TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Chuck – Chuck vs. The Best Friend

Chuck: You okay? You really had me worried.
Morgan: I’m so embarrassed. I can’t even get my ass kicked with any dignity.

Morgan having everyone help stalk Anna with Sarah and Casey behind was quite funny. What a terrible situation Chuck was put in, having to befriend Anna’s new boyfriend. The situations that Chuck gets into are equally worrisome as they are humorous. Did I use the word “worrisome” correctly?

Anyway…I yelled at the screen when Chuck was trying to leave the area he was planting since I thought he was going to get caught. Lucky for him…or not, Morgan was caught instead. Although Chuck did not have to save Morgan the way that he did. That was messed up. Although once again, lucky for Chuck that Morgan was not angry with him in the end. Unfortunately Morgan wanted to stand up to the spies, which was pretty funny when he was talking about being a man.

Sarah fighting in the car and Chuck driving away was such great action, I loved it. The look on Sarah’s face when she thought Chuck was in the car that blew up was priceless. Lester and Jeff singing at the end was the comic relief we definitely needed by the end of this action packed episode. It was perfect. Morgan saying, “I lo – I liked you” was, well I don’t know how I feel about that haha.

House – The Softer Side

Kutner: I don’t remember you taking Vikatin today.
House: I don’t remember hiring my mother.

The introduction and the storyline about an out of the ordinary boy with girl genes with parents who won’t tell him the truth definitely caught my attention. I was glad that 13 told the kid that she was not giving him vitamins, as the parents had lied and said it was.

Not a surprise that the parents were wrong in telling House and the team what to do and it was upsetting to see House go forth with it at first. Thankfully by the end of the episode, after House comes back to his senses and tells the parents what the kid’s situation was, he also realized that he needed to get off the meth. Interestingly enough, I enjoyed House when he is more sarcastic and negative than normal and chipper.

The fact that House was taking meth because he didn’t feel any pain reminds us just how human House is. Even knowing that he would be back to work once the meth situation was figured out, it worried me that House ignored his beeper. Although, shortly after Cuddy offered him his job with certain meth restrictions. I do not know whether to feel more sympathy for House not taking the meth or be content that he will not be taking it to help him have a clear mind when he is with patients. Anyway, Taub mocking Foreman’s expressions and Kutner giving his two cents on the “breakup” was funny and it is only a matter of time until House mentions something to 13 and Foreman.

Heroes – Cold Wars

Matt: You were my friend. You could have warned me! You could have warned all of us.

Matt, Peter, and Suresh kidnapping HRG was great to see, but an entire episode devoted to this scenario seemed to be a bit much. It would be more interesting to have an episode devoted to Angela than HRG since HRG has already had episodes devoted to him in the past.

Anyway, I loved how Matt got into HRG’s mind and saw the past. Although I honestly cannot even keep track of how many powers Matt has. It also seems as though Matt uses his powers (other than reading minds) at select times instead of all the times that he could actually use them. Not saying that is a bad thing, but I wonder if that is under his control or his powers only come to him when needed if that makes sense. Matt did not have to go into HRG’s mind to know find the obvious fact that Nathan started it all.

Matt and Peter were doing their thing but I haven’t been a fan of Suresh since he injected himself to get powers so I don‘t have much to say about him. As for HRG, even if Claire’s powers were taken away in Building 26 or wherever they plan on rounding up the heroes, he has long been in too deep to leave the company. He will always be a company man, I just do not see how he could escape it. That is why he gave the watch back to Angela. He knows it too. It wasn’t a surprise that Daphne was alive, nor was it a surprise who the hunter was when you think about it. Looking back at past episodes, it does not even seem like they were hiding his identity. Although his reasons for wanting to round up the heroes is a mystery.

I can’t really say anything about the last 10 minutes of the episode because I was not paying a lot of attention to be honest. Don’t worry, I did catch the very last moment and I am not sure how I feel about yet another explosion on the show. Yes, I was surprised and loved it but at the same time, I thought, “again?” I need more action and that will bring more action so I can’t complain there. I am itching to find out who the “rebel” is next week or the week after. I do not want that mystery to be dragged out for a million episodes.

Privileged – All About a Brand New You!

Marco: So how do you like your steak, Pookie?

Kathy Griffin was a great cameo as part of the season finale but on the other hand, it seemed like too little too late for this show in general. I loved wardrobe, as usual. Sage thinking that Rose is intentionally changing is ridiculous. We all change and grow and Sage needs to back off and let her sister grow up and be her own person.

I was wondering when Marco being gay was going to be an issue on the show, so it was good to see reality come to the screen. Sage proposing a counter argument by requesting to watch Milk with her boyfriend was the funniest thing. Apparently what she believed in and what he didn’t was an ice breaker for Sage and that was the end of that. You got to do what you think is best for you.

I was so glad that Will broke up with Megan because of exactly what Will said while breaking up with her and also because I always liked the idea of Megan and Charlie together eventually, which never got to happen. It was great to see Lucy Hale sing again. If the guy Megan met at the commitment ceremony was supposed to be setting up for a possible love interest in a Season 2 that may not happen, that is moving too fast. Megan needs to figure out who she is before she adds another half to that.

