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Desperate Housewives – Me & My Town

Bree: Snoring is too mild a word for what you are doing. Imagine a terrified elephant summoning his herd.

I love Mary Alice’s voice over introduction for Gabby. I loved the imagery at the hospital showing the effects of the fire. I thought that Dave’s mindset was that of feeling guilty for killing 6 people but guilt usually leads to doing the right thing in the end so I am very upset with the fact that he tells the police in the end that Porter was involved in the fire. Susan and Katherine meeting at the hotel was hilarious. Susan is so…Susan. Got to love her.

I expected better from Katherine – at least when it comes to her friendship with Susan. The way that Susan finds out is not a way that anyone would want to find out that their friend is dating their ex. Given the situation (which Bree explains when she tells Susan about herself) I am glad that Susan is okay with the situation in the end. Edie saying that her first thought was the same as Gabby’s when it comes to her looks was one of the most funniest lines in this episode. Gabby’s scene with the kids, trying to eat healthy was very entertaining because it is so relatable. Especially when she said “You with the head, you ruined me” that was hysterical!

As ironic as it was for Edie to say that she has a really good sense of character when she is married to Dave, I still agree that she does have a good sense of character. She is just ignorant to Dave’s hidden agenda because she does not seem to worry about what he is up to. I can understand Lynette wanting to help Porter’s gf but giving her all of that money is unnecessary. I am livid that there is no baby! How is Lynette going to tell Porter? Lynette, I love her but I was upset with her for not telling Porter the truth about Ann after her little honesty pact she created. Gabby working out in the hospital and then trying to push back the surgery for Carlos to see again was just so ludicrous. Even though she has insecurities, she needs to get over the fact that she is not a model anymore and Carlos loves her the way that she is.

One of the things that I am very excited about seeing next week is how well Carlos’ surgery goes. Orson putting a little something, something in Bree’s drink and having her all sleepy and crazy at her demo the next day was very entertaining. The fact that a triple espresso still did not help her at the demo and when she shouted, “Who wants to be my daughter?” were even more hysterical. My favorite scene was Bree’s at the demo hands down. The ending was quite clever and it will be extremely interesting to see Bree’s reaction when she finds out that her son has moved in with his boyfriend. DH is always so juicy. I love it!

Terminator: SCC – Self Made Man

Riley: I thought that since you’re a weirdo, you’d get me.

The 1920’s introduction was fun to watch. Though the transition from the introduction to going to the Connors could have been better. The second thing I wondered was who Cameron was talking to. The background music made it seem so mysterious, so I am assuming this guy is somewhat important. Time wise I am very confused that there is a terminator in the 1920s. As soon as I heard Riley’s voice, I thought “This is a trap!” When it did not seem to be an obvious one, I was wondering if she called him just to get him to not do something else, to distract him. Now that I know that she is not just a simple teenage girl from the present, I find myself thinking everything over more.

Anyway, throughout the episode, I seemed to tune in and out. It was pretty uninteresting, surprisingly. I love the whole 1920s vibe but maybe because it just seemed so random and not connected to the main story in the way that I would have liked to have seen…it was not all that interesting to me. I did think that when Cameron described how time and the sky connect, that was great. I would love to go more in depth for this episode but I really need to watch it again because it just went over my head.

Chuck – Chuck vs. the Sensei

Captain Awesome: Hey Lester, you’ve seen Chuck?
Lester: Maybe.
Captain Awesome: So is he around?
Lester: Ahh, he could be.
Captain Awesome: Can you find him for me?
Lester: Yeah, sure I could but…wouldn’t it be more fulfilling if you did it yourself?

It looks like Jill has left the picture for good, which is good. She was no good for Chuck. The whole “mentor turning to the dark side” is pretty played out on TV but I can led it slide thanks to A) the humor in this show and B) the side story at Buy More and Ellie‘s engagement side story. Mrs. Awesome was really taking over every aspect of the wedding, it truly is ridiculous. I feel bad for anyone in that situation in real life. Morgan turning the Buy More Employee of the Month contest into getting the lowest score cards was so incredibly entertaining to see played out. Chuck trying to save the day on his own never leads to anything good, so it was interesting to see what would unfold. There was lots of action.

