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Desperate Housewives – Me & My Town Airs Nov 30th

Terminator SCC – Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point

Derek: I love you but don’t push it.

So I love how everything seems to stop when Cameron says something. I laughed after Cameron walked in the house, said “Cromartie’s body is not in Ellison’s backyard” and left. When Derek said, “I love you but don’t push it” to Jesse, man I wish she would push it because I need her to get out of the picture. She is so annoying. Ugh. Obviously I am not a fan of this character. Dr. Sherman’s death at this point in the season flew over my head. It seemed like he would have played a slightly bigger part than he did but oh well. Switching the angle from Riley in John’s room to John in Riley’s room was great to see since it seems like she is always at his place.

Is it just me or was it a disappointment the way that we found out what “strange things happen at the one two point” meant? I felt like it was so incredibly direct and left nothing for us to figure out. As glad as I was to have Cameron’s explanation, it just felt like there was no build up. Unless I am looking into this too much and it is not even that significant…although I find that hard to believe since it is the title of an episode.

Ah well…anyway… Seeing Jesse and Riley together was quite the shocker. The fact that Riley was not who she seemed to be was not a shocker but the fact that she was working with Jesse was. I like Riley even though I always had a feeling that she was too good to be true. But I always thought that if that were the case, she had her own mission. I did not at all think that her mission was in line with Jesse’s (or even Cromartie’s). Depending on the way she goes about accomplishing or not accomplishing her mission depends on if I continue to like her.

Also, I am anticipating the reveal of her connection to John in the future unfold in upcoming episodes. Even though James is working with Catherine, I like that he is still thinking for himself and trying to figure things out own his own. Good to know that he knows Dr. Sherman was murdered. Shirley Manson is getting better, as in more believable and comfortable in her role as Catherine. The big question of the night is not “why is James so shocked that Cromartie is alive” but “what exactly was Derek using his toothbrush for if he wasn’t using it to brush his teeth?”

Chuck – Chuck vs. the Gravitron

Chuck: You’re under arrest Jill…and I’m breaking up with you.

Is it just me or did Jill know that she was not really meant to be with Chuck from the very beginning? It seems as though she has always just used him because he was a “safe” choice to have. You know what I am talking about. Just the fact that she is a spy and Chuck has always fallen for her makes it worse. Mrs. Awesome as a nickname for Ellie’s boyfriends’ mom is pretty funny. Turkey testing was also hilarious.

How funny was it when Chuck was on the phone with Jill and was convincing her that he would leave his “bodyguards” after he had found out what she was? How funny is he in every single scene? Zachary Levi is phenomenal in this role. It was hilarious when Casey was updating Sarah & Chuck on Jill and said that Jill’s 2 tickets to a concert better not be another frickin’ opera. I wonder how they filmed the scene on the ride with Chuck and the Fulcrum leader that Jill was supposed to be working with. It looks like fun.

When Jill and Chuck were talking in the mirror ride, I was shaking my head at how typical that was but I loved the background music that was playing so that made it easier to watch. Chuck wanting to answer a follow up question during Jill’s lie detector test was just about the funniest thing.

Morgan, Lester, and Chuck at Buy More was quite humorous. Morgan going through the trash to get the turkey and then spilling the beans on Chuck and Jill was pretty humorous too. Chuck has guts to ask Jill the questions that he asked and then on top of that with her attached to a lie detector test. That was so incredibly sad when Jill told Chuck that she did not really sleep with Bryce. We were all anticipating when the “negative” would show up on the lie detector test so when it did, it really sucked.

What a rollercoaster this episode was as far as Jill being a friend and foe. Chuck being the geek that he is and overriding the system was probably the best scene, especially since he unlocked the doors for Casey and Sarah. As much as I understand Chuck’s feelings for Jill, he needs to really let her go. Hopefully when he broke up with her at the end, he meant it. It seemed genuine but you never know. Just glad that he at least knows that he is too trusting. Big Mike thinking that the enemy was a thief was pretty funny. Out of all of the shows that I watch, I laugh the most when I watch Chuck. You writers are just brilliant.

One Tree Hill – You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Autopsy of the Devil’s Brain)

Nathan: You can’t measure a dream.

I was pretty grateful to not see Jamie and Sam in last week’s episode, so to see them both within the first few minutes of this episode was an “Oh yea, they are part of the show” moment. How old is Sam…like 12 and she’s bringing boys home? I am exaggerating but still, the girl has got issues.

Since nothing really did happen then she could have just asked Brooke in the first place if the boy could stay over in another room. If she explained the situation and practiced trust and honesty once in awhile, Brooke would be understanding or find another way to help. This is really random but I would like to see Haley’s family and Nathan’s family altogether for a special occasion. Nathan working his way into basketball was so nice to see. Cue the “aww” moment when Sam said “I like talking to you” to Brooke.

Unfortunately later on their talk is pretty awful. For Sam to find out that her friend hurt Brooke and for her to tell Brooke that it was her fault, that was a very emotional scene. I am not sure what to think of James Van Der Beek’s appearance on the show. What do you think? Is Peyton throwing away Mia (and possibly her record label along with that) because she thinks that she has cancer? If so, she needs to realize that just because she may have cancer, her life is not over yet. Mouth needs to get his act together and be a better boyfriend to Millicent. Quentin’s killer is Sam’s friend’s brother! Whoa. Owen and Millicent? Peyton’s ex and Sam? What is going on? Whatever it is, I love it! The drama ensues.

