Review: Samantha Who? – The First Date

*Review May Contain Spoilers*

Sam: That’s like asking me if I would be attracted to my father if he wasn’t my father. That’s impossible to know.
Todd: It’s impossible to know if you’d be attracted to your father?!
Sam: Have you seen pictures of him when he was younger? He is a very dashing man!

The introduction was great until Winston called and practically forced Sam out of her “first” date with Todd. Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing Sam in these ultimatum type situations and situations where she tries to do the right thing and ends up doing more harm than good but eventually things end up well. Aside from that, I think Winston can be a great boyfriend and husband but the ways he goes about getting the girl is just wrong since Sam has her eyes on Todd and vice versa. It was disappointing to see Winston tearing apart Sam and Todd so that he could be in Todd’s place. If he really cared about Sam, he would let her be with Todd. So the closing scene was not one that I wanted to see, simple as it was…it hinted at the door closing (Todd leaving) would open the window for Winston to take Todd’s place. I don’t want that. I would love if Sam moved to England and started a life out there with Todd. Anyway, my favorite parts about this episode were when Sam and Todd talked to each other about their “dates.” Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and it stands out in this season. I haven’t enjoyed an episode this much in awhile.

There are only two episodes left of this season, of the entire series…which airs on June 23, 2009 so I hope you watch.