Going back to Buy More, once the new contest was figured out and they had to get their scores up, it was hilarious to see all of them running around the store for good scores. Seeing Jeff blow up was just about the funniest thing in this episode. I love it! I go on and go just to that part and play it over and over. When Ellie stood up to Captain Awesome’s parents at dinner, I was so proud! I was also really happy when Chuck found a way to get out of the handcuff at Orange, Orange. Again, after that bit there was lots of action. The end really made m interested in seeing who will play Chuck & Ellie’s dad and how his character will be personality wise. Only time will tell!

One Tree Hill – Things A Mamma Don’t Know Airs Jan 5, 2009

Heroes – Ch 10: The Eclipse Part 2

Elle: You’re hurting me.
Sylar: I know.

I love how Peter was trying to run to help his brother and the Haitian wanted to run away from his. “Claire better be okay” was my first thought when she was shown. I love seeing Elle and Sylar together although based on the ending, I am unsure if we will be seeing them together anymore. Being powerless in one aspect of a hero’s life does not mean a hero is vulnerable in all aspects of their life, although on so many levels it does. So that was an interesting line that Arthur said. Suresh has got some fight! I did not know he had all of that fight in him. Well, I did but it was different to see it played out. I liked that.

I know Hiro’s 10 year old self is thrilled he has a credit card! Although seeing the past events in comic form at 10 years old, I would not want to grow up either. Yikes, that is scary to see at 10 years old. When HRG slit Sylar’s throat, I was wondering why HRG does not get revenge later and be by Claire’s side when she really needs him. That really bothers me. Anyway, I was wondering why the Haitian’s brother kept thinking that he was God. Although did he really think that he was the only one on earth with the power to heal? Haha.

I am rather unsure how the Haitian killed his brother exactly. Although it is good to know that is one less thing to think about. The scene at Claire’s place was a thrill. It was a relief when Hiro showed up. Sylar giving into his power and killing Elle was not a shocker but it was still pretty crazy to know that it happened. I want to know if Hiro brought Claire to see what happened 16 years ago or to change what happened.

Samantha Who? – The Park

Sam: I just really don’t want to think that hard about trash.

I loved it when Sam said “I don’t get to pick my memories.” That was such a comedic moment. It was interesting to see Todd tell Sam that she didn’t change for him when they were dating but now she is changing for her current boyfriend. I wonder if she will seriously think about that. Andrea’s storyline for her famous boyfriend is so shallow, so her, it’s pretty funny. For such a smart person, she sure is doing something one would think would be a waste of her time. Then again, this is Andrea we are talking about. She can make nothing into something – except being in her “boyfriend’s” entourage! Ha! That was hilarious.

When Sam & Dena bumped into Willow, it was so funny that Sam tried to cover up her lie. When Sam was at dinner and eating the steak, that was pretty funny. Sam’s mom can say the most horrible things to Sam, but is always so incredibly funny. The conclusion with the girls on the bench at Sam’s park was great. I love the friendships among those 3 girls, it has tremendously grown since the Pilot. This episode was much more entertaining than last week.

Samantha Who? – The Family Vacation

Sam: I want to be dead inside.

Sam really was on the dating train, apparently. Todd’s little remark about giving nothing to a relationship was probably one of his best lines. I laughed through the rest of the show (a loud and silently) after Dena said “but now she’s dead, yay!” about her mother when she was talking about not being able to go on trips with Sam when they were younger. It was hilarious when Sam thought that the place they were staying at was a rest stop. Doesn’t Sam know that just when you decide to not look for a relationship, the guys seem to come along at that moment? Sam meeting her “first love” was so cute.

Andrea trying to be part of the vacation really showed how invested Andrea is in the friendship…she has changed a lot since Sam’s amnesia too. Regina taking Andrea’s booze was quite humorous. Charades was fun to watch but did you catch Regina’s little dance when Andrea asked if she took her alcohol? Haha. The conclusion of this episode was pretty good. Overall, this episode did not disappoint & brought lots of laughs.

Privileged – All About Love, Actually

Megan: I am going to take two days off of your grounding if you promise to never bedazzle anything of mine ever again.

