TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Marry Me A Little

Bree: Just because we are thieves doesn’t mean we need to be untidy.

The introduction with Bree and her lawyer was done so perfectly. I love everything about it, especially the music. The things Bree would do to protect her money from Orson…wow. Bree stealing from her own house was just hilarious. Orson saying, “It wasn’t me, I swear” was just the icing on the cake. However, now that Orson has found the mask in Bree’s storage space that was supposed to be stolen, I wonder what Bree will do to resolve this conflict.

Next…Susan talking to Jackson about telling people their marriage is fake really had me worried. Susan would be the one to spill the beans on accident. I was hoping that she would not mess things up. Of course she could not have known that Katherine had been talking on the phone and with Dave of all people…he tried to get Jackson out of the way rather quickly.

Although this really isn’t that bad for Susan if she still gets her check from Mike every month. I am angry with Katherine for pretending she was Mike and agreeing to the plan with Susan. Katherine does not realize what damage she could cause for her selfish desires. I wonder why Mike all of a sudden wanted to marry Katherine. I say that in a sarcastic tone.

Unfortunately for him, he can’t take back his proposal. Well, he could and I hope that he does but I doubt he will. Getting back to selfish… Dave knocking over the wine at the engagement party on purpose was interesting. I say that because I would think that he would want to hear what Jackson has to say so that he could “help him” fill in the blanks the way he sees fit.

Now there wasn’t a lot of Gabby in this episode and the Lynette/Tom storyline was semi comical. Overall, this was a pretty decent episode but I can definitely tell there is some drama that is ready to unfold, so I am just looking forward to that.

Gossip Girl – Valley Girls

Lily: Is this the moment where you fall in love with me?

The introduction with Brittany Snow was great. I definitely enjoyed her throughout the entire episode. Her portrayal of young Lily is incredible. I do not remember Lily ever mentioning her sister in past episodes so that part of the storyline kind of went over my head. I am wrapping my head around that and just Lily’s past in general playing such a big part at this point.

The backdoor pilot gives a lot of answers but also poses many questions. So if the spin-off is indeed cancelled like I am hearing, I hope that Lily will at least have a stronger presence for a time in Gossip Girl to tie everything up. The special musical appearance of No Doubt aka “Snowed Out” was just perfect! I loved the transition from No Doubt to the prom.

The directing in this episode was superb. It was interesting that Serena called her grandmother of all people while she was in jail. I do not understand Serena’s logic for staying in jail when she left not too long after afterwards.

Anyway, Blair’s prom dress was gorgeous! Speaking of prom…why was the backdoor pilot mixed in with prom? Prom feels like it should have been its own episode. I was looking forward to a prom episode where we would see more of a “bridezilla” form of Blair for prom but nope, didn’t. Ahh well. Anyway, I was so thrilled that Chuck did what he did so Blair could win prom queen (as she was supposed to win in the first place). Chuck was so sweet to Blair.

Of course now that Blair and Chuck have broken up again, this leaves space for Blair’s relationship with Chuck to grow. This episode was pretty good. Things went very smoothly as Lily’s back story was told but I am more excited for the season finale!

House Season Finale – Both Sides Now

Dr. Wilson: Why is it always reasonable in Houseland to take an emotional problem and sidestep it by turning it into a mechanical problem?

What an introduction. I loved it! There was so much tension and worry. I loved when Taub, 13, and Foreman were giving the patient a test and the patient couldn’t se a word but drew what the word was. Taub said, “That is so cool” and 13 replied, “Yeah, that’s not freaky at all.” My thoughts exactly.

The patient’s air guitar was an interesting habit to pick up of all things but his blood clotting and symptom after symptom had me really worried. The patient’s storyline wrapped rather quickly as it became all about the main characters. I loved how Cameron went to House about Chase. Interesting how it took House to get her to think about the situation from where Chase is standing.

It is hard to say if Cameron would ever forgive Chase for making her throw away something that meant so much to her, so thankfully we don’t have to think about that since Chase let her keep it. Although it is hard to say if Chase will ever ask her to throw it away in the future. So only time will tell. The wedding was beautiful, let’s just hope the same can be said for the actual marriage. Getting to House, we first see him in a pretty good mood and it is always fun and odd to see him in that light.

Then, we see House talking to Wilson about Cuddy, which made me remember…wow House is human. The games House and Cuddy play never get old but I cannot believe House told most of the hospital that he slept with his boss! Even more surprising, I cannot believe Huddy sex last week was all in House’s head. Wow. I am still rooting for them in their reality and not just House’s mind. Although that relationship is going to have to wait being as House is now in a psychiatric hospital. I wonder how long House will be there.

It was great to see both Amber and Kutner in his mind near the end. I hope that more people come to him in his hallucinations, people from his past so we get to learn more about him. That would be interesting. This was a great season finale and there are just so many things I am looking forward to next season.

One Tree Hill – Forever & Almost Always

Julian: Unbelievable. She is so not making me jealous with the guy from Dancing with the Stars.

I love how Skills had Jamie on a leash so he wouldn’t lose him again. We all know what happened the last time! Mouth was so silly with the camera before he filmed the wedding. Mia and Chase were so cute together. That’s all well and good so I hate to say it but Haley was not the best minister that I thought she would be for the wedding ceremony. I was glad when Peyton and Lucas said their vows and kissed.

