TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Chuck – Chuck vs. The Beefcake

Sarah: Chuck, the torture hasn’t started yet.
Chuck: This is the pre-torture?

It is so funny to see Ellie give Chuck advice about Sarah when they have no idea what else is going on. Chuck’s “It’s not you, it’s me” speech was funny! Big Mike trying to make nice with Morgan due to him dating Morgan’s mom was very odd. Chuck still has not been able to separate his relationship from work, which is understandable and can be good and bad.

Regarding Ellie and Awesome seeing Morgan naked, I am surprised that this is the first time Ellie has had that kind of situation with Morgan being that Morgan is Chuck’s best friend. I am assuming Morgan was over Chuck and Sarah’s house when they were younger. So it wasn’t all that funny to mean.

Lester and Jeff were not extremely funny like usual. So skipping a lot, once the chip is found and Sarah & Chuck are captured…Chuck’s way of dealing with torture by fainting on purpose is something that I laughed at and yet would probably do myself. Unfortunately, that move does not make him anymore of the man that he could be for Sarah, together or not together. I really am anticipating how and when Chuck will tell Morgan that he cannot get a place with him after all and how Morgan will react.

Also, Chuck and Sarah still having the girlfriend/boyfriend cover just might help rekindle their real relationship. Only time will tell. I really enjoyed this episode! The ending was a terrific setup for next week, which I can’t wait for.

Heroes – Exposed

Angela: Yes Dear, I’ve had a bit of experience with all this.

The introduction with Claire was lighthearted and entertaining which turned into drama thanks to her mother. Ashley Crow is such a great actress, she plays Claire’s mother perfectly. I like the idea of Sandra helping Claire and Alex out. Why do I have the feeling that Sandra could be helping out a whole lot more?

Regarding Sylar, I am so glad that he finally remembers what came of his real parents. What a terrible memory to recall though. Now the countdown begins for whenever Sylar comes face to face with his real father. I wonder if Syalr’s dad had the power or was given the power that he has. So now that the hunter has ordered a shoot to kill plan and HRG does not seem to be backing Nathan up, I wonder how Nathan will play both sides until he can break himself away from Building 26 altogether.

It was really heartbreaking to see Matt caught and set up. Hopefully, next week Matt & Nathan and whoever else can keep the bomb from going off. Honestly, I do not think that it will go off so I am just hoping the majority of next week is not focused on something we already know the outcome of…unless the writers have some tricks up their sleeves. The rebel contacting Matt and Peter only made me even more excited about finding out who it is. As much as I want the rebel to be Micah, I wouldn’t put it past Angela if she were the rebel. That might be a stretch but I would not be surprised if that happened.

I don’t want the rebel to be a new hero but if it is, that would be fine too. Of course the ending was very exciting, knowing that Eric Doyle is back. I have no theory as to how he survived so I cannot wait to find out. I thought that this episode was the most exciting episode since A Clear and Present Danger and I am excited for next week.

Ugly Betty – Sugar Daddy

Justin: Camera adds ten. You‘ll thank me later.

What an entertaining episode. Based on what was shown in this episode, there is so much room for other story lines to come through so hopefully they will. Matt is great for Betty and yet at the same time, I want to know when whatever skeletons in his closet will be addressed and see what his icebreakers are for Betty and Betty’s icebreakers for him are.

Matt being wealthy to me is not enough of a conflict for good TV because that has been done too many times before so I am waiting to see what else will be shown. Why is it not hard at all to see Amanda pretending to be a scary giant at baby stores?

Speaking of Amanda, reaching out to her mother was great to see. I wonder if this storyline will be shown rather than Amanda just talking about the progress of the relationship at work. Going to my other favorite…Marc using Wilhelmina’s baby to go on a play date, when in the end he didn’t like the guy because he was talking about his baby so much was hilarious. Although I wish this was taken a step further, and we could have seen Marc on the actual play date.

As for Betty’s family, the eviction notice was something else, wasn’t it? If this part wasn’t in the promo last week, I would never have seen it coming. Everyone pulling their money together to buy the house was a great move. Seeing Justin dance for money was just perfect. I was rooting Ignacio on to win the $10,000 although I am glad that he did not win because for TV that would be just too easy. The way that they did get the money to buy the house was well thought out, which I appreciate. Sorry, but whatever Hilda was wearing in the very last scene was a fashion faux pas. The idea was good but the execution….

So it was funny to see Wilhelmina and Daniel trying to use a credit card and break a 50 to get on a public bus. Throughout the episode though, it was so much more great seeing the two work together to try to save the company. As for Daniel and Molly, hopefully they can work it out.