Cheating on a purse is more than “pretty genius.” I expected more of a reaction from Megan but I guess she did not want to make a scene. I was proud that Megan grounded Rose. I was even more proud of Laurel from stepping out of her “holier than though” state, dropping her pride, and going to meet up with Miles. I love how Rose is so invested in Megan’s relationships, or at least the gossip part. I think that was the main focus of this episode and that is why it was kind of boring to me.

As much as I do not want Rose & Sage to get themselves in bad situations, it is so entertaining to watch. This week, since there was no situation that they had to get out of or fix, it was not all that exciting. Rose bedazzling Megan’s jeans was an “Oh no she didn’t” moment. That looked terrible. Eek. Sage is so funny, not remembering the staff guys’ correct name and telling him what his job is. Did you see how excited Rose was when she was introduced to Miles? That was quite humorous. The rest of this episode really is “all about love, actually” so there is not much to explain. It was an enjoyable episode but more in a laid back way, not so much an entertaining way. Next week looks exciting though.

House – Let Them Eat Cake

Wilson: Ask her out. It will cost the hospital a lot less.

The introductions are always written well. Though this one was very easy to figure out the outcome, so I was just waiting until it was over. I love that Cuddy is making House share his office. The games that people play. Haha. Going to 13, that was a pretty chilling memory to recall. The reality of her sickness plus the reality of her past is catching up to her.

Anyway, the patient preaching exercise and then getting gastric bypass was very realistic although is not talked about a lot so it was good to see on screen. The fact that the patient is talking about being hypocritical when her situation of being hypocritical could have killed her, in no way compares to general, small ways of being hypocritical. I find it completely hysterical the situation that Kutner got himself into. Getting Chase & Cameron to play along with House and Kutner’s patient was so incredibly fun to watch.

13 getting to know the patient that she will become in 8-10 years was very touching. The background music was so fitting. That was so sweet of House to get Cuddy’s desk from med school. I thought the conclusion of the episode was great. This was not an exciting episode to watch, but every episode cannot be extra dramatic so it was nice to watch. I enjoyed it.

Pushing Daisies – Comfort Food

Olive: I am going to win that blue ribbon, wrap it around her neck, and strangle her with it.

When Chuck & Ned were at the graveyard, it looked like their jackets touched twice. Overlooking that, Chuck at first seemed a lot stronger than I thought she would be, about to talk to her dad for 30 seconds. Right before it cut to commercial, seeing Chuck go up to her dad, who was in a chair was quite a shocker. My initial thoughts are that Ned will of course feel empathetic and also be upset that someone died in Ned’s dad’s place…although how will he react that on screen? I want to see that. It is always entertaining to see Olive’s competitive side, so it was no different at the blue ribbon competition.

Chuck feeling guilty about the death that she cause, even though he was going to kill her really makes me think about how I would feel in that situation. Hmm… Olive still proposing the idea of getting together with Ned was perfect. She never gives up. Got to give her credit for that. I knew who the killer was from the beginning, but watching Ned & Olive figure out the mystery was fun.

I was surprised that Ned found out about Chuck’s dad so soon. Obviously things cannot be stretched out due to the cancellation but still, I thought Ned would find this out later. Ahh well, I have a lot to look forward to next week!

Ugly Betty – Bad Amanda

Amanda: Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you looking at us, and by us I mean me.

What the *%@$ is Betty wearing in the first scene? Wardrobe rally does go the extra mile in making her look ridiculous. If Amanda is not my favorite character, than I do not know who is. This girl, got to love her. When she said, “isn’t it?” the second time, it was just too funny. I was as bewildered by Wilhelmina as she was when she wondered why she said, “Top of te morning to you.” That is hilarious that Amanda claims a “bad Ronald” is taking Betty’s food! I can’t believe the guys stuck Amanda & Betty with the dinner bill. Good for nothing cheap losers. Betty’s idea to get rid of the check was swell. I absolutely loved the cameras focusing on the eyes and the sweat on Betty’s face.

