Alex M on the Holidays

Since I love Christmas so much, I decided that my interview for the week would consist of all holiday questions! I was able to ask Alex M from Laguna Beach (MTV) a few holiday questions that I am sure you will enjoy, so take a look:

1) What was your favorite part about Thanksgiving this year?

My favorite part of Thanksgiving was definitely being able to see all my friends who came home from school! Because Laguna is so small, it’s so fun to go out. It’s like having a high school reunion! I also love Thanksgiving food and helping cook with my family.

2) What is your best Thanksgiving memory?

My best Thanksgiving memory would definitely be the year my entire family got into a HUGE food fight! It was the end of the night and we were all so tired from cooking and my brothers had my dad on the floor squirting ketchup and mustard. One of my other brothers was throwing tortillas like frisbees. It was probably the most fun I ever had on a holiday!

3) What is your favorite food to eat at the Thanksgiving table?

My favorite food at the Thanksgiving table is definitely cream corn, stuffing and cranberry sauce! Yummmm.

4) When do you usually go Christmas shopping?

I usually go Christmas shopping in December. I’m kind of one of those people if I see something early I’ll buy it and wait until Christmas but usually I’ll do it in December.

5) Do you make your Christmas list year round or around the holiday?

I make my Christmas list just around the holiday. My dad and mom are too busy for me to tell them ahead of time. They would for sure forget…haha.

6) What do you really look forward to getting for Christmas this year?

This is probably the one year I feel like I really don’t need anything… I mean we all know girls love clothes, so getting clothes or money is always nice but this year I really don’t have anything specific in mind.

7) What is the best Christmas gift that you ever received?

The best Christmas gift I have ever received was the diamond tennis bracelet my brother and mom got me … Still my all time favorite present.

8) What is the most unique/odd Christmas gift that you have gotten?

Ha I don’t know if I can answer that one! haha

9) What is your favorite Christmas song/album?

Hands down Mariah Carey’s Christmas album! I bring it out December 1st and don’t take it out until Christmas is over! My favorite song is “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” That’s also my ring tone! I love the holidays!

10) What are your favorite Christmas themed movies/TV show episodes?

I grew up on all musicals so my favorite Christmas movies are “Meet Me in St Louis,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Heidi,” and all the old movies. My mom and I watch all of them.