TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives Season Finale – Everybody Says Don‘t & If It‘s Only In Your Head

Susan: What if your daughter could see you now? Is this how you’d want her to see you? As a monster who could murder an innocent child?

Dave’s talk about killing MJ completely freaked me out. The way that Mike found out about Dave’s confession video was just horrible (any way is horrible but the fact that he was getting married – whether he was really going to do that or not on top of this is just terrible). Although the way that Mike left Katherine to try and save his family was just heart wrenching for all parties. Susan’s reaction to Mike’s warning call was perfect. I am so glad that she did not break down in any form. That “perhaps you’ll die” fly song was just perfect to use in the scene but I am sure that is the last song Susan ever wants to sing or hear again. Thankfully, things worked out for the best for Susan, Mike, and MJ. I was pretty sure that MJ was not listening to anything in those headphones and he escaped at the last minute. But when Dave saw his daughter in the car right before he was going to go through with his evil plan, thankfully he let MJ go. Now Dave is in a mental institution, as he should be. We see that Mike married someone and it is up for debate the entire summer if the bride is Katherine or Susan. I definitely want to think that the bride is Susan…but time will only tell. Gabby’s talk to Juanita about the other side of the family was hysterical. The first thing that I thought of when Aunt Connie was nice to Gabby was either she was up to something or she was sick. I did not think that it would be both! This teenager Gabby and Carlos are now responsible for looks like she is trying to break up Gabby and Carlos’ relationship because she cannot have a stable one for herself. I wonder how long this chic is going to be in their lives. Speaking of bad relationships…the real conflict between Bree and Orson is who has a more justifiable reason for doing what they are doing…who is the lesser of two evils. Bree’s agenda was for the best interests of both herself and Orson. Orson’s current agenda only benefits himself. While I understand both parties, I am on Bree’s team although hopefully both can be content in the end. Ah contentment…Lynette has the habit of doing things in such a way where things go her way instead of her husband’s way but in the end Tom finds out and there is the continuous cycle of what we have seen before. I was hoping that this was not the route that would be taken. Thankfully, there was much more in store for the two. Tom wanting to go back to college to study Chinese was an incredibly intelligent decision. It is just too bad that Lynette could not see that before she tried to sabotage the situation. She was so quick to assume the reasoning behind his decision that she did not bother to ask. Although I wonder if Lynette will ever tell Tom what she did and if Tom is even in school, and what the work situation is like at home now. Time will tell! When Lynette went to the doctor’s to make sure she did not have cancer again…once it got closer to the time of the doctor coming in, it hit me that she would most likely be pregnant if she did not have cancer. When you go into a doctor’s office you always come out with something. I did not imagine that it would be twins again! It was great to see Porter and Preston make a small appearance. I wonder what the two have to say about their parents having twins again. Well, it looks like there is a lot to look forward to next season. I can’t wait for the next season to begin!

Gossip Girl Season Finale – The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Blair: You can’t make people love you but you can make them fear you.

I loved the introduction and the season ending with graduation…bittersweet end and incredible drama to start off the summer. It was no surprise that Serena’s mugshot was in the paper and Gossip Girl was going to put everyone on blast. It was however a surprise that Jonathan I believe it was hacked into Gossip Girl’s system. I just didn’t know that Gossip Girl would just keep dropping the gossip back to back at Nate’s party. That was crazy! Did Serena really think that Gossip Girl would show her face? Anyway, Blair’s gift to Serena, her mug shot in a frame was just classic. I loved that. Blair handing off her crown to Little Jay was hysterical. That was probably my favorite moment of the episode. Fashion wise, I really liked Vanessa’s blue and black top near the end of the episode. Who is this new Scott guy that was talking to Vanessa, Dan, and Nate? Whatever trouble he is going to make, I just hope it is Gossip Girl worthy and not just something thrown in to fill space. One thing I am looking forward to is Georgina! Even if she is only going to be in 3 episodes (which is what I am hearing). I jumped up and down when we found out that Georgina is going to NYU and even better, she requested Blair as a room mate. That opens up the door for more drama that I can imagine. Also something that could stir up some good tv since Rufus finally proposed to Lily (which was so sweet and I am so glad that she said yes as opposed to putting it off for some odd reason)…their life as newlyweds of course! More importantly, Rufus might feel that Lily’s world is too much for him, etc… There are many things that can happen so I look forward to seeing how this new family dynamic will be presented. Last, but certainly not the least… I was so thrilled when Chuck finally said I love you to Blair! The song that played, “Season of Love” by Shiny Toy Guns was perfect. One thing is for sure, I cannot wait until Gossip Girl comes back in the fall. There is so much I would like to see come to life from the books and I know there is so much in store for these characters. Until next time, you know you love me.

One Tree Hill Season Finale – Remember Me As a Time of Day

Peyton: You said you would disown me if I left without permission.

