TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Being Alive

Susan: Okay, rule number one of the female code – never sleep with your friend’s ex husband.

It was quite unexpected to see Karen form a relationship with Roy, for exactly the reason she stated before confessing her love to him. Although the “I love you” seemed to come awfully quick, considering we just find out about the relationship forming a minute or two beforehand. Do you have to say “I love you” quicker when you get older because you know you will die sooner? I wouldn’t but that would explain it. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing what all of the housewives were up to before Karen’s scream – right before she was going to get the “I love you” reply from Roy. Will Lynette ever be happy with her pregnancy? When and how will Lynette & Tom tell the kids about the pregnancy. Lynette’s pregnancy is not her only conflict in this episode. Lynette created another problem for herself by not being a friend to Susan and telling Susan what Julie told Lynette. Susan was right and Lynette was wrong and Susan acted as a friend when Lynette told her about her own pregnancy. Julie is not pregnant but she does hold information jut as juicy. How and when will Julie tell Susan that she saw Bree kissing you know who? As for Susan’s current enemy…when will Katherine get over Mike? She is not going to have him! Ughh, Katherine is incredibly annoying. Someone who was not so annoying in this episode was Carlos’s niece. Gabby dealing with her during the police questioning was the most comedic scene in this episode! Everything about this episode shows elements of why I love this show and I cannot wait for next week!

Heroes – Acceptance

Claire: Mr. Bennett, what do you think your greatest strength as a salesman is?
HRG: Well, if they don’t agree with me, I can always just shoot them.

The opening song was perfect for Tracy! However for the record, I do have to say that while I love Ali Larter…if Tracy is somehow killed, I would not want her to come back…or for that matter if any of the main heroes are “killed,” I just want it to stick for once. Anyway, I don’t understand what Tracy’s agenda is. She was killing people and now she wants to help people but then she walked out on the guy that would get her in the position that she wanted…I’m so confused. Anyway, Sylar as Nathan finding his power to see the past through touching things…whatever that is called, was quite a revelation. Nathan witnessed his girl die. What a tragedy. Swoosie’s character playing Angela like a fiddle when she hired someone to drug and kidnap “Nathan” was so wrong! Although with Sylar now alive in his own body, will he settle that score? Is he Sylar for good and is there no more Nathan? Speaking of no more, Hiro’s powers seem to be increasingly dangerous for his health and he should take a break from that. Hiro going back in time 47 times to save a man’s life…that is dedication! It only took the right words to encourage this man to do the right thing, and get Hiro to do the right thing. I am so glad Hiro finally told his sister the truth. It looks like Gretchen will show Claire the truth about how she feels about her in next week’s episode but this week, Gretchen was nowhere to be seen. Claire helping out HRG prepare for a real world job was cute but not entertaining. Keep Gretchen in most of Claire’s please. It’s way too early in the school year for Claire to be visiting home. Less home, more action. Please let there be more action next week!

One Tree Hill – Believe Me I’m Lying

Alex: Let’s face it, she’s your only option unless you want to go out there with your walker.

Nathan and Haley handled clearing up the fake affair being in the public eye to Jamie very well. However, will Haley’s punch publish truth in the gossip newspapers and hurt Jamie? Quinn talking to a kid at the park about her husband problems made me laugh out loud. So much for watching Jamie to make sure he is okay and having fun with his friends. I love Haley for not taking sides and loving Quinn’s husband, David no more or less than before Quinn told Haley she left him. If I were to take sides, I would take David’s because Quinn obviously does not know how to communicate well with her husband. Someone without boy problem is Brooke. Brooke’s fashion show was great and it was exciting to see Millie on the runway! Noisettes as a musical guest was perfect! Something not so perfect, Brooke’s mom eavesdropping on Alex & Julian’s conversation that made it seem like the two were agreeing to a relationship. Hopefully Brooke won’t believe whatever her mom tells her when her mom doesn’t have all of the facts. Anyway, Alex attempting to be professional and sticking up for Millie was a welcome change. Congrats Alex for being a great human being. This episode was great and there was so much energy, perhaps it was because of the fashion show, but I enjoyed every moment.

Gossip Girl – Dan De Fleurette

Chuck: I’m Chuck Bass. And I told you I love you. You’re saying I’m easier to win over than a bunch of pseudo-intellectual homesick malcontents. You really insult me like that?
Blair: That’s not how it is.
Chuck: It’s exactly how it is. The next time you forget you’re Blair Waldorf, remember I’m Chuck Bass. And I love you.

