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*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Note: I do watch Lost but I will not be reviewing the show every week because I do not have the time to really analyze and review each episode the way that I would like to.

Desperate Housewives – The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

Lynette : I got the job!
Tom: Congratulations. The baby’s arm is sticking out, why don’t you high five it?

The introduction was not as interesting as the usual introductions although still did its job by setting up the episode. Juanita finding Eli with a crow pecking at him was equally disturbing and hilarious. Flashing back was perfect for the 100th episode. This wouldn’t be the 100th episode without having Mary Alice physically in the picture, so I was very pleased with that. It must have been so fun getting go to back to where their characters were at that point in time. Gabby balancing Bree’s cookbook for her table was so funny! Seeing how much Gabby has changed is beneficial not only for herself but for everyone around her. To see how quick it took Bree to become defeated in the past…she has come a long way.

Edie is extremely entertaining in her own way, past, present, or future. Lynette’s flashback was fun to see but not as entertaining as I would have thought…or maybe I was just expecting too much. Having the handy man break the news to you about your own man is just pathetic. Could you imagine? Haha. I felt bad for Susan when I saw that part. That is interesting that Eli said that Susan’s roof was the last thing he was going to fix because he was retiring when it ended up being because he was about to die. Mary Alice saying, “I don’t have anything that needs fixing” is a great line. It means so much.

Seeing Eli helping all of the housewives throughout the year was pretty touching. Some handy men are more than handy that is for sure. Knowing that everything he fixed has more meaning than the average person would think, and tying the housewives together through him…this was all very well though out, very well written. I enjoyed this episode very much. It was more dramatic and less comedic than the usual episode but it needed to be to share what was shared.

One Tree Hill – We Change. We Wait.

Lucas: Let me tell you why you‘re not gonna direct this movie. Because you can‘t identify with this world.

Is it just me or is it annoying to still show Nathan and his enemies in basketball, on his team or not? Come up with some better drama. It is fun to see Brooke trying to be a good mother figure. We always knew that she had it in her (with her wanting to be a better mother than hers ever was) so it is just so nice to see. I am so proud of her!

Is Lucas’ movie based on his book or is it supposed to be exactly like the book? I thought it was supposed to be exactly like the book but apparently the director and writer are not on one accord when it comes to the matter. Brooke should be so grateful for a friend like Peyton. She really needs to take what Peyton is saying to her about Julian into consideration. I guess Brooke and Peyton sharing boyfriends never gets old. How romantic of Lucas to give Peyton her engagement ring in their spot. Revisiting that spot sparked a lot of memories from past seasons.

I don’t really have feelings on Dan being a good guy and giving Nathan advice. Peyton was in for a shock when she found out from Julian’s dad that he planted the story about Julian with an A list actress and that Julian didn’t even go to Sundance because he was broken over the breakup as well. I want Lucas to direct the film himself. James Van Der Beek’s character is likeable. I didn’t know what to think of him before but he is tolerable and likeable for now…even if he had to use Lucas’ own words to get the part as director. When Peyton told Lucas she wanted Keith’s ring and he gave it to her, that was the best moment of the episode. Julian’s lines to Brooke at the end were corny but it was good enough for Brooke.

House – Painless

13: I don’t want to kiss you again either.

The introduction was good, better than the past few this season. So the wife of the patient said that he was still optimistic…and yet he is depressed. Hmm…which brings me to think about House’s thoughts about him being depressed because he is in pain, not vice versa. That was such a comedic moment when House tapped the ceiling and it broke where the leak was.

Once 13 gets over the fact that she can have a life until she dies, she will not be able to have any healthy relationships, let alone one with Foreman. I cannot believe the patient said he wanted to die with his kid standing right there. Wow. 13 going to Foreman about Janice’s change in schedule was the funniest moment between the two in this episode because Foreman’s reaction was just so incredibly funny. Thankfully at the end, 13 asks Foreman out and he accepts. I love how all the patients tell House who he really is, tell him what he is denying about himself. It amazes me how well strangers can know each other if they only pay attention. The nerve! The nerve of the father for making his son help him die. Thank goodness for House being so smart and figuring out their little scheme before it got too far.

I was wondering when Wilson would be in the episode, it took more than half of the episode to pass by. House is a hot mess, creating a fire so that he wouldn’t have to pay for his damage. It didn’t even work, haha. I am glad that the patient had something that was treatable. Cuddy really offered Cameron her job?! I wonder what Cameron’s answer will be, when the others will find out, and what their reactions will be. This is a great ending and I hope that this is touched upon in next week’s episode and not just mentioned for a later episode.

90210 – By Accident

Naomi: I don’t need a father anymore, but thanks. Oh, but I do need you to move your car.

Naomi can be a good friend when she wants to be and she’s been a great one to Adrianna ever since she found out about the pregnancy. Although I must say that as a friend, Naomi should have encouraged Adrianna to look at all of her choices if she was going to share any of them at all.

Speaking of Adrianna, I really liked her hair in this episode, it just seemed different. It took Mr. Matthews long enough to kick Silver out of his class. Kelly has no right to be upset over Ryan throwing Silver out. He had every right to throw her out. Silver needs to understand and accept that writing the paper that Mr. Matthews’ class had to write is not enough to make everything okay but is a step in the right direction. It seems like Silver is either ignorant to the fact that the vicious circle does not benefit anyone but herself or she is in denial.