The opening song was amazing. I loved that song that was played as well. All of the songs in this episode were amazing and the opening in general was superb. I loved that Peyton named their daughter Sawyer Brooke. It definitely is the most fitting name for their child. Anyway, it was good to see Dan come back. I almost forgot about that old sucker. Peyton was very giving, letting Dan hold her child. I can’t say that I thought she would give in and let him hold her. One thing I was scared that Dan held was a gun. I was hoping that he would not do anything rash since good ol’ Whitey was there giving him the opportunity to do such! Thanks Mark Schwahn for bringing Whitey & Karen into the finale! As soon as I saw Karen, I figured that Peyton and Lucas would leave with her, make a home by her, and that would be their exit off the show. Since that didn’t happen and Lucas and Peyton just drove off…I hope my theory is the one that is explained in the season premiere for their absence. Even though these characters will no longer be main characters on the show, I have a feeling we will see Peyton every now and then. I hope this episode is not the last episode for a Brooke-Peyton scene! As for Lucas…he did the narration in the beginning and the end so I am hoping that Brooke or Haley is the one who will do it next season. Thrilled is the word that I would use to describe what I felt when Brooke was getting her business up and running again in Tree Hill with Millie. Knowing that the character Julian will is a series regular next season makes me automatically now accept him with Brooke. Is that a bad thing? I was not thrilled at all when Victoria once again held information from Brooke by not passing on Julian’s message. Thankfully she gave in and gave her daughter the most inspiring, heartfelt speech near the end. I was so glad when Victoria said, “I’d rather have a daughter than my company.” Victoria’s realization of this was very much needed for the both of them, especially at this point in both of their lives. A big part of Nathan’s life now will be devoted to the NBA! It is about time Nathan joined the NBA! I am so proud of him! The way that Jamie found out that Nathan made it into the NBA was so great – especially since Mouth was the one announcing it. Now that he is in the NBA, I wonder how this will affect the family and their time in Tree Hill. I wonder how everyone’s lives will be affected with Peyton and Lucas out of the mix. Only time will tell. I definitely enjoyed this episode and it felt somewhat like a series finale in a sense but I know that it is not so I am looking forward to what is coming up in the next season.

90210 Season Finale – One Party Can Ruin your Whole Summer

Liam: You are a bitch.

The best part about the introduction was Naomi setting her sister straight about who the leader of the house is. That was disgusting how Jen slept with Liam! I do not see the reasoning behind what she did. While I am glad that Liam called Naomi to tell her he had to talk to her, I hope that he gets the chance to tell Naomi what Jen did even though he is obviously going to be away for awhile. Now it was understandable for Naomi to think that the person who slept with Liam was Annie but to accuse her in front of everyone was just unnecessary. Annie is such a good person! She did not have to help Naomi keep the house clean during Naomi’s party or drive Lily Collins’ character home. Of course, all of the good outweighs the bad, even when the negative is not true. As anyone would do…she ratted out the underage drinking party at Naomi’s right after. Speaking of underage drinking…Harry and Debbie were just hilarious in this episode. Anyway, Ethan seems like he’s got it bad for Silver. I noticed that in the past few episodes but it was definitely made clear in this episode. That makes for a complicated love triangle. Funny how both boys love Silver but I can’t say that Silver loves either of them… do not think that Silver and Dixon are on the same level when it comes to love. The tension between Dixon and Ethan when Dixon confronted Ethan was so real. When you can feel the tension yourself as a viewer, that is good TV. Adrianna’s dream with Brenda and Brenda talking to Ad about adoption was a godsend. I am so glad that Ad went to say goodbye to her daughter. I am also glad that Navid and Ty can now interact in a civil manner. Overall, the finale was exactly what I thought it would be. I can’t say whether or not I will be devoted to this show come fall, but I will definitely tune in for the season 2 premiere. I do remember saying that I watch too many teen shows as is but I just do not think you can ever escape that if you like it, so we’ll see!

Ugly Betty Season Finale – The Curve Ball/The Fall Issue

Betty: Henry is with his dumb girlfriend. Oh stop it, that’s mean.

Wilhelmina and Marc trying to find out why Claire was put in the position that she is in was entertaining. Wilhelmina getting on Mr. Heartly’s ex’s side was a smart move. Willie finding out that there was not only an affair but a baby between Claire and Cal was big scoop! The That is a shame that Wilhelmina threatened blackmail against Claire if she did not step down from her position. Thankfully, Claire had already sorted out her past with the certain parties that were involved so Wilhelmina was the one who was put in a hole in the end. Now when Betty was actually offered an editor position at her dream magazine, I was so thrilled! There was a shocker when Jodie ended up taking Betty’s position instead! How terrible! Although one has to wonder what Betty getting the job would have meant for Mode and what would happen with certain story lines and characters. Jodi can bet Betty will not be helping her get with Marc now! Rachel Dratch as a special guest was fun to see. Her first character’s death opened the door for Betty getting a job as feature editor (a little too easily if you ask me). Although with Wilhelmina promoting Marc and Marc dismissing Vogue’s offer but Daniel promoting Betty as well gave room for some interesting competition. Surprisingly, Amanda’s advice (yes, she is smarter when she is drunk) led both to resign from Mode. I was thrilled that Betty got the job as feature editor, however I was unhappy that Matt broke up with Betty and said that he was her new boss. That is just cruel. Of course I cannot wait to see how this situation is resolved. The double date with Henry only made it harder for Betty to let go of him and never should have happened. Hearing Betty’s thoughts during the double date was just perfect! I loved every moment of that. I really wanted Betty to tell Matt about the Henry kiss before he dumped her over Henry. Ah well. Anyway, I loved the moment early in part one when Amanda said the painting of Betty was like looking at the butt of Satan. This was probably the funniest thing she has said in the past few episodes! Also in part one, the Betty montage with “Boom Boom Pow” by Black Eyed Peas was great. Having Elisabeth and Joy from The View make guest appearances as themselves was great! Regarding the actual award show in part two, I had a feeling that Molly was going to pass away during her nap that she was supposed to wake up to and head to the awards afterwards. So that was no surprise. Hopefully his pain over this does not eventually cost him his job but I would not be surprised. I am looking forward to so much in the next season. I want Betty to be with Matt or someone else that she is completely upfront and honest with. I want both Betty and Marc to have great jobs. I want to see more of Wilhelmina the human being and not the monster because we don’t see enough of that. I want to know who Wilhelmina was so surprised to see! I want the next season to be full of surprises, not so predictable. I expect a lot for next season and I really do not think any of the above is too much to handle so only time will tell! This was a nice season finale!