TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Chuck – Chuck vs. the First Kill

Casey: I’m not going to cheat. You’re kidding right?
Chuck: I’m not kidding.

It was so encouraging to see Chuck so determined to find his father. He can take a backseat on all of the other missions, but definitely not this one. He was desperate enough that he would go back to Jill. I was not surprised that a friend of the family introduced Jill to Fulcrum. It was either that or an immediate family member.

“Uncle Bernie” chasing Chuck and Jill was quite humorous for some reason that I cannot explain. No one had to save the day thanks to Bernie having a heart attack. Although thanks to Bernie trying to kill Chuck, that did not help Jill’s case. She tried to do damage control by helping the three out at the Fulcrum Testing Building.

As funny as it was that Chuck and Casey ended up having to take the auditing Fulcrum test, it was disappointing that they had to waste that time doing it, which led them to be found out by Fulcrum. The “Are you wearing a wire” was funny both times it was asked to Chuck. I loved when Chuck told the fulcrum security that he was not going to try to escape. Casey’s entrance to save Chuck was probably my favorite entrance of his all season!

Also one of the best moments was when Sarah told Chuck to take off his watch! Sarah to the rescue big time! That moment definitely made for a fine shift in the storyline. I cannot wait to see how this turns out. Back at Buy More, the staff was going crazy. I loved Lester’s quote about people asking employees if they work at a store when they are clearly wearing the store uniform…but then he barely had clothes on. That was great. I love how Morgan always has issues when unbeknownst to him, his overall conflict is the same as Chuck’s.

Now I cannot believe that Emmett set up Big Mike up so that he could become manager. Even worse, Big Mike thought that Morgan was responsible. What a sticky situation. Overall, this was a phenomenal episode. Kudos on the subway advertising. I am a Subway addict. The music was perfect in this episode! Everything was perfect. I look forward to more Chuck!

House – Saviors

Cameron: I told you I never wanted to dump Chase.
House: Absolutely. You want him to dump you. That’s totally different.

The introduction was one of a kind. I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting to see this patient and the doctors try to figure out what was wrong with him. How incredible that all of the patient’s symptoms were because of roses. Unfortunately roses was not enough to keep him and his wife together. You can’t win them all.

There was so much focus on Cameron and Chase in this episode, which I enjoyed because they do not get enough screen time if you ask me, especially Cameron. Although the circumstances were tricky because Chase thought that Cameron wanted Kutner’s place because he thought that she wanted to be closer to House. In reality, Cameron found Chase’s engagement ring to her and assumed that he just recently bought the ring.

When Chase came to Cameron 2 days after she said she needed time, Cameron should have told Chase what she found. I am glad that she got it off her chest though, in time for Chase to still want her back. Now that the two are engaged, I am expecting some sarcasm and jokes about that from House. Speaking of House, he played his heart out at the end of this episode…only to find Amber watching him. Amber! It was good to see her come back for an episode. I wonder if he will see Amber in his (day) dreams more now that Kutner is gone or if that was a one time thing. Only time will tell.

Heroes – 1961

Nathan: I’ll go back to Washington, take ownership of my mistakes, talk to the President.

So this episode did absolutely nothing to forward any stories although it was great back story for Angela’s life. Young Angela, Alexa Nikolas was perfect. I really enjoyed getting to know more of Angela’s background and who her sister is. I was so incredibly taken aback that Suresh dismissed what young Angela said about him killing everyone. It was even more disturbing when the guard shot Angela and Alice’s father in front of Alice. Why did present day Alice look so incredibly aged? I guess because the storms she created over the years must have gotten to her. I wonder if we will see more of Alice in future episodes.

That was insane how Sylar took Nathan’s form. That was a great ending and set up for next week. By the looks of it, there is going to be some major drama! This episode was directed very well. I can’t believe next week is the last episode before the finale. This year went by so quick. I feel like there should be more! Must savor the moment!

90210 – Okaeri, Donna!

Naomi: Don’t mention me at all, expect of course, only to find out if he likes me.

The way that Kelly was treating Silver was ridiculous. It was understandable because many people do not know how to handle people who have bi polar disorder, or any disorder for that matter. It was equally irritating as it was humorous to see Kelly struggle with what to do. Why does Silver have to go to bed so early like a 10 year old? That part I really do not understand.

Now, it was great to see Donna back, although it felt so routine and not genuine at all. Another special guest, Diablo Cody was also on the show and she looked great! I liked the stripper reference. Although her scenes, especially the red carpet scene was way too forced. I actually found the most entertainment out of Naomi in this episode. It was great of Ethan to volunteer of Habitat for Humanity but it was even better seeing Naomi on cloud 9 and asking Ethan to find out if Liam liked her. I do not know if Liam will ever seriously go out with Naomi but it is not worth it if Naomi has to chase after him.

As for Annie and Dixon… The road trip was light and fun up until Dixon had to tell Annie the true meaning of the road trip. I enjoyed the shout out to Rent by the way. I think that Dixon should have told Annie his true intentions for the road trip. I cannot figure out if he did not tell her beforehand because that brother-sister connection is not strong enough for him to trust her with something like that or if he thought it was in her personality to automatically tell their parents.

It was great to see April Parker-Jones, who I loved from her days on Jericho. Seeing her character and Annie bond was a touching scene. Overall, this episode fell totally flat with the Silver, Kelly, and Donna, but was very entertaining when it came to Naomi, and was decent when it came to Annie and Dixon.

Samantha Who? – The Debt

Regina: It’s like when I used to help you with your math homework and finally I just stopped trying push that rock up a hill. And I said, “She’s not going to need this math, she’s pretty.”

The introduction was one of the funniest I have seen in weeks. It was so simple and yet extremely hilarious to me. I was wondering how long it would take Sam to realize the negative side of leaving her stable job. The trip to Las Vegas did not help Sam in any way.

Before they got to Vegas though, Sam’s line about Bette Midler made me realize that Sam has to watch all of those amazing movies and classics over again! Apparently Sam’s memory loss did not take away her desire to do certain things like gambling. Sam learned how to play her own game with Funk and soon Todd. I always love to see the spark between Sam and Todd.

Now Andrea and Dena were hysterical in this episode. Their chemistry is amazing! The storyline was equally entertaining. This entire episode was amazingly written. I loved it and I can’t wait for next week.

The Office – Heavy Competition

Dwight: So how is your gay son?

The cold open was so clever and funny….I wonder how long it took the three of them to get it right. Their morning cheer was hilarious. Andy is truly ridiculous if he thinks he and his acapella group are worth $9,000. Jim and Andy were quite funny but it was really all about Dwight and Michael.

It was so incredibly entertaining to see Dwight out of his element, so uncomfortable and angry with Charles and then suddenly be fine with Charles and sell Michael out. I loved it, I loved the tension between Dwight and Michael. I cannot believe Michael is smart enough to use a simile the right way. Michael’s “Hello traitor” call to Dwight was hysterical. This episode was just full of laughs.

Dwight stripping down, Michael calling Dwight “Dwightlicious” I believe it was, and Dwight sabotaging Michael were all extremely memorable moments. Michael letting Dwight hear him sell to Dwight’s biggest client was the smartest thing Michael quite possibly has ever done. I enjoyed this week so much. This episode definitely stands out among this season.