Nate falling for Hilary Duff’s character Kate, and having Kate meet Dan first was the typical, yet realistic way things happen so it was fun to see. It was more fun to see how Dan realized that Kate was famous but then because of that, it was disheartening to see such a great girl for Dan not be the girl that Dan could handle. I want Dan to be happy. Please let Dan be in a happy, healthy relationship for a lengthy amount of time. Relationships are not the only piece of drama to meddle with! Applaud for Jenny for her attempt to eliminate hierarchy on the first day at Billliard but she should have known that as long as Blair is around, that won’t happen. Thankfully, Jenny embraced her throne, so let’s see what trouble she gets into this year as queen. Someone who is a star…Tyra Banks’ acting has gone downhill but she tried. Will Lily get Serena to go to Brown before the year is over? Will Serena continue to work at the PR firm? Deanna Russo playing Kate’s assistant was fun to see! Great job Deanna, you looked fabulous! Speaking of fabulous, Blair’s wardrobe was fantastic, especially in the scene where she rallied her 3 new girls to reign over NYU. Let’s see how far she goes. While a star studded episode, amazing fashion, and light drama, next week looks like a hot mess as Georgina crashes Lily & Rufus’ wedding. That sounds way more interesting than this week’s episode.

90210 – Environmental Hazards

Mr Matthews: Trouble? Liam hasn’t gotten into any trouble. Listen, the reason I called you both down here was to tell you both in person how great Liam’s been doing.

Silver trying to help Ad in seeing that the kiss won’t go away and Ad trying to help Silver see that addicts can overcome and change was a very meaningful scene. Silver is even more closed to supporting her mother in AA and being in her life and I’m not sure if that’s a step in the right direction or not. If Silver’s mom is telling the truth about having cancer, Silver needs to put aside her hate and be there. Ad kissing her ex yet again was definitely not a step in the right direction. Navid should not have dismissed Ad’s no to the double date with her ex so quickly. Hopefully Ad will tell Navid the truth. It looks like she did based on next week’s promo…they seem meant to be so I believe they will get past this in time. Anyway, Dixon is not too bright for trying to go after his ex who is too mature for him because it does not seem like it could work in the end and Naomi need not get depressed about her future or jump on the first cute guy she sees. She’ll find a way and that way is not using the eco friendly guy to get into CU or anything else. Liam was kind for submitting to LA Times after Mr. Matthews saw what an idiot his father was and praised Liam to his parents. Liam was not bright for deleting Naomi’s sister’s confession! No! Annie did not have a strong presence in this episode, nor did the parents which was just fine for me. The musical artist that was featured in this episode was a nice surprise. Who was that?

Melrose Place – Canon

Ella: I like the way I look.
Sydney: That’s the problem.

Ella treated Sydney so terribly as she was making her way to the top in Hollywood. Did Sydney do anything to cause the friendship to end or was that all Ella? Why did Sydney insist on playing games instead of trying to get her friend back? Did Ella indeed kill Sydney? As much as it looks that way based on this episode, I can see how that could be true but I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t. Anyway… disappointment is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about Lauren taking up prostitution. It will not only get in the way of her job and duties as a maid of honor, but her entire day to day life. It will bite her in the butt in due time. As for Jonah, he should find the money to start his own production company because that would surely be much more peaceful a workday than being accused of stealing from the home of the place he worked at on a work assignment. Jonah finding out that it was David who stole the necklace was great for Jonah but I just don’t want these types of situations to be all that Jonah’s storyline has to offer where he finds out the truth about something and is put in an awkward situation because of it. Someone who is awkward is Violet. She is so odd. Setting up Auggie’s co-worker so she could be a bartender was ridiculous. I am so over her. Next week looks like chaos with Lauren that I am not at all interested in. This episode was good, so let’s hope next is just as good, if not better.


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Vampire Diaries – You’re Undead To Me

Caroline: Mom, if I want to talk boys I’ll call dad. At least he’s successfully dating one.

