TV Week In Review

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FYI, the reviews are pretty rushed this week.

Gossip Girl – Carnel Knowledge

Jenny: Anything you want to tell me?
Dan: Besides I’m glad you’re not wearing that raccoon makeup anymore because you looked like one of the Incredibles.

The writing, directing, and acting were excellent for the most part. Blair making Dorota do her dirty work, literally, was quite hilarious. The music behind Blair’s speech to her minions was very comical as well. Now I can understand clearing the air but I wasn’t too happy with the way that Serena went to Dan about his alleged scandal, arms crossed and all.

Maybe if it had been Nate, but not Dan. Dan would have told her out of guilt if he had done it anyway. Also, Dan needs to stop calling Miss Carr by her first name. Boundaries Dan, boundaries. I absolutely loved Blair being expelled – only for a second (as opposed to Nate being left behind for awhile in the books). Miss Carr is foolish for meeting up with Dan alone at a restaurant.

What really shocked me was Serena taking a picture of the two. I wasn’t really liking Serena in this episode. Serena and Dan breaking up yet again is bittersweet. Let’s hope that by the end of the season they either break up for good or stay together for good because the on and off relationship is getting to be too repetitive. This is TV, be creative.

Will Blair’s dad ever go to the board and tell them that Blair lied? Miss Carr kissing Dan! We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later but it still deserves a “whoa!” Miss Carr, how many guys are in the city and you have to get the jail bait? Everything (minus whatever Chuck’s soapy storyline was – and why did Vanessa & Nate go with Chuck?) about this episode was scandalous. I am so pumped for the next episode in March.

Chuck – Chuck vs. the Third Dimension

Lester: Hey! That is my Tyler Martin display. He is a hero of mine John!

Chuck in 3D was not in 3D the majority of the episode. I did notice a few things here and there but I expected more, no thanks to all of the hype. Realizing that this cannot have the same effect as in a movie theatre, it still could have been better. It was nice to have the opening credits in 3D as well. The glasses did give me a headache after awhile.

Aside from 3D, the episode was entertaining, especially with special guest, Dominic Monaghan. I liked how before his character, “Tyler Martin” came into Buy More, Emmett called him his personal friend. That was quite funny. Also really funny was seeing Jeff jump up and down like a fan girl when Tyler came into the store. Ignoring the real life fact that employees are not allowed to participate in company contests, the storyline at Buy More was semi entertaining but the urinal cake was just plain disgusting.

Chuck putting up an accent at the nightclub was hilarious. He was really good at it too. He is not good at dancing though haha. Chuck hanging outside of the elevator and scaring the couple was my favorite part of this episode. It makes me laugh every time. Later on in the episode when Chuck says that “One night of bravery…” line, I really felt for Chuck. He was saying it more for himself than he was for Tyler. Finally Chuck told Sarah what he saw and Sarah’s reaction was just as I thought it would be. There was a lot of action and comedy, as usual which makes Chuck, Chuck. This episode was pretty decent, nothing fascinating.

House – The Greater Good

Taub: Well an apple fritter makes me happy but it doesn’t fulfill me as a person.

As a viewer who looks forward to the introductions, it is important that they really catch my attention. This introduction in particular made me realize just how much I shut my thinking cap off not even realizing it when I watch House. I was thinking, “That is cool that she knows all of her symptoms” and then when she said she was a doctor I thought, “Oh duh.” I just don’t think at all when I watch this show and I don‘t know if that is good or bad. I love figuring things out step by step with this show but sometimes I get mad at myself for being so incredibly obtuse.

Anyway, the introduction was great. Cuddy torturing House throughout the episode was very entertaining. Foreman needs to learn to separate his work from 13. The patient talking about doing what she wants vs. what she is supposed to do was something that 13 really needed to hear. The doctor helps the patient and the patient helps the doctor. The patient bleeding out of everywhere and everything was very graphic, made my stomach turn a bit. I love how graphic they make things.

Throughout the entire episode, I felt that all of Kutner’s lines were just filler lines. He had no depth in this episode. He mine as well could have had the day off. As far as Taub goes, it is hard for me to say whether I think he is better off married or not.

Also, Taub saying that he was embracing his ignorance to stay out of the drama was quite funny. As far as the patient, I don’t remember her exact words, but it really made me think when she said something about being on your deathbed once but you have all the rest of the days to live. I thought 13 being blind was going to stretch out more than one episode but I am glad that she isn’t blind anymore. The ending with Wilson brought back memories of Amber. Poor Wilson. I loved this episode.

Heroes – A Clear and Present Danger

Peter: Ever get the feeling you’re meant to do something extraordinary?
Mohinder: I used to.

The introduction was perfect. I loved the suspense building up to Tracy being captured. It was really heartbreaking seeing the heroes being captured one by one and yet exciting because I’m thinking in the back of my head how they will get out of this one. Seeing Mohinder driving a cab brought back Season 1 memories. Every storyline was equally entertaining in this episode as I remember them being in the first season, which is refreshing to say. I love the title of this episode so much.

