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Desperate Housewives – A Vision’s Just a Vision

Tom: Do you know what I would give to date a 17 year old?
Lynette: Ok, we’re going to talk about that later.

The opening of the show was very well done. I really hope that Porter does not suffer the consequences for someone else’s mistake that cost people to die. How hilarious was Porter’s alibi?! He is just the funniest thing. I loved that he thought what was his confession was an alibi. Lynette talking to Porter’s lawyer and saying that he was her lawyer was pretty humorous. We all knew that Lynette gave Ann a lot of money to get out of town but I cannot believe the amount of money that she gave her! That was not smart on Lynette’s part.

Glad that Lynette put the gun back in Edie’s house but I just hope nothing comes to bite them in the butt. Ann’s husband threatening Porter was really sad to watch but I hope that Porter tells Lynette what he said so she can deal with him. The scene at the courthouse with Preston and the rents was hilarious. Lynette trying to hide what she did by letting Preston go in as Porter and not filling Tom in was shady. I cannot wait to see the result of all of this! One of my favorite little moments was when Carlos was talking to Bree and Susan at his party about how patient Gabby has been and then Gabby came in with her moron line! I am so glad that Carlos can really see, understand and appreciate how well Gabby has taken care of the family since he went blind. The dress that Carlos bought Gabby after selling his baseball was so sweet. Even if it meant selling what meant most to them, Gabby did what she thought was best for the family and that is why I really love Gabby. As shallow as she may seem sometimes (not as much anymore compared to previous seasons), she is an extremely smart and responsible person deep down.

Bree wanting to at least show tolerance in Andrew’s relationship with Alex is a big step for her so I am proud of her…even if she has to invite Bob and Lee to do it. The way that dinner played out when Bree found out about Alex’s secret, was pretty entertaining. In the end, I am glad that Andrew was satisfied with Bree for really looking out for him when it came to his relationship. Susan acting all jolly for her son when she arrived at the bowling ally was the best Susan moment in this episode. Gosh I love Susan. How long will it take Susan and Mike to get back together? Tick, tock, tick, tock. Dave has got issues. That is all I have to say about that. This episode was very entertaining, I loved every bit of it. Also, after you think about how the title of this episode effects all of the characters, you appreciate it so much more, so just think about that, especially in this episode.

Terminator: SCC – Alpine Fields

Ann: I thought crisis was supposed to bring a family closer.
Sarah: Don’t confuse close with happy.

Sarah telling the truth to the Fields’ was pretty funny. It was also very funny that the Fields’ dog was named Charles Barkley. The Fields’ mom has nerve calling Sarah’s son a future delinquent, although I laughed when the daughter said that Sarah was beyond Dr. Phil. Being that this episode dwells into 6 months earlier, it makes me wonder what was going on six month ago that we saw on screen, so I can tie in when exactly all of this happened. Although I am too lazy to think back past episode sand to that. Anyway, I am glad that the daughter decided to tell Sarah what her dad was up to. Of course someone has to be the one to create chaos but both the father and the mother were this time.

Though the mother cause her husband and her friend to die. The moment that Derek met Jesse was nice to finally see although it was less exciting than I thought it would be. Going to the future and having Sidney tell Derek and Jesse that they were already infected was pretty intense. That was so funny when Cameron knocked out Roger, not knowing that he was human, and then said “my mistake.” I wonder how the daughter feels, having learned all of this about her dad’s connection to skynet and such and then having to deliver her baby sister. Oh wow, and then her mother dies so now she has to raise her sister. That is a lot to handle! She seems to be holding over well though. This episode was great.

Chuck – Chuck vs. DeLorean

Chuck: Hi, I’d like to report a stolen 81 DeLorean. License plate is D-E-M-O-R-G-A-N. No, this is not a prank call.

For Chuck not to know what Sarah is up to on her personal day and Casey knowing is yet another hilarious set up for an episode. Morgan trying to say, “We are living the dream” to Anna was also very hilarious. That was a great introduction, both for Chuck to Sarah’s dad and into the episode altogether. I do not like that Sarah’s dad is okay with bringing Chuck down into what he is doing. That is after all what it seemed like after Chuck & Sarah helped him out push up the “meeting.” The whole setup was a good try but the mission accomplished was far from accomplished.

