Review: Samantha Who? – The Sister

*Review May Contain Spoilers*

Andrea: This is me, 6th grade.
Tony: That is a lot of facial hair.
Andrea:Girls in gym threw chew toys at me.

What a hilarious episode. I was equally upset with Regina that she didn’t tell Sam about her Aunt, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother. The way that these relatives were revealed was so clever and incredibly hilarious. Although the episode revolving around Regina and Aunt Amy’s fight over a $9 bowl was extremely boring. Yes, it wasn’t about the bowl, there was more to it but wouldn’t it mean even more if what they were fighting over actually meant something too? They were fighting over who got more from their mother than wouldn’t there have to be value into what was given because it wouldn’t mean a thing to me if one of my sisters got a bowl and I didn’t, whether they got more or not. What I really don’t get is how they were grown adults when the bowl was given to Regina and still acting like savages. I was more entertained by Andrea’s storyline about going to the basketball games and being bad luck to Tony Dane’s team. Dena was missing from this episode so that made it less entertaining too. This episode was somewhat fun to watch but I have seen better.