Review: Samantha Who? – The Dream Job

*Review May Contain Spoilers*

Todd:Can you keep a secret?
Dena: No.
Todd: Before the accident, I proposed to her. But you can’t tell her.

The introduction started out funny and cute with Sam starting out at her job but then when Sam hired Andrea to help her with part of the job, things did not seem like they would end up well. Although I was surprised that Sam not only realized but was on her way to putting into action the firing of Andrea. Unfortunately, in true Sam fashion, she was too slow and the employee taking Andrea’s place announced her place in the company to Andra. The whole…Sam wanting to do something but never getting to actually doing it is so old. Anyway, the scene I enjoyed the most was the maid of honor scene where Sam walks into the fitting that Andrea and Dena are at. There was so much emotion in the scene and of course Dena brought the funny to try and lighten the mood. Sam was funny to for a moment with her accent. Thankfully, Andrea realized how wrong she was and things turned out well in the end. I loved that Dena found out Todd proposed to Sam before the accident and I wish that Sam and Todd would get back together but I have a feeling with the unexpected cancellation of the show, that will not be seen…unless scenes were re-shot at the last minute. I don’t know. Anyway, it was great to see Billy Zane appear again as Winston in the beginning of the episode for a short moment. Overall, this was a good episode and scenes like the one with Todd and Dena talking about the proposal is why I enjoy this show so much!