TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Susan: Actually, I’m more worried about the lesbian outside that is trying to get in!

This introduction was great, once again. Even though I was thrilled that Carlos was offered Bradley’s position, I am hoping that Bradley’s wife does not have an agenda with Carlos and Gabby. I was hoping that Lucy wouldn’t be another storyline where the wife is jealous of who the husband works with. So I was disappointed when it turned out to be just that. Let’s hope this does not drag out and is resolved as soon as possible.

I was glad that Edie finally found out that Dave had a daughter and she died in the car crash too. Next week’s episode is very important when it comes to Edie’s character since she may or may not die. I do not want her to die but if she does, I am sure it will work in the storyline. Only time will tell! It was great to see Swoosie Kurtz guest star on the show. I enjoyed her on Pushing Daisies. Her character in this episode as Susan’s boss who kissed her was quite amusing. How do you react to your boss kissing you on the lips? Luckily everything worked out in the end.

Bree set down the law in her house about stealing but I don’t think that Orson can learn how to control this habit before this gossip makes its way around Wisteria Lane. Interestingly enough, Bree tried to do the right thing, went about it the wrong way, and got Juanita in trouble for her wrongdoing. I cannot believe Bree did not say anything when Gabby cancelled Nita’s birthday party. That is low and all the right she is doing in this situation does not even matter to me if she can allow that to happen. Lynette and Gabby interacting more in this episode was great.

For awhile there, it seemed like Gabby’s storyline was filled with nothing but Carlos and her home life so it is nice to see her interact with the women of Wisteria Lane more. I can’t believe that Lynette said she was 54! She’s crazy. I also do not understand why she told Gabby she accepted another job but in the end that did not matter since she took the job to help Gabby out.

It was great to see Bevin Prince appear in this episode. I loved her on One Tree Hill. I also just recently interviewed her here. I really enjoyed this episode and next week seems like a huge episode, so I am anticipating it.

Gossip Girl – The Age of Dissonance

Gossip Girl: Looks like the teacher just got schooled.

I was very disappointed that after a month of waiting for a new episode, there was a filler episode. I never usually like filler episodes. This episode started off really slow and eventually became very comedic, which thankfully saved this episode. Even though Jenny was hardly in this episode, she looked amazing. Her wardrobe, hair, and makeup were on point.

Onto the others…I wonder if Blair will get out of her school conflict as easy at Nate got out of his in the books. Chuck’s storyline is still very dull. Although when the girl straight out told Chuck that she used him for his money, that was bold. Speaking of his storyline, Carter was in it. The actor who plays Carter, Sebastian Stan is in a new series, Kings (NBC) that you should check out!

I loved Vanessa helping Serena out. That was the most humorous moment ever. Another incredibly hilarious moment was when Blair & Dan were on the carriage during the play. These were the best 2 moments of the episode. When Nate thought that Vanessa was talking to the guy that Serena liked, I knew he would make something out of nothing. Sure enough, he did. The play really got dramatic and it wasn’t because of the screenplay.

Did Blair just walk away from making the teacher’s life miserable? That is a first for Blair. The teacher took it to an extreme low by being the one who sent the blast to Gossip Girl. Dan Humphrey is not doing the right thing at all. I am glad that this relationship did not last long. It is one of those things that I have seen in every other teen drama and did not want to see again. Plus, Dan is too good for this type of storyline. This episode started off dull but it ended up being much more comedic than dramatic tonight and I loved every moment of that. I am looking forward to next week. Which will hopefully further the drama that we all want to see.

House – Here Kitty

Foreman: Say “Puss” one more time.

The introduction was refreshing with a fabulous guest star, Judy Greer. The whole death cat storyline was as equally interesting as it was ridiculous. I loved how House was trying to be sarcastic about a patient who actually was a firefighter.

I cannot believe House attempting to watch the cat sit next to one of the sick kids. Taub treating his “old high school friend” was a great bit. Taub being in his “old friend‘s” environment encouraged him to resign back at the hospital but quitting there never works for anyone apparently. For such a smart guy, Taub wasn’t so smart as he lost most of his money before and almost did again.

That was disgusting when Kutner told 13 that it was he and not the cat who went on House’s chair. That is such a Kumar move, I wonder if the writers thought about that when they wrote this in. Regardless, it was brilliant. There was not enough Wilson in this episode. I loved it when he said, “Dead people are renowned for their warm glow.” Overall, I might actually say that this is one of my least favorite episodes of the season but that doesn’t mean that I am not excited about the next episode.

One Tree Hill – You and Me and The Bottle Makes Three Tonight

Brooke: It sucks being the footnote in someone else’s love story.

Millie and Mouth starting their relationship over is what I have been waiting for, but it looks like I will either be waiting longer for this to happen for when Millie comes back or I will be wasting my time on waiting. I want to have hope for Millie and Mouth but I also trust that the writers have Mouth’s best interests at heart so we will see.

Haley and Nathan are just so adorable together, I love them. I am so glad to see the two discussing their future as a family with their careers. It was so cute when Jamie said that he would rather watch Gossip Girl. Deb has her reasons for feeling the way that she does towards Dan but she also needs to let Dan see his grandson. Deb and Dan’s argument was full of emotion. I loved every moment of it. Finally they let out the truth and their true feelings…just in time for Dan to get a heart.