Heroes – Ch 10: The Eclipse Part 1

Claire: It hurts. I never thought I’d be able to hurt again. It sucks but it’s wonderful.

The buildup to the eclipse was perfect. I thought the anticipation would kill me but everything that led up to the eclipse was fascinating. Heroes has really gotten back on track. Elle and Sylar together are such a complete match. Kristen & Zachary work so well off of each other, their chemistry is remarkable. Of course I was wondering why the comic led Hiro & Ando to Matt, as I am sure everyone else was.

Unfortunately I am not as interested in Claire’s storyline as I used to be. That is all I am going to say about that. Every scene with just Peter and Nathan I look forward to. These guys are my favorite siblings on the show and probably out of all of the shows that I watch. I just love when siblings are portrayed so well on screen. Mohinder becoming whatever he is becoming is disgusting and I do not like it one bit.

Brea & Greg work well off of each other but as far as seeing their characters as a couple, I just cannot see it for some reason. Hiro being 10 years old is quite comical although I hope that is not a major conflict because it is only funny for a moment. It was pretty funny the timing of when he said “Holy Crap” twice. As far as Tracy goes, as long as there are no answers given to the triplets/Nikki/Jessica storyline, she is pretty pointless to me. Which is a shame because I just love seeing Ali Larter. I loved how each picture of the heroes were shown of the aftermath of the eclipse before it actually came. I loved the moment that each hero lost their power.

I also loved how the scene was shot when Nathan fell from the sky. It was hysterical to see Matt try to manipulate without his power and Daphne’s dad thought something was wrong with him! When Daphne told her dad that “it” was happening again, I figured that my own thoughts of her being handicapped (which I had gathered from when she was introduced) would be shown soon but once it was shown, I did not expect to see what I did. I had my own thoughts that she was in a wheelchair so to see her the way she really was without her powers was actually more interesting than what I had originally thought.

What was really funny was Elle and Sylar trying to tag team against Claire & HRG and both ending up getting knocked down. Claire better be okay since she can‘t go to the hospital. The cameos at the comic book store was great! Let’s see how far the writers take them. The look on Peter’s face when Nathan was taken away by the people in the forest was great! I wonder how the Haitian and Peter will save him. I really want to know if HRG was aiming at just Sylar or was going to shoot both, because he could do without both. Only time will tell! This episode is one of my favorites of this season.

Samantha Who? – The Farm

Sam: You got to die first silly.

That is hilarious that Sam didn’t know Todd was Canadian. I wonder if she cared to know before the amnesia. Dena sitting in her boyfriend’s meeting at his job was the funniest thing! I love how Andrea ignores Dena or always plays her out. They play off of each other so well. When Andrea was yelling at Chase, all of her extra body movement was pretty hysterical. Sam’s dad is truly in another world, leaving her a chicken farm. That is all sorts of messed up. Chase going into the movie theater to talk to Dena was a scene that we have all seen before in so many other shows so that was kind of disappointing to see on such a creative show. Overall, this episode was good although I would not go and tell a vegetarian to watch it, depending on their sense of humor.

90210 – Hello, Goodbye, Amen Airs Jan 6, 2009

House – Last Resort

House: Oh! Damn. I left my CT machine in my other pants.

As soon as the guy reached for his back pocket, it was on! I could not wait to see how House would react. When he said, “What seems to be the problem” did he not crack a little when he said “problem” and seem slightly taken off guard? Yet, coming back from the commercial break, House is the same old House even during a hold up! One would think he would be more cooperative and less sarcastic. I loved it when House answered the phone, “Crime scene!”

I was glad that 13 was being so cooperative during the standoff but to volunteer herself was really brave. I thought it was also very brave for the nurse in pink to offer the killer to kill her instead of the kid. Hopefully most people would give their life for a kid in a stand off situation but you never know. At least the guy was giving away hostages and working with the police more than any of us would think.

Shortly after House got the gun from the guy, I could not believe that House would then give the guy back the gun! I still do not understand the reasoning behind that move. The makeup department did an amazing job on Olivia in this episode. 13 finally admits to herself that she doesn’t want to die and still tells House that the guy didn’t make her take the drug instead of the truth. Hmm… House and Cuddy in a real relationship would be fabulous to see. I really loved this episode!

Privileged – All About Love, Actually Possibly Airs Dec 1st

Pushing Daisies – Robbing Hood

Lily: It makes me sick. It makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.

This show never fails to make me laugh within the very first minute. I chuckled, yes chuckled pretty loudly when the snake died because he choked on the rabbit and then the raccoons fell out of the trees when Ned brought back the 2 animals to life. A chandelier so heavy it can kill you…geez that is rough. The widow reminds me of a gold digging version of Amanda from Ugly Betty. Hearing Ned say budunkadunk was hilarious within itself. Was the scene where Vivianne was on the bench with her boy, was the backdrop supposed to be so visibly a backdrop?

It was so nice that Chuck was able to go back home and look in her box her 8 year old self left. I was pretty scared for her when the shadow appeared outside the door. Lily bringing out the big gun on Dwight was awesome although her visiting Chuck’s grave…yikes. Everything is leading up to the series finale and it can really go anywhere so I am very excited. The ending of this episode was probably the best cliff hangar of the season. I am so excited for what is in store for the rest of Pushing Daisies!

Ugly Betty – Bad Amanda Airs Dec 4th

The Office – The Surplus Airs Dec 4th

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 5 Airs in 2009

Lipstick Jungle – Ch 17: Bye, Bye Baby Airs Dec 5th

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