Ty is back? Random. It is implied that he is the father of Adrianna’s baby so is his role going to get bigger so that he will be there to raise the baby or is his role going to continue to be small with a storyline of him not accepting his responsibility as a new father? It would be nice if he didn’t randomly pop up into episodes every now and then and actually had a little bit of depth, so if his role grows, that will be very good, very interesting. I wonder how this will affect Navid.

Speaking of Navid, he was barely in this episode. Silver reacted rather calmly after Dixon broke up with her. I actually thought that Dixon was going to break up with her when they had the fight at the beach, so it is good that he finally did instead of trying to be with someone who would just keep his mood down. As far as Ethan getting into a car accident at the end…cliché. Yawn.

Privileged – All About the Big Picture

Will: Well that’s going to be tough to explain.

The moment that Megan met Will’s dad…yikes. For Megan to think that Will’s dad at first hello was a butler just because Will is a billionaire says a lot about Megan that I do not like. I have been annoyed with Megan for awhile because of how much of a hypocrite she is, being a holier than thou person and judging everyone else. She’s losing me. The show is losing me. What ever happened to the book Megan is supposed to be writing? Why has the show switched from that to Megan’s family problems?

Speaking of…Megan’s mother has more issues than what was originally accounted for and I hope that she is found and eventually returns the money to Will. Hopefully Laurel really will help Marco start up his own business with not too many strings attached, if any. So far, so good. What was Lily thinking, kissing Will on the lips? She is insane. This will not make her relationship with Megan any better. I hope that Megan does not get mad at Will later on (as in bring it up in another episode) because he didn’t do anything wrong. Marco telling Megan about Laurel’s investment was so fun to watch! Their whole scene together, was entertaining.

Regarding the moment Megan went to her dad’s house to talk with her dad and Lily, it makes me wonder if the dad knows what their mom spent the money on. The dad is right by saying that the girls were being insensitive to not only Will but their mother too – especially since Megan really didn’t even think about ways to repay Will, but I really do not know what to think about giving their mother the benefit of the doubt. Rose and her boyfriend having the conversation about partying was a good conversation for them because Rose needs to learn that it is not all about her and her sister. Family first, yes, not spending enough time getting to know your boyfriend, no. She just needs more experience with having real relationships, so in time she will learn to balance her priorities. Megan showing Lily the picture of their mother brought tears to my eyes, I’m not going to lie.

Sage taking Megan’s advice and putting a stop to being famous for the time being to focus on her life was very responsible. For Will to say that Megan did not have to pay him back because it was like a bad investment was so nice. Even better, they finally announced their love for each other. Aww. That’s great and all but how about you not write Charlie out of the show and have that love triangle play out more. Also, put more interaction with the girls and Megan like when the show started.

Ugly Betty – Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Wilhelmina: Mark, don‘t just stand there like a gay flagpole. We want to celebrate.

One would think that after Betty told Amanda off that Amanda would get the picture and yet Amanda is still not keeping up at Betty’s apartment. It amazes me how much Betty puts up with. I wish Wilhelmina would drop her pride and tell everyone about her relationship with Connor. It is so refreshing to see Wilhelmina in such a positive state of mind. Part of the problem with Betty not being able to handle work and family is that Betty hasn’t put her foot down about all the responsibilities at work and Daniel does not respect the fact that Betty has other things to do besides work.

I was surprised that Amanda had so much concern over Betty and yet it took convincing to have her help Betty out. Amanda and Mark giving Betty an idea of how to get Daniel’s pictures back and Betty actually somewhat going through with what they said, was fun to watch. Getting thrown under the bus is part of Mark’s job as an assistant? Really? Some people who get to the top think they are so high and mighty that they are too proud to respect the people who are in the shoes that they just left. Mark deserves better than that. Finally Betty is moving back home and making things right. A for effort. I really enjoyed this episode because the emotions were captured so well in every scene, all dramatic. I loved it.

The Office – Prince Family Paper

Michael: Oh, Vietnam. I hear it’s lovely.

The introduction was perfect! Michael getting more responsibility outside of the office is an interesting move on corporate’s part. The Hilary Swank hot or not vote was very funny and that is all I am going to say about that, sort of. Kelly getting all dramatic about not being as hot as Hilary Swank was so funny. I loved Oscar’s in depth analysis and Stanley’s preacher version analysis of Hilary. Leave it to Michael to break the tie (and not even realize). Imagine how much funnier it would have been if Michael was in on the debate hahaha. I wonder what Hilary thinks about this.

It looks like the office did not get any work done that day because of the Hilary debate. Dwight making the signal with Michael to get out by licking their lips was so odd I didn’t laugh. Did Michael really say that laughter is a job? Ha. Trying to help the little girl with math? Wow. Michael without a doubt is my favorite character. Dwight saying that he is the rival paper company boss’s son now was quite funny.

Michael and Dwight in a car together adds up to nothing but trouble, haven’t they learned that by now? I am surprised that Dwight never heard the quote, “live and let live” because it can be tied to him in many ways. What was Michael saying about bittersweet chocolate in the end? Ha. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Good job.

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