Interview with Larry Guli

You may have seen actor, Larry Guli on General Hospital and this month you will be able to see Larry appear in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm but there is more to this New York native…as he served in the United States Army, worked at the New York Stock Exchange, and is a pro golf player. Want to know more? Keep reading…

What is your favorite part about playing a mobster on General Hospital?
Getting to dress and be “NEW YORK” capo – everyone tells me I should have been on The Sopranos. I missed the boat on that show, but I know other opportunities are coming to play that type of character and I am perfect for those roles.

What have you learned so far from being on the General Hospital set?
I learned how to work in a fast paced environment and I love it. The series regulars work hard for daytime TV. There is no rehearsals, just block and shoot. To be in soaps you really better know your stuff. It’s not an easy job, but I am glad I get to do it.

Tell me about the upcoming episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” that will air next month.
It was a wonderful opportunity to work with Larry David one on one. I loved being a part of the show! If you want to know what happens on the episode you’ll have to watch October 25. One hint though…one scene was in the restaurant and then keep looking because you’ll see me again.

Do you have any plans to return to theatre anytime soon?
LA theater is different than New York. Here there are so many different levels of professionalism. It’s not easy to find the right play, but given the right opportunity and the time, I would love to do another play

After serving in the army and working at the New York Stock Exchange, what were the biggest changes from those jobs to acting?
In the army, as a commanding officer, I led hundreds of men- everything was about my decision making and my leadership abilities and because of my training and status I was given the appropriate respect and adherence. On the New York Stock Exchange I was a specialist- the center of the market making process. I was also a firm partner & expected to make money trading- you make money, you’re a winner. Acting is all subjective- no matter how much training or talent one has, there is no formula for getting auditions or being cast.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about living in Arizona, NY, Chicago, and LA?
Each city has it’s pros and cons. I loved the Arizona weather, but the city grew too fast and some what out of control. Chicago was the opposite, the weather was horrible , but it was an excellent place to begin my acting career. Los Angeles has most everything. The people are superb, the opportunities even in a bad economy are abundant, but it is an expensive place to live. New York is the center of the universe – the people are great, it has EVERYTHING! I wish the television and movie industry was there!

Did you ever think that you would have lived in so many cities?
Growing up I had no idea that I would experience so much and I might not be done. There is a chance I could always land somewhere else. The experience of living in so many places has enriched my life.

When did you start golfing and when did you realize that you really enjoyed it?

I started playing in 1969 & new instantly I’d play for the rest of my life – the self challenge is relentless.

What were your experiences like at ACT 1 Studios and the New York Film Academy?
ACT 1 Studios had some of the greatest teachers and they were inspirational. The NYFA gave me a chance to experience the Universal back lot, and my work there validated my quest. Over all they were very supportive and that is what urged me to come to LA.

What are your upcoming projects?
At the present time I am in a national AARP commercial. Of course you can find me on Curb Your Enthusiasm, on October 25, 2009. I will be doing an untitled short film for the festival circuit in October and keep watching General Hospital because you’ll never know when my character Uncle Paulie will appear!