TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Nice Is Different Than Good

Gabby: I wish someone had been this mean to me when I was your age.

Bree’s affair is perfect! Wild for her character, which is what makes it so perfect. As for Gabby, wow she has come a long way. I said it last season and see it even more in this season. Gabby is a great guardian and hopefully everything will work out with her relationship with Carlos’ niece. As for Lynette, seeing Lynette pregnant again…I hope there is more to her storyline this season. More than depressed family mother, whether working at home or in the office. I wasn’t expecting Lynette to say that she didn’t love the babies she is now pregnant with. I am so tired of seeing Lynette the way that she is. Please let her be happy this season. Please let her get to that place where she feels fulfilled. Someone who is fulfilled is Susan. Although Susan feeling bad about getting back together with Mike because of Katherine is understandable but Susan was Mike’s first so she needs to set her ground, especially since Katherine took her wedding dress hostage for a moment and created a scene at Susan’s wedding. Katherine has nerve and I don’t like her at all anymore. I think I gave her the benefit of the doubt at some point but not anymore. As for Susan’s daughter, Julie…was the new neighbor husband hitting on her after his son asked Julie out? What’s Julie’s real relationship with the new neighbor son? Who are the new neighbors in town and why are they really here? Is Julie okay? Wow, this was a great premiere and I cannot wait for more!

Heroes – Ink

HRG: I can’t believe you told her about your ability.
Claire: I didn’t tell her, she just found out!
HRG: I’ve got to contact the Haitian, erase Gretchen’s memory and clean this mess up.

Sylar tormenting Matt so that Matt will use his powers and eventually possibly help Sylar is so incredibly twisted and yet very entertaining. Even though I do not want it to happen, it would definitely be more interesting if Matt does help Sylar in the end. Only time will tell. Could Lydia’s daughter be the girl that Matt “saw” under the stairs? But what I really want to know is who is this new hero who is deaf but can see sound (and is a musical prodigy it seems) and how does she fit in with Peter or any of the other heroes’ story lines? Her power is amazing by the way. Speaking of Peter though, I do not understand the point of Samuel doing all that he did to Peter. Is the house that burned down the house Nathan’s family lived in? What went over my head, what am I missing from this Peter, Samuel connection? Or has it not been revealed? Nothing more has been revealed about Hiro, Ando, and Tracy as they were not in this episode. I am into Hiro & Ando’s storyline just as much as I was into their storyline in Season 1 so don’t screw it up now by leaving them out of episodes. It is their storyline that needs the most work. One storyline that is really moving along is Claire’s which I enjoy and there is nothing more to say about that. This episode of Heroes was enjoyable but I am anticipating the action. Hopefully there will be some action in next week’s episode.

One Tree Hill – Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered

Quinn: Really, you’re that guy?
Clay: I am tonight.

I wanted there to be a bigger fallout from Haley regarding Nathan’s situation but there wasn’t and honestly, it wasn’t a surprise. The girls were supportive to Haley and Haley was supportive of whatever Nathan felt he should best. Since Nathan listened to Haley and did not pay up, the next few episodes should be filled with lots of drama. Speaking of drama…Hopefully Clay won’t create a relationship with that idiotic actress, Alex. Hopefully Alex is helping out Julian with no expectations. Third time is a charm so again with hopefully…Rachel’s plans to bring out the best in people do not backfire. It was not expected of Rachel to hire someone to call Dan a murderer. It was expected to see how Rachel and Dan’s relationship began, and that was quite interesting. Even more interesting though is Quinn’s storyline. Quinn’s husband is adorable. Now that he has finally come after her, we can start finding out exactly why Quinn left him. There has been amazing set up to story lines that can be very meaty so let’s get to the good stuff already.

Gossip Girl – The Lost Boy

Chuck: She stole my shoes?

This was such a well written episode. I loved every moment of it, especially the beginning when Vanessa and Serena find out about Dan and Georgina. Thankfully in the end, Dan cut it off with Georgina but with G still feeling the heat of the break up and wanting to cause drama with the gang any way she can…what damage will she do as she heads up to Boston? Will she try to date Scott to get at Vanessa and/or Serena? Speaking of Scott, why did he lie to Rufus? Why? The secret will come out eventually so why prolong it? Hopefully he will come back to the city and tell Rufus and Lily the truth. Anyway, as far as Blair and Chuck. Blair is amazing at giving advice to S and others regarding relationships and finally she seems to be listening to the right voice inside her when it comes to her and Chuck. It was great to see Blair give Chuck the photo they were competing to get for different reasons. Poor Blair for trying to get the photo for a secret society chapter that G made up! Will S tell B about this? I think it is best not to tell unless B tries to find the secret society chapter. Doubt she will do that. Another person I doubt is Joanna Garcia’s character. What are her intentions with the information that she now knows? She seems like a good person but who knows. This episode moved along all of the story lines very well, had just the right amount of comedy in this drama and the actors shined in every scene. I loved this episode and next week looks like a good one, especially with my favorite, Hilary Duff making a guest appearance!

