Lance Reddick Discusses The New Season of Fringe

Season 2 of Fringe Premieres on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 9/8c and until then, Lance Reddick took some time out for an exclusive interview with Hollywood the Write Way to talk about the upcoming season! He even had a little bit to say about Lost.

Check it out:

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/FOX

So tell me about where your storyline goes in the new season of Fringe.
You definitely find out more about my personal life and who I was before Fringe.

Is getting to know you before Fringe, is that going to be done through flashbacks?
No, it’s more kind of how I’m referred to and what I do. In my personal life, you will find out why I’m divorced and what my relationship with my ex-wife is like.

What can you tell us about what we will see in the first few episodes of Fringe?
I’m not sure what I can say…hmmm…Olivia’s reemergence back into this universe will be shocking. The developments with Charlie will be mind blowing. You’ll find out just how deep my relationship with Nina goes.

What was your favorite episode from Season 1?
I haven’t seen all of Season 1 but from all of the episodes I have seen, my favorite is “Bound” when Olivia escapes after being kidnapped. I loved that episode!

What’s it like working with J.J. Abrams?
I’ve only met him a few times including a few weeks before the Pilot and on the set of Star Trek. The thing about J.J. is that for somebody who is so powerful, busy, and has so much energy…he cares so much about the people who are working around him, as individuals. He’s such a great guy.

What’s it been like moving the filming location from NY to Vancouver?
I had never been to Vancouver and I had been so used to NY and the energy of the city. But now, being in Vancouver, I can say that I love the laid back vibe, everything works so smoothly. It’s just been great!

Do you check out the Fringe & Lost fan sites?
I never just never occurs to me. It’s funny because the past couple months it has been coming up a lot, the online fandom.

Do you tend to run into more Fringe fans or more Lost fans?
Hmmm…well since I’ve been in Vancouver, it’s been about 50/50. When I was in NY I actually ran into The Wire fans the most.

Do you read reviews for the shows and movies you are in?
I think I read some of the reviews for Fringe when it first came out but other than that, I don’t remember the last time I read a review.

Now even though your character was shot and killed on Lost…anything can happen on that show. So will we be seeing you in the final season?
I don’t know but I would love to be back. I’ve had a blast in every single episode that I have done!