A TV Week In Review

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Desperate Housewives – What More Do I Need?

Tom: I know a little bit about songwriting.
Orson: No you don’t.

The opening was clever, as usual. That is what I love about this show! I loved the look on Tom’s face when he found out that Porter was sleeping with his best friend’s mother! I always cheer on Lynette (literally) and this week was no different when she told granny to stop sleeping with her son. If Porter really got her knocked up, that is going to be some serious gossip on Wisteria Lane.

Bree was rather boring this week – until the security tape scene when she wanted to get the tape! What an amusing moment! Virginia getting in the bed with Carlos & Gabby was unbelievable! Asking the girls to call her Grandma! Can you believe her? Wow. That lady has crazy written all over her. Hopefully she won’t bring too much trouble to Carlos & Gabby. By that I mean, hopefully that call that she made will not be as threatening as it seemed to be against the two. Susan needs to realize that Jackson is not for her. That is all I have to say about that. Katherine & Mike! I am speechless. Can’t wait for next week!

Terminator:SCC – Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today

Riley – Life’s too short and people suck.

I love how this episode is divided into perspectives! First Sarah’s, then Cameron’s, then John’s. I could feel the tension Sarah had towards Riley so strongly. Sarah is so negative about Riley & John’s relationship…it makes me a bit angry. I can definitely see why she is so protective over John and the safety of the company he keeps (or should not keep) but she needs to give John one aspect of a normal teenage life. If not through Riley, find a way.

I could feel the curiosity through Cameron’s perspective that she has in not only humans, but John’s way of thinking and reasoning behind things (past, present, and future). I could feel the normal kid in John through his perspective. It was interesting to see that Riley was trying to get to know more about John since she usually does not seem to want to get personal. I was devastated when John and Riley were arrested. When John made the phone call to his mom in jail, it seemed like he knew that the voice was a terminator and not his mom, so that was good.

As John was saying, “When you see daylight, you run” and as the background music played, the anticipation of what was going to happen next was killing me. Going back to Sarah’s story, I felt the pain that Coke can gave digging into her skin even though she didn’t really show it. How surprising it was to see James with John when the trunk was opened. It was also surprising in a sense and refreshing to see James’ perspective as well. Of course his perspective was the most exciting, what with all of the action. You think Riley is looking forward to another trip to Mexico with John? Ha!

Derek’s perspective was fun to see. I love how he wanted to stay undercover and Cameron was already on the move, so obviously. Cromartie is no joke. Using James as bait and the Mexican music during Cromartie’s death scene was so perfect. When Sarah had her breakdown, I wanted to cry with her and I really felt so much empathy. This episode was everything that I look for in a Terminator episode so I was more than satisfied and I cannot wait until next week.

Chuck – Chuck vs. The Ex

Lester: I was born ready.
Jeff: I was born premature.

The flashback to the breakup between Chuck & Jill was great to see as an introduction to the episode. Jill was played by Jordana Brewster (I remember her best as Delilah from the 1998 flick The Faculty). That choking scene was especially funny because of Jeff asking if there were anymore doughnuts after the fact. The awkward hug between chuck & Jill which did not have to be awkward at all was hilarious. I do not understand why Chuck lied about his occupation. He could have said he was planning out for his own business instead of lying about having so many. That was funny when Chuck said that he had mojo back in the day. I loved the music that went along with Chuck & Jill cruising until the car stopped. So funny!

The conversation he had with Jill took it back emotion wise to before Chuck was who he is today so that was nice to see. Lester & Jeff pulling up and blowing up Chuck’s spot was dead on wrong timing and very funny, as expected to be. There were so many hysterical one liners in this episode. The buildup to Chuck bugging Jill’s phone was quite entertaining and even after when Jill heard Chuck on her phone line. The image of Casey on Chuck’s phone is hysterical. The scene where Chuck asks Jill for help was written so well! I loved it! The side story back at Buy More was great! Chuck’s thought about the kiss was pretty much one of the funniest parts of the episode. Of course this episode was filled with lots of laughs and lots of action. Next week should be just as entertaining.

One Tree Hill – Even Fairy Tale Characters Would be Jealous

Millicent: Get that slut out of my bed!

Although I do not fully understand the connection between the title of this episode and the episode itself, I loved both the creative title and the episode very much! How funny was is to see Sam stare at Brooke all cheery? Small moments like that make a big impression to the audience on those characters. It really was terrible that Millicent found Gigi in Mouth’s bed! Then when she had the nerve to flash him…I have had enough of Gigi. I am glad that Mouth at least slept on the couch, but still.

I just loved how Peyton’s ex asked “How you doing?” and Lucas punched him, said “Okay” and just walked away. Brilliant. Peyton’s reaction to Lucas’s punch was great! I love the comedy in this show. “Wish me luck too!” I thought it was creepy that the ghost of Quentin is still on the show. Leave him be. I am not going to lie though, I had a little tear in my eye when Q said he wished he had second chance. So I laughed the loudest when Brooke compared finding out about Millicent being a virgin and all to finding a unicorn. I like that Millicent is doing what she has to do to keep her relationship with Mouth on the right path.

