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Desperate Housewives – In A World Where the Kings Are Employers

Katherine: No, it’s going to be tricky because Mike is moving in here.

Each second of this episode was more exciting than the next. I enjoyed this episode more than I can say. This is why I love Desperate Housewives. So getting to the episode…Mike should not have turned Susan and MJ down because he knows that Susan is getting back into work so he should be open to helping out his family, even if they are not together and even if he has to cut down or re arrange his plumbing jobs.

The fact that Mike dropped MJ off at Katherine’s shows that his priorities are not totally together. He needs to balance his work with his family. Believe it or not, I do hope that Mike and Susan get back together eventually, but I am happy for Mike and Katherine. Having those 2 move in together may take awhile for Susan to accept..

Whether it be Katherine or any other girl Mike could be with, Susan would have a problem. Unfortunately it is with Katherine, which has broken the friendship between her and Susan. This is so realistic, so in that sense more people can appreciate this storyline.

However, all I want is to see things work out. So in that sense, let’s not be realistic and move it along. As for Bree and Orson… Bree is right for not talking to her husband about the raise she gave her son but at the same time, she should have given him somewhat of a bonus too or at least given him some advance notice about what she was going to do, to avoid him freaking out. God only knows what he will do now. From the looks of it though, whatever he is up to may hurt him instead of help him.

With Gabby, I understand why she was so upset about the bonus but she should have accepted the fact that no one was getting a bonus. It did not take long for something to happen that would lead Gabby to getting the bonus for Carlos but look where that brought them. Gabby has now dug both her and Carlos in a hole having accepted the role as Godparents to Carlos’ boss. This situation screams disaster and I look forward to seeing this play out.

The laugh we hear after Lynette said her and Tom were going to go bankrupt and then again after Tom said he wasn’t going to be a failure made me laugh aloud. Tom taking out his anger on his son at work was more about him being angry about the slump in business than who was taking a table. Thankfully, he came to his senses and realized what was best to do. Whatever the family decides to do next for income, it will be fun to see them coming out on top again.

Chuck – Chuck vs. The Suburbs

Chuck: Charles Carmichael always comes quickly.

The title alone of this episode lets you know that this episode is going to be entertaining. I was not disappointed. My expectations for this episode were met and some. Big Mike getting divorce papers on Valentine’s Day is the worst thing in the world for someone who looks forward to the holiday. Having the Buy More staff help him get a date was a fun idea.

Although, Big Mike doing the nasty with Morgan’s mom was just about the funniest, disturbing thing on the show so far. I wonder if Big Mike is going to end the relationship or keep it going, and how he will treat Morgan if he does keep it going. How creepy were the photos of Sarah and Chuck as well as the dog?

Jenny McCarthy guest starring was great. Having the entire neighborhood be Fulcrum was a smart idea. Seeing Chuck save Sarah is always more satisfying than the other way around so that was nice to see at the Fulcrum lab – even though Casey helped out too. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It definitely stands out among the rest of the season.

House – Unfaithful

House: Separately they are great doctors. Better than you. Together, they are morons.

The introduction of this episode was interesting. It definitely was different than the usual thrilling, mysterious introductions. I was freaked out by the drunk priest’s hallucination of Jesus, but I think that was the goal. I also am guilty of laughing at a drunk priest seeing Jesus. The priest being difficult at times when Kutner and Taub were trying to figure out more about him was ridiculous. I hate when the patients do not cooperate. I enjoyed watching the discussion the priest and House had about what they do and do not believe. At first I was thinking, “Why does house start these types of conversations when he is just going to be sarcastic?” but then I realized that the more conversations like these that he has, the better he gets at learning more or accepting more about himself and others.

Speaking of others…seeing House considering going to Cuddy’s Jewish baby naming ceremony throughout the entire episode shows just how much he really does care about Cuddy. But unfortunately, he over analyzed, which got in the way of him being a human being with feelings and actually go to the ceremony. Foreman and 13 being put in the position that they were put in by House was something I thought should have happened sooner. The thing about Foreman and 13 is that they both have the same strong personalities whether neither one of them will back down. This is why they clash so much and most times it is not fun to see on screen.

I am surprised that House did not fire both of them, given 13’s track record in the past, although nobody is probably thinking about that given what Foreman did. Cuddy not giving Foreman a recommendation topped off Foreman’s bad day. Thankfully for him, he got his job back in the end. I enjoyed this episode very much. I do not know why 13 and Foreman’s relationship has gotten so much screen time the past few episodes but it is exciting to watch.

Heroes – Building 26

Sylar: Okay, technically I’m a serial killer.

This was a great episode because it was more emotionally hard hitting than other episodes. I also loved the music throughout. Story wise, Hiro’s storyline and the Building 26 build up fell flat. Claire at home, almost forced into the situation of having to act like there is nothing going on for her mother’s sake was horrible to see. Once Claire told her mother the truth, her mom went off on Noah. Did you feel the heat of that argument? I felt it.

I was so relieved that Claire acted on the text message that she got from “rebel” as soon as she got the chance to do so. Claire and the hero she was helping out escaped easier than I thought they would, lucky for the new hero for now anyway. The way that the heroes are being tracked is insane. Surely more heroes will be captured within the next 2 or 3 episodes I hope because it is boring to only see one hero locked up in building 26.

