TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)

Nathan: Bed. Now.
Jamie: Always keeping a brother down.

I don’t know what I was expecting for the season premiere, but it was a sweet, lighthearted start to what is bound to be. The introduction to the 2 new characters, Quinn and Clay was done very well. Quinn has a much better head on her shoulders than Taylor does, so it will be interesting to see what she brings to the show. Possibly trouble will follow her instead of her creating trouble. We’ll see. Will she stay at Haley & Nathan’s house for the whole season or will she get her own place? Will she hook up with Clay since she left her husband and Clay is obviously into her? He seems like a nice guy…he seems like he will bring harmless fun to the group. What is not harmless fun is cheating on your wife, so hopefully Nathan did not sleep with the girl who is claiming to have been with him while Nathan was away playing basketball. This show knows how to bring the drama so I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I am also interested to see when and how Skills will be out of Tree Hill as Antwon Tanner is dealing with legal issues in real life. So far, the setup of him eventually moving out of the apartment with Mouth has been set up perfectly…but how will he be written out of Tree Hill and will it be permanently? Only time will tell. Although the funniest moment of the episode had to be when Skills and Mouth were naked, saying “I love you” just as Millicent walked in the door. Anyway, as far as Brooke goes…I was never rooting for Brooke and Julian, but since he’s “the one” for the time being, I’ve grown to accept it. All I have to say is he better not hurt her. Now I would have to say that while the girl that is about to start up drama with the Scotts is a highlight, another highlight of this episode is the possible closing of the record label. This was such an important moment not only because it shocked me but music is like another character on the show. So if the label indeed closes, I hate to say it but it seems like foreshadowing this possibly being the last season of the show. We’ll see. Only time will tell! Last thing I want to mention is I am proud of Dan’s growth as a human being from Season 1 to now. What a turnaround. Hopefully Haley & Nathan see his growth and allow Dan and Jamie to have more time together than we have seen. Lastly, I must say that had I not been so involved in the online community and so on and not known that Chad & Hilarie were officially done with the show, I really don’t know how I would feel about this episode. But I really don’t even want to go there so that’s the end of that. So overall, I enjoyed the premiere. I think that I expected more drama but from the looks of what’s coming up next week, we will be getting more drama very quickly!

Gossip Girl – Reversals of Fortune

Blair: What if we need games? What if without them we’re boring?
Chuck: We could never be boring.
Blair: You say that but I know you. You’re Chuck Bass.
Chuck: I’m not Chuck Bass without you.

This season premiere was a great set up to what I am sure will be an incredible season. The introduction of Bree was funny at first since Bree and Nate realized what they had gotten themselves into. Now that they know and have decided to keep going with the relationship, it’s not so funny anymore because with their families as enemies…it just seems like a relationship that is doomed to fail. A relationship that is not doomed to fail…Chuck and Blair. Seeing them together, trying to figure out their relationship post summer fun is interesting to say the least. Somebody is bound to get hurt eventually in this relationship, probably more than once. I really think this season we will see just how well of a couple these two can be and if they work best as a couple or friends. Those that should remain jut friends…Serena and Dan. Dan deserves better. That’s all there is to it. I’m so over Serena. Why does she feel the need to keep secret she has been looking for her dad all summer? Why is she putting the target of “bad guy” on Carter when it looks like he’s actually been there for her this summer? Ugh. So over her. Anyway, as for Dan…I am not worried about the rich society and lifestyle corrupting him like Vanessa is. Dan was raised right and is very grounded, Vanessa of all people should see that. Nothing is going on with sis, Jenny…for now. We all know there will be some drama with her soon enough. There was no story development with the adults, so in time we should get some of that. The fashion, as always is spectacular! I can’t wait to see what next week’s episode will bring!

90210 – To Sext or Not to Sext

Navid: Look, I was a jerk. I ambushed Teddy because he was your ex and it was a stupid way to handle it. I should have just been upfront and told you that I didn’t want the two of you to be friends
Adrianna: That’s your apology?

This season really is off to an amazing start. I think I might just be watching the entire season. Naomi vs. her sister, who is more evil of the two? Will her sister be around for the entire season? I really don’t think I can take all of that. Especially with her sister threatening Liam, who is not half as bad of a guy that he was made out to be last season. We now see that part of the problem has to do with the home life, his terrible stepfather. That was a nice revelation. Another nice revelation was finding out exactly who Teddy is. Although it was wrong for Navid to attack Teddy in the interview Teddy agreed to do. Navid was right in talking about what a good journalist does but he did put his feelings about Adrianna and Teddy get in the way of holding a respectful interview. Ad & Navid will work out, I’m sure this season. I hope. They are such a great couple! I’m not so sure about Dixon and Silver though. Honestly, they seem better without each other. While Silver can’t see that now, I think they are best not together. As for Annie…I was so glad that Silver told Annie and Navid told Dixon about the sex text before it was sent out. Annie did not deserve that and it seems like all fun and games next week so I am confused as to when and how Annie & Dixon’s parents will find out about this and what they will do. Next week looks like it will be a great episode. It seems like in this season, every episode will be better than the last.