This episode really screams the title in every moment of every scene. When it comes to the point where you are selling out your own sibling, it has gone too far. Needless to say, I am not a fan of Nathan right now. The setup for capturing Sylar would have been perfect if they had actually captured him. I don’t know exactly what is going on with Peter’s powers but I can’t wait until it is explained. Dare I say the last 5 minutes were the best last 5 minutes of the season.

One Tree Hill – Screenwriter‘s Blues

Brooke: I don’t smoke and my voice doesn’t sound like that.

Looking for the cast for the film is very entertaining, very heartwarming. This is one of my favorite episodes, if not my favorite episode this season. The first major laugh of the hour was when the girl trying out for Peyton said, “Why do people always leave” and Peyton said, “Oh God.”

The actress who was picked for Brooke Davis seems perfect. The new principal threatening to fire Haley if she doesn’t scrap Sam’s essay is beyond ludicrous. Haley did the right thing by publishing the essay and the principal better not give her hell for it. I want to read Sam’s article now.

Finally knowing what Skills does for a living is interesting because of course it has got to tie in with someone’s storyline. Nathan’s storyline has been boring this entire season but to add guilt to his new role on the team by cutting the guy he had problems with… I am just so over it. I am so glad that Brooke stood up for herself throughout the episode. She is so right, high school Brooke graduated and boy has she come a mighty long way. Peyton baby proofing her house was so incredible to see, even though she barely showing. She is getting an early start, which is good. The ending was just incredible.

90210 – Help Me, Rhonda

Adrianna: She’ll surprise me if she doesn’t kick me out.

I think I said this last week, but I’ll say it again if I did…I am so over Ethan’s car accident storyline. Although it was great to see Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights on the show. I am catching up on that show myself so that was exciting to see her on here.

I do want to know why this episode is called, “Help Me, Rhonda” when the majority of the episode is about Adrianna. Ever since Adrianna told Naomi that she was pregnant, Naomi is more tolerable. I was starting to get annoyed with her character but I can bare her for now. Anyway, I was incredibly mad that Ty’s first reaction to Adrianna was saying “handle it” after A told him she was pregnant. How insensitive could he be? But then, when he later on sat down with her and told her how insensitive he was, I felt better. I was even more taken aback when he told his mother about Adrianna so quickly and Adrianna was still struggling with how and when she would tell her mother.

Ty never ceases to surprise me, good or bad. Ty’s parents are wonderful at first sight but just first sight. Ty’s mom stepping in and deciding for Adrianna that she would give the baby up for adoption with a written contract is an interesting bold move. Ty’s mom has nerve deciding this on her own without talking to A, A’s mom, and Ty together and she also has nerve for going to A’s mom before asking she if she even told her mom.

I was also very angry at Adrianna’s mom in the beginning of the episode. She really needed to get a reality check that the parent provides for the child, not the other way around at this point in their lives. She need not use A as a crutch and excuse to not fix things if A can’t. Although I was glad that she stood up for A when Ty’s mom came over. That scene with Adrianna, her mom, and Ty’s mom was probably my favorite scene in this episode. Talk about sparks flying. The ending of this episode was perfect, I loved it. I loved how Adrianna told everyone that she was pregnant and then walked down the hall with dignity. This episode is one of my favorite episodes of the season.

Privileged – All About Confessions

Charlie: Good game. Winner as always.

Charlie being written out of the show stinks. I enjoyed the scene where Charlie told Lily what she should do and vice versa. The way that Sage told her boyfriend that she was a virgin was so cute because she thought it was such a big deal when he was raised by abstinence so it wasn’t. The way that Rose told her boyfriend was good because it opened up the communication line between them as far as past relationships.

As far as Megan hanging out with Charlie all day and Charlie getting loads of screen time in this episode… I just am not feeling it. I am not feeling Charlie’s storyline being smashed into his last episode. As exciting as it was for Charlie to tell Megan that he loves her, it’s too little too late and means nothing if he won’t be on the show anymore. I agree with Will that Megan shouldn’t go to the goodbye party. I don’t know if Sage going to church was supposed to be emotionally disturbing or not.

Why is Charlie mad at Will for not making his own move when he should have? I’m glad that Charlie’s girlfriend told Megan what I and many fans have been thinking for weeks. I wonder how long it will take for Rose to tell Sage who she met. Where does the party scene leave Will and Megan? I know Sage’s confession is supposed to be a great cliffhanger , but I don’t expect much from her. Although the promo for next week looks so good , I’m excited!

Ugly Betty – Kissed Off

Amanda: Okay, so I couldn’t find a male point of view but I did find Marc.

The Suarez family is portrayed so perfectly in every aspect – sister to sister, mother and son, father and daughters, etc… and that is all I will say on that because I can analyze that forever. I have never been a fan of Daniel. Every now and then he’ll take his head out of his own … and think about people other then himself and think straight period but it wasn’t this episode. He needs to be a man.

