TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Note: I have added Medium to the “What I Am Watching” list. I have been watching this show on and off for quite a long time now but lately, I have really kept up with the show every single week. I will not be reviewing it, though I do really enjoy this show.

Desperate Housewives – Crime Doesn‘t Pay

Susan: Stay out of this. This is between me and my ex. Got it?

The Orson introduction was done the signature Desperate style and I loved every cheesy moment of it. Orson stealing is stupid and unnecessary. Anyway, Katherine and Susan being friendly again at first was great to see. I was hoping that it would last longer but I enjoyed their conflicts in this episode. How incredibly awkward for Katherine after Susan told her the painting in her new house was painted by Susan from Susan and Mike’s honeymoon.

It is understandable how Katherine would not want Susan’s photo up in her house, but she should have given it back to Susan or asked Mike where he thought a better place to put it would be. Speaking of should’ve, could‘ve, would’ve…Gabby should not have dug herself in a whole the past few episodes and now it seems like either way she gets out of this situation, it will be ugly. I gasped and held my breath when the hairdresser was about to cut Gabby’s hair! The one time Gabby genuinely tries to do the right thing…hahaha someone dies. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Bree and Lynette always try to help each other out by helping each other out without putting a strain on their relationship even though that is what they end up doing. Because of this fact, it would not surprise me if Bree helping Tom with a job might be a problem in the future. It also did not surprise me that Lynette and Tom were fighting for the job position. It is not entertaining to see Tom and Lynette struggle. The repetitiveness of conflicts gets really old, really quick so it would be nice if we saw more of the unexpected. Tom mentioning the cancer was such a low.

I laughed so hard when Tom walked into the kitchen with Bree down Orson’s pocket and it looking like something else. What is wrong with Orson? What is his deal? What is Edie’s deal? She needs to just push Dave more into talking or just altogether split from him. Unfortunately there are rumors that her character will die. I do not believe these rumors but I do hope that she goes away and lives her own life once she decides to split from him.

Chuck – Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon

Casey: We’re dead. Bartowski’s got a gun.

I don’t understand why Sarah said Chuck was lucky for not living with Morgan. Sarah does not even realize her effect on Chuck. The Chuck and Cole tension has been entertaining but Chuck and Sarah have enough problems as it is, so it was nice to see Cole leave. Although there is room for him to come back. So, the gang playing tennis on Wii at the Buy More was so funny! From the outfits to the music to each one of their silly personalities, I loved it. Chuck’s goofy look when he had the gun and looked at Casey & Sarah was the best moment of this episode.

Morgan’s nuptial was not something I would have expected from Morgan but still pretty clever all the same, even if it didn’t work to his advantage. I really enjoyed Chuck at the hospital, trying to be a hero on his own. That one scene built up the entire rest of the episode so well. Chuck is a step closer to finding out how to not be the intersect anymore. I wonder if Chuck will come face to face with Orion or if Orion is even alive. Morgan breaking off the move in with Chuck before Chuck had the chance to do it with him was so realistic, I loved it.

Thankfully, Chuck made the right decision in not moving in with Sarah as part of their cover. The promo for the next episode looks ridiculous (in a good way) so I am very excited to see what is next. Although, since I do not read spoilers, I do not know if Chuck will actually get the intersect out of his head and still be able to work with Sarah and Casey or if Sarah will really be fired from the team. Time will tell!

House – The Social Contract

Wilson: My whole life is one big compromise.

Talk about an introduction. This has got to me one of my favorite introductions this season. This patient is quite the character! The patient’s talk when Cuddy walked in was very amusing. I could care less about Taub’s nose so that was a waste of time to cover. I was anticipating the patient’s confrontation with House but it never happened. Thankfully the patient was helped and it looks like he is becoming a more positive person.

Now my first initial thoughts about Wilson and House were: House loves to know everything about Wilson and Wilson is good with boundaries so Wilson was right and House was just downright nosy. He really does not need to know everything that is going on. It is not like he cannot function without knowing (unless he chooses that route).

My second thoughts were: Thankfully, the problem was not with Wilson but it is still troubling to know that his brother, Danny is not doing well. Thank goodness for House being so nosy. That’s what friends are for. At least Wilson knows that he tip toes around other people’s feelings, so let’s see if he really, I mean really makes an effort to change that. What a great episode this was.

Heroes – Shades of Gray

Claire: Did you mean all that stuff you said? About how you changed?

Doyle’s tears really got me. Heroes got to me emotionally within the first 2 minutes. The Matt and Nathan bomb scene came and went quicker than I had expected, so I really don‘t have a comment on it. How typical for the one you want to kill to already be dying. It was good to confirm that Sylar has the same abilities as his dad. It just came to me while watching whether Sylar’s dad killed his wife because she had a power too or a reason having to do with her not being a hero.

I can’t say that I expected his dad to go after one of Sylar’s powers the way that he did. It was no surprise that Sylar did not kill his father though, because as he thought before…his father was just pathetic. He was dying anyway so let him die that slow painful death. I loved the rebel’s hope message to Tracy. The anticipation is killing me. I really want to know who the rebel is!

Claire working at a comic book store (for a day) was quite funny. Tracy and HRG helping Nathan, HRG helping Angela, and Claire helping Doyle was just perfect! Angela brought out the hunter’s past and he got out of there. Will the rest of what happened to him in the past be shared slowly throughout future episodes or will it it come out through one episode? Now that the hunter knows about Nathan, will HRG be forced to help the hunter or will he go with Nathan? Will the hunter be set out to kill Angela, Nathan, and Peter when they are together or separately? Or will it not matter because Sylar ends up killing the hunter?