Melrose Place – Nightingale

Violet: You and me, we’re good girls. It’s just not as fun.

Greg Beeman directed this episode and that was a thrill! I am so excited that he is part of the Melrose Place family, as I am a huge fan of his work from Heroes. Anyway, this show is getting so juicy…I think I am officially hooked! Violet is Sydney’s daughter so does that take her out of the running for being the murderer or is that all the more reason she would be the murderer? Auggie seems like a higher suspect than Violet now but that just seem to be too easy if you ask me…if they want to keep us guessing. Ella likes to shake things up, so it was nice to see Riley and Jonah get past her antics. I’m sure Ella will be up to no good all season! Someone who did not intend to get caught up in a negative lifestyle is Lauren. I really hope that Lauren does not continue to sell her body to pay for staying the the doctor program. Please writers, write in a way where she receives money the right way! Please! I have nothing to say about David right now, his storyline just doesn’t seem that important right now. I’m sure his thievery will catch up to him, but other than that…there’s not much to say. That’s about all there is to say for this episode. Next week looks like it will be a good episode as well!


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Vampire Diaries – The Night of the Comet

Damon: I’m Damon, Stefan’s brother.
Elena: He didn’t tell me he had a brother.
Damon: Well, Stefan’s not one to brag.

The introduction, while a good one makes me wonder if every introduction for the first few episodes will be like the first two. Hopefully not. This episode wasn’t all that interesting. In fact, the scenes seemed to move too quickly for me to really get a hold what who is who outside of the main 3 and what everyone’s relationship is between each other. Aside from that, this episode revolved around Vicki, who knew that a vampire attacked her but was persuaded by Stefan to believe an animal attacked her – and later persuaded by Damon that Stefan attacked her. What I want to know is will Vicki continue to be Damon’s play thing or will he kill her eventually? Speaking of Damon, why does he want to make Stefan’s life a living hell? What really happened between the brothers? Why did Stefan dismiss Elena and not Damon when Elena came to his house and shortly after Damon arrived? He could have left with Elena. Anyway, at home, Jenna tries to talk to Jeremy about how he is dealing with the death of his parents and later Elena talks to Jenna about being the parent now that their real parents are gone. It’s a lot to deal with and it was nice to see more of Jenna in this episode and see how she is dealing with taking care of her niece and nephew. As far as the ending goes, did Damon just bite Caroline, kill her, scare her and then persuade her that it was a dream, etc… I want to know what happens and waiting until next week is killing me!

The Office – Gossip

Kelly: Well then what’s the one true rumor?
Phyllis: We have a right to know.
Andy: Michael, am I gay?

The cold open was hilarious…and the chaos begins! Meredith freshening up in the bathroom and Andy’s fall were the highlights of the cold open. It boggles my mind that there is even enough money to have 3 interns at the Scranton Branch. Then again, they need as many interns as they can get so work can get done! Michael, my favorite character brought the laughs! From the sports talk to the third wheel comment, to trying to create gossip in his own office in order to be “in” with everyone…hysterical! The reactions that everyone in the office gives as the rumors spread is quite funny, especially Andy’s reaction to his rumor. As far as the revealing of the true rumor (at least one of them), it was equally funny as it was disturbing when Kevin was talking about how he was analyzing Pam’s chest and how nothing added up. Even funnier was Michael’s comment asking Pam & Jim how long they knew about the pregnancy…asking if they knew for a year. That brought the biggest laugh of the night. I didn’t catch it the first time, but the second time I watched, I caught how Michael asked Jim if he peed on a stick and Jim said he did but it was inconclusive. What a stand out episode! It was also nice to see a familiar face appear in this episode as an intern, Max Carver from Desperate Housewives. Wow. The writing is still amazing, the actors are on point, and based on this episode, it looks like this season is going to be brilliant.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis

Sweet Dee: No, errands are really important but really the most important thing for me right now is for me to stay relaxed if you don’t want my tubes to get all tensed up. So you want to go grab me a bathing suit or should I just jump in, in my birthday gear?

It has been too long since this show has been off air. Finally Sunny is back and with a bang. The cold open was the perfect opening for the new season. What a perfect way to start off the season with an episode exploiting the mortgage crisis with a side story of Sweet Dee attempting to be a surrogate. Of course flipping a house is not easy…especially when the house you are trying to flip is still owned by the people who live in it. What an incredible bunch of laughs this episode has brought. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any funnier, the gang merges the two story lines which causes some really odd yet very entertaining chaos. The writing is sharp and it is just so exciting to have Sunny back into my Thursday nights. I can’t wait until next week.