Review: Samantha Who? – With This Ring

*Review May Contain Spoilers*

Andrea: Wait, those aren’t my parents and my maid of honor isn’t even here. What is this?!

What an incredible ending to Samantha Who? this was. Every moment was great to watch. I enjoyed how Chapman found out by Dena that Sam actually had amnesia. It is so incredibly ridiculous that he didn’t realize something was off with Sam way earlier, but still funny nonetheless. The best part about the intro was when Sam asked Winston to the wedding and then Todd came back to take her to the wedding! Even better, Sam finally found out that Winston sent Todd away. Sam using Winston to get back with Todd was perfect and these two getting engaged is what I have been waiting for since day one! This is the way it was supposed to be so I am glad that there was at least enough to time see this through on TV. It was good to see Seth back, still longing for Andrea. Thankfully, Andrea realized that he was better for her. I’m so glad that Andrea is “with” Seth! Dena’s storyline wasn’t as strong as the others but it was of course great to see he regardless. What I wasn’t expecting was Regina to separate from Howard. That was a complete shock. However, they seem like the couple that would do their own thing for awhile and then get back together so that does not bother me. Overall, this was an incredible ending. It definitely felt more like a season finale than series finale but surprisingly there was a series finale feel to it…Sam and Todd getting engaged. It was the perfect ending.