90210 – The Porn King

Naomi: Morning Skank.
Annie: Get a life Naomi.

If you weren’t hooked to 90210 before, this episode just might get you hooked. Maybe in the beginning and maybe the middle of Season 1 we all would have expected Ad to cheat on Navid but in Season 2…no, I didn’t want to see it coming. With Ad’s ex, Teddy now going to the same school as her, it was an obvious sign from the get go that sparks could fly again but I didn’t want to believe that 90210 would go there…and they did! Navid is a great guy and doesn’t put up with drama so could this be the end of Ad and Navid (at least for now)? Silver has no problem calling people out on when they fall short, so next week I’m sure we will see Silver tell Ad to be honest with Navid or she will. As for Navid’s buddy, Dixon, he needs to tell this girl the truth about him. The girl is idiotic for not knowing right away that the kid is a high schooler. For the record, she looks like she could pull off a high school student better than the actor who plays Teddy. Anyway, Dixon needs to tell her the truth when she comes to him about it again, as she will I’m sure. Someone who also has issues telling the truth is Jen. Did Jen tell the truth about her husband cheating on her? Will Jen be able to tell Naomi the truth about sleeping with Liam before he uses the recording as proof to tell Naomi what really happened? How will Naomi react to Jen, Liam, and Annie when she finds out the truth? Annie is incredibly boring this season. How many people can she hit with her car for goodness sake? She needs a better storyline or ironically get in a car accident herself and have to go through therapy or something. Also, what’s up with the title of this episode? I feel like the title should have focused on someone with a bigger and more significant storyline at this point. Anyway, overall, what an exciting episode full of secrets and setting up so much drama! Jessica Lowndes’ wardrobe was so gorgeous in this episode! Next week is bound to be an even more exciting episode!

Melrose Place – Vine

David: Jane was married to my father. Skeletons won’t take long to find. I’ll bury her.

Jane, Sydney’s sister inheriting the building from Sydney making her the new landlord brings even more drama than any other average landlord. First and foremost, Jane has drama with Ella as she blackmailed Ella into getting her name out there in the fashion industry or else she would share the nasty emails Ella sent to Syd. What did the emails say? Did Syd send them to her or did Jane find them in Syd’s email after the death? How will Ella get rid of Jane as a “partner” for good with David’s help? Will Ella’s job be affected whether the emails are true or not since Jane has called the police? Tenants vs. the landlord, it’s on! Side note, I just realized that Ella’s boss, Caleb is Victor Webster who played Coop on my favorite show ever, Charmed. Awesome! Anyway, it was funny when Jonah was trying to tell Riley not to give Violet her number. Jonah knows a shady person as they come. Even though the truth about Violet being Syd’s daughter, is out, Violet still seems shady to me. We’ll see. So after Lauren was stood up, she should have left the hotel. Now the owner, Wendi (Guest Star, Kelly Carlson) has kicked her out of the hotel for good. Way to go Lauren. This episode was good but I know there’s more to this season so I can’t wait for the tenants vs. landlord war to begin and more!


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Vampire Diaries – Family Ties

Caroline: How come you don’t sparkle?
Damon: Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.

What a great episode! Damon had very comedic one liners all throughout the episode, from the very start. I loved the Twilight and Anne Rice references. Although all throughout Damon also showed how evil he can be. Getting into Stefan’s head and planting that nightmare shows how vulnerable Stefan is without human blood. Although Stefan stepping up to the plate and finally starting to make his moves against Damon without human blood is working. Even though Damon tried to get Elena to doubt Stefan, it didn’t work! Even when Damon tried to kill Caroline, Stefan was there to save her and hurt Damon! Not only is Stefan after Damon but Caroline’s mom (the cop) and other adults are after the vamps including Damon as well. Can they catch Damon without suspecting Stefan? I doubt it but next week looks like it will be amazing.

