Catching Up on Gossip Girl

So after finally finishing up reading the Gossip Girl books and catching up on every episode of the CW show…the only bone I really have to pick is Vanessa reading Nate’s letter to Jenny on the show instead of Blair reading Nate’s letter to Serena in the book. This is not so much because it isn’t between Nate, Blair, and Serena…it is moreso because I just do not think that Vanessa would do something like that. She is better than that. I know we are all curious when it comes to things like that but I really do not think that she would do that.

I can understand wanting to give the Vanessa, Nate, and Jenny storyline more screen time and more drama, but really? Also, I am kind of disappointed that the Aaron on the show is nothing like the Aaron in the book. If he is, someone point it out to me because I see no similarities. Other than that, I am very content with the way that the show has been going. I am really glad that on the show, Dan is not as dismal and bizarre as he is in the books and that Chuck is more of a primary character on the show. I find it very interesting that Jenny looks up to Blair on the show and Serena in the books…I’m not really sure which is better.

I also find it interesting that Erik is Serena’s younger brother on the show as opposed to older brother away at college in the books. I’m happy either way that he is portrayed because a lot can be done either way. Will Dan ever become gay on the show or is that storyline only for Erik? In some ways, the book is better, in other ways, the show is. Either way, it’s a win win because I enjoy them both.