the shoot out at the end did not kill her…otherwise she would not have gotten a flash forward. Right? The shoot out at the end with Janis, Mark, Stanford, and Demetri was terrible. It was the most exciting part of the episode though! Perhaps these were the same people who end up killing Demetri. Overall, this episode was heavily filled with more furthering of 2 story lines with little action as opposed to furthering along many story lines, so that was disappointing and yet still a decent episode.

The Office – The Lover

Oscar: You have no sense of boundaries Michael.

It is a wonder how Michael Scott is still the boss. His crazy antics makes me laugh yes, but I continue to think the same thing every week that in reality, his craziness would never last in the office. The blind man role, wow. Pam finding out Michael is sleeping with Pam’s mom made me just as upset as she was. It was so upsetting to see Pam so upset. Having the entire office find out and being on Pam’s side first and then Michael’s side…hmmm. Pam is completely right for being upsetting and acting out the way that she did for the record. Angela’s face when Pam said that Michael could still sleep with Oscar’s mom (even though Oscar’s mom is in a wheelchair) to try to get her point across, even though she took it back, Angela’s face was hysterical! Seeing Pam so upset that she cursed on screen, wow. That’s a first. Michael really has no friends but that still doesn’t make it right for Michael as a boss to be dating relatives of the employees. This was a great episode! It had a few funny moments but it was very tense given the situation Pam was put in because of Michael. I wonder what the tension will be like next week.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The World Series Defense

Mac: Bro, I can do way more push ups than you and that is like 16 different muscle groups.
Dennis: That is beyond retarded what you are saying right now. I can do way more push ups than you, even though I was just hit by a car.

The introduction made me shake my head and laugh out loud but even funnier was Charlie throughout the entire episode. Charlie stole the show last week and he did again this week. Everything he said and did was incredibly hilarious. It was great to see him in his green man suit! It’s been awhile since he whipped it out. Although it was more entertaining to see everything that happened that day. Having the gang narrate their world series story in court and watching it happen was quite entertaining, especially the gang throwing in extra bits to make sure the judge was paying attention. Obviously there are no boundaries for the gang as they threw themselves in front of cars to get tickets to the game. It would have been something else to see how the gang survived 6 days in the linen room! What a very chaotic and amusing episode!

Ugly Betty – Blue On Blue

Amanda: I guess I was stupid to think that you actually wanted to hear what I had to say.

Amanda was right on the money when she said, “They are so in love, it’s disgusting” about Matt & Betty. Soon enough they will get back together. Although thanks to Marc knowing about Betty’s business meeting, his plan was key to bringing her down at this moment in time. Marc was clever for having Matt & Amanda on a business date at Frankie’s while Betty was doing the same. It brought her down. Although it is tough seeing Betty in sticky situations like this because it feels like after all of this time at Mode, she would know better how to conduct herself, she would be able to see through Marc and more. Amanda and Betty had to put the pieces to the puzzle together and he thankfully Marc had to pay for it a bit with both of them putting him in the doghouse. Betty is right, Marc needs to act his age. Anyway, as for the other story lines…Wilhelmina trying to get to Connor to get her money was one thing but were you expecting Connor to tell her that he was waiting for her when she was ready to come back to him? It makes sense but it was still shocking for some reason. As for shock, I did not know that Jamie Lynn Sigler was going to appear on the show and wonder if this guest appearance is for this episode alone or multiple episodes. Regardless, her character worked into Daniel’s story line for a moment is helping Daniel heal, so that is good. Overall, this was a great episode, more drama less comedy but it works because it shows that this season is really furthering character development. Looking forward to next week.

Dollhouse – Belonging

Priya: This secret we have, can you keep it?
Topher: I can keep it. But I don’t know if I can live with it.
Priya: I know I can’t. But I don’t have to.

Finally seeing Sierra’s story of how she came to the dollhouse was amazing! Nolan wanted her and he got her but in the end, he found out the hard way that he can’t keep Sierra as his prisoner. Nolan threatening Adele with letting Sierra go upset Topher more than it upset Adele and Topher had good reason to be highly upset. Topher imprinting who Sierra really is, Priya was a move I probably would have made in Topher’s place too. Although after Priya killed Nolan, I did not expect Boyd to come and help clean up the the mess that was made and bring Priya back to the dollhouse with this secret between Topher. Is this a one time thing or do Topher & Boyd have other secrets and will Boyd tell Topher what he knows about Echo? I don’t like Boyd finding out what Echo does to remember what’s really going on but in a sense, I enjoy seeing it because it hints at what is to come. I wish it would hurry up and come already (having seen the 13th episode of Season 1, I am itching for more). Anyway, in this episode, we have learned that Victor & Echo were dolls before Sierra. By the way, Victor’s Italian accent was enjoyable to hear. We also learned that Sierra was a paranoid schizophrenic before joining the dollhouse and has since been in the dollhouse for a year. I wonder how long Victor has been in the dollhouse. Speaking of the lovebirds, Victor and Sierra in the shower was interesting because Sierra said Victor was like an Indian chief, he said he was jokingly, and then there’s a memory of fighting as a soldier. What was that all about? What they say they are is willed into them temporarily or was that a memory? What a powerful back story coming to the forefront for an episode.