Harper’s Island Whap Review

I am happy to say that Ali Liebert’s character did make it through the first episode of Harper’s Island! I posted my interview with Ali yesterday.

Although the first death of an unknown young man was a bit disturbing. I have to admit that I am a punk when it comes to anything scary and while this show is more suspenseful, it is still one of those shows that I think about all week and cannot get out of my head. I find myself thinking about me on the island and whatnot. It gets ridiculous.

Anyway… It is CBS, so the deaths will not be too graphic but that probably means they will extremely creative. I wonder how long it will take everyone to find out about each death, especially when they get separated from each other and what not.

Since there are 25 suspects plus everyone else that may or may not get more than “extra” screen time, there are so many people to keep track of right now. On one hand, I want to get to know each character. On the other hand, I do not want to put the effort into doing so if they will be gone before I know it. It did not seem like all 25 of the suspects were introduced in this episode, but I still cannot remember all of the names of the characters that were introduced. Obviously, it will get easier each week to keep track.

I do wonder if there is more than one suspect though. 25 is a large cast to kill off the majority of in 13 weeks, so I am not ruling out the possibility of multiple killers. There could also be a suicide too but since a killer has gone loose that could create much debate and definitely make people think about who they can trust, if they didn’t before. I also wonder about whether the killer and whoever is left will be brought into a second season or if everything with those left will wrap up in the June 2nd episode.

What I wonder about the most is how the deaths from 7 years ago connect to what is going on right now. The back story was shown and told so much…practically beat into our heads to the point where I thought, “We got it!” The fact that Abby’s mother was part of the killings is definitely not enough information, so I look forward to seeing how all of this is connected.

Getting to what actually happened in the episode…I do not understand why Abby would even consider walking alone on the island that her mother was killed. Based one the heavy set up of Abby in this episode, I believe that she will be around for only a few more episode. To find out that Abby’s dad is the sheriff, makes me wonder if that will make him die all the quicker. Anyway, that was exciting seeing a bit of what looked like the killer when Abby and Henry left the sight where her mother was killed. I found it hysterical when Jimmy made that hanging joke when unbeknownst to him there was a dead guy right below him.

It was also funny when Madison smiled when asked how she found out about the murders. Lovebirds, Chloe and Cal seemed like easy targets so I was not expecting Uncle Marty to die before them. It didn’t look like Thomas and Uncle Marty got along well, but I guess that does not matter now. Uncle Marty’s death was a terrible way to die. It looked like an animal killed him. I wander if the killer used an animal to kill him and if not, what he used to make Uncle Marty look the way that his body did afterwards. Overall this was a pretty decent set up to what is to come.

Keeping in mind that the tone of the show really changes around episode 5, I will keep watching and I am just excited for it to get to that point. While I am not hooked to this show at this point, I am very interested as to where the show I going.

Deaths This Episode:
Unknown young man and Uncle Marty

2 Sides of the Family:
Dunns: Henry is the groom, JD is his brother, and their Uncle Marty was killed
Wellingtons: Trish is the bride, her father is Thomas, her step mom is Katherine

Don’t forget:
Abby’s Family:
Abby and the Sheriff who is Abby’s Dad
The Allens: Shea is the made of honor, Richard is the brother in law, and Madison the creepy flower girl.