I really, really enjoyed the way this episode was directed, edited, and filled with live music in the background. I just love everything about this episode. I am in love with the song that Haley performed in this episode. When Brooke pulled Sam aside to tell her that she was welcome as long as she wanted to be, that was another teary eyed moment for me. It looks like Lucas is genuinely fine with the fact that he is not attached to his film. Although if he goes back and decides to work with Peyton’s ex, I think he will still be genuinely happy with the way that things go. Like he said, there will be many more books and many more films.

So if it is not meant to happen right now, that is okay but I just hope Peyton’s ex will not complicate Lucas’s and Peyton’s relationship too much. Not sure how many times that I have written “love” in this review but it has been quite awhile since I have really enjoyed an episode of OTH. The vibe has been different ever since Season 4 and I am not sure I will ever get used to it but that is another discussion within itself.

Heroes – Chapter 8:Villains

Angela: I just wonder sometimes if without your power you would know me at all anymore.

I can accept the fact that Hiro & Ando were left out of the majority of this episode but I was not pleased at the way that they were left out. Although the cliffhanger at the very end had me wanting more! How is Hiro going to get out of this situation? Their storyline is a bit on the dull side right now. As far as the Petrellis go, a father choosing to kill his son is an incredibly complex conflict that I love because it seems to fit perfectly just for this family. As terrible as that is, the Petrellis redefine what a dysfunction family is. For Arthur to even think about allowing Linderman to kill his son…that is so disturbing. Can you believe who Meredith’s brother is? Interesting.

The dialogue and chemistry between Flint and Meredith was so realistic for siblings, I really appreciated that. HRG & Elle trying to figure out what Sylar was all about made me think about just how far Elle’s character can be taken. I can’t really explain it but I think that Elle has so many layer to her that we have yet to see. The way that Arthur controlled Angela in her head was heartbreaking although I am glad that Linderman showed her the truth.

Later on, to be able to see how the fire in the Pilot was started felt unreal. That is the Heroes that I want to see every week. This scene alone really took it back to a reminder of how amazing Heroes was in Season 1. I was thrilled with Angela’s plan to kill Arthur and devastated when Nathan came in to find his dad laid out on the floor and ruined the plan.

Samantha Who? – Help!

Dena: Why you got to be rollin’ up on me, 5-0?

The introduction was hysterical when Sam was paranoid about the cop so she ran the red light! When she was picking out what was “offered” by the court for her punishment and ended up picking out nails from a bucket instead of rebuilding a house…it was so perfect! Sam was so upbeat about helping out Natalie (Mary Kate Olsen), she was so corny and it was extremely funny. MK had a great role, it did not seem like stunt casting to me. Sam’s parents are a hot mess, I love them. The interview with Natalie that never happened because Sam kept interrupting was quite humorous. That was such a romantic thing that Todd did at the end, although I am unsure why he did not just leave it up. Anyhow, overall this was another very enjoyable episode.

90210 – Games People Play

Naomi: I’ve got my own games to play.

Naomi is a character that I generally love and hate equally. However, this episode I loved every bit of her! We already knew that she had game, but the girl has got GAME! She is so immature the way she goes about doing things but she is quite the mastermind behind all drama. The scene where Silver tells Dixon about Ethan & Annie and then Ethan comes up to his locker behind them and the two run away….I loved it! What a comedic moment, pulled off very well.

The “surprise” of Jason coming to town was expected sometime in the season (since that would be typical) so it really was not a surprise. I was more taken aback by Adrianna meeting Navid’s family (more because Navid did not feel comfortable). Did you see Ethan’s face when Jason said that he was thinking about going to UCLA at the triple date? OMG! Loved it! What an uncomfortable moment altogether for Ethan. I can’t believe Jason kissed Annie. Not good.

We knew there would be drama at Annie’s Sweet 16 (because what kind of teen show would it be if nothing happened?). It never fails to entertain when there is an entire dramatic scene (with Ethan, Annie, Naomi, and Jason) and then it goes straight to something more cheerful (the karaoke). The speech that Annie gave to Naomi at the end was so realistically written and I hope that Naomi accepts something from Annie said. The ending of this episode was perfect. Only time will tell how things turn out!

House – The Itch

Dr. Taub: Mom would have cleaned better.

The opening was really puzzling and made me anticipate what would occur. The father-daughter storyline was not as exciting as previous episodes. I must say that I was more interested in Cuddy and House arguing about Cuddy raising a child. Yes, I was extremely crushed when the girl said she wanted to keep her baby in the end.

Although, I do believe that even if it does not work out…Cuddy is still growing from this situation. If I had the rash that girl who Cuddy is adopting from had, I would have been to the hospital in a heartbeat. Who goes on in with their day with a big ol’ rash? I think I laughed for about 5 minutes after Dr. Taub said “I would like to buy some cocaine please.” In general, this was a decent episode. I really cannot wait to see how far the relationship with Cuddy and House goes. Time will only tell!

