Review: Samantha Who? – The Rock Star

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Andrea: Dude, you sleep on a couch and your ex is dating Tommy Wilder. I think you’ve got bigger problems than crumbs.

It is so good to be reviewing Samantha Who? again, even if it is only for the last remaining episodes of the season. This show definitely was canceled before its time but I am going to enjoy these last few episodes instead of being sad about the end. So getting to the episode… I enjoyed the introduction. I could not stop laughing when Dena hugged Sam twice after Sam told her who that met the night before. Dena is hilarious in everything that she does and in everything that she says.

Once Sam and Dena went to Sam’s parent’s house, Howard came in talking about something completely different than what the girls were talking about and that was very funny. In my opinion, the character of Howard has gotten the least amount of comedic lines in this season and in the first season. Anyway, it was quite entertaining to see Dena and Andrea acting like fan girls…especially since that is probably the only time we will see the two in that element. Todd was quite funny too, putting out accusations that rock star, Tommy stole his sunglasses and tried on his shoes. What was somewhat amusing but also a bit worrying was when Sam had a flashback of when she was younger and attended a concert of Tommy’s.

I was hoping that this would not create problems for her relationship with Tommy. That storyline could have gone on for more than one episode but it was nice while it lasted. Overall, this was a great episode. It is unclear to me how many episodes were filmed for Season 2 and how many of those will air…so I am very anxious to see what the last episode of this show will be. Time will tell.