What an incredible episode! Even though the background setting was a car wash, the rest of the episode was a thrill! Elena finding out more about Stefan from a stranger and more about Katherine from Stefan was a step in the right direction. It was exciting to see Elena get pieces of the puzzle by chance, talking her way into getting answers, and finding her own answers through research. The way this episode ended, it seems as though next week’s episode will be full of answers and action that fans will not want to miss. One person who already has the answers is Caroline and it was more upsetting to see Caroline set Damon free and have Damon kill his nephew in the process than it was to see Caroline under Damon’s power. This death set Stefan off and the fight is on! Going back to answers…Stefan knows Bonnie’s secret but will he tell Elena her secret or encourage Bonnie to tell Elena her secret? Or is that too much to put on Elena right now? Bonnie’s power could be very useful if the team of adults find out who the vamps are. Logan dating Elena’s aunt to steal from them and get more answers to this issue is low, just wrong. The past two episodes have really set up stories to be unfolded and if done in the right way, VD could be looking at a solid season one and two.

Flash Forward – 137 Sekunden

Mark: We have been so worried that the blackout might happen again, we haven’t stopped to ask ourselves what if it happened before.

Demetri did not receive much more information about his death, other than he would be shot 3 times, so I hope that Demetri can find the woman who gave him the anonymous tip about his future and together they can safely find answers and change the future for the better for both of them. Especially since Demetri lied to his fiancée, Zoe and said that he too saw the same flash forward as her, their wedding day. As for his co-worker, Mark, he is getting closer slowly but surely to all of the pieces to his puzzle thanks to the Nazi who’s flash forward helped Mark realized that this flash forward may have happened before. I have a feeling this will not be the last time we will see the Nazi or the man who’s flash forward tied in with his, the future airport employee Jerome Murphy. We will see in time. Someone I am very confused about seeing is Tracy, Aaron’s daughter. Mark helps him get Tracy’s body exhumed but the report says that the bones are Tracy’s remains, so how is she alive? The main question I want answered is what was Charlie’s flash forward and this episode did nothing of the sort to help answer that question. Although we did see something hopeful for another, as Olivia’s co-worker friend saw herself adopting a young boy. Overall, this episode was not thrilling in any way, but it was still enjoyable. I want more answers about Demetri’s future and Charlie’s vision.

The Office – Niagara Parts 1 & 2

Pam: This is supposed to be our wedding day. Why did we invite all of these people?

While Pam’s requests in the cold open were understandable, it was a bit much! After the cold open, as soon as soon as Pam asked not to say anything about the pregnancy at the wedding, viewers knew someone (aka Michael) would spread the news somehow. What is up with Michael making the wedding all about him and Dwight researching all of Pam’s relatives? Watching everyone drive up to Niagara was fun! All of Pam & Jim’s moments were adorable. Dwight making a sex talk cd for Michael was disturbing on every level that there is. Less disturbing, Michael & Dwight sharing a room at the hotel…of course Michael would end up sharing a room with him. It would have been awfully awkward if Michael did take up Toby’s offer because Michael has been increasingly rude to him over time. Anyway, getting to the dinner party… who else noticed how Dwight was enjoying his time sitting at the kid’s table instead of analyzing why he was at that table? I know True Blood fans noticed who played Pam’s sister, Penny and she did a great job! Funny how Penny thought that Oscar was dating Kevin and even though they set her straight (no pun intended), every time she saw them they were doing things that would suggest the opposite. Meredith blowing up Ryan’s spot, Kevin switching Erin’s table seat, and Andy crying at Jim’s speech was all so perfect! That’s exactly the types of things they would do, so it was great to see the writer’s on point with the characters. Michael longing to be at the head of the table and then interrupting Pam’s brothers’ speech to make a speech about nothing just reminded us all why Michael should not have come to this event. Jim putting his foot in his mouth prompting Michael to try and save Jim did not help. Michael just made things even more awkward if the announcement of the pregnancy in front of many conservatives, or old fashioned people wasn’t enough. There is good in Michael, he means well the poor guy but his execution is just terrible. Him going to Pam’s grandmother’s room and telling her what Pam & Jim will name their child was the best he could do in the situation. However, I feel that I would have enjoyed the main storyline be the wedding and a side storyline be Michael visiting Jan and the baby because the wedding would make him feel emotional and want to be with a family of his own (if he still has any love for Jan’s kid that is not his haha). While that did not happen, something else did that no one could have expected…Andy throwing a party and tearing his scrotum was sad but going to Pam of all the people to ask to take to the hospital when there is a roomful of co-workers…that was stupid. Just plain stupid. What a terrible way to end part one now that I think about that too. What was also quite dumb but still hilarious was Michael leaving a hot girl for twin men that Dwight found. We can always depend on Dwight to appreciate things that the majority of people don’t in the way that he would. Overall, everything up until the end of part one was great entertainment!