Privileged – All About Insecurities

Sage: Not a compliment. Why do people just assume?

Laurel is ridiculous. She can be upset at Megan but she also needs to get over herself. I am happy that Rose & Sage are happy right now and seem to be managing school and aiming for fame well. It was refreshing to have Megan’s friend from NY come around. It was nice to see Megan so relaxed around her,…at least up until their argument – although the friend should have asked before telling her boss that Megan was going to write the article. Lucy Hale has such a fabulous voice!

Umm, I did not like the outfit for Sage when the girls performed. I understand that Sage felt left out by their publicist after they performed but she needs to learn how to be able to stand on her own in any situation (as well as Rose). That is unfortunate that Will lost his job (not that he needs it but it is the principal of why he was getting a job). On one hand I think that anyone could have spilled the beans sooner or later and on the other hand I am just angry that Will’s boss was not professional about the situation. I hope Rose does not fail the test! Fingers crossed.

Pushing Daisies – Oh Oh Oh It’s Magic Airs Nov 19th

Ugly Betty – Tornado Girl

Amanda: You look like a plus size princess.

There really was nothing spectacular about this episode. A handful of small moments where quite funny…like the moment Amanda came running over to Mark and Betty to go on the “road trip” and when Amanda was trying to hitchhike after the car crashed. Basically Amanda carried this episode. She was the most entertaining character.

I did like how they focused a little bit more on Mark’s relationship with his boyfriend since in real life the No on Prop 8 dilemma is still going on her in California. At first thought, I was shocked that Mark cheated on Cliff at the roof party (and then proposed because he felt bad about it) but after thinking about it I am not all that shocked that he cheated. Not to say that he is a “cheater” but you could tell he was not fully committed to Cliff. I wish I could talk about more about anything really interesting in this episode but it seemed kind of like a filler episode. Hopefully next week will be better. More dramedy please!

The Office – Business Trip

Dwight: That’s totally unrealistic. There are no lines in the parking lot.

In the cold open, when Michael covered Meredith and said she was now sexy in her culture…that brought out the first laugh for me. It was so creepy the way that Creed snuck up on Jim. Can you say uncomfortable? Andy trying to be romantic in French with Angela was hysterical and sad. Poor Andy. Ryan trying to impress Kelly was so cute! Then Kelly trying to act like she was over him and then one second later, you see Kelly well, being Kelly! A concierge and a geisha comparison was incredibly outrageous and amusing!

Keeping Pam in NY for another 3 months…what? Oh phew… fast forward to the end and we see that she comes back. Good. It’s about time she come back to Scranton. I could so tell that Michael was missing Holly when he was talking about dying with people you like rather if not with the person that you love. Aww. That well written break up text message ending up being Darryl’s lifesaver, haha. Andy thinks that Oscar is “Delightful!” What a corny, fun word coming out of Andy. Loved it. Overall, this episode was pretty forgettable. Maybe I need to watch it a few more times or maybe it really was just an okay episode. As it stands, last week’s episode (Customer Survey) is my favorite episode of the season.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover

Sweet Dee: You can’t run from the kindness of strangers!

I love the vision board (Oprah moment) and “What would Ty Pennington do?” opening. Charlie’s idea for announcing to the family that they have been chosen for a makeover was outrageous. Leading the family out with bags over their heads was particularly amusing. Chalie losing his cool…him getting very passionate about Sears err helping people was also very amusing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into Sears and put your purchases on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition tab? I would have loved to see the result of Charlie’s taco bed. Mac and Sweet Dee’s version of Extreme Makeover was ridiculous and I loved how outlandish it was. Mac’s line at the very end was brilliant. Everything about this show is brilliant. It never disappoints.

Lipstick Jungle – Ch 15: Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada

Nico: It’s not high school anymore. I can’t quit cheerleading because you don‘t like the captain.

I loved the getaway trip because we know the goal is to getaway from problems but you really ending up faces all of them in the end. The girls having their girl talk in the room, mainly talking about chocolate was so entertaining. It was very interesting to see Nico & Wendy argue about if and when to tell Victory what they knew about Jo.

Once the time came for them to tell Victory that they knew about the proposal before she did, it turned into a very emotional scene. How hilarious was it when Nico asked, “Should I be sweating this much?” The dialogue on this show is so incredibly written. Each of the girls really hold their own voice and it is so refreshing to see such strong, independent, real people on TV.

I was not thrilled that Kirby crashed the girls’ getaway trip. Wendy should take the job offer plain and simple. What a real cop it will be if this argument about where to live together with Nico & Kirby leads up to a break up. Victory needs to not focus on needing a guy to feel better. What a funny line! “I am not certified in possum CPR.” I would not know what to look for if I popped the hood of my car so that was a real comedic moment, as well as Wendy mentioning the music people play when they put you on hold. What a nice gesture for Jo to pick up the girls when they were stranded but what a terrible breakup.

It was bittersweet because she gained control of her business but lost the person who meant the most to her. This episode was very emotional and I loved every moment of it. Fingers crossed that the plug is pulled on the show once the season is over and not right away.

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