Ugly Betty – Things Fall Apart

Connor: Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.
Betty: I didn’t think you were until you said, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

The laughs came immediately, from Hilda wanting to sell Justin’s goods to redecorate the place, to Betty smiling in the webcam to make a face book profile picture, to Daniel thinking he was dying since he was sick. Then again when Amanda said, “I need to know that you know what you are wearing” to Betty! Wilhelmina having maternal instincts? Can Wilhelmina Slater be an amazing mother? I think yes.

Bernadette Peter’s character explaining why the special guest, Tina was not in attendance was pretty funny too. Wow, this episode just rolled out the laughs. It was a lot different from last week’s episode. Marc saying, “next time” about coming up with a fat joke for Betty to Betty was extremely funny.

Onto Betty and Henry… As soon as Henry’s co worker mentioned that Henry was not with Charlie anymore, it definitely makes me think about what happened with that relationship and why Henry didn’t go back to Betty if he could have. Luckily, Betty asked Matt out anyhow. Although I am hoping she is not hanging out with Matt just because she needs to get over Henry. As friends, that is fine, but there do not need to be any mixed signals, especially working together. As for Daniel and Molly, I think that Molly really could have been more positive to their relationship even with cancer. She can still have a healthy relationship with someone even if she herself is not healthy. Live life to the fullest while you instead of pushing people away. Now for the real story.

When Betty mentioned the millions of dollars that were missing, I automatically thought that Connor was the one to blame. I was right on the money! I knew Connor interrupting Betty’s phone call was because he was paranoid about the money. The fact that he tied not only Betty but Daniel into the money situation is an incredible low for him. The only reason I can understand how Daniel is not showing his anger over the situation is that he is sick. I am surprised Connor told Wilhelmina so quickly. He should lose his job and Wilhelmina in the near future. This better not ruin Betty in any way shape or form.

I am so thrilled that Marc gave Betty the location of where Wilhelmina was meeting Connor. It seemed as though Wilhelmina was about to accept Connor’s offer, knowing the consequences which means she should be reprimanded for her actions regarding being okay with him taking the company‘s money. If she was going there to deny Connor’s request, that would have been something to see. Connor played everybody and it is only a matter of time until he is caught, hopefully.

This episode was great! It just might be my favorite episode this season. It was also the most exciting episode to watch this week out of all the shows that I have viewed.

Terminator: SCC – Some Must Watch

Sarah: She is a bad dream. She is a bad bitch.

The introduction voiceover by Sarah was great. I can’t exactly say that other than the voiceover I enjoyed the introduction. It was probably the most uninteresting introduction in the series. Then, I understand where Sarah is at right now but at the same time, I don’t want to see it devoted to an entire episode. I think that is why this episode fell flat for me. It was interesting to see her in her dreams, having a discussion and fight with the guy she killed a few episodes earlier.

Funny, Sarah being at a sleep clinic in reality actually made me want to go to sleep. It seems as though John put her in the sleep clinic after she fell down the stairs at home. This episode was not very strong to me and since there really was no terminator action, I was really bored.

However, I was very worried that John and Sarah would get caught when John was erasing Sarah’s data from the “sleep clinic.” When they did, I was not expecting both Sarah and John to get shot! I really enjoyed in her dream, when Sarah was fighting for her life at the end.

Throughout the episode, I was really confused about which story really was reality. Based on the promo for next week, it seems as though her “dream” in this episode was actually reality. I did not really enjoy this episode. It was boring and hard to understand. I could have done with just one of the two but, you can’t win them all. So, I am hoping next week is more interesting! It looks like it will be. Hopefully the irony of Sarah being at a sleep clinic and me almost falling asleep during this episode has not happened to the rest of the TSCC viewers because ratings are low as it is.

Dollhouse – Stage Fright

Echo: You can fire me but bitch, don’t think you can take me.

This episode is definitely not one that will stand out among the entire season. Honestly, it did not catch my immediate interest. This was however the episode that singer, Kimberly Cole appeared in, who I interviewed not too long ago (read that here). Eliza seemed to be having a lot of fun playing a backup singer.

I was not given a reason to care about anything that was going on until Echo found the stalker letters and tried to get the lead singer to not go on stage where she would be shot by the stalker. I was confused at the end because I thought that those in the dollhouse knew each other even after treatments but it felt like the Brazilian and Echo had just met each other through the lead singer even though they worked together in the episode, Ghost at the end.

Maybe I am thinking too hard or maybe things are not well explained, even if just by a little bit. Of course I am not expecting it all to be spelled out but it just felt like mixed messages. Anyway, overall this episode was nothing special. Next week looks better.

Au Revoir:
Privileged – Earlier this week, The CW announced shows that were being picked up for the fall and this show was not on the list. Whether this show comes back for Season 2 or not, I will not be watching. The show has shifted its focus away from its original premise too much, I am not a fan of the main character, and one of my favorite characters left the show when that storyline had so much potential. So it is safe to say goodbye now.

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