That was funny how the girl said, “Take it” and Hiro said, “No thank you.” Was the girl significant? How did Matt become a baby? What a story that will be! I loved the shot of Nathan holding Claire at the end. The promo for the next episode looks like just the kind of Heroes episode I have been waiting for so you know I am counting down the days until that airs. I absolutely loved this episode and it can only get better from here.

Ugly Betty – A Mother of a Problem

Justin: Mom, here’s your medication. (Hands her wine)

I enjoyed the opening, especially the a reminder of Hilda’s ex. What drama that was. I definitely do not see any chemistry with Hilda and the guy she was set up with so let’s see how long this story lasts. I am not buying that relationship right now. I knew that Daniel would push Molly away by his worry aka overprotection because this was happening since he found out about her cancer. Will Molly cut him off for good, will he be in her life at a distance, or will they both compromise and still be together? It seems kind of foggy.

Marc trying to make Wilhelmina feel better once the story leaked that she was selling her clothes was sweet. I felt sympathy for Wilhelmina when she took the day off to go home. Betty looked really good in the outfit she wore when she met Matt’s parents. I want to know how Betty confused torture with opera! That is quite a difference. That is so embarrassing, to have done so much research for your boyfriend’s mother only for the subject to be different.

Comparing opera to fashion was a perfect save! Matt’s mother has got some nerve. Can you believe that? People are so…sometimes I just hate people. Even if Matt and Betty do not work out in the long run, Matt’s mother should let her son enjoy his life right now. The best way to learn and grow is to experience and Matt’s mother should already know that.

Claire gives some really good advice and reassurance. In closing, I just want to say that it is interesting how the show is called Ugly Betty and yet unless Betty is interacting with her family, I actually care about everyone at Mode more. Let’s see less of Daniel and Molly and more interesting storylines for Betty. This episode was great! I can’t wait until next week but at the same time I can wait for next week, since next week will be the last Betty for awhile while Samantha Who? takes on Thursday nights for a short while.

The Office – Golden Ticket

Michael: I have an idea for a fancy men’s shoe store called “Shoe La La” and it’s just men’s shoes for the special occasions in a man‘s life…like the day that you get married or the day that your wife has a baby or for just lounging around the house.

The cold open was brilliant! Michael’s joke for Pam was just hilarious. I loved how Michael was pissed off at Dwight’s joke, Jim’s smile, and then how Michael was not pissed off when Jim did the same joke. Perhaps because he was not the one getting slapped? Something tells me that if Jim had done that to Michael (which he wouldn’t), Michael would have just muttered something and gone back into his office. Michael dancing around in the warehouse was just the funniest thing. Now did you see the girl that Kevin likes? That does not seem like his type. Or maybe he knows that he could never get his type so he has realistic standards.

Andy, Jim, and Pam arguing over the girl that Kevin likes was… interesting. I only really cared about Andy. Andy is still caught up on Angela, in terms of missing her not wanting her back so everything he says about relationships makes me go “Aww“. Why does Dwight not eating candy or watching movies growing up not surprise me? As for Michael…I loved his list of places he is when he is not available to come talk on the phone. Anywhere to avoid getting his work done.

I need to see Shoe La La merchandise at Comic Con this year. 🙂

Dwight taking the “fall” for Michael ended up being a positive for Dwight so will this help him move up in the company? Jim and Pam praising Dwight for Michael’s idea was great mockery and yet at the same time I felt really bad for Michael. The one time that he has a great idea, he doesn’t get the credit. Oh wait, Dwight finally admits under pressure that Michael was the creator of the Willy Wonka idea. Well, this episode sure was full of laughs. I really can’t wait to see bloopers from this episode.

Terminator: SCC – Today is the Day

Ellison: What is wrong with you? Why are you not angry?

On one hand, I really want Cameron and John to burn the terminator parts but on the other hand, it could help them in the future somehow. No matter how John spins it to Sarah though, I completely see why Sarah was so upset when she found the pieces. This may not mean much to others, but I wonder if Sarah and John will just find a new home, easy, or if they will be on the run as they search for a safe place to stay, or if they take their time looking for a safe place to stay (since there does not seem to be any terminator action right now). What a shame to find out about a close death through your neighbor, of all people.

Now that Riley has died, I wonder if John and Sarah will ever find out it was Jesse who killed Riley. Sometimes I think that even though the two will in my opinion find out who Jesse is eventually, that does not mean that this piece of information will come out to them. I say that because I do not see how significant Riley was in the first place to need to focus on her much anymore.

As for Skynet…John Henry’s game was quite the entertainment. He is getting so much smarter. Too smart for his own good on the Skynet side perhaps? While John Henry is definitely getting smarter sitting behind a desk, I am ready for the next phase of his storyline. Ellison and Catherine were perfect together in the hide and seek scene. I am really waiting for Ellison and Catherine’s storylines to intertwine on the screen with John and Sarah’s – and not just for a moment. Cameron’s cover as Riley was so incredibly disturbing even though it was a great save for Riley’s foster parents.

If you have been following my weekly reviews, you already know that I am not a fan of Jesse…so I have nothing to say about her in this episode other than I was disappointed with the amount of screen time that she had. I did enjoy this episode and yet somehow it fell flat for me but overall, it was great. My favorite scene had to be the Ellison, Caherine, John Henry hide and seek scene.