Michael & Kevin doing all that they did in the ice machine room was disgusting. I’m never using the ice machine in hotels again? Getting it on with Pam’s mom was just disgusting. Will Pam & Jim ever find out? Also, will Pam & Jim find out about Michael’s second painting of them and why would Michael even do that? Pam’s best friend Isabel has issues or was drunk or both having slept with Dwight. Anyway, Kevin wearing tissue boxes as shoes since his shoes were a safety issue…does he not have a credit card to go out and buy some shoes or even slippers from the gift shop? Seriously? Getting to what matters… I didn’t realize Pam was 5 months pregnant. She looks great, she has been eating healthy and exercising or Pam’s genes are great. More important though, Pam & Jim going off and getting married their way and then coming back to the church for the ceremony was just the way that it should have been after seeing all that had happened in Niagara Part 1. Although either way, everyone hijacking the wedding and doing a dance down the aisle was ridiculous and I can’t say that I enjoyed that bit at all. The only enjoyable part was when shots were shown of Pam & Jim getting married alone on the boat at the Falls. That is what mattered the most in this episode. In fact, there was not enough of Pam & Jim if I must say. Can’t exactly say this hour long episode will go down as one of the best Office episodes…it was memorable but in more ways than one.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention

Dennis: Nobody likes salting the snail but she gives you no choice!

There are not enough words to explain how disturbing and yet incredibly hilarious the introduction to this episode was. Even funnier was meeting more family members of Dee & Dennis, especially Gayle who has salt thrown at her when Dee & Dennis want her to go away. I was really waiting to see it happen after the two talked about it, so it was quite funny to see later on in the episode. The next laugh came when the gang went to set up an intervention, talked over the woman in charge about how they would do the intervention, and walked out. It’s funny how people can do intervention for the ones around them and not for themselves. Then to get drunk at an intervention…only the gang! Perfect writing! Frank thinking that his intervention was a roast was understandable since everyone was drunk but what I didn’t understand was how Frank and Mac went after the same family members. That was just disgusting. That storyline did nothing for me. Also, was the house that wa used in this episode the same house that was used for an earlier episode in the season when the gang tried to solve the mortgage crisis? Anyway, overall this was a very entertaining episode but I want to see Artemis and the Waitress soon. Where are they?

Dollhouse – Belle Chose

Victor: I’m Kiki. I don’t know how I got here. I swear, I don’t care. Am I drunk?

Echo imprinted as a professor’s fantasy, Kiki did nothing at all for me but once Echo & Victor’s imprints collided, Eliza gave an impressive performance as Terry. Although Victor was Terry first, so…using Victor as an imprint of the serial killer, Terry to find out more about the killer and where his victims are was quite thrilling. Enver Gjokaj shines in this episode, even outshines Eliza! Terry’s interrogation scene was one of Enver’s strongest in this season so far. When Terry went loose on the streets, which was not expected, Topher had to think fast to track him down! I wonder what other dolls, uh, actives aren’t “tagged.” Anyway, Topher’s quick thinking turned out to be too quick of thinking, as tracking down Terry wasn’t so simple. The best part of this episode was this action, when Topher’s plan backfired and Victor imprinted as Terry became Kiki and Echo imprinted as Kiki became Terry. What an extraordinary twist! What a fabulous dance scene Enver provided as Kiki. He danced, I mean really danced quite well I must say. That dance scene is the most comedic of the series so far. Tooo bad Victor and Echo’s minds were wiped shortly after that (only because the dancing was just so good)! Echo’s mind being wiped while facing Terry’s victims and then warning the victims…what a traumatizing experience for those victims! It’ a catch 22 because if I were one of the victims, I would have continued to beat Echo until she was dead, however in my mind I was shouting, “Don’t kill Echo!” There was a lot of laughing, yelling at the television, and loving every moment of Enver Gjokaj. Fantastic acting Enver. Fantastic writing. Can’t wait for more action from the actives!