So glad that Betty finally got fed up with Amanda and told her she needs to get her act together. The face that Betty made when Daniel was talking about Betty & Amanda going on a crazy adventure every week was the same face that I made, along with a huge laugh. I hope we get to see more of their crazy adventures. Seeing that Amanda got a second job was one of the smartest things Amanda has ever done, not only for Betty but for herself. Wilhelmina’s comment about the way Betty looks at a cheeseburger was her funniest line this episode.

The Office – The Surplus

Michael: I hate disappointing just one person. And I really hate disappointing everyone. But I love Burlington Coat Factory. You go in there with $645, you are literally a king.

Words cannot describe the feeling of hearing and seeing Michael ask Oscar to explain something to him like he is an 8 year old and then a 5 year old, basically admitting how stupid he is. Then to struggle saying the word, “axis” was just about the funniest thing! The face that Michael is making as Oscar is explaining the surplus to him, you can see that he is still struggling to understand! It is hilarious! Michael telling Toby that he was the silent killer and then Toby saying, “you’ll see” was just about the funniest thing!!!

The face that Pam gave Jim when he didn’t agree with her was not a Pam face. It was too tough. What is wrong with Pam in this episode? She is so not Pam. That threat she made to Jim was not playful either. Andy must really love Angela, having made 8 deposits on his wedding. Pam wearing that lipstick and dumping the food Jim bought her was so out of character. I did not like that. Maybe if she had said, “hot tie guy” more playfully, like it was a game then it would have been more acceptable coming from her. When Michael was shaking his butt and Pam was cheering him on, that was my favorite Pam moment this episode. Dwight getting a German priest to marry him and Angela was quite funny and sad haha. Michael saying “is-you” instead of “issue” was so funny!

When the security guard was checking out the copier machine and then the chair, made the comment about Pam’s chair, and the camera shot to Stanley….hilarious! I loved his facial expression! I feel bad for saying this but I was cracking up laughing When Michael was choking. Okay, so the scene towards the end with Michael explaining his decision of how he used the money was my favorite Michael scene in this episode. From him not knowing how to use the copier to saying “erkelonomically,” to pushing the chair down just in between 2 shots, to stopping the announcement once Oscar figures his plan out…every bit of it was hilarious.

Actually, hilarious is an understatement. I have always been unsure of where Angela stands with Dwight and Andy but I am really unsure now. What’s up with Michael wearing his fur coat covered with the blood? He really is crazy enough to keep a coat covered in blood on him just to show off the coat on camera. I totally loved the way that this episode ended. I love Jim!

Lipstick Jungle – Ch 17: Bye, Bye Baby

Kirby: That’s a real job. Charlie’s a favor…he’s not my kid. He’s not even your kid. Nico, I’m not going to miss out on actual work so I can stay here and be a manny.

I can understand Nico wanting Kirby to bond with Charlie Jr. but she also needed to realize how out of the blue this was from his perspective too. I loved how Kirby said, “Dude, it’s nothing personal” to Charlie Jr. Nico trying to make a decision for Kirby about him taking the photography job that Victory offered was not cool. I agree 100% with what Kirby said to nico regarding his responsibility to Charlie vs. a job. Having Megan tell her parents where Charlie Jr. was, leading them to show up at Nico’s place to take the baby was the best thing that has happened for Nico in my eyes. If I were in her shoes, I would have asked Megan for her parents’ number in the very beginning.

It is disappointing that Kirby and Nico broke up in the end but very realistic so I can accept it. The way that they both realized that they were both unhappy in the relationship, leading up to the breakup was great too. Although I am unsure if this is definitely it for Kirby on the show. Either way, I think I will be happy. Wendy arguing with her husband about career vs. family is one of their many arguments about this so I hope that they are able to get past it. I hope the movie that she is trying to make comes together well and is not ruined by her pal she is partnering with for this. Maddie getting more face time in this episode was fun to see.

Her storyline was great and I am glad the way that Wendy handled it in the end – thanks to the talk that she had with Victory. Props to Victory for the way she talked to Wendy about Maddie. I was glad that Wendy helped Victory with her pitch and that her pitch went well! I enjoyed this episode very much, it was not very light hearted, and every line had significance. I am very much looking forward to the next episode.

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