I was not thrilled when Julian came to the wedding with Missy on his arms. That was incredibly rude. Although it is Brook we are dealing with, so of course she goes and gets Nick Lachey to be her date. I loved Julian’s line about Dancing with the Stars and then Laguna Beach as Stephen Colleti passed by. His 98% comment was bound to get him punched, I am sure he knew before he even said it. I would really much rather have Brooke with Owen than Julian. I really hope that Brooke doesn’t seriously take Julian back.

Anyway… when Peyton told Brooke to look after Lucas if anything were to happen to her, I just started to think about next season. Since Peyton and Lucas are nearing their last days in Tree Hill, that means that Brooke will lose her best friend and ex, Haley will lose her best friend and friend, and Nathan will lose his brother and ex. I do not read spoilers so I do not know how their exits will be portrayed, but either way, everyone will lose 2 very important people in their lives. More importantly, this opens so many doors for relationships to grow and dwindle. So I am looking forward to seeing what Mark Schwan has in mind.

90210 – Zero Tolerance

Kelly: Jen – not a nice person…She is a compulsive liar. She’s practically a sociopath.

I have never heard of a sophomore prom, so this idea as a whole was odd. Lily Collins as a guest star and The Veronicas as guest performers were both nice to see. Naomi’s reaction to Liam asking her to prom was priceless. When she found out the main reason he asked her, that reaction led to her finding out that Liam really does like her. Yay.

I am just glad that Naomi did not get the chance to take Jen’s advice on getting him as a prom date. Jen is not a good role model for Naomi at all. I feel bad for Naomi having such a negative influence in her life. Let’s not even get into her compulsive lying. I definitely did not like the way that Jen talked to Kelly at all. That was completely unnecessary. Jen has issues. She is married and going out with Mr. Matthews at the same time! Wow. I hope that Ryan takes Kelly’s warning to heart.

So Silver’s prom dress, hair, and makeup was gorgeous. Of all of the girls, she looked the best. As nice of a gesture as it was, that was completely stupid that Silver won prom queen when she does not attend the school. Though, I did love Silver’s speech of how she is no prom queen. That was written very well. She sounded like the Silver we met in the first few episodes of 90210.

I can’t believe Naomi was so quick to get the crown! Desperate much? Navid’s freak out at prom was typical. Of all of the moments to choose to freak out over the situation, it had to be prom. I like the way it ended, where still typical but it at least stopped the fight. I was glad that the whole prom event was broken into 2 episodes and I am looking forward to next week’s season finale.

Ugly Betty – In The Stars

Marc: So I am going to a sing along and umm you know that the men who generally go to sing a longs are usually –
Jodie: A catch. I love sing alongs. We certainly have a lot in common.

It was disheartening to know that Mode could not afford to hire/promote anybody. Knowing that Yetti would only accept one team of people due to the economy was also disappointing but that would only make me work that much harder. Which is why I do not understand why Matt was slacking off so much. Even though he had a newfound passion for art, he knew how important Yetti was so he should have put the effort into the project out of respect and professionalism. Betty and Marc make a fantastic creative team. That is why they won with Yetti. I cannot wait to see how this changes things for Marc and Betty, what is in store for their futures.

Don’t you just love how Adele showed up and everything came together for the Yetti project and Daniel and Molly got married? That was hilarious when Molly thought that Daniel was proposing to her the first time. I knew that Daniel wouldn’t say no to Molly canceling the wedding after he really proposed to her. That was hilarious that the model married the two. It looks like their marriage could be cut short if Molly ends up passing away. Molly dying I think would put Daniel in a great depression that could cost him his job. So we will see how things turn out.

Anyway…Mr. Heartly trying to force his opinions on Wilhelmina to make the magazine his way was expected, whether Matt warned about it beforehand or not. Although I was thrilled that Claire became the Senior Vice President of Meade. This should make for some interesting drama. Someone who does not have any drama…Ignacio getting nervous before he was about to propose to Elena was so nice to see. Although it looks like there is either going to be a long distance relationship or the end of one, depending on what Elena decides in the long run.

So, I always love the American popular culture references. Bernadette Peters as a special guest was amazing as always. Adele as a special guest performer was also superb. I am so excited for the 2 hour season finale next week! There are so many questions to be answered and I am sure many more questions will arise!

The Office Season Finale/100th Episode – Company Picnic

Stanley: I usually don’t enjoy the theatre but this is delightful.

Michael sleeping in the office was no surprise. The staff turning the clock as a prank so Michael would leave and close up shop was genius. That was a great cold open. When Michael saw Holly, all I could think of was…poor Michael. It was no surprise that Stanley wasn’t taking part in any of the sports activities. Dwight’s friend dissing Angela was hysterical!

Anyway, Michael & Holly’s skit was quite a little presentation. I loved the Slumdog Millionaire reference. What a terrible way for the branch that was being closed to find out that they would be losing their jobs! I know that if I was an employee at the soon to be closing branch, I would have left the picnic right then and there because that is such a downer.

Also, I do not understand why Charlie is so mean to Jim. It was nice to find out that Pam played volleyball all of her life. That seems like the perfect sport for her. Dwight was so incredibly nice for stalling for Pam and Jim when Charles tried to pull one over. Although I can only say that because Dwight was on their team. I do not know what I would be saying if Dwight was on the opposing team.

It was so incredibly exciting when Pam and Jim (possibly) found out that Pam was pregnant and then Jim called Dwight to send in their substitutes for the game. Jim’s reaction (to the news) was just so touching. The whole moment was just so touching! I was disappointed that there was no closer. I cannot believe that this was the season finale! This season went by so incredibly fast! The latter half of this season was way more entertaining the first half of this season but I found it all fun to watch. I enjoyed the season finale and I really can’t wait for next season!