Joe Manganiello Talks About One Tree Hill

Almost exactly one month ago I had the opportunity to talk to an actor who I have watched on the small screen every week on The CW for some time now. Joe Manganiello, who plays Owen on One Tree Hill took time out to talk to Hollywood the Write Way about One Tree Hill, Spider Man 4, and more. The most interesting bit I found was that Joe and Sophia Bush did shoot scenes where their characters stayed together! One can only hope those scenes end up on the DVD. There is so much more he talked about and it is all below.

Photo Credit: Damani Moyd

Tell me about your audition process for One Tree Hill?
The first audition I went into, there were 20 – 30 other actors. When I went in for the callback, it was down to myself and another actor. I think he was from Scotland. We each read twice and then I found out that I got the part shortly after that. Within a week later, I had to be in North Carolina shooting.

What was it like shooting the episode, We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)?
That was a blast. I think originally Robbie Jones was going to play the cop but I think something happened where they thought it would be better suited for my character, so they threw me in. That was fun seeing everyone in the period costumes. I spent most of my filming for that episode tied to a chair, having water splashed in my face with blood all over me, being beat up by Dan.

Do you have a favorite episode?
One of my favorite episodes is from Season 5 when Brooke and Owen go to NY and find Rachel who overdosed. I love that episode. It seemed like a lot of the fans really loved that episode too. I think that was the episode that really put my character over the top. That was when the fans really started responding. I remember that the night that episode aired I got about 300 Myspace messages. In Season 6, I believe it was episode 9 that was the final slam ball episode, I enjoyed. We played slam ball and then I wound up naked in the back of Brooke’s car. We actually filmed the scene that never got aired of Brooke and I deciding to stay together and be a couple. I was over my issue with kids and I was going to be okay with Sam, and we were going to form a nice family unit. We shot those scenes and they were damaged by a machine. We were going to re-shoot but by the time we were going to re-shoot, the writers re-wrote the scenes to have us break up. So my other favorite episode would be the that one – with the original scenes.

I can’t believe those scenes were actually shot!
They exist. They are somewhere. In the film, you see a white mark, like a flashing light in some of the film. I wonder if they would ever release those.

I am hoping that these scenes are on the DVD. That would be awesome. But moving on…Owen was just about the perfect guy for Brooke, aside from not wanting kids but how would you compare yourself to Owen when it comes to relationships?
The not wanting kids issue was written in because my contract expired during the writer’s strike and I got offered the lead in an action film. So I went off to shoot the movie. With that said, Brooke and Owen had been dating for about a month and she wanted to have a kid. So I think any guy in that situation would be apprehensive to raise a kid with someone they have been with for about a month. It takes time for a relationship to grow and so forth. As far as myself in relationships… I am an old fashion guy. I think it’s the guy’s job to protect and take care of his girl and that is what Owen is. He was a strong guy who was also sensitive.

If Owen was not with Brooke and had to be with any of the other Tree Hill girls, who would you think he would be with?
That’s a good question. I think that Owen and Millie would have made an interesting match. I also think that Owen and Rachel could have made a good match.

Did you watch One Tree Hill before you were cast into the show?
I knew of the show. When I got cast, I went back and watched the entire show. I am a football guy and I watch very little television aside from ESPN and sports. When I sat down in my trailer and watched One Tree Hill, I was completely sucked in. I loved the show. All the stuff that the guys were saying to the girls in those romantic scenes, they were the things I wish I could say to a girl. I really got into it. So now I can say I am a really big fan of the show, for sure.

Are you going to appear in the Season Finale?
No, I am not going to be in the season finale.

Any chance we will see you in Spiderman 4?
There is a chance. I appear for a tiny cameo in Spider Man 3 at the end during the funeral. I was originally slated to shoot more than that but because of time, we could not shoot those scenes. I haven’t heard anything yet but I wouldn’t doubt it. It is definitely a possibility. I loved working with Sam Raimi. Tobey (Maguire) is a really great guy and I would love to work with both of them again.

Can we expect to see your name in the credits more as a writer and producer?
That is interesting that you say that because there is a book that I love. Books were one of my past addictions. I used to read books so fast. So anyway, I shoplifted this book when I was 13 years old. I went back 14 years later and paid the man who owned the store for the book. I am currently trying to get the rights to this book. I wrote a 26 page treatment that I passed off to my manager and we are talking about how to make this happen. I am also talking to Brendan Kirsch who is the sports coordinator for One Tree Hill. He and James Lafferty started a company dedicated to choreographing and making great sports movies. I pitched Brendan an idea for a film and I am currently finishing up that treatment.

Do you like pitching?
I love pitching. I really love pitching. I really think that is the definition of the word “inspire.” I get really passionate about the things that I love and the ideas that I have. I really enjoy going into rooms and making other people as passionate as my ideas.

Are you in rehearsals now for the play, Unusual Acts of Devotion which runs June 7-28th?
Well, I will rehearse the first 2 weeks of May in NY with the cast. Then we will go to California and rehearse for a couple of more weeks, and then we open on June 7th.

Are there any other projects you would like to share?
Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia came out on DVD a few months ago so definitely go and check that out.

Are you going to be attending San Diego Comic Con this year?
I am not sure yet. I do not have anything to promote but as a fan, I would love to go so we will see.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Los Angeles, CA?
I box with a boxing trainer. I recently started sky diving. One of my best friends was a Lieutenant in the Navy Seal. He trained me for Behind Enemy Lines. He called me up one day and asked me if I wanted to jump with The Golden Knights. 5 seconds into the jump, I knew that I had to do it again. The guys are actually pushing me to get certified so that is what I am working on now. Aside from that, I am pretty much a home body. I love just watching movies. I am a movie buff.

When is the last time you have been home to Pennsylvania?
I usually go home twice a year. I was also at the Superbowl rooting on the Pittsburgh Steelers. That definitely felt like I was home.