7 Comic Con Tips

The San Diego Comic Con Programming Guide is supposed to start coming out today. While we wait…below are 7 tips to keep in mind if you are attending Comic Con.

*Get plenty of sleep each night.

*Bring: money, food/snacks & water (Ralphs Supermarket Open 24 hours on Market St & 1st), comfortable shoes, camera (charge it), cell phone (charge it), iPod (charge it), book, portable chair/pillow (If you will be waiting in line for panels), business cards, jacket/sweater, bag to carry food and freebies (if you don’t stop in the exhibit hall and get a free bag)

*The shuttle bus is great but walking is fine too…sometimes quicker.

*Hit the ATM before you start your day, it’s so much easier this way. Manage your money wisely.

*DO NOT forget to wear badge every day on your way to the convention center, or you won’t get in.

*Pick up newsletter each morning which showcases the previous day and shows any changes in the program of events for that day.

*Rooms DO NOT clear in between panels so keep that in mind when choosing where you want to go. You can get in line whenever you want but you SHOULD get in line pretty early depending on the panel. Some panels you won’t even have to wait in line while others (such as the panels in Ballroom 20 and Hall H) you may have to wait in line for hours.