Too often we see that when he can’t get someone else (usually Betty) to do whatever he isn’t man enough to do, he just doesn’t do anything, even knowing the consequences. He should not have waited so long to tell Connor about Molly because when you wait to long…there is the risk of getting punched like he did. Amanda and Betty interviewing potential roommates was fun to see. What wasn’t fun to see was Jesse, because I actually forgot about him. I was glad that Betty found out that he was conceited, so that is hopefully the end of his storyline.

Not sure if I am in a minority or majority here, but I loved seeing Amanda and Marc lock lips! Since Amanda and Marc are room mates now, do you think that scenes at Betty’s apartment will still be shown? I hope so! Vanessa and Marc spying on Connor and Daniel spying on Molly was quite amusing. Every time I see or hear “RJ” I think of “rich jerk” now.

Wilhelmina was not seen enough in this episode. I should be happy being who she is but an episode with barely any Wilhelmina is just not normal. When Marc said “Interesting. How can you tell?” after Betty said she was ready for her date, I just laughed and laughed and laughed. The episode wrapped up nicely. This was a very enjoyable episode. Next week should be great too!

The Office – Stress Relief

Michael: I have got to make sure that YouTube comes down to tape this.

Best cold open ever. So I fell asleep 20 minutes before the Super Bowl ended and woke up to Angela throwing her cat into the ceiling and chaos in the office. Why does she have her cat in the office? Really, Kevin? You are going to take all the snacks before you escape a burning building?! “Stanley! You will not die! Barack is President! You are black!” I thought I was dreaming. When I watched this episode again from the very beginning, I just could not stop laughing.

Watching this episode, one has to take into account that this is TV because Dwight would have been fired on the spot, etc… so with that said, it actually makes it even more hilarious thinking about someone like Dwight staying after that incident in real life. Wow. The Stanley montage was such a great throwback. That was put together very well.

It is safe to say that nobody learned anything at the CPR lesson. Andy singing and Kelly dancing during the lesson, Dwight tearing apart the dummy, Creed “checking” for a wallet… brilliant. This entire episode was just brilliant. I have no complaints. Regarding the whole Jessica Alba, Jack Black, and Cloris Leachman special guest appearances… I wasn’t feeling it. First off, they weren’t really even in the office.

Second, it seemed like putting 3 celebrities in was trying too hard. Third, the storyline of them in a movie was just stupid. Who is responsible for putting that together? Try harder – or maybe not, next time. I also wasn’t feeling the way that Pam’s parents situation was dragged into the workplace in a sense and affecting Pam. It seemed out of nowhere and kind of a panic “now what can we do with Jim & Pam?” thing.

Michael trying to create a meditation type experience to keep Stanley’s stress down was funny on many levels, one being that I have been in that situation a few times and they all have been quite awkward. Michael claiming that “boss” was a slang word at some point in time made me die of laughter. Being that we know that Michael knows he is a loser (ie Dundies, etc…) why would he put himself in the position to be roasted? Poor Michael. I loved the roast though. If you blinked, you may have missed seeing Angela smile. Kelly willing to make out with Lord Voldemort before Michael and Oscar telling Michael off, and Andy’s song was the icing on the cake. Michael attempting to roast everyone at the end was typical Michael.

The Office – Lecture Circuit Part 1

Michael: Don’t worry, the chain is off.
Pam: No, it’s not.

Michael is hilarious! I don’t know if I have said it before but he is my favorite! The cold open was just the best. Man, the introductions this season have been incredible. I kind of didn’t want Jim to cut the cord! What was that quote, “And we’re off like a herd of turtles” haha wow. I am not sure if I was supposed to laugh at Pam or feel bad for Pam struggling with the luggage, but I laughed so hard. That scene was odd, with Michael’s shots at Pam.

Once they actually made it to the branch, I could not believe that Michael really asked Karen if the baby was Jim’s. Yay for Karen coming back for an episode. Seeing her in that picture with her extra tall husband in fast food costumes was just about the most ridiculous and hilarious thing I have ever seen from Karen on the show. I loved it. I really enjoyed seeing her. Dwight & Jim being enemies to Kelly yet again was enjoyable. I love Kelly.

Fact: It is a bad idea to have Dwight throw a party for anyone. One of my favorite scenes was when Michael was lecturing Karen’s branch and labeling everyone in the room. Right after he said he sings the “Old McDonald“ tune to the Pledge of Allegiance, I so wanted to hear him sing so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when he did a few short seconds later. If I were Andy, after I had asked for relationship advice with Stanley walking away, leaving me only to Creed…I would have walked away. Yall heard Creed call Andy Jim right? Ha!

Andy deserves to be happy but rushing into a relationship to try and get over Angela is not the way to do it. What I am really wondering is how Creed got a 3 dollar bill. Ha. He is full of surprises. This episode is full of so much, every time I watch it, I see or hear something new (as with every episode but this one is just fantastic). The beginning of this season did not start off very strong but boy is this show on a roll now. This is episode shows why I love this show.

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