The Office – Blood Drive

Michael: We were lying there together. I think our blood bags touched.

The introduction was pretty funny, nothing spectacular. I loved Kelly’s Valentine’s Day card, how hilarious! Michael hiding Pam’s flowers so he could not see them while he was in his office was just so sad and funny. How idiotic could Michael be? Seriously, has he never given blood before? He did not eat for 3 days and then gave blood, wow. That was probably one of my favorite moments after he passed out. Did Michael call the nurse a waitress? So funny!

The stranger he met while getting his blood drawn was nice and the Cinderella effect (the stranger leaving her glove) was cute. Umm, what was Dwight talking about retracting? Haha. That threw me off. He was odd throughout the entire episode, what with trying to sell paper at the Lonely Hearts Convention and calling her an idiot (gasp!) afterwards. Well, that was funny though.

As for the LHC…Michael making everyone feel bad at first was quite funny. I love the smile that Michael gave after he thought that the guy Oscar had met was gay after all. Was this ignorance or denial? It was hard to tell in this scene. Yes, I did feel bad for Michael when he kept looking for the door expecting the stranger he met (or even Holly?!) to walk in. Although I was so puzzled as to why once the stranger did come, he was so cold to her. That cake at the LHC looked so good!

Regarding the double date…the fact that Jim knew who Bob was talking about just by him saying, “jackass” was very funny as well. Hearing Bob and Phyllis doing the nasty was more disturbing than funny. There really was only so much that could have been done with that storyline so I enjoyed the storyline back at the office more. The ending was very funny. Leave it to Creed to just walk in and steal cookies while Stanley & Phyllis have thought out their strategy of how to do it and failed. Looking forward to the next episode.

Terminator: SCC – Ourselves Alone

Derek: It’s nice being able to waste bullets on apples.

Even though there really was not action, I definitely can say that I enjoyed this episode. I have never really been a fan of Jesse so I was not excited to see her. “Whoa!” was my reaction when Jesse showed up as the guidance counselor! I thought it would be Catherine Weaver for some reason.

As for Riley, sometimes I liked Riley and other times she was just as annoying as Jesse. So whether Cameron killed her or not in the end, I would have felt nothing. The fact that Jesse killed Riley (which was pretty expected since the first time Jesse slapped her across the face) instead of Cameron made me actually feel bad for her. Does Riley really trust Jesse when she says she wouldn’t let anyone hurt her? I guess it is the thought that counts because I am still doubting how stable their relationship and plan is.

I laughed when Cameron cut her wrist and then opened up her arm. How ironic. What was up with Cameron in this episode? She needs to be reset to a certain extent because she has been odd for a long while now. John needs to listen to future John. Future John knows what he is doing! Based on the promo for next week, it looks like the entire episode is devoted to who killed Riley and John possibly taking it out on Cameron.

Despite the exciting music, it does not look like a lot of action will be taking place. I can’t even count how many episodes it has been since I have seen terminators going after John (other than Catherine, and even that storyline is a bit slow). I know that there is so much more for Terminator SCC, but until those major moments, it just seems like every little thing is being dragged out. No wonder the ratings are low. I know TSCC can be better, so let’s get there already.

Dollhouse – Gray Hour

Echo: This is fun. Are you having fun?

When Echo’s mind is wiped, it never really seems like everything is being wiped. Although that has not been touched on (yet?) so I don’t know what to think. Like Topher, I also found it very interesting who sat with her while eating in the dollhouse. I wasn’t expecting for her to knockout the hotel guy so that was interesting to see.

The exciting part was when Echo was in the middle of a job, was double crossed, told Langton the rundown over the cell phone, and then had her mind wiped through the static of the cell phone! I like how Sierra was programmed to help Echo get out of the vault. While the Alpha character has been introduced and opened a window for more drama, I really do not think whoever that is will keep me watching.

Au Revoir:
Dollhouse: As I was watching this, I asked myself, “Why am I watching this?“ It is how many episodes in and I still do not really have a clue as to where this is going. There is no depth in watching Echo be a different person every week, so when there is an actual story behind this show I may watch. Until then, I am done watching this show.

What I Am Watching:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) 8pm
United States of Tara (Showtime) 10pm

Chuck (NBC) 8pm
Heroes (NBC) 9pm

Lost (ABC) 9pm

Ugly Betty (ABC) 8pm
The Office (NBC) 9pm

Terminator:SCC (Fox) 8pm
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) 8pm
Dollhouse (Fox) 9pm