Sylar and his mini me was so amusing to watch. I love seeing Sylar paired up with someone, whether it be with Noah, Elle, etc… People in general bring the best and worst out of him, so it is nice to see the effect one person on him over time. I wonder how long Sylar will keep his mini me around. Now that Sylar has the address for his real father, the moment many Sylar fans have been waiting for will be coming soon.

Hiro and Ando’s storyline unfolding in India was something I was looking forward to seeing, since the picture of the future was drawn by Matt. It looks like there was nothing major attached to that picture, just that they needed to be there to be told to warn Matt. This either could have been done another way or everything leading up to it in India could have been more meaningful. Maybe it could be more meaningful and I do not even know it, I don’t know. It just did not seem as attention-grabbing as I had thought it would be.

I was so shocked and excited when Moira Kelly, who I know as Karen on One Tree Hill appeared on this episode. Go Moira! Hopefully she will be seen in a few more episodes throughout this volume. Friend or foe character wise, I am thrilled she guest starred on the show. I enjoyed this episode more than last week. Let’s hope that the promo for next week is not misleading because I am definitely looking forward to it.

Ugly Betty – There’s No Place Like Mode

Marc: You are still as horrible and evil as the day that Satan himself placed you in your mother’s arms.

Bernadette Peters does her thing. I love her. Betty getting the sports guy for her Yetti assignment was especially funny to me because I would feel exactly the way that she did when she got him (I am not a sports person). Although she should have been more professional and went with the flow as opposed to complaining about who she got partnered with and not even give a second thought as to what the sports guy does. When Christina and Betty were creating a fake press release for fun, I thought it would come around and bite Betty in the butt.

However, it actually benefited Betty. Having Betty ask Justin to help her with the press release was funny though. Got to love siblings. How insensitive was it for Betty’s dad and his girlfriend/former nurse to wake up and come down to the breakfast table together. Betty’s dad and the girlfriend, who’s name I can’t remember both should know to take things slow, especially when they know Hilda and Betty are still getting used to the relationship.

Some might argue that their relationship is none of their business but if it is under the roof all of them live in, it is. I want to know why Molly was at a doctor towards the end of the episode. Christina walking down the runway while she was having contractions and then having the baby right there with the models standing around her was just about the most bizarre entertainment this season. I loved, loved, loved the ending of this episode. The title of this episode is perfect. I would definitely say that this episode stands out among the rest of the season.

Terminator: SCC – Desert Cantos

Catherine: Would you excuse me Mr. Ellison? I’m feeling emotional.

There was no action at all in this episode so I was disappointed in that sense. The entire episode focused on the entire day of the funeral and everything that goes with it for those who died in the “fire.” I did not expect an entire episode to revolve around that, so in that sense I am disappointed with that being dragged out.

Other than that, I did enjoy this episode very much. I wonder if John meeting and talking to Zoe was just to have John talk to someone or if she is going to play a bigger part in a few more episodes. Sarah talking to the widow of Jim (I think that is his name) was a great way to lead into the opening credits. The dialogue was perfect. Derek had his eye on Catherine’s hawk the whole time.

It was comforting to know that the widow knew that her husband’s job was not what he said it was. Although it seemed to me that she was a bit too open to Sarah, being that she just met Sarah for the first time. If she had doubts about her husband’s job, it would not be the smartest thing to open up to the first person who claims to have worked at his job. Ellison getting closer and closer to figuring Catherine out makes me think that he could be the big death this season. It took them long enough to realize that Jim was not dead.

I don’t understand why Sarah did not ask Derek to come spy with her or at least mention where she was headed. Thankfully nobody caught her snooping and they all came together in a way that was not obvious. Shirley Manson makes an outstanding terminator. As far as the ending goes…is Jim a terminator now or is he still Jim? While there was no action in this episode, it was still a somewhat enjoyable filler. I really cannot wait until next week’s episode. Hopefully there will be some action next week.

Dollhouse – The Target

Echo: Toss the bow and get on your knees or I’ll blow your freakin’ head off.

Now that’s what I call the perfect nightmare of a date. Never go on a date alone in the woods. I do not understand how Topher and the rest of the people working on the actives have not practiced trial and error in order to plant an imprint to fight. Instead of giving up on the imprint, work at making the imprint like intermediate self defense.

Yes, that will cost them some lives but obviously they do not care about that since they have taken away the lives of the actives. I loved Echo being faced with her old self in the woods. It shows that even though her mind gets wiped, she is still attached to who she was before the dollhouse.

Honestly, I thought that her remembering things that should have been wiped would be a more gradual thing but it seems to be happening rather quickly in the show. This episode was definitely full of action, so there was no disappointment there. Although I still do not know the names of any characters other than Echo, Topher, and Langdon.

I feel like I do not know any of the characters except Echo, and I really do not know her because she does not even know herself. So it is safe to say that I have not really connected with any of the characters. While this episode was good, I still have not reached the point where I am fully anticipating what will happen every week.

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