San Diego Comic Con – Saturday

On Saturday, July 25, 2009…well I wanted to be front row center for Glee and Heroes, so I spent the night in line and missed all of the morning panels.Once Glee & Heroes were over, I felt that I had accomplished all I wanted to for the day and that was that. Saturday was my favorite day of Comic Con.

In line, I met 10th Wonder Podcast hosts, Derek & Graham, and the new host, Joe, so that was exciting.

There were 2 panels before Glee & Heroes, Activision/Marvel with Stan Lee on the panel and Sanctuary.

For Glee, the audience was treated to a screening of the never before aired episode, “Showmance” which is due to premiere in the fall. Then, stars Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele Cory Monteith, and Dianna Agron as well as Ryan Murphy and Dante Di Loreto participated in the panel discussion. You can read an overview of what happened during the panel here and stay tuned for a new episode of the Gleek Squad Podcast for a more in depth discussion regarding the panel.

Here are fans camping out for Glee & Heroes:

Here’s me holding up my L:

Here are the fans in line holding up their Ls:


For Heroes, audience members saw a first look at “Redemption” and if it wasn’t announced that all of the footage was only from the first 3 episodes, I would have thought that it was footage from an entire season. That is how packed with action, suspense, and so much fun this show is filled with for the upcoming season. Blair Butler moderated the panel and Tim Kring, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka, Zachary Quinto, and Jack Coleman attended the panel. Also in attendance were 3 new actors for the upcoming season, Robert Knepper, Dawn Olivieri, and Ray Park. I am interested to see these episodes with these new characters! So much happens in the next season and based on the preview, it looks like it is getting back to how amazing it was in Season 1, so I can’t wait until the fall. “We see time traveling a lot more [this season],” Masi Oka said. Yay!

Glee and Heroes were the only panels that I attended on Saturday, but I finally attended Masquerade! Don’t get too excited, I only stayed for half the event. There were 43 contestants and I stayed for 23 of them. My favorites of the first 23 were The Phantom of the Opera costume and the Dr. Horrible number. I wish I knew who won. Well, that was my Saturday!

Oh, I also met Ben Lyons (Th Daily 10) walking down the street in the Gaslamp District on my way back to the convention from getting a bite to eat.

On the same street, 2 blocks down, I bumped into actress, Lindsay Price. It was great to see her again, as the first time was new year’s eve when I had on a Britney Spears wig. Ha.

I also ran into Whip It promoters! How fun!