Once they really did solve the mission, they were better off of course. It was really funny when Chuck was reporting Morgan’s car as stolen. It was generous of Casey to request to lower the charges for Sarah’s dad. Since Sarah does not know that her dad wasn’t caught by the police, it makes me wonder if we will see him again. Overall this was a pretty decent episode.

Heroes – Our Father

Ando: I like teleporting better. Less windy.

I loved watching Claire & 10 year old Hiro interact. Poor Hiro doesn’t understand English and Claire just looked at him as clueless as ever. It was great to see Hiro look back at his young self as he thought he was young himself at the time. That was a good line, “Should I stay with me or should I stay with you?” It only makes sense that Hiro’s mom would be a hero, although to find out that she is a healer (and can‘t even heal herself) is sad. When Hiro & Claire realized what they had to do, I loved how they spoke at the same time. I do not think that Hiro’s dad thought that Hiro was a chef but maybe we will find out next week what he thinks.

When Sylar said he had a whole new list of heroes, my first thought was “Oh crap.” Being a human lie detector is one of the coolest and one of the most heartbreaking powers ever. How funny was it when Sue’s co-workers came in and Sylar said, “Cake?” Let’s see where this new list of heroes takes him. I am unsure if it hasn’t hit me that Elle is gone or if I have a feeling that she is not gone. Whoever Ali Larter is playing right now is extremely boring and she does not even seem like a main part of the storyline anymore. I am okay with her not being a main part of the story but her character is nothing but fluff right now so I would like to get more background on her. I am not sure how I feel about Nathan taking over Pinehearst. It could go well, it could be bad. I love the shot where both Hiros push their glasses up at the same time. I knew HRG wouldn’t fall for Claire’s lie. Nice try Bonnie.

Although I am glad that he is listening to Claire. When Hiro’s mom said, “Something about you is very familiar” I thought “uh oh” and then when Hiro said “yes” after she asked if she knew him, my “uh oh” grew even louder. When Hiro said, “You’re my mommy” I knew it was done. The entire time that Hiro’s mom and Hiro are talking, I was just hoping that Hiro’s dad wouldn’t come into the room. Once the cover of the 9th Wonder was shown, it made me think that if Hiro is lost in time, that must mean that Claire will be too.

But then I could not believe that Arthur came to take the catalyst out of Hiro and Hiro’s power and then sent Claire back to the present. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to keep Claire back in time too? I was not happy that Peter took so long to shoot Arthur. That was funny when Sylar said, “No place I’d rather be than with family.” It is good to know that Sylar is not really related to the Petrellis, so now the search begins yet again for his real parents. Now look at what Mohinder has made out of the solider. Only time will tell where this leads. This entire episode was amazing. I am extremely excited for the next episode.

Samantha Who? – New Episodes Air January 2009

Privileged – All About the Ripple Effect

Megan’s Dad: If you can’t forgive her, I don‘t want you to forgive me.

The episode started off great. I didn’t really laugh until Megan went to the salon to find Lily and she found out that she was on a honeymoon. You can tell that Megan had mixed feelings on seeing her mother from the moment that she saw her mother but the real question to ask was how she would handle her mother being in town.

Playing nice for her father will only go so far so I am glad that she ended up calling her mother to go out. Sage is always trying to beat somebody at their own game, she is a mess. That was so funny when Louis asked if the girls were medicated. I am glad that Megan’s mom actually gave her an idea for her book. As much as I am counting down the day until Megan and Charlie get together, Will and Megan are very good together. So I completely love how Sage helped Rose get her man and vice versa. That was adorable. Overall the episode was mediocre.

House – Joy to the World

House: If I wanted gifts, I would just look deep into my patients’ eyes and act like you. “Oh, I’m so sorry you’re dying, Mrs. Moron. Of course I’ll sleep with you. What I lack in skill, I can make up for in…”

I always love the introductions to House also this one was pretty boring. I did enjoy the school choir singing though. I loved how Kutner said, “Can you really put a price tag on screwing with people?” The talk that House and Wilson had in the cafeteria was very entertaining to say the least. I love when Wilson analyzes House and I love the reactions that House gives afterwards. I am really glad that 13 talked Janice and Foreman into working with each other again.

One of the funniest parts was when House was trying to be polite to the patient, screwed up, and then said, “I was doing so well.” House telling the teen couple that the girl was having a virgin birth (during Christmas time) was just about the funniest thing.