Flash Forward – White to Play

Charlie: D. Gibbons is a bad man.

At this point, Charlie’s flash forward seems the most important piece to the puzzle, so I am sure everyone is anticipating seeing her flash forward. It obviously involves Dylan but it also involves D Gibbons, so are they connected or not? What did Dylan see and did he know his mother had died before his father told him? Something else to anticipate is Demetri’s death. If Demetri can find out who is behind his murder, his death could be avoided unless it is fate. As for fate, it seems like it did not walk right into the hands of the police…what is up with Didi Gibbons (Stephnie Weir)? If Charlie said that D Gibbons is a bad man than this Didi surely is the wrong D Gibbons. Getting back to the police really quickly, why didn’t the crew call in for backup before going into the building? Why was the cop who had no flash forward killed with one bullet to the chest? Was she not wearing any protection? There are so many well thought out elements to this show, it seems odd something like that would be looked over and not explained. I thought for a moment that it was because of the blast, but no one else seemed harmed by the blast, so I don’t know what to think. What another thought provoking episode. The mystery continues and it is incredibly entertaining to watch every week. I do have to say this though, I am not looking for the show to answer how or why the flash forward happened…any theory seems just plain odd. I am really only interested in seeing if and how everyone changes what they have seen. Next week looks like there will be a lot of action and I am looking forward to it!

The Office – The Promotion

Oscar: Look, it doesn’t take a genius to know that any organization thrives when it has 2 leaders. Go ahead, name a country that doesn’t have 2 presidents, a boat that sets sail without 2 captains. Where would Catholicism be without the popes?

What a terrific cold open! Steve, John, and Rainn all had phenomenal performances throughout the entire episode and the writing was classic Office. Every single moment promoted laugh out loud comedy! My favorite moment in the beginning was when right away, the writers poke fun at how idiotic 2 managers is by Oscar’s line. Seeing Michael trying to make Jim feel comfortable (asking if he likes being called Jim), competing with him for the best raise approach, and talking about how he used to make the hard decisions alone…ah Michael. He doesn’t know what to think. What I really want to know is…is Jim being a co-manager permanent or temporary? It could work permanently if the awkwardness between the two that we see in this episode somehow dies but as of right now it just seems so impossible since the office does not seem to pleased with Jim’s decisions. We’ll see. Was Creed talking about sex when he asked Meredith, “Hey, why haven’t we ever, uh” and she said, “We have” because that’s what I think and that is disturbing yet not at all shocking. This was definitely the best episode of the season so far. I am looking forward to Jim & Pam’s wedding next week!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Great Recession

Dennis: How does this work, Mac?
Mac: The money keeps moving in a circle.
Dennis: But we don’t have any money. All we have is this. How does this work dude?
Mac: I don’t know.

While this episode was quite enjoyable to watch, last week’s episode was much better. There were a few laugh out loud moments, including Mac saying he didn’t know enough to dispute the trash turning into stars when it is recycled. Sweet Dee and Frank attempting to sell vacuums and knives while Mac & Dennis attempt their own business venture was entertaining however Charlie going to his mom for help seemed more common realistically speaking. Was Charlie’s mom recast? One of the main reasons why I feel this episode did not work as well as past episodes is because we have seen these characters struggle financially before, therefore this was not so new even though it was a new episode. The actors did a phenomenal job, however the ideas for the show need not be recycled. Hopefully next week will be more entertaining!


Madeline: Is it always like that?
Ballard: Like what?
Madeline: She really believed someone took her child, heart and soul.
Ballard: Like I said, it wasn’t real.

What an incredible episode! The opening was incredibly comedic with Topher and Ballard. Topher was especially fun in this episode as his interactions with everyone were very comedic and yet equally dramatic. Probably the most hard hitting side story was Madeline coming back to the dollhouse for an evaluation. She seems happy but does that rule out Mellie coming back to the dollhouse whether to be a doll or an employee? As far as the dolls go, Sierra playing Kelly, Echo’s friend while Echo is imprinted as a loving mother was entertaining. Although it will be more entertaining when the dolls interact like they did in the unaired 13th episode of Season 1. While Eliza holds her on, it is called Dollhouse, not Echo in the Dollhouse. Echo had quite the adventure, trying to save “her” baby and then literally being beat into saving her and Ballard’s lives in the end. The writing was amazing, the choreography of the fight scene was stellar, and every moment was light and yet incredibly dark. I loved it and I can’t wait to see what else is coming this season.