Review: Samantha Who? – The Other Woman

*Review May Contain Spoilers*

Samantha: Your dress is so pretty.
Gigi: Yours too, you home-wrecking whore.
Samantha: Thanks, I got it on sale.

I enjoyed the introduction with Sam and Todd talking via web cam. Todd was hilarious. Regina was funny to see, drunk again. It was nice to see Angie Harmon as a guest star. What was really funny is that “the other woman” was not just pertaining to Todd’s room mate but there was more focus on Winston’s ex trying to get back with him. I can’t hate on Sam for getting back with Winston because after reading those emails, it would take a strong person to continue to help the ex get back with Winston…and Sam is not as strong a person as you would think. Although that is debatable regarding whether she was a stronger woman before the accident or is a stronger woman now. Anyway, the biggest scene in this episode, in this season was finding out who was behind the wheel of the car that gave Sam amnesia. I always thought that was just a random act but apparently not! It was quite funny to see things come full circle and have Sam hit Gigi…even if Gigi didn’t get amnesia too. This entire episode was so fun to watch and it is one of my favorites of the season!