Then when the patient who thought that she wasn’t an idiot sprayed her inhaler on her neck, I could not stop laughing in disbelief. Man, there were so many hilarious moments. I was surprised that the main patient whose name escapes me was pregnant. Although in the end, when she thought that her baby had died and Cuddy went to find the baby, who was alive, that was a very emotional touch to the episode. I really enjoyed this episode moreso because of the comedy than the actual storyline for the episode.

Pushing Daisies – The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

Ned: No harm in double bagging it, ay?

When Ned and Emerson go to Mrs. McQuoddy for answers, I love the effects they put on her for her death. For Chuck’s dad to try and make a deal with Ned and expecting Ned to to accept never seeing Chuck again is crazy. I love how Olive plays detective and tries to solve mysteries with Emerson, Ned, and Chuck. How funny was it when Olive said “boo yah” and bounced off of Emerson?!

The fight between Ned and Chuck’s dad at the Pie Hole was pretty intense! Chuck’s dad trying to get Chuck to pick him over Ned and his lifestyle and not just be one happy civilized family following the rules to live semi freely is not fun to see. I do not like Chuck’s dad. When Olive said, “You didn’t hear it from me” it was pretty cute. Haha, better to have loved and lost than to be you is the cruelest thing to say but the most humorous thing to hear.

It was hilarious when Emerson and Olive both said, “Oh hell no” at the same time, Olive catching onto Emerson‘s style. Emerson and Olive really carried this episode, it was so entertaining to watch them. The narration over the conclusion of the episode was quite fun to listen to. Overall, this was a very fun episode to watch.

Ugly Betty – New Episodes Air January 2009

The Office – Moroccan Christmas

Michael: So this is what everyday would have been like if you hadn’t left India.

The cold open was one of the most entertaining of the season so far. Phyllis had a lot of spunk in this episode. I am not just talking about her attitude towards Angela in this episode (which was all of a sudden brought to the forefront, a little bit too boldly?). I loved all of Phyllis’s facial expressions. The role reversal with Phyllis and Angela as far as power over each other is concerned, was fabulous. Well, I did not expect the majority of the episode to revolve around Meredith and her alcoholism. While Meredith and her drinking issues are entertaining, I do not really care for it to be the main part of an entire episode. So I will focus on what I did like…How funny was it when the guys were discussing when they should do the intervention?!

Later on…Dwight has got the right idea, he’s making a profit and I’d be right there with him. It was so great to see how much Michael genuinely cared about Meredith’s drinking problem. He means well, he does. It was so entertaining to see how he led the (quick) intervention and literally dragged Meredith in the rehab. It was so funny that Michael said, “I have a deposit’ when he brought Meredith to rehab. Creed is so funny! I want to know how he could get a permit for what they wanted in an hour. Or do I?

The funniest part of this episode was when Michael threw the pen at Toby’s head after he asked Toby to write down the number of the rehab center. The next extremely hilarious part was Toby’s reaction after he bought the unicorn doll off of Daryl and realized it was black after the fact! Ha ha ha! Towards the end, I love watching Michael compare helping Meredith hitting rock bottom to what he did with Jan. The ending of this episode was the best close this season. Overall, I just barely enjoyed this episode.

Lipstick Jungle – Ch 18: Indecent Exposure

Victory: I’m going to ask him to marry me.

Shane getting invited to tour with Natasha Bedingfield herself is a great opportunity career wise but of course the way that Wendy responded about what was best for the family was expected. I honestly think that Wendy and Shane will separate and soon after get divorced in the end. It would not surprise me and it may be what is best for them. Although I could also see them working things out (over a long period of time). Only time will tell what happens.

I felt so bad for Victory when she saw Joe while she was in her meeting. You can tell that she still really loves him, really wanted to be with him. Victory opening up to Joe towards the end was so amazing. The ending of this episode gives me hope for them! The conflict of Victory being nude for her own line is a very comedic storyline that I loved to see play out. In the end, I am glad that she let Kirby shoot her, it will help the line a lot. Regarding Nico and Kirby, I am so glad with the way that they have been handling the breakup. They are very cordial, more friendly about everything than I thought.

Whether Nico actually does have a child or not, I am pretty sure that she will be happy in the end. Do not confuse satisfied with happy. I am confused as to the direction the writers are taking Nico and Griffin. Maybe I am looking into it too much but if they end up together or just become closer friends, it will be great for Nico. I loved this episode and I am so pumped for the next episode!

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