Now, knowing the unofficial news that Hilarie and Chad are leaving the show…since Peyton may or may not lose the baby, we can all pretty much map out the rest of their storyline. They did their thing in this episode though, I felt the emotion. It was so raw, I loved it. The song that played, “Til Death Do Us Part” was the perfect song to play during their scene. Julian wanting Brooke to say “I love you” made me think about just how fast the time went by for it to get to this stage.

Ugly Betty – The Sex Issue

Betty: What’s your hurry soldier?

The opening scene was great. Ignacio hitting Matt and Archie was awfully funny. I loved the writers naming MK & Ash’s next book as “More Influence.” I felt sympathy for Wilhelmina being tired from actually taking care of her baby, working like a dog, and thinking about Connor at a time like this. She is Wilhelmina, things will work out.

When Matt rushed Betty into the car, I was wondering if this was the episode that we would get to see whatever skeletons are in his closet. Matt being with hundreds of women is the best that they could come up with? Ehh.

However, Amanda and Marc sexifing Betty was so incredibly entertaining. As for Hilda, her intentions with Archie after the date I can‘t blame her for, but what is good for one person is not necessarily good for Hilda. Even though after Hilda told Archie her initial intentions, they talked and everything worked out…I still do not think that Hilda and Archie are a good match. I just am not buying it. Betty’s wink after, the “what’s your hurry soldier” line was the most funniest thing in this episode (aside from the Marc and Amanda scenes). Betty’s scarf was a distraction and her hair flips were so wrong. Ha.

Was that a Betty first – taking off her glasses? I don’t remember the last time Betty took her glasses off. Everything concluded well in this episode and while this one does not stand out, it was enjoyable. I am going to miss Ugly Betty while it is on its hiatus but I will be sitting front and center, ready to review the next episode once it returns.

The Office – New Boss

Pam: I can tell Michael’s mood by which comedy routine he chooses to do. The more infantile, the more upset he is. And he just skipped the Ace Ventura talking butt thing. He never skips it. This is bad.

The first laugh of the night came with Jim’s wardrobe and hair. Pam was awfully excited about it, regardless of Charles being there. Michael agreeing with Jim and not Dwight never fails to makes me laugh. Michael’s minor joke was nowhere near funny. It doesn’t even make sense. Michael is delusional if he thinks that Ryan was his best friend. What’s up with the C shaped bagels? I laugh at the things that he decides to put effort into.

I do not understand why Michael had to introduce Oscar, Angela, and Kevin the way that he did. I cannot believe how unprofessional Michael was, not telling the office about the cutback. By now, Michael should not be so ignorant as to how to talk to people who are not the same race as him.

While it is still hilarious, it is also disappointing to see how much he hasn’t changed since season 1. “Just call me asap as possible” was pretty funny. Gosh, Michael is just too funny. Instead of hanging up the phone, he just had to say, “I was never given a name” before hanging up. Ha! Michael just had funny line after funny line. “I think that’s a little hyper critical” was just hysterical.

Kelly and Angela trying to get with Charles definitely brought the laughs. It was so sad seeing Michael get upset and making a fool of himself while getting his anger out. When Michael was leaving the office to see David and he was close to tears and pushed the chair…aww.

As far as Jim goes, I understand why he wanted to talk to Charles alone about his position but the way he went about it, Jim must have been really intimidated by Charles. Otherwise, I see no reason why he made himself look so stupid. This whole episode was nothing but a sympathy trail for Michael for me and I cannot believe the way that it ended. Next week’s episode should be interesting! I haven’t anticipated an episode of this show this much in awhile!

Terminator: SCC – Today is the Day Part 2

John: Would you please give me your gun. You are not going to shoot me.

The only interesting part about the introduction was the connection between Jesse and Catherine. When Sarah brought up the point to Cameron about thinking about why John sent her away from him, that really made me think. Once Catherine pretty much admitted that she was planning on killing Ellison, since John Henry caught her planning it…I thought about whether or not she may kill John Henry as well or even instead.

Regarding Jesse’s connection to John, I still do not quite understand the connection. I am not sure if it is just me and it went right over my head or if all the pieces really aren’t there yet. The fact that John knew about Riley before Riley got the chance to tell him made me so proud of John! He is on the ball! Man, that entire scene was incredible. Amazing job Thomas. Amazing job.

I was surprised that John’s question was “Will you join us” although from a general standpoint, the “If you can’t beat them, join them” phrase comes to mind. I was also somewhat surprised to find out that Jesse was pregnant. This episode was just full of answers and surprises. I am so glad that Derek said, “I don’t know who you are…You are not my Jesse. You never were.”

Did Derek really shoot Jesse? If so, yes! John crying at the end made me shed a tear. After all that he has been through, going through, and will go through…man. It just really hit that emotional mark. Even though this episode totally revolved around Jesse, who is the character that I like the least…it actually was a good episode. In some ways it left me with more answers than questions and other ways more questions than answers.